Rebirth of a Supermodel

RS Chapter 140

Chapter 140

RS: Chapter 140

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Chapter 140

By six in the evening, the entrance to the venue was full of various cars. Guests dressed in Chinese clothing and gorgeous clothing descended from the car and entered the doors of the venue.

Most of these people were well-known designers, photographers and stylists in fashion circles, and of course, many models and celebrities have been invited. Some of the top celebrities had been invited to Sixin’s first fashion show.

On the red carpet, many celebrities left their signatures and let reporters take pictures of themselves.

There was the click click of the camera and flashes as the sky gradually darkened. The bright moon rose slowly from the east. At this moment, all the invited people entered the venue to watch the fashion show.

As an ordinary second-tier model, Duan Yusong was able to get an invitation to Sixin due to the efforts of his agent.

Duan Yusong was only a second-tier model but he was a newcomer recently promoted in his company. This time, the company hoped he would learn something from the Sixin fashion show.

As his predecessor, Liu Qian had said, “In this fashion show, you should pay close attention to Ming Yu. He is one of the best models I have seen since entering this industry. Your style is a bit similar to his. Perhaps you can get some inspiration from him.”

Thus, Duan Yusong was sitting here and waiting for the fashion show to start.

The layout of Sixin was quite simple. A separate T-stage extended from the rear to the forefront, with two bends to create an inverted ‘T’ shape. It allowed the models to easily leave the stage from both sides.

After all, Duan Yusong was a newcomer. He had only entered the industry for half a year and was only 16 years old. He had only walked in second-tier fashion shows and hadn’t really watched fashion shows. The insiders hadn’t set a grade for Sixin this time, but the guests were very big, making Duan Yusong feel nervous.

“Fei Sixin’s design style has always been bold. I don’t know what type of clothing she will present this time.”

“Yes, I am looking forward to Ming Yu’s supermodel debut. His performance at the Nidelan fashion show was really eye-catching. It will definitely be good this time.”


Such dialogue continued around Duan Yusong. This made him sit upright and wait very seriously for the opening of the fashion show.

Just as he sat, a snap sound was heard. The lights of the audience instantly dimmed.

Immediately afterwards, a brisk and melodious music flowed out. Several high-wattage spotlights lit up from above, turning the stage into the only bright spot.

The first male model who appeared was Lu Huisheng, a popular model in Huaxia. He wore a long grey shirt that was long-sleeved on one side. The back of the shirt was very long, almost to the lowest leg. But the front hung to only the wait. The lines were very smooth but also very strange. It gave off a cool and handsome but rebellious taste.

Lu Huisheng was very stable. He calmly looked straight ahead and then left the stage. In Duan Yusong’s eyes, these clothes had a lot of personality. He felt that the other person gave off a youthful and reckless atmosphere thanks to the clothes.

However, some designers next to Duan Yusong shook their heads with regret. “Yes, this is Fei Sixin’s level. The lines are exaggerated and the colours are bold, but she hasn’t broken through. If this goes on, it is estimated that Sixin will be designated a second-tier brand tonight.”

Duan Yuson was shocked when he heard these words. He turned carefully to look at the designers next to him. He immediately made a dumb expression!

They were unexpectedly several top and famous designers from Huaxia!

The masters were holding pens and recording unknown words on the paper. Duan Yusong immediately looked away and didn’t dare look again. But he could hear a few people beside him whispering and there were sometimes one or two debates.

It stood to reason that at a fashion show, everyone would watch carefully and rarely speak from beginning to end. Chatting wasn’t impossible since the music was loud enough to cover their voices. However, everyone’s attention was focused on the clothes. How could they have time to chat?

The masters around Duan Yusong were completely different. Their vision was extremely sophisticated. They only need to look at the model once and they could analyze the clothing with their partners.

For example, the silver clothing worn by a model was praised and loved by a certain master, while the other masters were very critical about several elements that weren’t used properly.

Was there a saying? Scholars tended to disparage one another.

This was nothing compared to the finicky and demanding design masters.

