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White Lotus

Thank you for your hard work and l love you xd


Du Ruo jiajia please kindly report everything to Mr.Xi!! I hope our poor Ming xiaoyu would get special care from him soon…💕


got dis from nu n stalkin ur chptr from d begining 😤


RS: Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

Was there a saying?

Sigh when thinking about eating until they were full. After becoming rich, even if they didn’t sigh anymore, they had to move onto a high standard of living!

For those who worked in the high-end shopping malls, life was really pleasant.

In order to pursue a better quality of life, it was very important for men and women to maintain their youth. Therefore, the monthly salary of the employees of high-end shopping malls was quite high. At the same time, the work was very easy. However, ‘Nidelan’ made the women’s fragrance section difficult in the past few days.

The fashion industry had been in full swing for centuries. Had it ever seen a brand that used a man to sell female fragrances?

There was none!

A female supermodel or celebrity should be found when selling fragrances to women. It was to create a sense of substitution for the women, making them think ‘This supermodel/star uses this fragrance, it must be good! Buy, buy, buy!’

But this time, the Nidelan counters in Huaxia never expected that their brand would be so avant garde and do something so unprecedented… inviting a man to be the spokesperson for the ‘Smoke’ fragrances!!

No matter how good-looking the person, they shouldn’t do this!

Many of them expected to receive thin bonuses for the ‘Smoke’ fragrances in the coming months. However, the next day, they were dumbfounded when customers gathered in front of the large posters. In the end, it wasn’t obvious what happened.

“Eh, is that poster outside for your new men’s fragrance? It feels good, can you let me try it?”

“This is nice! Do you have any other flavours? The one I saw on the poster was orange.”

“Good! This isn’t bad. Help me wrap up all three flavours. I’ll buy a few for my husband!”

“…What? This is a women’s fragrance? Let me try all four types!!!” …

More and more people were attracted by the oversized posters and asked to try the perfumes. Once they learned that it was actually a women’s perfume, none of the customers asked why a man was advertising women’s perfumes. Instead, they excitedly said, “Take out all five for me to try!”

In one day!

Nidelan’s counters became the most crowded place in the major shopping malls across the country/

“Hey, I heard from my friend that Nidelan has very good perfumes. Where is the counter for Nidelan… oh, it is the place with the most people? Thank you! …Ah, did you just buy a bottle? I’ll try it too!”

There were three things that women considered necessary in their cosmetics bag.

One was lipstick, two was powder and the third was perfume. In a woman’s makeup bag, there could never be too many of these three things.

In the one day that Nidelan’s Smoke perfumes went on sale, it had sold hundreds of thousands of bottles in Huaxia! By the end of the second day, the total sales reached the staggering figure of one million bottles!

Was this high sales volume due to the quality of the fragrances?

That was absolutely impossible!

On the same day, Nidelan not only put new posters on their counters, but also across subways, bus platforms and the glass walls of large shopping malls throughout the country!

The homepage of Nidelan’s official website was also replaced with a photo of Ming Yu. Many consumers commented below.
【 Ming Xiao Yu is really too suitable for this perfume. His five sets of different photos match the ‘Smoke’ perfumes perfectly! It is great to see a male model endorse female fragrances. It is great! 】

There were also the crazy and popular posts on the Muse official website, the comments that couldn’t be controlled on Weibo and various discussions on other forums. Everything was lively, making the popularity of Cheng Su’s ‘global spokesperson for Rayleigh Cano’ a few days ago seem much worse.

【 So beautiful! I happened to go shopping today and suddenly saw Ming Xiaoyu’s poster! I thought I was mistake but it really was Ming Xiaoyu! Here is a picture as proof [/image] 】

【 I also saw Ming Xiaoyu’s poster. I immediately bought two bottles of perfume. I bought ‘Orange Fire Smoke’ and ‘Dark Night Smoke.’ I would like to see more but the sister behind the counter told me that the other three types of perfumes are sold out! 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu’s poster is really beautiful! It is a pity that I am only in a third-tier small city. The counter only hung the ‘Orange Green Smoke’ poster. My Ming Xiaoyu endorses female fragrances so well Ming Xiaoyu wore dark green clothing in the poster with one uneven hem. It is the first time I’ve seen Ming Xiaoyu with hair dyed green! A really special small fresh wood! 】……

These comments and photos circulated on the Internet, and many industry people expressed their views on Ming Yu’s endorsement. Ming Yu might just be the Huaxia spokesperson for the Nidelan perfumes, but he did an amazing feat—

Endorsing female fragrances!

