Chapter 3

“Oh, Cyril! You finally came back safely! I sent Fitz to find you a few days ago because he helped find a job for you at the tavern. Unexpectedly, he went to your house and found it was empty. Later, I heard Old John say that he saw you go into the Misty Moon Forest alone! I was so worried!”

The woman quickly said a long series of words like a machine gu*.

Cyril turned his head and saw a tall aunt with brown, curly hair. She was wearing a slightly old dress and carrying a small basket in her hand that was covered with a cotton cloth embroidered with roses.

Her expression was a mixture of joy and worry when she saw Cyril. It wasn’t false.

Cyril had received the original owner’s memories so he immediately reacted. This was Aunt Maria. Her husband was Fitz, the blacksmith of the small town of Codswood.

The hunter had a lot of interactions with Blacksmith Fitz due to his hunting tools so they had a good relationship. Once the hunter died, Uncle Fitz and Aunt Marie did a lot to help Cyril. They took care of him afterward.

It was just that the sensitive and stubborn teenager couldn’t calmly accept the kindness of others.

“Bless the goddess of light! Fortunately, you are fine!” Aunt Marie gave the dirty Cyril a hug without caring about the dirt.

The pale and thin Cyril was like a small chicken when he was hugged by the tall Aunt Maria, causing him to blush in the warm embrace.

Cyril had never been so close with anyone before.

Before he transmigrated, he was a small staff member of the Interstellar Cultural Relics Research Institute. It was a desolate and unpopular job. In the technologically advanced interstellar era, few people paid attention to the things from the ‘old era.’

However, Cyril was a well-behaved and sensible child when he was in the interstellar orphanage. After he grew up, he liked to quietly study the ancient books from the ‘old age’ in a corner of the institute.

Half a year ago, the archaeologists of the institute brought back many ancient books of the 21st century from Blue Star. This included a complete set of the Harry Potter book and Cyril was particularly obsessed with the story.

He dreamed about the wizarding world for many days before the system happened to appear, stating that it would give him a chance to experience the wizarding world he had been longing for.

What happened after that was that the system made a mistake when calculating the plane coordinates and Cyril came to this strange world by accident…

Aunt Maria saw the somewhat distracted Cyril and sighed. She had previously thought that the hunter wouldn’t be able to take care of a child. Look at how thin the child was.

Aunt Marie warmly invited Cyril to have dinner at her house.

“I happened to ask Audrey to make delicious creamy mushroom soup today. There are also the fried fruit kernel skewers that Lucien likes to eat. You can’t miss it!”

The former Cyril wouldn’t have agreed. The young man’s self-esteem made him prefer to make a living in the dangerous Misty Moon Forest rather than be helped.

However, the current Cyril remembered that his physical strength had dropped to ‘1’ and he nodded. He was so hungry that his limbs were soft and weak. Cyril didn’t want to leave this world without even seeing a wizard. He was confident that he would find a way to repay Aunt Maria’s family later.

Cyril followed Aunt Maria to her house, listening to the kind lady’s nagging along the way.

“It’s here! You have to come often in the future.” Aunt Maria laughed.

In front of Cyril was a fairly old but very clean and tidy cabin. The yard in front of the house had neatly piled firewood and the flowerbeds were scattered around neatly. There was a simple swing under the big oak tree at the door.

Before he could get close, he smelled the fragrant smell of dinner coming from the house.

Cyril’s stomach let out a longing cry. The sound wasn’t loud but it could clearly be heard by the person around him. He couldn’t help blushing.

Aunt Maria giggled. She glanced affectionately at the thin and pale Cyril and felt very distressed for the child. Aunt Maria sighed in her heart as she felt that little Cyril had matured a lot after going into the Misty Moon Forest alone.

“Come in! The sensible Audrey has made dinner and there is delicious creamy mushroom soup tonight.”

Aunt Marie led Cyril into the house.

By this time, the sky was dark and the warm kerosene lamp in the cabin was glowing orange.

Light shone through the window. Combined with the warm scent of food, people couldn’t help relaxing.

Uncle Fitz saw Cyril walking into the wooden house with a rabbit and strode over, patting him on the shoulder. “Good boy! You are as capable as your uncle.”

The hunter used to call Cyril his nephew.

“Even so, you don’t have to be so anxious. There will be opportunities later so take it slow. Look, you’ve become so skinny in a few days.”

Uncle Fitz was a burly middle-aged man with a beard. His arm strength was considerable so once he acted, it was enough to make Cyril who had 1 point in physical strength stagger forward.

“Fortunately, you didn’t go deep into the Misty Moon Forest. That isn’t a place you can handle.” Uncle Fitz sighed before staring at Cyril to confirm it. “You really only stayed on the edge of the Misty Moon Forest right?”

Cyril nodded and quietly moved away from Uncle Fitz who was currently dangerous to him (out of fear that Uncle Fitz would hit him on the shoulder again). He raised the rabbit in his hand toward Aunt Maria. “Mrs Maria, can I trouble you to cook this as well for dinner?”

