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RS: Chapter 154

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Chapter 154

As a comprehensive newspaper in the United States, the Sun newspaper had a considerable sales volume throughout the country.

Soon, the newspaper spread throughout the United States. By the way, the Sun newspaper was also available in countries like Europe so this report entered the public’s eyes.

However, in this world, Huaxia domestic media really controlled their discourse rights and it was difficult for any foreign media to insert themselves into the country. Three hours after the Sun issue was released, a staff member of the Muse PR department in charge of the Sun newspaper suddenly discovered it and reported it to Shen Xiang.

Don’t blame the staff member for finding this so late. After all, this report was written too badly. In the thousand words report, whether it was the headline, subtitles or small headlines of the article, there was no mention of Ming Yu at all. The article was all about Mudley Joyce and the RAmer Charity Gala.

The habit of the Sun magazine was to love gimmicks. Don’t look at the title. In fact, Mudley said in the article: After attending the RAmer Charity Gala, I feel that I am lacking a lot. There is still a lot of room for improvement. This party gave me a clearer idea of my future. Before I reach that end, I will never attend the RAmer Charity Gala.”

Look at this!

The title of the article was really crazy!

However, if this article was really so simple then the staff member wouldn’t have reported it to Shen Xiang. It was precisely two-thirds of the way into the article, the reporter wrote this sentence that made the Muse staff feel alert—

【 Mudley participated in the RAmer Charity Gala this time and sincerely invited the Huaxia superstar supermodel as his male companion. The two people harmonized on the red carpet. The handsome man and handsome woman, very eye-catching. After Ming Yu left first with Xi Ze, Mudley joined hands with the American supermodel Andrew Wallen. Mudley said, “It is my pleasure to be able to walk the red carpet with two supermodels. I think I will never forget it.”】

Ming Yu left first with Xi Ze…

Ming Yu and Xi Ze…

Left first?

What was this? It was a huge problem!

Ming Yu was Mudley’s male partner. If something happened after entering the venue, it wouldn’t be a problem. There were no reporters in the venue so they couldn’t report on the situation. Even if there were photos, they wouldn’t dare to publish it. But before even entering the venue, Ming Yu directly abandoned his female companion?

What was this thing?

Mudley said, “I will never forget it.” It was something that could never be forgotten in this life! Have you ever seen someone who walked the red carpet and changed to a male partner? This felt too bad. It was humiliating!

Once Shen Xiang found out about this, he immediately contacted Zhao Rui. Zhao Rui didn’t sit still once he heard the specific situation. He immediately asked Luo Ru to collect information about what happened. At the same time, he went upstairs to the Muse PR department.

After consulting with Shen Xiang, Zhao Rui was too angry to speak.  He said, “Shen Xiang, you also know about the specific situation. This Sun newspaper is too offensive but we found it a bit too late. The power of the company must be increased or we might not be able to fight the Western media.”

Ming Yu was a model was the ‘top’ level of concern in Muse, so Shen Xiang would definitely do his best. But this time, he had a bit of a dilemma. “Zhao Rui, this company will certainly use PR means. However, this time the impact isn’t in our Huaxia. It is in the United States and Europe. There are already some bad public opinions. It will take a while to thoroughly deal with the matter.”

It would take a while, while meant that Ming Yu’s reputation would be damaged for some time.

This answer was unacceptable to Zhao Rui but he knew that Shen Xiang’s words were correct.

Just as Huaxia used tough means to stifle the growth of Western media in their country, the Western media also had their own network of relations. They were afraid of the giants of Huaxia, thus they would unite and resist the situation.

“It is a pity that Mr. Xi is on a plane flying to London or else…” Shen Xiang whispered to himself. As he was speaking, he suddenly paused and shuddered. “No, if Xi Ze knows then it will be even worse to clean up…”

This time, Zhao Rui didn’t leave the Muse PR Department and had Luo Ru send Ming Xiaoyu home.

At present, Huaxia was still calm and there wasn’t much trouble. But they had to plan ahead. After all, this was defamation of Ming Yu but as long as there were no journalists from the west, the Huaxia media wouldn’t be able to plug in and change the situation.

But in the face of the ‘go home’ advice, Ming Yu refused.

“Sister Luo, do you agree with Brother Zhao’s proposal to go home? Do you know why the Western media will resist the infiltration of Huaxia and even organize a media foundation to prevent us from intervening? It is because they are afraid of the power of our Huaxia. They feel fear so these ugly people gave up on fighting and uniting.”

“It isn’t as good as blocking. My only opinion is to let Huaxia’s media reprint the Sun’s news.”

“They only dare to spread the rumour within their own sphere of influence. Let’s help them reach the world.”

