IPCFS: Chapter 27

Qin Yue’s schedule was very full so the filming of the regent scenes was scheduled for the final stage.

It wasn’t until Ji Li’s role was almost finished shooting 20 days later that he saw Qin Yue on set.

Today’s first filming location was the mountain behind the palace. The mountain breeze made people feel comfortable.

Qin Yue had changed to his character in the drama and the soft and shiny wig was tied up with a copper-gold hairpin.

The coat made of black gauze was long and didn’t have the python pattern of the official clothing. The cuffs and front of the coat were embroidered with a large number of cranes in gold silk and it looked elegant and noble.

It was different from the resolute general’s appearance last time. Qin Yue’s current appearance clearly carried the charm of a noble prince. Even if he simply stopped there, his superior height and outstanding temperament could completely dominate people’s eyes.

For this role, he seemed to have deliberately suppressed his past powerful aura. The corners of his mouth were curved in a slight smile and like the rain and spring breeze, carried warmth to the eyes of outsiders.

Ji Li saw the other person from a distance and his eyes lit up. “Brother Yue.”

Qin Yue and Yao Chuan turned around together. The latter waved and pretended to be angry. “The role filter is indeed good. Sure enough, once your ‘royal uncle’ Qin Yue comes, you aren’t going to say hello to the director?”

“Director Yao, how dare I ignore you?” Ji Li hurriedly said with a smile. “I just thought that Brother Yue is here so I can shoot the last three big scenes. The finish is right in front of me so it is inevitable that I will be too happy.”

Qin Yue heard this and a slight smile flashed in his eyes. “Director Yao just said that he will give you a big red envelope if you successfully finish the last three scenes.”

“Then I will have to take Director Yao’s red envelope.” Ji Li heard the words ‘red envelope’ and his eyes instantly lit up.

Since ‘inheriting’ the original owner’s empty wallet, his fascination attribute with wealth had unknowingly been maxed out.

The three scenes before Ji Li finished weren’t just the rival scenes with Qin Yue but also his most important scenes.

In terms of controlling the emotions of the character, it was completely necessary to create three completely different feelings before and after in order to draw a complete journey.

The difficulty could be imagined.

Yao Chuan didn’t deny it and patted him on the shoulder. “Okay, let’s go along with the logic of the characters and seize the time to act.”



Fang Zhixing was a screenwriter who respected the original work. He had retained the relationship between the regent Xie Chenyuan and King Jin Xie Yan to the greatest extent.

The former emperor and Xie Chenyuan were brothers from the same mother but out of the two, one became the emperor and the other was an idle king. Due to the age difference, there weren’t many conversations between the two brothers and their relationship wasn’t close.

When Xie Chenyuan was 17 years old, he was supposed to marry the prime minister’s daughter Fang Qiuyan according to the will of the father of the former emperor. However, the former emperor took a fancy to her and insisted on accepting her as a concubine.

No one dared to disobey the emperor and Fang Qiuyan entered the palace in order to protect her family. Unfortunately, she was only favored for more than two months before she was thrown into the cold palace because she angered the former emperor.

Not long after, Fang Qiuyan found herself pregnant with a son. She survived in the cold palace, struggling to give birth to a son before dying.

This child was Xie Yan.

After his birth, Xie Yan was completely ignored by the former emperor and was even disliked for being unlucky.

He was still in his infancy when he was abandoned to the palace’s wet nurse under the instructions of the empress. Several times, he was almost killed by the ‘poisonous hands’ of the palace.

Fortunately, Xie Chenyuan secretly sent someone to protect him so that he turned bad luck into good luck several times.

Xie Chenyuan and Fang Qiuyan might not have ended up married but they could be regarded as ‘confidants.’

He really couldn’t rest assured about this deceased woman’s child so he found a way to enter the palace regularly and accompanied Xie Yan as much as possible in the name of the ‘royal uncle.’

Reading, writing, archery and horseback riding… these things were all taught by Xie Chenyuan. It could be said that he was Xie Yan’s only light in his life.

