Rebirth of a Supermodel

RS Chapter 135

Chapter 135

RS: Chapter 135

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Chapter 135

It had been a month since Ming Yu entered the An Li crew and now he had filmed all his scenes.

In this month, Ming Xiaoyu’s fans in the outside world felt worry for their small mushroom.

Participating in An Li and the storm that followed with Jiang Kaiyang meant that Ming Yu became almost a household name. A few Huaxia media with considerable weight spoke up for him. However, for Ming Yu’s fans, they really didn’t want to go through this type of thing again.

Rather than their small mushroom suffering through a disaster, they hoped that Ming Xiaoyu could live a healthy life without suffering anymore.

He just injured his hand? He only needed to rest for a few days?

At first, many of Ming Xiaoyu’s fans didn’t think much of it. But there was a fan who came forward and said he was a doctor with a police friend. After showing the An Li video to her friend, the two people discussed it and unanimously decided that this collision could’ve caused a disability or even death.

The possibility of such consequences was very small but the fan wrote an essay like article and published it on the Muse fan forum. Combined with the many photos of Ming Yu’s accident, it was very convincing. Later, many doctor fans could out and said that even though the possibility was small, there was a real chance of death.

In this way, the fans became more worried.

Luo Ru spoke to Ming Yu about this matter. He was moved and hurriedly filmed a short video to put online. If he showed his bruised right hand to the fans, they should feel relieved.

But the reality was-

【 QAQ Ahhhh! My Ming Xiaoyu’s hand. How can it be so pitiful!!! 】

【 Ahhhh, Small Mushroom’s hand is purple! The mushroom’s hand is green!  I feel that it must be very painful when I look at it! It’s very painful! 】

【 Look at my sore nose! Today I accidentally bumped my leg against a table and the back of my hand was also red. I felt like I would die from the pain yet Ming Xiaoyu is hurt like this! Hold Ming Xiaoyu and cry, cry, cry… 】……

Whether a person was a star or a model, fans were the strength that supported them along the way.

After such an event, Ming Yu’s fans became more cohesive. The fans who were shaken by Jiang Kaiyang’s Weibo were now even fonder of Ming Yu due to guilt and regret. Those who never suspected Ming Yu and stood up for him became his fans until death. They were happy about loving such a good person.

This was a blessing in disguise.

But in the past month, the biggest surprise among Ming Yu’s harvests was his progress in acting.

During his previous filming of An Li, Ming Xiaoyu’s acting skills were actually progressing slowly. But the speed of this progress was really too slow. Apart from those with a keen vision like Director Xu and Elder Lao, the others didn’t feel anything. Only Luo Ru found that in statistics, the average number of NGs for Ming Yu was less than before.

But once Ming Xiaoyu recovered from his injury and came back to filming, his acting skills improved at a rapid speed that could be seen with the naked eye. It was like something suddenly opened and he really improved by leaps and bounds.

Well, this was compared to Ming Xiaoyu’s previous acting ability. It wasn’t so exaggerated that he would reach Fang Liangxiu and Xiao Biqing’s level.

For example, the last scene filmed was the only time Ming Yu was in a white outfit. He shot it very well. Once he passed, Director Xu couldn’t help shouting and jumped up from the director’s chair with excitement.

The white clothing was the simplest out of all of Ming Yu’s clothing in the movie. There weren’t too many fancy lines and jewels. Only a silver hairband fell down his face. This was a young soon who was truly radiant.

Once Ming Yu’s scene was finished, the entire crew gathered together and had a meal. It was counted as a death meal for Ming Yu.

Xi Ze wasn’t part of the crew and happened to have something to do. Thus, he didn’t come. Instead, he waited in the hotel for Ming Xiaoyu. The dinner ended and Ming Yu said goodbye to Director Xu, Fang Liangxiu and the others. Nothing was unusual.

But when he looked at Xiao Biqing, the beautiful actress was looking at him solemnly. She took him aside and whispered, “Ming Xiaoyu, we might not have known each other for a long time but I think of us as friends. There is something I want to say as a friend, but I don’t know if it is improper or not.”

Ming Yu smiled slightly and his tipsiness disappeared. He looked seriously at Xiao Biqing in front of him. His delicate eyebrows lightly curved as he replied, “Sister Xiao, if you think you should say it then speak. If you think it is inappropriate then it is naturally improper to say it.”

It was equivalent to telling her not to speak. But Xiao Biqing laughed and said, “I think I should say it.”

Instead of giving Ming Yu time to react, Xiao Biqing cleared her throat and said, “I might not be in the fashion industry but I know that your industry advocates the simplest beauty. This type of beauty means that things like ethnicity, beliefs and age aren’t rigidly adhered to…including gender. Therefore, there has always more homos*xual people in your industry than the entertainment industry.”

After listening to this, Ming Xiaoyu looked at Xiao Biqing with slight surprise.

He just listened to Xiao Biqing as he continued, “Mr. Xi is a very good person but Ming Xiaoyu, you are still young. I’m afraid you don’t have much experience in this respect. You might be in love but there are always entangled interests. You need to grasp this and not let yourself completely sink in.”

