OIAA: Chapter 13

Yi Jiamu’s light sentence fell abruptly in the quiet night. This was a farce for the vicious people around him. Come one by one or together? Was this something a soft and weak omega should say?

The burly man couldn’t help laughing. “Sublime Star’s students are really arrogant. I was only going to teach you a little lesson. Why are you so anxious to die?”

The senior student heard this and was shocked when he heard the killing intent in these words. “Brother Zhuang! You can be angry but don’t kill anyone!”

Brother Zhuang sneered coldly. “What f*king nonsense? You were entrusted to show me to this place, not to listen to your assignment!”

Yi Jiamu heard the conversation between them and slowly blinked as he captured a keyword. Entrusted? An idea flashed through his mind.

He didn’t have time to catch it when the figure in front of him moved and a thick fist aimed at him. Obviously, this strong man had a combat-type ability. Such a punch was extremely powerful and merciless. If it hit ordinary people, they would probably be half-disabled even if they managed to survive.

However, any attack that had an additional ability effect was ineffective against Yi Jiamu. He frowned slightly and felt that it wasn’t worthwhile to expose his ability here. His feet moved quietly and he leaned back lightly.

Brother Zhuang never imagined that Yi Jiamu could actually avoid his attack. Before he had time to retract his power, his fist struck the wall of the alley in a heavy manner. There was a loud bang and a deep hole was formed. Such a situation obviously made him feel that he had been embarrassed. His eyes flashed fiercely and he got up while swearing.

Yi Jiamu lowered his eyes slightly, turned and kicked out strongly. It was a foot with no mercy.

Then there was the sound of a broken tailbone. Brother Zhuang’s burly back directly hit the wall. The next moment, there was no sound at all.

A strange silence filled the surroundings. One second previously, the senior thought Yi Jiamu was going to die and had covered his eyes with despair. Then he saw the scene before him and was speechless. Was this the fighting power that a student of the School of Theory should have?!

Yi Jiamu retracted his foot from the big ass and stretched his muscles. “I’m really in a hurry. Can I trouble you to come at me together? Thank you.”

This light sentence was like a rock that caused a thousand waves.

People always had an instinctive fear in front of unknown power, not to mention that Brother Zhuang’s punch had created too much noise. If other people were attracted here then there wouldn’t be much time left.

Previously, these people contemptuously thought of Yi Jiamu as an ant they could easily pinch to death. Now, they simultaneously launched an attack without hesitation. “Kill this arrogant, stinky brat!”

Yi Jiamu’s apricot coloured eyes narrowed slightly in the face of so many abilities. His originally lazy look became a bit more serious. His toes moved gently against the ground and he suddenly moved like a ghost.

This was one of the many movement skills that his grandfather taught him. It was also the most confusing set he had learned and it was most useful now. Thus, an incredible scene occurred. In the eyes of these gangsters, the abilities they used seemed to miraculously sweep to the side of the omega. Before they could react, the silver hair appeared in front of them.

Yi Jiamu whispered sincere words in their ears, “Thank you for the cooperation.”

It was unknown what happened. The fierce gangsters were overturned in the blink of an eye and fell to the ground in all directions. They couldn’t get up for a while. Yi Jiamu looked like he hadn’t done anything. It was unknown how he fought but he actually dislocated most of these people’s joints.

Pain was visible to the naked eye. In addition, all of this seemed to just be the beginning. There was a clicking sound as the senior student’s entire arm was dislocated again and fell lifelessly to his side.

His face was white with pain and when he looked at Yi Jiamu, his original sarcastic expression had changed to complete fear. “You… don’t come here ahhhh—!”

Yi Jiamu calmly watched him and took two steps forward like he didn’t hear anything. “I said…”

His hand had just reached halfway when out of excessive panic, the man in front of him couldn’t breathe and fainted.

“……” Yi Jiamu crouched beside him and patted him on the shoulder. “Wake up?”

He still had something to ask. He was concerned about the ‘entrustment’ that was mentioned just now. Seeing that Yi Jiamu’s attention had completely fallen on the senior student, the gangsters who couldn’t control their arms and legs held back tears and tried to inch out of the alley bit by bit.

It was terrible here. They wanted to go home! If they knew they would be going against such a ruthless person, they wouldn’t have come here to stir up this muddy water and they wouldn’t have cleared the scene in advance. Now there was no hope of someone saving them!

This movement speed was so difficult that the gangsters felt more and more desperate. The person in the lead finally managed to barely get up. He staggered while supporting himself with the alley wall only to come face to face with two people.