Even so, all children born of the emperor would inevitably participate in the ‘seizing of the throne.’ They would become involved even if they didn’t want the throne.

For the past 17 years, Xie Yan secretly had the help of Xie Chenyuan and tried every means to win the ‘trust’ of the former emperor. He rose from the least favored prince to the new candidate to be emperor…

Every step that Xie Yan walked was very hard but fortunately, his uncle Xie Chenyuan stood behind him.

Compared to the latter two scenes, the next scene could be called relatively simple.

The emperor was seriously ill in bed. Seeing that he was about to die soon, Xie Yan found Xie Chenyuan on the back mountain and made it clear that he wanted to ascend the throne and become emperor.

The young and vigorous Xie Yan thought he finally got everything he wanted. He didn’t realize that this was the last real conversation between uncle and nephew before they fell apart.

Both Ji Li and Qin Yue had a professional attitude. They weren’t sloppy even when they were just trying out the scene.

The lead actors heard that Qin Yue was coming to film today so they gave up their rest time to observe.

Xu Miaomiao looked at the two people acting and couldn’t help sighing. “Ji Li is really lucky to be able to act with Brother Yue.”

She was a Qin Yue fan and one of her motivations for entering the entertainment circle was Qin Yue. Unfortunately, it had been almost four years since she debuted and she never had the chance to cooperate with him.

“I just don’t know if Ji Li will be suppressed by Teacher Qin Yue’s aura later?” Wen Yu, the actor for a supporting role, whispered.

Zhou Qingming looked at Ji Li and his eyes flickered. “…You will know when you see it.”

Xu Miaomiao and Wen Yu looked at each other. They smiled and didn’t speak.

For more than half a month, the atmosphere between Zhou Qingming and Ji Li had been strange. People with discerning eyes could see it. Everyone privately speculated that it was due to the hot search matter on the day the characters were officially announced.

However, the actors showed the same pattern of behavior. The two parties involved didn’t make it obvious so they pretended not to know.

Being unconcerned and letting matters rest was also one of the ways to protect themselves in the entertainment circle.

Speaking of which, Zhou Qingming and Ji Li were really good actors. No one would’ve noticed if it wasn’t for their eyes being different.

“Okay, the scene should be quiet. It is one minute of preparation before shooting.’ The assistant director gave an order.

The noisy set instantly fell quiet. Qin Yue prepared from his position until he heard Yao Chuan’s call.


Under the lush canopy, a man in exquisite clothing sat on the ground. On the table in front of him was a guqin.

The first shot fell on the hands plucking at the strings. Qin Yue’s fingers were slender and clear. For this role, he asked a teacher to teach him a melody during his busy schedule.

The left hand pressed the string to form the notes while his right hand skillfully grasped, picked and hooked the strings… the melodious sound of the guqin overflowed from his fingertips and together with his upright back, it made people yearn for more.

Some actors were born with charm. For example, Qin Yue.

There wasn’t a single line of words and even his face didn’t appear, but he could make people’s hearts pound.

Xu Miaomiao blushed and blurted how, “…Is there anything Brother Yue can’t do? He is too strong.”

Ji Li, who wasn’t filming for the time being, heard this and nodded imperceptibly. He silently agreed in his heart.

Qin Yue was indeed very attractive, whether it was his body and appearance or his level of cultural spirit.

Yao Chuan sat in front of the monitor. He pointed to Qin Yue on the screen and spoke to the actors in the back row. “See? Only a talented actor like Qin Yue can be called a true actor. He continues to strengthen his abilities for the role, not letting the audience find the slightest loophole in the later stage.”

The guqin section could be dubbed in later but the authenticity of the character would be greatly compromised.

After all, Xie Chenyuan in the book was described as an immortal lord who could both write and fight. He could play the guqin, chess and do calligraphy and painting. Half of Xie Yan’s ‘divine air’ came from this person who taught him while growing up.

This section of Qin Yue proceeded very smoothly.

The crew didn’t waste time and hit the board to start the second act immediately.