These words made it clear. Xiao Biqing thought that Xi Ze was supporting Ming Yu and was his gold backer. This was why the relationship between the two people was so close.

Her words were well-intentioned and there was no disdain. After all, everybody chose to climb the road differently. Not to mention, Xiao Biqing could see that Xi Ze cared about Ming Yu.  But she didn’t believe that Xi Ze would stay with Ming Yu in the end because she didn’t know Xi Ze. She had seen too many examples of gold backs tossing away the star they raised.

Ming Xiaoyu was always grateful to the good intentions of others. Thus, his eyes weren’t offended but were calm and generous when he looked at the other person. He couldn’t help smiling as he said, “Sister Xiao, your words will offend people.”

Xiao Biqing raised an eyebrow. “How will it offend people?”

Ming Xiaoyu replied with a smile, “It is possible to offend me. If I tell this to Xi Ze, it might also offend him.”

Xiao Biqing looked Ming Yu from top to bottom then waved her hands like she didn’t care. “It is no problem to offend you. You are just a small mushroom. As for offending Xi Ze, Small Mushroom, I don’t think you are so ruthless and black-hearted.”

The black-hearted small mushroom, “……=_=|||||”

He was just a small mushroom huh?

The two of them didn’t talk about this topic anymore. Xiao Biqing raised her main point and didn’t feel the need to continue. As for Ming Xiaoyu, he acted like he didn’t hear anything and treated Xiao Biqing with his original attitude.

But as the two of them were separating, he suddenly raised a finger and gently poked Xiao Biqing’s forehead.

Under the street lamp, the young man’s beautiful face shone exquisitely. His eyes seemed like there was twinkling starlight present. For a moment, he let Xiao Biqing sink into his deep eyes.

Ming Yu’s lips curved as he ridiculed, “Sister Xiao, this small mushroom will also fight back. As you said, mushrooms don’t really get angry and I have heard your words. Unfortunately, you said it too late.”

The youth entered a taxi and disappeared into the hustle and bustle of the night. The startled Xiao Biqing finally recovered. A strange temperature spread from where Ming Yu touched her forehead and her cheeks gradually turned red. She felt the turmoil of a young girl!

After squatting with the small mushroom in a corner for a month, Xiao Biqing finally realized this youth’s charm.

Since entering the industry, Xiao Biqing hadn’t felt this type of shy and excited mood for many years. It was like seeing her favorite idol star. She couldn’t help feeling that the other person’s actions were so handsome and charming!

On the way back to the hotel, Xiao Biqing opened her phone and entered the Muse official website. From then on, a small mushroom fan called ‘Xiao Xiao Yu Yu’ was born!

She rarely liked another person so once she suddenly liked the small mushroom, it was hard to extricate herself. Previously, Xiao Biqing only thought ‘very handsome’ when she saw photos of MIng Yu. Now she couldn’t help screaming in her heart, “Ahhhhhh, so handsome!!!”

Alas, some people only had a bit of acting skills.

On the other hand, some people had completely crazy acting skills!

But she still heard Ming Yu’s words stating it was ‘too late’ despite being caught by Xiao Biqing’s beauty. However, she didn’t worry about it. Ming Yu obviously wasn’t a stupid and naive person. She believed that the small mushroom must have his own ideas and would know what to do. The only thing she needed to do was:

【 Xiao Xiao Yu Yu: Ahhhhh, newbie reporting! Seeking resources! Ming Xiaoyu is too handsome! 】

A big star had become a small fan. She was even seeking resources as a new fan!

Once he returned to the hotel that night, Ming Xiaoyu naturally didn’t tell Xi Ze about Xiao Biqing’s exact words. He came out of the bath and said seemingly casually, “Today, somebody thought you were my gold backer. Mr. Xi, what gold backer do you know who doesn’t give a salary and bullies people all day?”

The handsome and elegant man raised his eyebrows at the words and said with a smile, “Who said this?”

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t fooled and sneered. “It doesn’t matter who said it. I have discovered that you are a bastard.  You agreed to let me top but you always use an excuse to evade it. Hey, if you won’t give that to me then give me some sweetness.”

After listening to this remark, Xi Ze pondered deeply for a moment. Then he seemed to be filled with great determination as his expression became very solemn. Ming Xiaoyu just looked at him with an expression that stated ‘I can see your nonsense.’

“I have decided to invest in An Li. I will make them give you extra scenes and you will become the male lead! Your acting is very good. It needs to be shown to the general audience who will realize your value.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…Get lost!”

“Which way?”

Xi Ze grabbed Ming Yu and directly pulled him into Xi Ze’s arms.

Ming Xiaoyu was very surprised but his hand subconsciously grabbed the collar of the pajamas. Yet his face was still very upright. “I have decided to let you taste something sweet tonight.”

The bastard, “…”

In the end, did Ming Xiaoyu taste the sweetness that night? Well, this couldn’t be disclosed. But the next day at the airport, Ming Xiaoyu’s voce was hoarse.

After all, he had been shouting all night. It would be strange if he wasn’t hoarse ╮(╯▽╰)╭.

The day after Ming Yu returned to the capital, the delayed world’s supermodel list was finally published.

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