Since his back was to the distant light, he couldn’t see the other side’s face clearly. He only felt a glimmer of hope. “Student, help… help me…”

“Help you?” Gu Yesheng made a strange and brilliant smile. “Okay.”

Lu Zexiu, who had stopped behind Gu Yesheng, took a step back quietly, maintaining a very sensible distance.


The lonely alley had returned to silence after the fierce fighting. Before the other people had time to crawl out, they saw Gu Yesheng dragging the first one in by the hair.

His eyes swept over the figure curled up in the corner and the air pressure around him suddenly sank. This was followed by a laugh that caused shudders. “Since you like to play with the students of our school so much, let me play with you…”

Everyone hadn’t recovered from the torture of the flesh yet. Once they looked up and saw this person’s appearance, their pale faces became even whiter. “Wait, Young Master Gu! Wait! We, we have something to say?”

Gu Yesheng’s icy curve of his mouth became more intense.

The next second, it was like these people were being eaten by fierce ghosts. One scream after another filled the alley and it became a human purgatory.

Yi Jiamu was thinking about how to wake up this senior student. Then the excessive movements behind him caused him to look up at the grim Gu Yesheng. He was slightly shocked. “Why are you here?”

Gu Yesheng seemed to be surrounded by a cold wind. The moment he heard this question, the wind seemed to stop.

Seeing the crouched down Yi Jiamu stand up, some calmness was restored to his deep eyes. “…Are you okay?”

Yi Jiamu looked down at his messy clothes and thought for a moment. “I can’t say that. I think I’ve lost a button.”

Gu Yesheng, “………”

Just then, the school’s police officers showed up waving their laser sticks. “The people inside, quickly stop! You are surrounded! Don’t move!”

These cries entered the ears of the little gangsters who were half-dead and they shed tears of joy.

Thank you, police big brothers! They were finally saved!


Half an hour later, the on-campus clinic of Sublime Star’s School of Medicine.

Yi Jiamu sat on a chair with a cup of milk tea while listening to Lu Zexiu cooperate with the police to write a transcript. It was the first time that the school’s police captain had encountered such a thing and he still felt it was a bit unbelievable.

In the end, he couldn’t help saying a few words. “Students, I’m telling you that it isn’t important who started it. These gangsters really deserved it but it is enough to torture them mentally. A few of them will go crazy at most. However, this wasn’t enough. You even dislocated all of their joints! They need to be moved back in place! Do you know how troublesome this is?! It is better to kill them directly. At least that won’t increase our workload!”

Lu Zexiu told him, “Sorry, we’ll pay attention next time.”

The school’s police captain was silent for a moment before closing his transcript book. “Don’t let there be a next time.”

“I’ve caused trouble for you.”

He saw the school’s police captain leave. Then Lu Zexiu’s eyes swept over the police officers coming and going in the ward before finally falling on the well-behaved Yi Jiamu in a thoughtful manner.

Gu Yesheng, who had been leaning against the chair since the beginning, cocked his head and touched his chin with one hand. It was unknown what he was thinking but he suddenly burst out laughing as he looked lazily at Yi Jiamu. “Little friend, you are really wonderful!”

The dark appearance could no longer be seen. His face was full of laughter as he watched Yi Jiamu, something faintly shining in his blue eyes that were deep and clear.

Yi Jiamu didn’t respond. He just stood silently for a moment before walking to Lu Zexiu and bowing seriously. “President, I troubled you.”

He had heard the entire process of recording the transcript just now. Lu Zexiu hadn’t mentioned what he had done and apparently concealed it for him.

Lu Zexiu was a bit surprised to hear himself being called president. “Do you know me?”

Yi Jiamu thought of the name in the special fan area and nodded. “Yes.”

Gu Yesheng wasn’t happy to hear this. “Little friend, did you forget to thank me?”

“…if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve asked them something.”

“You mean, it was unfortunate that I came?” Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrows slightly. He wasn’t angry and even leaned over in an interested manner. “Tell me, what question was so important? I am the best at torture. Give it to me and I will guarantee you an answer in minutes.”

Yi Jiamu thought of this person’s ability and felt it made sense. He briefly repeated the conversation he heard previously.

Lu Zexiu frowned slightly and he couldn’t help looking at Gu Yesheng. Sure enough, the smile on this face had gradually become deeper.

Gu Yesheng cocked his head and suddenly stood up from the chair, cold air blowing around him. “There is no need to ask. I’ll handle this matter.”

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