OIAA: Chapter 14

No one expected that the sneak attacks would be resolved so quickly. In addition, they thought it was just the gangsters making trouble but in the end, a student of the School of Combat was involved.

The senior student who attacked Jiamu that day was called Lei Gaochang. He was a student in Class 7 of the third grade of the School of Combat. He was directly deprived of his qualifications in the field of abilities for a lifetime and expelled from school. As for the gangsters, they were directly handed over to the police station of this area. In the current social background where the legal system was very complete, it was estimated they would all get three to five years.

The School of Combat was once again implicated due to this private release of anger. Under the pressure of public opinion, the leaders of the college and the student council, they sent representatives to express their condolences to the attacked classmates and would carry out a further in-depth investigation of the school itself.

After all, the students of the School of Combat had combat-type abilities and they often rushed into things. Every year, they caused some trouble. Once this incident happened, the school took the opportunity to strike and hoped it would teach them a lesson.

At the same time, due to the successful conclusion of this incident, the high school-level Abilities Association that already had a high position in the mind of students made a name for itself due to its participation. It was almost time to recruit new members to organizations. It could be foreseen how hot the registration period this time would be.

In fact, some aspects of this treatment derived from Yi Jiamu’s suggestion.

At the time of the incident, the only ones present were him and the two leaders of the school’s Abilities Association. If he was honest then he would attract even more attention since he was already in the spotlight. In this way, his calm campus life would be disturbed and he would miss a lot of his precious sleep time. Therefore, he asked Lu Zexiu for help. After all, them taking the credit was more convincing than an unknown freshman like him. It was good for everyone.

Lu Zexiu had always been strict in his work. He was originally reluctant to take credit for this alone. In the end, Gu Yesheng persuaded him for a long time before he finally agreed. However, he didn’t forget to give Yi Jiamu a promise. “This relationship, the Abilities Association will definitely find a way to repay you.”

Yi Jiamu’s attitude was even more sincere. “No need. This is also helping me.”

The two of them pushed such a big credit back and forth. If someone else knew this then they would probably doubt the values of this world.

The violent incident was successfully resolved and peace was restored to the school again.

At the same time, a box in the Blues Cafe was filled with the strong smell of smoke.

Jiang Hean was pacing back and forth while looking very anxious. “Brother Zhuang, how could he and his men get caught so easily? What should we do now? Will they give us up?”

Gu Xiucheng’s hand held the cigarette while looking at the swaying figure. He couldn’t help kicking it directly on the ground, his eyes full of contempt. “You’re so good! I don’t know how you found someone to handle this. You found such a group of trash. Now you know how to be afraid when something went wrong?”

Jiang Hean kneeled on the ground and didn’t dare say anything. After a while, he hesitantly opened his mouth. “You know the strength of Brother Zhuang. I didn’t expect they would be unfortunate enough to run into those people from the Abilities Association!”

Gu Xiucheng glanced at him and lightly blew out smoke. “Forget it. Da Zhuang is a man who understands things and won’t talk casually. In addition, the person who contacted him with Lei Gaochang. At most, you said one sentence. There is no point trying to bite back at us.”

Jiang Hean started to relax when he heard this. Then thinking about it, he still felt a bit uneasy. He was about to say something when the door was kicked open.

Gu Yesheng walked in with his hands in his pocket and a blank expression on his face. Then he glanced around and a meaningful smile appeared on his face. “Yo, long time no see.”

Jiang Hean saw this face and instinctively remembered a scene of incomparable fear. His face turned pale and he stuttered, “Y-Young Master Gu, why are you here?”

Gu Yesheng didn’t even bother to give him a look. “Get lost.”

Jiang Hean shivered at the cold tone and his brain became blank. He ran away in a panic, not even thinking of staying.

Gu Yesheng cocked his head, looked at the man on the couch and laughed casually. “He is your dog but he listens obediently to other people.”

Gu Xiucheng obviously hadn’t expected Gu Yesheng to come to him at this time. He was stunned for a moment before understanding. This caused him to gracefully change his posture as he smiled. “It has been a long time since I’ve seen you look so angry, Gu Yesheng. It seems that omega freshman is more important than I thought.”

He didn’t have time to say anything else when the person in front of him suddenly approached and slender fingers crept around his neck like a viper. “So you admit that you arranged this?”

There was a strong sense of suffocation. Gu Xiucheng choked on the smoke in his mouth and coughed repeatedly. Due to the unpleasant smell, his face was inevitably a bit red.

The moment he looked up, he met deep blue eyes that were like the abyss. He managed to hoarsely squeeze out a sentence, “You, do you have proof?”

In front of such sophistry, Gu Yesheng wasn’t angry. He just laughed strangely. “Do you think I need proof?”

