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INH: Chapter 69

Bonus ko-fi chapter

Gu Huai’s sudden fall made Alves’ pupils immediately contract. His power and pressure enveloped the entire residence in an instant before continuing to spread out. A one kilometre area centred on this private residence was suddenly oppressed by a terrible, invisible pressure. All the Zerg who felt the power were left with only one word in their mind.

The king—

This type of power belonged to Alves but what made Alves respond like this from beside Gu Huai when Tuser Star should be absolutely safe? There was only one answer. Gu Huai was injured or there was something else.

The Zerg who felt this pressure didn’t even need to think. The initial protective instinct told them that they must rush to their king’s side immediately. It was undoubtedly the three army leaders who arrived in the hall first. They saw Gu Huai looked slightly pale in Alves’ arms and their vertical pupils immediately showed the same reaction.

“Your Majesty.” Capalia wanted to get closer but just as she got within one metre, a silver-grey tail suddenly swung, so fast that it was hard to catch the shadow as it fell heavily between the two people.

The floor in the middle suddenly had a large and deep hole in it. Compared to when he was just a little tense before being comforted by Gu Huai, this time every nerve was tight. It was like a string that was pulled to the maximum. It was a completely critical state and a few more pulls would break it.

Alves’ expression was cold and the silver-grey tail behind him was raised to a certain height. However, it was an aggressive gesture rather than a happy one. There was no doubt that at this point, Alves refused for anyone to come closer. The release of power was an instinctive reaction by Alves to protect Gu Huai. However, he knew that no enemies could invade. Since he was around Gu Huai, no one could cross his line of defense to hurt Gu Huai.

Gu Huai losing consciousness and falling into his arms was a problem of Gu Huai’s physical state. Still, it was clear that Alves was subconsciously more tense at this time. As alpha class Zerg, Capalia, Aiyi and Simodo weren’t too affected by Alves’ power but the sense of oppression was still there.

“Control your power, Alves.” Capalia’s expression was cold. “His Majesty needs an immediate physical examination.”

Due to concern for Gu Huai, Capalia’s sharp, knife-like left hand was stiff.

The Tak Zerg often entered a violent state in battle and were easily provoked, but Capalia had always seemed unaffected by this ethnic characteristic. She would suppress her anger under calmness because the stiffness of her body due to excessively strong emotions could never happen.

Other Zerg guarding the nearby area arrived one after another. They felt a bit uncomfortable under the aggressiveness of Alves’ ability but they were more worried about Gu Huai. Alves didn’t respond but he took back his released power, showing that he wasn’t unresponsive to Capalia’s words.

The chief of staff hurriedly launched his personal terminal. “Immediately have the medical team come over.”

Alves circled his tail around Gu Huai and slowly tightened it. “No, they are already on the way.”

He had called the medical team as early as his first reaction. Alves’ state might’ve been pushed to the tipping point but he remained relatively rational.

Alves carried Gu Huai to the bed in his room and the medical team quickly arrived. Under the urgent gaze od a group of Zerg, the doctor carried out a very detailed physical examination of Gu Huai.

However, the results weren’t smooth.

“His Majesty’s physical condition is normal. All the indicators are healthy values…” The Zerg responsible for the examination also grimaced with concern. “I can’t detect the reason for the sudden fainting.”

The results of the physical examination added to the already anxious Zerg. One by one, they were tense as they watched the young man lying in bed. In particular, once they saw Gu Huai’s face that was slightly pale, as if experiencing some type of pain, the hearts of the surrounding Zerg became even more tortured.

“So what should we do?” Simodo’s ferocious face was less ferocious and his voice was sullen from his worry.

Aiyi’s extremely light golden eyes seemed to become illusory for a moment. He was probably the calmest one among the Zerg. “His Majesty will be fine. We just need to watch His Majesty wake up.”

In the more distant future that he saw, Gu Huai was fine so Aiyi could keep calm. This didn’t mean he wasn’t worried about Gu Huai. He was worried but less so than the other Zerg.

Simodo eagerly asked, “Did you see it? But your ability to foresee the future is in seconds…”

This was known in the Zerg race and also throughout the stars. Aiyi was quiet. A few seconds later, he said, “Very early… before I actually met His Majesty, I had a vision.”

Aiyi had never told anyone about it so the army leaders, including Alves, were stunned.

“It has to do with His Majesty and was much further in the future. Therefore, I don’t think anything will happen to His majesty this time.” Aiyi didn’t say the contents of the dream but directly spoke his conclusion.

Hearing Aiyi say so, the surrounding Zerg suddenly put down a bit of their worry.