Slight footsteps were heard behind Xie Chenyuan and the movement of his fingertips on the guqin suddenly paused. There were a few seconds of silence before he softly called out a name.


There wasn’t too much body language but everyone could easily feel the change in his body. It moved from unknown vigilance to natural relaxation.

Xie Chenyuan turned sideways to reveal his extraordinarily handsome face. There was a slight frown on his face as he said, “It is already this time. What are you doing here instead of guarding the dragon before his collapse?”

The emperor’s current illness meant there was a possibility of death at any time. The empress and her family would definitely take the opportunity to support the 11th prince’s ascension to the throne. If this was the case, Yan’er’s situation would become very threatening.

This sentence was reproachful on the surface but it was secretly full of worry.

Qin Yue’s condition was very good and his current control over the character wasn’t bad. Yao Chuan stared closely at Ji Li’s camera position, afraid that the next emotions would be wrong.

“Royal uncle!” Xie Yan, played by Ji Li, showed a brilliant smile that had never been seen before and rushed toward his uncle. “I guessed you would be here.”

The watching actors couldn’t help being shocked. They had the most group scenes with Ji Li during this time and naturally noticed the change in character.

The 17 year old Xie Yan was different from the 22 year old Xie Yan, completely different!

There was no shrewdness and scheming, let alone the hypocritical gentleness. His youthful spirit and intimacy were fully revealed at this moment and was especially vivid and brilliant.

“How did Ji Li do it? He is too different from Xie Yan in the morning shooting. Isn’t he too strong?”

Yu Wen shook his head in disbelief while admiring it in his heart.

He and Ji Li might be the same age but the other party’s acting skills clearly surpassed him who had come from an acting school background.

The scene continued.

“Why are you running? Don’t fall.” Qin Yue stood up and instinctively raised his hand to hold the young man’s waist. Then he slowly lowered it. “How is the situation of my imperial brother?”

“Why do you care about that bad man? He is relying on ginseng to still hold on by a hair’s breadth. It is estimated that there are still a few days left before he dies,” Ji Li replied, his tone full of disdain.

“Yan’er, speak carefully,” Qin Yue told him without any sense of reproach.

Ji Li chuckled and approached affectionately. “I don’t need to be careful in front of my royal uncle.”

Qin Yue’s lips helplessly curved up and he took two steps forward to look down at the vast palace at the foot of the mountain.

Ji Li stood beside him, eyes slightly darkening. “Royal Uncle, they said that there is nothing you can’t get as long as you sit in the supreme position. Is this true?”

“Perhaps.” Qin Yue sighed with an unclear meaning.

The ruler of a nation, the emperor, sounded very glamorous.

However, it was very cold at the top. The amount of power they had was the amount of loneliness they had to bear. It was just like his imperial brother who would never get a true heart in his lifetime.

“Yan’er, in fact, you don’t have to…”

“Royal Uncle, I want the throne.”

Xie Chenyuan’s unspoken persuasion was dispelled and a clear trace of helplessness flashed in his eyes. “IF you want to fight then go.”

“Royal Uncle, will you accompany me?” Ji Li looked over and asked earnestly. “It is just like when I was a child. Always be with me.”

The emotions in the teenager’s eyes were pure and clean, making it impossible to say no.

Qin Yue patted him on the side of the neck and the answer was the same as every time before. “Yes, your royal uncle is with you.”

“Royal Uncle, I will go back first.” The hesitation in the depths of Ji Li’s eyes disappeared and it was filled with endless power.

The neck that had been tapped was red and even the tips of his ears were stained red.

The camera clearly captured this scene and Yao Chuan squinted with surprise.

Xu Miaomiao also noticed the intimate movement and reaction and she instantly blushed. Oh my god! No wonder why so many people supported this pair of uncle and nephew CP. Was it too late for her to grab a share now?

She might be an actress but it should be okay to secretly support the CP of the show, right?

The character faces of Brother Yue and Ji Li simply matched too well!

The main camera zoomed in on Ji Li’s face.