【 viviChenDudu: Nidelan’s Smoke perfumes are the world’s first female fragrances to be endorsed by a male model. There have been cases where female models have endorsed men’s watches, but I’m afraid that before today, nobody thought that men endorsing female fragrances would have such good results! Li Desheng’s photography technique is as superb as always. He is very good at controlling the contrast between colours. The five sets of posters are very bright and full of impact! 】

【Zhuang Cheng Zhong Xu Qing: Isn’t it amazing to use a male model to endorse female fragrances? Surprisingly, the set of photos are very harmonious, making it impossible to find the difference between the Smoke perfumes and Ming Yu. This time, Nidelan has found a very good entry point. A unique smoke effect is created with the fine fringed style of the clothing. The colour of the screen is very bright and corresponds with each fragrance. 】……

There was a wide variety of professional reviews and hot discussions among fans, causing an unexpected excellent effect for Ming Yu’s endorsement.

At this moment, the public sales personnel of Nideland didn’t know that Muse’s PR staff were working overtime to keep a close eye on Ming Yu. This was the Nidelan promotion case.

In Muse, there were only two people with the highest level of concern: Xi Ze and Ming Yu.

With Zhao Rui’s ability, he could try hard to promote Ming Yu using this Nidelan endorsement. However, Zhao Rui would only be able to achieve 70% of the current effect. He absolutely couldn’t make the world’s fashion industry feel concerned with this promotion.

This promotion plan went far beyond what Zeng Shu had deliberately prepared for Cheng Su a few days ago. The industry discussion and heated public respond completely buried Cheng Su’s global endorsement of Rayleigh Cano.

Shen Xiang hadn’t been so devoted to promoting a new person for a long time. The last time he tried so hard to promote a new person was a few years ago. At that time, he spent a year raising a world supermodel. The 17th top female supermodel, Xu Rongrong.

“Director, Character has freely decided to send us promotional images.”

Shen Xiang’s mind immediately flashed to the powerful female editor’s face. He quickly waved his hand and cried out, “No! Be sure to negotiate a good price! We can’t owe chief editor Chen a favour. You must make the specific relationship clear. Do you understand?”


After another almost sleepless night, Shen Xiang scratched his head and faintly felt—

“Am I going bald?”

Some people were busy using different channels to promote and raise awareness of Ming Xiaoyu. Meanwhile, others were sitting calmly by the window of their villa and gracefully drinking coffee while thinking, “When wil he come back….”

There was really such a boss! Have one second of silence for Shen Xiang. Okay, the one second has passed and we will continue.

At this moment, Xi Ze looked up at the moonlight that was rare to see in the capital. His slender fingers gently rubbed against the glass wall. After a long time, he heard his phone buzzing.

Xi Ze answered the call and a charming female voice was heard from the other end. “I agreed to help you. But Mr. Xi, aren’t you treating the other person as a child?”

Mr. Xi heard this and raised an eyebrow. “What did he do to make you impressed?”

The woman’s voice became a few degrees higher. “Impressed? That word is too small to describe the kid! I have never seen someone play a game like him. If Chaoman was to play against Ming Xiaoyu, it would be a close match. As for you… Mr. Xi, I estimate that you will lose.”

Xi Ze made a noncommittal ‘hrmm’ sound.

The person on the other end of the phone continued. “Anyway, your little friend is very smart. He has been worried about me the past few days instead of me taking care of him.”

“You seem to have set up a CP with him.”

Du Ruo, “…Does this count?”

Xi Ze once again made a ‘hrmm’ sound without saying anything.

Du Ruo chuckled and said, “Xi Ze, I think that your small friend is very clever and won’t be bullied. That doesn’t mean that someone isn’t bad to him. For example… today, he was punished twice by the waterfall. I saw his assistant when he returned to his room in the evening. Was she called Luo Ru? Luo Ru gave him a large bottle of ginger tea.”

Xi Ze was originally calmly looking at the sky. Once he heard this, he swiftly sat up and his lips thinned. However, his tone was still calm as he asked, “The falls?  He was punished?”

On a distant island, a beautiful and tall woman stood on the balcony of a hotel. The warm sea breeze blew through her hair, creating a wonderful sight.

At this time, Du Ruo was no longer careless and cheerful. She slowly narrowed her eyes and said meaningfully, “Xi Ze, I will tell you since I am happy to give a report. This afternoon…”

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