7th Translating Anniversary Celebration Event

Hey everyone,

It is once again time for my annual event to celebrate the anniversary of when I started translating. I have decided to hold another fanart event where cash prizes are available to be won. There will be no fanfiction event this year because it takes up a bit more time than the fanart event that I don’t have. However, don’t be too disappointed if you aren’t an artist. I will also be holding a novel reviews event where prizes are available to be won.  Please read the details of the event below.

This is a collaboration event between CG and my website because it involves ALL the BL novels I have translated (that aren’t dropped), whether it is on my personal website or CG. I will add a form with the list of eligible novels below. Any entries for novels not on this list won’t count, unfortunately.

List of Eligible Novels

First Event: Fanart Event

I will be holding a fanart event where you can feel free to create any artwork for any of the novels on the ‘List of Eligible Novels’ that I have linked above. It can be character fanart or fanart of a scene that has appeared in the novels.

Artists can submit more than one fanart but only one entry will win for each category. For example, if you submit two entries and they come first and second, the second entry will be invalidated. Third place will become second place and so on.

First to third place will be decided by the reader’s votes in a poll. In addition, once it reaches 50 entries, extra prizes will be unlocked for every extra 10 entries. For example, at 60 entries, 4th place in the poll will win a prize, 70 entries will be 5th place etc. There will also be a translator’s choice of one artwork that didn’t win in the poll that will also win a cash prize.

Please note if you submit an entry, you will be agreeing to let me post your fanart on the website, whether it is CG or Rainbow Reads. If your artwork didn’t win a prize and you don’t want your work on the fanart page, please let me know.

Fanart Prizes:

1st Place – $125 USD

2nd Place – $100 USD

3rd Place – $75 USD

Translator’s Choice – $50 USD

4th Place (Unlocked at 60 entries) – $50 USD

5th Place (Unlocked at 70 entries) – $50 USD

6th Place (Unlocked at 80 entries) – $25 USD

7th Place (Unlocked at 90 entries) – $25 USD

8th Place (Unlocked at 100 entries) – $25 USD and so on.

Any medium is acceptable, including digital art and 3D models. No explicit fanart will be accepted. Only original work will be accepted. Entries can’t be stolen/traced and have to show some signs of effort. If I feel that an artwork doesn’t qualify, I am free to disqualify them from the competition. Any fake/meme entries won’t be included in the poll once I notice them.

The submission date for this event is November 25th, 11:59 p.m. (GMT +10). All entries have to be submitted by this date to be considered valid. After this, there will be a voting period and the results will be announced on December 7th.

Please fill out this form to submit your fanart:

Google Form

Second Event: Novel Review

This event is for everyone who can’t draw fanart. If you have left a review on the novel page of an eligible novel that I have translated, you will gain an entry. This is regardless of whether it is an old review before the event or a new review for the event. It can be a good or bad review. However, please make sure it is a novel you have read. I want it to be an authentic review, not a review just to increase the number of entries. Submissions might be deemed not eligible if I feel it is just to increase the number of entries.

After leaving the review, please submit a screenshot of the review and a screenshot of your Novelupdates username as proof that you wrote the review (example below) to the google form. Then you will automatically go into the draw. You can submit as many reviews as you want as long as they are for different eligible novels, but you will only be able to win once. If your name is drawn, all other entries will be automatically removed.

You have until November 25th to submit proof of your novel review. After this, entries are closed and I will randomly draw 10 winners.

Event Prizes:

10 winners will be drawn and they can choose between 2 bonus chapters released for an ongoing novel of their choice or one month’s access to my highest patreon tier worth $25, where they can get access to advance chapters of multiple novels.

List of Eligible Novels

Once again, this event will close on November 25th at 11:59 p.m (GMT +10). Please fill out the google form below to submit your proof: 

Google Form

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2 years ago

Happy soon-to-be anniversary rainbow turtle! I wish luck to all participants and hope your translation journey won’t end!! Lot of love from France

Long-time follower

2 years ago

Congratulations about your anniversary. Thank you for all your translations. Greetings from Perú.