HTi: Chapter 92

Xie Yang opened the door and smiled in an embarrassed manner at Man Feidi. “Sorry, I was in the bathroom just now.”

Man Feidi hurriedly said it was fine.

Xie Yang asked Man Feidi to enter. Then he told the other person to wait a moment as he went out to call Wu Shui. Then he picked up the script and looked at Man Feidi. “Which section should we start with?”

“There is no need to rush. Xie Yang, what do you think of my performance today. Is there any awkward acting?”

Xie Yang put down the script again and watched Man Feidi. “I’m just a newcomer. I can’t see if it is good or bad.”

Man Feidi frowned and looked distressed. Then he asked, “Do you feel comfortable acting against me? I think that acting with you feels good. You learn quickly.”

Xie Yang smiled. “Man Feidi, we are now colleagues.”

Man Feidi looked confused. “What?”

“Colleagues can become friends or they might become enemies. I hate trouble but I’m not afraid of trouble. I don’t like games. Senior, can you start acting the scene?”

Xie Yang’s hint was very subtle but anyone with calculations in their heart would find it easy to understand.

‘I see Xuanyuan’ was Xie Yang’s first acting job. He wanted to finish the filming and didn’t want any trouble. So far, Man Feidi hadn’t done too much. Apart from taking advantage of his popularity, Man Feidi’s attitude was generally friendly so Xie Yang didn’t intend to do anything.

Even so, not planning to do anything didn’t mean he would continue to tolerate small movements and careful thoughts. Regardless of whether Man Feidi simply wanted to take advantage of his fame or if there were other calculations, everything had to be handled if these things made Qiu Xing who was far away in B City unhappy.

Hearing Xie Yang’s words, the doubts on Man Feidi’s face slowly froze. Then with perfect timing, there was a knock on the door.

Xie Yang waited a moment before getting up to open the door. Outside the door was Wu Shui carrying coffee and desserts. Xie Yang let Wu Shui in and asked Wu Shui to place the purchased things on the small coffee table in front of the sofa. He told Man Feidi, “Senior, I think you haven’t eaten at yet? Please help yourself.”

Wu Shui had already consciously sat down on the sofa in the corner. Although he intentionally turned his back to the big sofa but his sense of existence was still strong.

Man Feidi glanced at Wu Shui and then Xie Yang. He pinched the script with his fingers before smiling again. “I was just feeling hungry. You are too thoughtful. Then shall we eat and start acting?”


Man Feidi left after an hour and a half.

Xie Yang first sent a message to Qiu Xing and then went to the bathroom to wash up. When he came out, Wu Shui who had already left after cleaning up the table. He sat on the sofa and sent a video call request to Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing answered in seconds. He immediately looked Xie Yang up and down once the call connected.

Xie Yang asked, “Are you angry?”

Qiu Xing immediately denied it. “No.”

“That isn’t what your expression says. I just warned Man Feidi that if he is smart enough, he won’t mess around again in the future.”

Qiu Xing pulled a face. “What if he isn’t smart enough?”

Xie Yang raised an eyebrow. “Then I can only tell him that I have a big vinegar jar at home. The vinegar jar doesn’t allow me to get close to others and I will bluntly warn him to stay away from me.”

Qiu Xing’s expression changed. “What type of vinegar… don’t be impudent!”

Xie Yang looked silently at Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing glanced around, took another look and put on a casual expression. “You want to… tell others about our relationship?”

“I didn’t tell them. I just said there is someone in my family. After all, you once said you will absolutely never disclose our relationship. I respect your thoughts.”

Qiu Xing’s expression almost distorted. The sentence ‘someone in my family’ made his heart blossom and then the following ‘absolutely never disclose’ choked him again. He held back for a long time before finally wondering, “Since when have you been so obedient?”

“Do you want me to be disobedient?”

Qiu Xing changed his posture. “You occasionally… in fact, you can be less obedient.”

Xie Yang smiled and nodded. “I see. So can I stay up late?”

“……” Qiu Xing glared at Xie Yang. “You dare!”

Xie Yang laughed.

Qiu Xing’s expression changed at the laughter and he suddenly reached out to cover the camera.

“Be obedient! Once this busy time is over… don’t laugh!”

Xie Yang suppressed his laughter and tapped the black screen. “I won’t laugh anymore.”