Seeing the demon-like smile, Gu Xiucheng’s expression finally froze for a second. The shadow on the ground rose at his instinctive call and formed a sharp claw that aimed at Gu Yesheng’s back. It was just about to completely pierce the person when it disintegrated because the rationality of its operator had collapsed under despair.

Gu Xiucheng’s throat was pinched by the person in front of him and he was pressed back against the sofa. His eyes were completely clouded by an endless darkness.

His entire body was trembling under extreme fear. His lips were tightly pressed together and his desperate voice emerged intermittently. “Gu Yesheng… you, you can’t do this to me… you should know, what will happen if something happens to me!”

Gu Yesheng was shrouded in a cold air. Not only did he continue, he also laughed with interest. “So? This time you’re going to go complain to the old man like you did before?”

His voice was soft like he was discussing something particularly interesting. “I am already tired of playing on the first three floors of the tower. The fourth floor seems very interesting, don’t you think?”

He had just finished speaking when his fingers around Gu Xiucheng’s neck tightened slightly. Some blood oozed out. As Gu Xiucheng’s screams of despair became more desperate, there was finally a trace of fear in the hollow eyes.

Gu Xiucheng tried to speak but he found that in this state, he couldn’t make a sound.

It was like there was an endless hole filled with unprecedented fear that was pulling him endlessly down and down… he was surrounded by evil spirits, ready to devour his residual body at any time.

At this moment, Gu Xiucheng realized that he had truly angered this madman.

This realization awakened Gu Xiucheng’s subconscious desire to struggle but all the senses of his body had been engulfed with endless fear. Once the last point of tactile sensation disappeared, only the hopeless depravity that couldn’t be seen would be left.

Gu Yesheng was crazy. Gu Yesheng really wanted to kill him!

The movements inside had long attracted the attention of others but once they thought about who had entered the box, no one had the courage to enter. By the time Xu Yi arrived, he saw a group of people surrounding the outside. He hurried through the crowd with no hesitation and entered the room. “Gu Yesheng, what are you doing? Stop!”

However, this person didn’t respond at all. Xu Yi was anxious but didn’t dare provoke Gu Yesheng in this state. He glanced around and found the coffee cup on the table. Silently, he grabbed it and slammed it hard against the ground.

The sound of porcelain breaking filled the entire space. Gu Yesheng’s back slightly stiffened and the anger in his eyes dissipated slightly. He turned away and the look in his eyes gave Xu Yi a chill.

After a long time, Gu Yesheng seemed to recognize this person. “Why are you here? Did Lu Zexiu have you come?”

Xu Yi saw that this person had gained some of his usual casualness and sighed with relief. He wiped the sweat from his forehead while replying, “This is enough. Don’t really kill someone.”

“Okay, I’ll spare him for you.” Gu Yesheng shrugged indifferently. He released his hand and threw Gu Xiucheng to the edge of the sofa. The ice blue eyes were still bitterly cold and not smiling. A collateral relative is just a collateral relative. If I didn’t move against you before, it was because I was thinking about the old man’s reputation. This doesn’t mean I can’t move against you. Understood?” (Collateral relative = descended from a common ancestor but through different lines)

Gu Xiucheng was lying like a dead person on the sofa. The feeling of seeing the sun again made him gasp heavily. His empty eyes were already becoming bloodshot due to the devouring fear.

Perhaps it was because he heard Gu Yesheng’s words but the shadow on the ground struggled as it to express his inner anger. However, it looked weak and funny due to the weakness of its controller.

Gu Xiucheng couldn’t accept it! He wasn’t willing to give in this heir who only had the position due to the virtue of his ability advantage! Yet even if he wasn’t willing, he didn’t have the strength to speak.

Gu Yesheng glanced disdainfully at this dog-like cousin and flicked his coat over his shoulder. Before he went out, he didn’t forget to comb his hair like it wasn’t him who almost caused a tragedy in the cafe just now.

He walked out and the crowd of onlookers gave way without thinking.

Xu Yi followed behind him with a dark face. He saw that Gu Yesheng had recovered his usual demeanor and remembered the task Lu Zexiu had given him. He hurriedly handed over the document in his hand. “The president asked me to give this to you.”

Gu Yesheng squinted in the dazzling sunlight and took it. His voice was lazy and obviously not interested. “An application form for the Abilities Association? Why did Lu Zexiu tell you to give this to me?”

“According to the president, he is quite optimistic about your little friend. He wants you to take this application form and ask if the child wants to join our association.”

Gu Yesheng’s steps paused. “Let him join the Abilities Association?”

“The president said that even though he is from the School of Theory, it is fine if he works as the assistant of the association.” Xu Yi recalled Lu Zexiu’s words, paused and then reached out to point to a number. “As you know, an assistant of our association gets their own pay every month. It is this number.”

Gu Yesheng’s eyes paused on the number Xu Yi’s finger was pointing at. Yi Jiamu’s figure flashed through his mind and he laughed. “I think he should be willing.”

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