Shen Xiang’s eyes shone when he heard Ming Yu’s suggestion. He only thought of pressing this matter down and not giving it more influence. He didn’t think that the more he made trouble, the more the guilty people would be afraid!

Shen Xiang immediately asked his people to contact the well-known media newspapers in Huaxia’s major fashion circles and reprint the Sun’s article. Muse also had the world class magazine ‘Muse’, which was followed by fashion lovers all over the world.

In the evening, Muse’s official website immediately published a reprinted article, which attracted the attention of countless fashion people. Then it really set off a storm in Huaxia.

At this time, there were many criticisms on various social media and the Sun’s newspaper forums.

【 Mudley is so beautiful. This person from Huaxia even dared to abandon her? He really has no eyes. He isn’t worthy of our beautiful American women! 】

【 Huaxia people only know how to use their own people to bully others. I used to like Xi Ze, now I have turned black. 】

【 Being so openly flamboyant on the red carpet. Haha, Huaxia’s models are really rude. I think this small model is really ugly. His looks are ugly and is that obsidian in his ear? I think it is a bargain. 】……

These voices belonged to the racist or anti-Huaxia people. This rabble wasn’t a worrying existence. But some fans blackened and Ming Xiaoyu’s existence in the west became a mess.

【 Mudley’s fame is better than this small Huaxia model! Is he so proud because he got on the supermodels list? Cut! Our Mudley’s more recent film got two billion at the box office! 】

【 Making a big play like this, his skin is really thick! 】

【 I don’t know where this 18-tier model came from. How did he attend the RAmer Charity Gala? It is obvious he bought a ticket to enter. He really has no shame! 】……

Such comments, Muse’s PR department could deal with them in the past. They wanted to make it clear that Ming Yu’s fame was far less than Mudley. Who would’ve thought that Mudley would walk down the red carpet with a newcomer and who would’ve thought that she would’ve been unexpectedly hit by a newcomer?

This type of thing that reversed black and white couldn’t be said. At least everyone discovered that when it came to this aspect, the Westerners weren’t as good as Huaxia fans.

After Muse and many fashion magazines reprinted this report, they also released the news of other mainstream media in the West at the same time. All of Huaxia immediately noticed the existence of these things.

Although these fans and informants didn’t know the truth of the matter (Ming Xiaoyu told Shen Xiang to temporarily not disclose the truth, first make things bigger), but they couldn’t tolerate these Western bastards casually splashing dirty water!

For a time, countless Huaxia netizens ran to the forum sites in the West and started to reply.

【 I used to be too lazy to come here. After all, there are too few people. The total population of the United States doesn’t add up to the number of people in Huaxia. I feel really about for you. You have shit for brains. I will hurriedly dispose of it! I smell something stinky from afar! 】

【 America’s beautiful girl? Show me Mudley’s appearance, haha! Compared with Xiao Biqing, our three time award winning actress, she is just ugly! 】

【 Haha! My Small Mushroom is ugly? I will laugh to death. Is America’s myopia in the thousands of degrees? If you have no money to wear glasses, do you want this sister to give you a pair? After all, you are so poor that you can’t afford glasses! I will show you the contrast between Small Mushroom and Mudley~】

【 The sour taste is travelling over thousands of miles. They are jealous of Small Mushroom. You are so ugly that you can only pour dirty water on him. Oh~ This group of uncultured people can’t understand this type of poem. Hey, I’m telling you, it is probably a group of pigs who envy the beauty of a swan all day long and can’t be compared to a swan? They can only say that the swan is so ugly and the pig is beautiful! Haha, haha! 】……

The Huaxia netizens had always been low-key people. They were too lazy to go to forums abroad to argue with Westerners. After all, the Westerners wouldn’t understand if they used idioms. They would take the literal meaning of the words and that was boring.

But this time, saying that Ming Yu was ugly? Ming Yu doesn’t deserve Mudley?

It was truly a fantastic story for the ages!

In the words of a group of netizens: 【 I have never seen such a brazen person! 】

Of course, poor Westerners couldn’t understand the humour in this sentence ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After seeing that they were temporarily suppressed by the Huaxia people, the Westerners wanted to refute it but they could only say ‘fu*k’ and ‘sh*t’. Then look at the Huaxia side—

【You have no face and skin, you are a city wall! 】

【 Looking from a distance, it is the head of a golden pig. On closer look…oh! It’s you! Jack! 】

【 I have a old friend as cool as you, now the grass on his burial mound is 5 zhangs long.】 (Zhang=3.3m)

【 The female swines bowed their heads in shame: I am not as ugly as them…】……

As the ordinary people of the West were struggling with the Huaxia army, suddenly! It was the Sun again! They published another article:

[The best dressed man at the RAmer Charity Gala, who is he wearing?]

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