Qiu Xing moved his hand and checked it using the corner of his eyes. He saw Xie Yang and then raised his hand to tap the screen of the phone lightly, humming like he was tapping Xie Yang’s head. “Not obedient.”


The next day, Xie Yang was found by Qin Cheng when he got up early to go out. Qin Cheng frowned and told him, “Someone leaked the filming information.”

Xie Yang stopped and inquired, “What happened?”

They got in the car going to the set and Xie Yang took out his phone at Qin Cheng’s prompt. He turned to the breaking news that Qin Cheng mentioned. The news was sent by a marketing account and the title was very eye-catching. ‘Xie Yang’s first time was shocking! He exhausted his partner with nine NG’s.’

Under the title, the marketing account used text to describe in detail the process of Wen Yao and Xie Yang filming the first scene the day before yesterday. During the process, Wen Yao’s mistakes that caused the NG’s were all transferred to Xie Yang.

Underneath the news were two images. From the perspective of the photos, they should’ve been taken secretly from a long distance. In the first photo, Zhou Huairen was calling out to the people on the set. In the second photo, Xie Yang was summoned by Zhou Huairen and walked over to him.

There were over 2,000 comments under this post and the top three popular ones were full of distress for Wen Yao as they lamented that Xie Yang’s acting skills weren’t good. The marketing account that posted the news madly used Wen Yao to make the article. Poor Wen Yao had to play against such a [tn content=”traffic star”]refers to stars with huge “traffic” behind them–a large number of dedicated fans who are willing to pay for anything they participate[/tn] the first time she was acting as the heroine of a movie. They were worried that her first big movie would be ruined by the traffic star.

If the news just questioned Xie Yang’s acting skills then it could be ignored. After all, an actor wasn’t finished just because they were blackened. These were all necessary processes. However, the details of the shooting on the set and the implication of the sneak photos weren’t good. This news had a provocative taste that attracted Wen Yao’s fans to tear at him.

It was a terrible thing for any movie to have details of the shooting on set released. For any new actor, the reputation of dragging down a senior and the crew was dangerous. If he was labeled as a movie poison then it would be much more difficult for him to receive a new movie offer.

Qin Cheng analyzed it. “It was the first day of filming and the opening ceremony was held in the morning. It is possible that not everyone left when people were cleared from the scene, leading to the secret filming. However, we can’t rule out it being leaked by the crew. If the secret shooting situation isn’t curbed quickly, it will affect everyone’s mood while shooting.”

Xie Yang put down his phone. “Let’s see how Director Zhou will handle it.”

A few minutes later, the two people arrived on set.

The atmosphere on set wasn’t very good. Director Zhou and several assistant directors were sitting together and talking with their heads lowered. The staff members were making preparations for shooting.

Xie Yang was the first actor to arrive. Zhou Huairen stopped talking when he noticed Xie Yang and waved to him. Xie Yang came over. Zhou Huairen asked, “Have you seen the news?”

Xie Yang nodded.

Zhou Huairen frowned and told him, “I will definitely give you an explanation about this. We will stop work for half a day and take a break. We can’t let the secret shooting situation happen again.”

Xie Yang nodded again and tactfully sat to one side.

30 minutes later, most of the actors had arrived on set. Zhou Huairen summoned everyone to a meeting in a small hall in the Su house. During the meeting, he asked people to close all the doors of the hall and found someone to guard outside.

Man Feidi sat next to Xie Yang and asked in a low voice, “What’s going on?”

Xie Yang found that Man Feidi’s attitude was much more normal than yesterday. He was no longer so passionate and pretending to be close. Xie Yang understood that Man Feidi had listened to his warning and replied, “Director Zhou will say it.”

Zhou Huairen confirmed that everyone was present and glanced at them. “Have you seen the news? If you haven’t seen it then look at it now.”

Those who had seen the news remained silent while those who hadn’t seen the news whispered in confusion. Xie Yang noticed that Wen Yao’s expression became complicated after talking to Gao Xuanhang. Then she took out her phone and started to read it.

After 10 minutes, Zhou Huairen saw that everyone was quiet and cleared his throat. “If it was secretly filmed by the outside media then it is my problem. I have to blame myself for failing to manage the crew. However, if someone wants to make small moves then I can only say you have found the wrong place. Currently, the movie has only been filming for two days and the loss isn’t  great. I will look into the matter carefully. If I find out that this is a problem caused by someone, they will immediately leave the crew. I will never tolerate this!”