The moment that Xie Yan turned around, his expression became completely different. The childishness he used with the person close to him disappeared completely and it was replaced by coldness.

If the supreme position was taken by the empress and others, it wasn’t just him who would be affected. Even Xie Chenyuan would be implicated.

-Ascending to the throne, there is nothing in the world that can’t be obtained?

Royal Uncle, I don’t have anything I want. I just want to protect you for the rest of your life.

Ji Li slowly left the camera and it was once again slowly moved back to Qin Yue’s face.

Xie Chenyuan stared at the young man’s departing back and showed a helpless, bitter smile.

The other person is a prince and behind him is the hatred of his mother and family. He is destined to step into this abyss.

If possible, I just hope that Yan’er can escape from this doomed and lonely palace and live a worry free and peaceful life.

This shot was cleverly connected.

The two people had completely different psychological states and could vividly convey it with their eyes without needing any words.

Yao Chuan was confident about Qin Yue but he hadn’t expected that Ji Li’s emotional communication wouldn’t be inferior.

He finally understood why Zheng Anxing had praised Ji Li in his Moments.

He could withstand the aura of Movie Emperor Qin Yue and even express himself with ease. Among the newcomers in the entertainment circle, Ji Li was probably the only one who could do this.

Yao Chuan was very satisfied and simply shouted, “Pass! Ji Li, you can go to the side to rest first. Qin Yue, come directly for the next shot. I won’t give you time to prepare.”

Qin Yue faced his suggestion and calmly made an ‘okay’ gesture.

Ji Li confirmed the footage just now before calmly walking to the side.

Xu Miaomiao, Wen Yu and the female supporting role actress You Shuang immediately drew him to the side and started chatting with him.

Filming during this time had made them form a deep friendship.

Of course, except for Zhou Qingming.

The latter’s gaze fell on Ji Li before he looked away awkwardly, his face faintly red.

Fortunately, the embarrassing atmosphere didn’t last long before it was broken by Yao Chuan’s ‘Action!”. Not far away, Qin Yue once again entered the shooting state.

Qin Yue sat down again and continued to play the melody that had been unfinished.

From the dense forest of the mountain, a man in the clothing of a eunuch approached with small steps. He stopped a few steps away from Xie Chenyuan and spoke in a disciplined manner, “Prince, the empress has important matters she wants to discuss with you. She asks that you go with this old slave.”

The melody of the guqin didn’t stop but there was a serious coldness in his voice. “No.”

The eunuch’s humble expression changed suddenly. It instead changed to an inevitable look of arrogance and he straightened up. “The empress’s mother asked this old slave to tell you that this matter concerns the life of the 9th prince.”

“Prince, you shouldn’t want the child who grew up with you to be accused by thousands of people  and killed on the throne, right?”

The tight strings suddenly broke and the guqin shook slightly.

The fingertip was slightly cut and a hint of blood overflowed. Qin Yue raised his hand and rubbed the bleeding wound with his fingers little by little.

The camera slowly moved up and framed Qin Li’s eyes that were darker than ink and colder than frost. “…What do you want to do?”

Killing intent rose.

Xu Miaomiao looked at Qin Yue in the freeze frame picture and her girlish heart completely exploded. The other person was the one she admired most and everyone in the circle knew him.

At this moment, she didn’t hide it at all and was deeply moved. “His aura switched too freely. Brother Yue is too handsome! Who wouldn’t want to marry such a man?”

Xu Miaomiao suddenly got a glimpse of Ji Li watching in a focused manner beside him and an inexplicable impulse rose. She asked, “Ji Li, don’t you think so?”

“Huh?” Ji Li looked at the starry eyes filled with strange expectations and slowly choked out in a half-hearted manner, “Yes, I guess.”

The author has something to say:

Ji Li; There seems to be something wrong with this question?

TL: I am starting a new job and need to do intensive training for it in January. I will have no time to translate at all so all chapter releases will be paused for January. It will resume again in February and hopefully, the schedule will become more stable since this job has steadier hours.

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