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INH: Chapter 68

Just like in the previous competition, once the interstellar cutest creature was determined, the surrounding merchants came to discuss with the Zerg about new merchandise. This time, the design was very certain. The merchants proposed making dolls in Gu Huai’s cub form. The size ratio of the doll would be 1:1.

Once they held the doll, it would be like holding their own king…

Thinking of this, the eyes of all the Zerg who heard it lit up instantly. The chief of staff, who was receiving communications with a cold face, raised his hand that was slightly shaking when he made the habitual action of pushing up his glasses.

Then Gu Huai inevitably received another eye attack from the Zerg. This time, Gu Huai gave up resistance from the beginning. The moment his Zerg came to tell him about the new merchandise, he quickly nodded in front of the bright eyes of the Zerg around him.

After so many public punishments, Gu Huai felt that his mentality had gone through enough tempering and he was now quite strong.

This competition meant that almost everyone in the stars knew what Gu Huai looked like as a cub. The thing Gu Huai hadn’t expected was that the overall image of the Zerg would be easily reversed because of this matter.

[Neo (Sangai Galaxy): The Zerg were so fluffy when they were young. This plush lover is crying.]

[—(Rotherma Galaxy): I want a Zerg cub. Ah, I’m swelling up. Suddenly, I’m not afraid of the Zerg. Please come and personally wake me up.]

[—(Chio Galaxy): Thinking about how the Zerg look like stuffed animals during their cub phase, I suddenly feel that the adult Zerg are less terrible.]

[—(Nadavor Galaxy): In fact, after entering the new era, the Zerg haven’t actively attacked the planet of other race. They just didn’t communicate with other races… but during this period, they established diplomatic relations with other races and also assisting the Star Alliance.]

The reversal of the external image had greater than all the diplomacy and assistance to other races. Gu Huai faced this result and was speechless for some time. It didn’t seem pointless for him to be publicly sentenced. Gu Huai used this idea to comfort himself.

Despite two goods being released, the various interstellar races still didn’t know what Gu Huai looked like. It was because the two goods were the chibi doll version and the cub doll. They only knew that Gu Huai had black hair and black eyes.

In fact, when they first learned that the Zerg king was born, the interstellar people were full of curiosity about the Zerg king. They couldn’t imagine that there would be a king at the top of the pyramid consisting of four already terrible alpha Zerg.

How scary was the ‘king’ who could control the entire Zerg race?

The Zerg had been active in the past year and people from all race had heard two rumours during this active period. One rumour was that the Zerg king was very human and didn’t have the ability to fight. Thus, the Zerg were very careful about protecting him and didn’t allow any threatening creatures to approach their king. However, another rumor said that the Zerg king was too strong and he could use mental strength alone to destroy a warship. This rumour was circulated by the Fields side.

Both rumours hadn’t been confirmed yet. Now that the external image of the Zerg was gradually approaching the friendly direction, there were finally media requests to the Zerg.

The request was from one of the three major interstellar media and it was to conduct an interview with Gu Huai. If Gu Huai was to be interviewed then it meant his true personal image would be published throughout the stars.

“What do you think?” Gu Huai first asked the opinion of his own Zerg before adding his opinion, “I would like to accept this interview.”

In any case, it didn’t matter if his image was public or not. Every leader’s image must be public. Gu Huai thought that since his image seemed to improve the cold and cruel label of the Zerg, he would simply take full advantage of it.

At this time, the reaction of the four army leaders around Gu Huai said—

Capalia responded with a gentle voice, “I have no opinion.”

Simodo was fully in compliance with Gu Huai’s will and everything Gu Huai said was good. “Yes, Your Majesty can do what you want to do.”

Aiyi seemed to think of something before saying, “That’s fine.”

Alves was more direct than the trio and just circled his tail around Gu Huai. This tail circle represented protection. Gu Huai wasn’t just protected by Alves, he was the core of the entire Zerg protection ring.

For the Zerg, they didn’t believe that hiding an important treasure was the best way to protect it. They needed to openly show their treasure so that other people wouldn’t dare to touch it. No race in the stars would want to incite the crazy revenge of the Zerg. Thus, the Zerg were happy to let everyone know about Gu Huai’s existence so that they understood Gu Huai was the will of the entire Zerg race.