Aunt Marie smiled and shook her head. “Don’t be polite! It isn’t easy for you to kill this rabbit. If you sell it at the market then you can get 5 silver coins.”

Cyril was about to say something when Aunt Marie’s daughter, Audrey walked out of the kitchen with dinner. Her little brother, Lucien followed her.

The two of them were stunned to see Cyril suddenly appear at their house. Audrey quickly got rid of her surprised look while her little brother Lucien pursed his lips and muttered something quietly.

Audrey brought a large pot of rich, creamy mushroom soup to the table. Then she returned to the kitchen and brought out several good quality white breads and some fried nut skewers.

Cyril was silent as he gazed at the food with some anticipation.

In the interstellar era, nutrient solutions had replaced traditional cooking. Only a few stubborn, old-fashioned people would retain the kitchen appliance of the old era.

The young Cyril had managed to collect a set of kitchen utensils and he also found a lot of recipes. It was just that his busy archaeology work made him choose the more convenient and quicker nutrient solutions. He had long been obsessed with the various foods of the pre-interstellar era.

Audrey sat across from Cyril. As she drank the soup, she caught a glimpse of Cyril slowly eating the simple dinner and her eyes involuntarily fell on him.

She watched Cyril slowly tearing the white bread with his pale, long fingers, slowly dip the bread into the thick soup and put it in his mouth. He had a cheerful and contented expression as if he was tasting the delicacies of the mountains and the sea.

A strange emotion surged in Audrey’s heart. She vaguely knew that Cyril was ostracized by other teenagers of the same age in the town.

Cyril didn’t go out very often and Audrey had only seen Cyril a few times in the past. To be honest, her impression of him wasn’t good. She felt like he was gloomy and not at all like a teenager of their age.

One day, she met Cyril’s eyes across a long distance and the cold gaze from under the hair half covering his eyes made her panic.

Now Cyril smiled politely when he noticed that Audrey sitting opposite to him was vaguely looking at him. The pale face was flushed with a bit of moisture from the hot soup. The pair of large and round black eyes, which were even larger due to his thinness, gently curved up when he smiled and the small teardrop mole under his left eye shone. Under the warm orange candlelight, he gave off an unknown temperament.

Audrey was stunned. Her eyes moved away as if they were burned and she lowered her head in a panic to drink soup. The girl’s earlobes were a bit red.

Cyril had changed a lot. He was obviously the exact same person but his temperament was completely different.

Audrey gripped the bowl in her hand. Perhaps those boys rejected him because they were jealous of his handsome app?

Stupid and superficial boys. They were really bad.

Cyril didn’t know that someone was aggrieved and angry about his gloomy past. He was currently immersed in such a wonderful thing as having dinner.

The white bread was fluffy and fragrant. After gently breaking it open, he dipped it in the thick, creamy mushroom soup.

The fresh and smooth soup slowly penetrated the honeycomb-shaped pores of the bread and filled Cyril’s empty stomach.

The fried nuts on skewers was a type of food that children in small towns loved very much. Dried almonds and raisins were wrapped in batter to make skewers and fried in a pan to make them golden and crispy.

Cyril was content eating the fragrant fried nut skewers. There was some of Aunt Maria’s secret seasoning powder sprinkled on it and the taste was so good!

He wasn’t looking at the data but he could feel that his physical strength was slowly recovering. “+1+1+1+1…”

Praise food! What type of anti-human invention was the nutrient solution?!

He made up his mind to return the favor to Aunt Marie’s family and was no longer polite. Cyril imitated the little Lucian who immersed himself in eating and his movements became faster. He didn’t stop until his stomach finally felt full.

Lucien stared with big brown eyes as Cyril kept eating and eating. He wanted to ridicule this person but inexplicable, he saw the other person’s quiet and attentive way of eating dinner and forgot to speak! He was annoyed once he finally came back to his senses. Lucien lowered his head and shut his mouth.

Aunt Marie and Uncle Fitz watched Cyril very lovingly. Once they saw him stop, they urged him to eat more.

After dinner, Cyril politely bid farewell to the warm Aunt Marie and Uncle Fitz. He could finally bear the couple’s hug after the warm meal.

Audrey also nodded to him and said politely, “Be careful on the road. You’re welcome to come next time.”

Lucien was urged by his mother and reluctantly said goodbye.

Cyril walked slowly toward the home in his memories under the moonlight. There were no night lights in the town and no one was outside at this time. There was only the quiet night and the light of the kerosene lamps from the houses on the side of the street.

Cyril finally reached the secluded cabin on the edge of the town. The house was dark and the yard gate wasn’t locked. He lifted the gate latch and headed into the yard. The yard was empty.

Cyril walked into the house. He instinctively wanted to control his optical computer to turn on the lights but he realized that this was no longer the original world.

He was feeling unsure of what to do next when a wave of drowsiness swept over him.

‘It is the first day of my transmigration and it was so exciting,’ Cyril inwardly sighed.

“In any case, tomorrow is another day,” he muttered to himself.

Cyril lay on the hard wooden bed in the darkness, picked up the quilt next to him, covered himself and fell into a deep sleep.

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