Duan Yusong felt that this fashion show was really brilliant. But in the eyes of these masters, it was simply flawed. Tell me, you are so picky! What fashion show can satisfy all of you?

“Ahh, I haven’t seen a stunning show for a long time. I remember the last time, was it Ji and Ya’s high-end fashion show?”

Duan Yusong, “… (/= _ =)/~┴┴ “

One was a high-end fashion show and the other was a ready to wear show! Were these two comparable?

They were just looking for faults!!

His heart was whining about these design masters but on the surface, Duan Yusong acted like he heard nothing and still seriously watched the show. At least he saw a lot of people in the audience complimenting the fashion show, which indicated that this show was really very good.

The masters around him, it was estimated that apart from the high-end fashion shows of top luxury brands, no fashion shows could enter their eyes anymore. Obviously, this show was already the most dazzling one Duan Yusong had ever seen! Yet they were still nitpicking!

They were really seeking out flaws!

Duan Yusong’s mouth twitched for a long time. He intended to mask the sound from the masters beside him when he suddenly heart two exclamations from the side. The voices were amazed and surprised, as if they had seen something incredible.

There was a flash in Duan Yusong’s mind. He immediately turned to see the end of the runway and…

He stared blankly.

In the centre of the stage, a tall and handsome youth was slowly walking in this direction. The black hair was combed to one side, revealing most of the youth’s face and a pair of dazzling eyes.

The two eyes seemed to have an endless glow. He was looking in front of him casually but people couldn’t look away.

A noble and elegant temperament, with an even more powerful aura!

This type of moment that ‘made a person unable to look away’, Duan Yusong had only felt it from one person.

It was a fashion show he was fortunate enough to attend three months ago. At the time, the finale model was the world’s second ranked male supermodel, Adriennes Clark. Once the top supermodel appeared on the stage, the audience’s eyes couldn’t move away from him. They were infected by the dazzling light.

But this youth didn’t have the indelible feminine and neutral beauty of Adriennes.

A string of shiny, white gold earrings hung from the youth’s right ear. The long fringe earrings moved in a beautiful arc as he walked. The long and narrow phoenix eyes, the tall and straight nose and the tassel earrings that fell almost to the young man’s chest that was covered by the clothing, revealing a fascinating shadow.

As the finale model of the show, the first outfit worn by Ming Yu was a tight uniform.

A wide leather belt was fastened around his waist, outlining a slim and beautiful waist. Dark leather boots were wrapped around his calves. Every time the youth walked on stage, they made a clattering sound that filled the hearts of everyone present.

This type of military uniform was tough and overbearing. The tassel earrings moved gently in the air, making this strength more feminine. The two mixed together intricately, resulting in a strange but not weird beauty.

This feeling was like walking in an endless thorny forest, only to see beautiful and enchanting roses.

The red petals and rich aroma blooming among the needles was an intoxicating beauty!

On this youth’s body, the unique beauty was magnified 100 times! As he indifferently walked towards people, it felt like there was an invisible pressure hanging over their hearts. It caused them to unconsciously look up and feel a ‘I can’t touch this person’ mentality.

Ming Yu reached the turn of the T stage that was precisely the nearest place to Duan Yusong. Duan Yusong looked at this cold and beautiful model and suddenly understood the meaning of his predecessor’s words.

Yes, he belonged to the delicate type of beauty like Ming Yu, rather than the sunny type. But he was far from reaching Ming Yu.

Once he saw this youth in the spotlight, he felt an inexplicable sense of self-defeat. In this show, Ming Yu was the well-deserved king! Ming Yu stimulated the brain with an invisible, oppressive aura and a dangerous beauty, so that Duan Yusong couldn’t help but applaud him.

By the time Duan Yusong recovered his senses, he was already clapping.

Under his leadership, the audience clapped for the first time!

Even the top designers next to him couldn’t help clapping. Duan Yusong head a master say, “This is the first time Fei Sixin has tried other types of clothing. She drew inspiration from military clothing that she hasn’t tried before, but it is the best I have seen. This outfit is worth 80 points in my eyes. But once Ming Yu wears the outfit, it is a well-deserved 100 points!”

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