Aiyi occasionally had future dreams and some of the Zerg at the top knew about it. The ability to predict in peace was different. Aiyi could see the more distant future through dreams. As long as Aiyi didn’t do anything to change the future he saw, the future he foresaw would definitely happen. It was a scene that was bound to happen.

During the time when Gu Huai was unconscious, the Zerg carefully watched him every second. The closest ones were the Tak Zerg, who stared at the bed with their scarlet eyes.

The huge Tak Zerg stood by the bed. They didn’t know what to expect. They only knew that the cub they cared for was sick and needed their care.

Gu Huai was unconscious and this incident greatly stimulated the Tak. They were on the verge of combat and could enter a rage at any time. Since they wanted to protect the sick cub, the Tak Zerg instinctively showed a threatening attitude to the outside world.

Alves stood quietly, his face very cold, but he moved his silver-grey tail in front to gently attach it to Gu Huai.

The entire Zerg race was restless thanks to Gu Huai’s sudden coma. The people outside didn’t know about it. If they did, the people of the Xinluo company would probably be frightened and nervous.

Just after the interview, the king of the Zerg suddenly fainted. If the Zerg thought this was related to the interviewers of their company, they would be finished! Based on the intensity of the Zerg’s desire to protect their king, the Zerg might not necessarily be reasonable with them.

Fortunately, the staff of the Xinluo company didn’t know about this and continued to work in a normal mood.

Gu Huai was in a coma for nearly a day. In the process of losing consciousness, he was passively exposed to some information just like when he first received the inherited memory.

It was about the will and the rules of the world.

This was something that belonged to a higher dimension. Originally, Gu Huai shouldn’t have come into contact with it. It was just that accidental events created his special existence and he received the ‘attention’ of both.

The accidental events referred to when he crossed to this world and his special existence referred to the fact that his soul didn’t belong in this world, unlike everyone else in the world. However, it was only a very vague contact. Gu Huai didn’t know much about it so for the time being, he didn’t know how the will and rules of the world would affect him.

If it wasn’t for the Zerg taking into account that Gu Huai needed a quiet rest environment, perhaps every Zerg would want to stay in Gu Huai’s room 24 hours a day. Gu Huai’s consciousness gradually recovered after a period of time. The moment his consciousness returned, Gu Huai slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Alves and the Tak Zerg guarding his bed.


The crimson vertical pupils looked rather fierce and terrible. Now they were flashing with a tiny light. The Tak Zerg watching Gu Huai on the bed made a low hissing sound when they saw him wake up.

The cub must be hungry after sleeping for so long. This idea made the Tak Zerg move quickly to a small dining cart, stretching out sharp forearms to clamp around a dish containing food. Then they carefully pushed the food in front of Gu Huai. The food on the dining cart was re-prepared at regular intervals so that Gu Huai could eat anytime he woke up.

Gu Huai took the dish. His face was still a bit pale but it was much better than before. After doing this, Gu Huai calmly spoke to the Tak Zerg closely watching him. “I’m fine.”

The Tak Zerg who heard Gu Huai’s voice made a longer hissing sound than before. Even if they couldn’t speak, the Tak Zerg could still express their feelings.

There were many people to appease. Perhaps the most difficult one to appear was the big silver cat next to him.

Gu Huai woke up to find that his body was attached to a silver-grey tail. This tail circled his body as he opened his eyes and sat up, but this wasn’t the main point. The point was that Gu Huai found Alves’ eyes were covered with a black blindfold.

It had been a long time since he saw Alves use this black blindfold so Gu Huai realized the extent his fainting had on Alves. Perhaps it was because the dull pain before he fainted was too strong. Gu Huai still felt some pain despite not moving. Still, he reached out to touch the black blindfold around Alves’ eyes.

It wasn’t the same as the first time. At that time, Gu Huai had gone to untie this blindfold by touching it lightly. It was only after receiving Alves’ acquiescence that Gu Huai actually began to tie it. This time, Gu Huai touched it and directly extended his other hand to quickly remove Alves’ blindfold.

Gu Huai held the black blindfold in his hand and faced Alves’ light gold eyes. The eyes were watching him and Gu Huai could easily see his reflection in Alves’ eyes. Gu Huai found that there seemed to be nothing but him in the reflection of the other person’s eyes.

Gu Huai actually thought from the beginning that Alves’ pale gold eyes were very beautiful. The coldness didn’t affect the beauty of the eyes. Once these light golden eyes seriously stared at a person, it was hard to say no.

“Don’t worry.”

Despite suffering from mild physical pain, Gu Huai approached Alves and gently kissed his eyes before staring into them.

The author has something to say:

When Huaibao first falls ill.

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