Hearing the agreement, Gu Huai quickly asked the chief of staff to reply and accept the interview for him. This interview didn’t require Gu Huai to move to other places. Gu Huai accepting the interview was a big surprise for Gu Huai. They immediately moved their whole team to Tuser.

After more than a year and the joint efforts of Gu Huai and the Zerg, Tuser Star was now very different from before.

At present, there were no longer only the cold grey, black and white buildings on the planet. Other warm colours were added and the construction of the business sector had reached a high level of development. The number of travellers to and from Tuser increased and it wasn’t unusual to see people of other races in the trading area of Tuser’s central city.

It was because of this that the media interviewer dared to come. If it was the former Zerg and Tuser Star, rushing to approach the core territory of the Zerg was tantamount to finding death. They didn’t have that much courage.

The interview was conducted in the form of a live broadcast. As one of the three major media outlets of the interstellar world, Xinluo had one of the most popular live broadcast platforms on the Star Network.

Since they released the news that they were going to interview Gu Huai on Tuser, the record for the highest number of online people in the history of Xinluo’s live platform jumped by 100 times on the day of the interview and the number of people was still climbing.

Although it was an interview with Gu Huai alone, it was as one of the rumours said. The Zerg were very careful about protecting him and wouldn’t leave him alone even in the interview. The Xinluo company came to the agreed interview place, Alves’ mansion, and successfully met Gu Huai.

Gu Huai’s attitude toward them was very gentle but the group of expressionless Zerg with a cold attitude staring at them brought a great sense of oppression. There was no doubt that if they showed the smallest threat to Gu Huai or even a bit of rudeness, these Zerg might directly attack.

At this time, the interviewers clearly realized that the Zerg weren’t so aggressive under the rule of their king but this was only relative.

Gu Huai was the taboo of these Zerg. Once someone dared to touch him, the scary beasts that had become slightly docile would instantly show their sharp claws and teeth. They wouldn’t show the invader any mercy if it was to protect Gu Huai.

Gu Huai noticed that these interviewers were staring at the Zerg nervously. He looked down at the silver-grey tail that seemed unwilling to move away from him and thought about it before saying, “Let Alves sit by me and you should be relieved.”

Gu Huai said so and the surrounding Zerg certainly understood his meaning. They stared at Gu Huai for a while before reluctantly moving away. The Zerg walked out the door or up to the second floor where they could rush over at any time. The professional interview team quickly set everything out and the interview broadcast officially began.

At this time, the people on the live broadcast platform saw a young man with black eyes appear in front of them.

In terms of appearance, the young man was very clear and beautiful, with black and mild eyes and hair that looked quite fluffy and soft. There were a few pieces of hair that were disobedient and slightly curved, but this made the other person look softer and more harmless.

However, this was the king of the Zerg. Despite having seen Gu Huai’s chibi doll and cub form, the vast majority of interstellar people hadn’t thought that Gu Huai would show no coldness at all in his adult humanoid form.

The hundreds of billions of interstellar people of all races rubbed their eyes as they watched the live broadcast. They were feeling doubts when the black-haired young man smiled lightly at the camera.

It went viral in an instant.

[Kn (Sano Galaxy): I can’t believe it…]

[—(Isso Galaxy): I dare not believe it. The Zerg are so cold. How can their king look… so gentle.]

[—(Ganor Galaxy): This is the Zerg king? Why does he look more like a human…]

[—(Wakan): It’s true. I can guarantee that even the humans of the Earth Federation would admit the mistake.]

They couldn’t see any Zerg characteristics from Gu Huai. If it wasn’t for the iconic silver-grey tail around Gu Huai and the owner of the tail sitting next to him, the interstellar people watching the live broadcast would almost doubt that the Xinluo company was using a means of deception to earn popularity for their platform.

The interviewer said in advance that it wouldn’t be a serious interview. Xinluo hoped that it could be conducted in the form of a chat and Gu Huai agreed.