Everyone was silent. Zhou Huairen lectured everyone again. After the scolding, he gave a few sweet words. Then all the troops were dispersed, leaving only Xie Yang and Wen Yao.

The room became quiet and Zhou Huairen told Wen Yao, “You will post a Weibo to help Xie Yang explain this matter. You are a senior and you can’t let a newcomer carry the blame for the NG’s. Let’s speak based on facts, understood?”

Wen Yao nodded.

Zhou Huairen glanced at Xie Yang next. “This time, the media is obviously trying to pick something out. You and Wen Yao are both victims. Don’t think too much and make a good movie. Improving your acting is better than any explanation.”

Xie Yang nodded.

“This is how it will be for the time being. In the morning, I will straighten out the crew. You just think about the script. The shooting progress of the first two days isn’t ideal so try to get into the right state as soon as possible.”

Xie Yang nodded again and left. After taking a few steps, he found that Wen Yao hadn’t moved. He paused before pretending not to notice and walked out of the hall.

30 minutes later, Wen Yao and Zhou Huairen came out of the hall together. Zhou Huairen’s expression was much heavier than before while Wen Yao was frowning. The two of them went to the director’s studio together.

More than an hour later, Wen Yao came out of the director’s studio alone. She discussed something with her agent, who then left the set. After that, she lowered her head, fiddled with her mobile phone and walked straight over to Xie Yang.

Xie Yang put down the script and looked at Wen Yao in front of him. “Senior, are you looking for me for something?”

“I’ve sent a clarification post on Weibo.”

“I troubled Senior.”

Wen Yao was silent for a moment before suddenly asking, “Can I sit down?”

Xie Yang took the initiative to find a stool for Wen Yao.

The two of them sat side by side. They were quiet for a while before Wen Yao opened her mouth. “After filming on the first day, I found that you were a bit different from what Mu Zhouyi told me. Therefore, I called her and wanted to ask her what happened. During the conversation, I mentioned the details of my filming with you.”

Xie Yang didn’t speak.

“I confessed this to Director Zhou. It was wrong for me to tell someone outside the crew about the shooting details.”

Xie Yang told her, “The news might not be sent by Mu Zhouyi. You only told her the details. You didn’t send the photos to her.”

“I know but it is a coincidence.” Wen Yao looked at Xie Yang. “She told me that you targeted her, robbed her of resources, separated her and her boyfriend and deliberately discredited her. Is it true?”

It was a very comprehensive statement. It seemed that Mu Zhouyi wasn’t so stupid that she made things completely up but he still didn’t know who was behind her.

Xie Yang smiled. “I really don’t like her. If she is referring to me taking back the resources that she traded with Fang Chengnan for betraying my privacy and giving it to Ke Lan, then I did do so. As for breaking up her and her boyfriend, I just persuaded a family member not to look at an octopus monster that casts a wide net. Is there a problem? In addition, what does she mean by discrediting her?”

Wen Yao frowned. “She betrayed your privacy?”

Xie Yang asked back, “Have you heard the rumour that I am being supported?”

Wen Yao had indeed heard it and thought that it was true. She pursed her lips and asked, “So you being supported… is fake?”

“What do you think?”

Wen Yao raised her hand and rubbed her forehead. Then she stood up. “I understand… Xie Yang, I’m sorry.”

Xie Yang watched Wen Yao leave. Then he lowered his head, took out his phone and opened Weibo. He searched for Wen Yao’s page and saw that Wen Yao had posted a Weibo post along with a photo 10 minutes ago.

Wen Yao: The reason for the NG’s lies with me. There was a plot where I had to hit the other person. I couldn’t grasp the power when hitting people and had to keep shooting. During this period, Xie Yang was very considerate and cooperated with me. I’m thankful for his tolerance and his hard work. Xie Yang is very dedicated and excellent. Please stop the malicious speculations and spreading rumours.

The gif was of Zhou Huairen teaching Wen Yao how to slap someone.

Proofreader: Mnemo & Paranoid Kitten

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2 years ago

So many dramas…
Thank you so much.

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
10 months ago

“Regardless of whether Man Feidi simply wanted to take advantage of his fame or if there were other calculations, everything had to be handled if these things made Qiu Xing who was far away in B City unhappy.”