7th Anniversary Voting Page

Voting is now open!!! There were around 105 entries so thanks to everyone who participated! :blobheart: Please be sure to check out all the lovely fanart!

This does mean that in addition to 1st place-3rd place, prizes up to 8th place on the poll will end up winning cash prizes. There is also the additional translator’s choice prize for a total of 9 prizes.

Prizes unlocked:

1st Place – $125 USD

2nd Place – $100 USD

3rd Place – $75 USD

Translator’s Choice – $50 USD

4th Place (Unlocked at 60 entries) – $50 USD

5th Place (Unlocked at 70 entries) – $50 USD

6th Place (Unlocked at 80 entries) – $25 USD

7th Place (Unlocked at 90 entries) – $25 USD

8th Place (Unlocked at 100 entries) – $25 USD

The voting form is attached below and you can select up to 8 choices. I know there are many submissions and the number might seem overwhelming. You have until the 6th of December to vote so you can take your time. My recommendation is that you look through the fanart in the google drive slowly, note down the ones you like, narrow it down and then just go to the voting form and look for their names.

Entries are divided into the respective novels.  Please look at all of them even if you don’t read the novel because they are excellent (remember you can double click to enlarge the image). Also, remember once voting opens, you will get to vote for up to 8 selections. You can also edit your response if you change your mind.

Google Drive Link for Full Sized Entries

Voting Form

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1 year ago

so hard to vote T▽T i combed through so many times but the form kept its red border saying i could only select 8—!
i hope the ones i chose to deselect still do well~ this font makes tildes hard to distinguish

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