The Zerg were so cold yet the Zerg king wasn’t ruthless. Rather, he had a gentle and accessible nature. The interstellar people found this really incredible.

This wasn’t in line with common sense. In theory, the king of the Zerg should be colder than the average Zerg.

Since the king was also influenced by racial nature, if the king wanted to dominate the entire race then he should have a more powerful ability than the other Zerg and should have a more indifferent personality than the other Zerg.

Regarding the chat contents of this interview, the interviewer of Xinluo would decide the topic according to the audience’s comments on the live broadcast platform. Thus, the interviewer sitting opposite Gu Huai said at this time, “This is the first time you are revealing your image to the public. It is probably because your image is very different from what the outside world thinks that everyone’s reactions are very big right now.”

“What reaction?” Gu Huai asked casually.

“Most people don’t think you look like… cough…!” Realizing that this sentence might be a bit offensive, the interviewer suddenly stopped and didn’t say anything.

It might be an interview in the form of a chat but the interviewer really didn’t dare let it go too far. Although there wasn’t the circle of Zerg around him, there was Alves by Gu Huai’s side. Alves circled Gu Huai with his tail as a warning.

“I don’t look like it?” Gu Huai reacted to the other side’s words. It was easy to guess the meaning. The interviewer didn’t have a good answer for a while. Gu Huai wasn’t angry. he just smiled to show he didn’t mind the topic.

Then before the interviewer could answer, Gu Huai closed his eyes for a very short time before calmly opening them. “Does this look more like it?”

The interviewer sitting opposite him was caught off guard and saw a pair of eyes that was completely different from just now. They were gold like the sun melting. They had become golden vertical pupils.

Facing these eyes, it wasn’t just the interviewer who was dumbfounded. it was also the hundreds of billions of interstellar people watching the live broadcast. If Gu Huai was gentle and harmless in his black eyes state, Gu Huai showed the golden pupils and suddenly had a great change in the overall temperament. Although it didn’t give people a cold feeling, the golden pupils seemed to give off an invisible pressure. There was an extreme calm in the eyes, making people not dare to look at them.

This was the gaze of a superior, like the owner of the eyes was looking down from a very high place. The people examined by the golden eyes didn’t even dare to move. Facing these eyes, the Xinluo interviewer didn’t know how they finished the interview. Even when they left Tuser, the golden sun-like eyes still lingered in their minds. The same was true for the interstellar people watching the interview.

Even if Gu Huai didn’t show a fearsome spirit in this interview, the people who saw these golden eyes through the hologram couldn’t help shaking slightly. They had just seen it through the image but the most primitive instinct of life told them that the Zerg king was very powerful. He was born at the top of the Zerg pyramid.

Once the interviewer left, Gu Huai still kept his golden eyes and hadn’t changed them back. Suddenly, he felt the silver-grey tail circling him tighten a little bit. Gu Huai turned his head and saw that Alves’ expression was a bit different. This expression seemed to have first appeared when Gu Huai showed his golden pupils.

“Alves, what’s the matter?” Gu Huai asked.

Alves’ face was slightly tense but he shook his head. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to speak. It was just that something suddenly flashed in his mind and Alves himself couldn’t catch it. Every time Gu Huai showed the golden eyes, there was a vague feeling that made him upset. It was as if he had forgotten something important but Alves couldn’t find it when searching through his memories.

Alves stared at Gu Huai without blinking. This type of stare was almost like he was afraid that Gu Huai would disappear. Thus, Gu Huai reached out and rubbed the silver hair of the big cat until the expression on Alves’ face was removed and he was in his usual cold state.

Alves’ expression was normal and Gu Huai precisely finished his work. He was ready to change his eyes back to their usual state.

Gu Huai could arbitrarily switch his eyes. In the golden pupils state, he was more adept at using his own power. However, Gu Huai couldn’t fully master this state.

His lack of skill would affect the duration of this state at most. Theoretically, it wouldn’t have any side effects. However, once Gu Huai changed his eyes back to black, there was a sudden dull pain in his brain that made him pale.

His breathing abruptly became sharp. Gu Huai lost consciousness due to this dull pain and fell into Alves’ arms.


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