NOLMBW: Chapter 21

Rong Mingshi didn’t only integrate his spirit with the material of the carving but with his tools as well. The carving knives made of the dragon scales were very smooth and seemed like part of his body. The little leopard got the faint impression that even if Aojia wasn’t present, the black dragon was still accompanying him. In this state, every stroke of the knives was very neat and steady.

There was a central thought in the little leopard’s heart and it came very naturally. There were no delays in his hand as he perfectly outlined the four mixed coloured energy stone into the rough shape of a dragon li cat.

Then Rong Mingshi replaced the knife and started the fine depiction of the basic structure. He cleverly used the mixed colours of the energy stone to show the black and grey fur of the cat. This process was relatively slow and Rong Mingshi was very careful.

There was a certain difference from the previously carved black dragon. In order to make the fur of the animal dynamic and lively, this carved fur was very important. Each one was delicately carved and depicted by the little leopard. The leopard didn’t find that while he was meticulously carving the cat, his perception brought the power contained in this energy stone to the extreme.

The empire’s carvers weren’t incapable of maximizing the power in the beginner energy stone. It was just that in the carver’s general cognition, low-grade energy stones were used for carver apprentices to practice their hands. They didn’t bother to use the various colours of the mixed energy stones like the little leopard. The most gifted carvers pursued high-grade energy stones because the empire used the level of the high-grade energy stones as the authoritative means to evaluate a carver’s ability.

Rong Mingshi had a big difference with them. In his eyes, there were only suitable or unsuitable materials for carving. There was no beginner or advanced. Every stone carved with his paws was done with the same dedication.

A bit of time passed and the cat gradually became vivid under the leopard’s claws. The black and grey fur that appeared in the eyes seemed to be soft to touch. The cat’s head was slightly raised and the eras were erect. The agile cat’s eyes seemed to be injected with amber. The white paws gave people the desire to reach out and pinch them. The cat’s tail curved around with a black and grey pattern on them. It was attached to the cat and the tip was slightly raised, as if the tail was slightly swinging.

Rong Mingshi finally sighed with relief and his eyes showed a smile as he gazed at the work completed by his paws. Before he put away the leopard paw tools, he slightly cocked his head and selected an inconspicuous position on the cat’s ears to carve a tiny ‘Time’ in pinyin (It is Shi, as in the Shi part of Rong Mingshi). It was small and not eye-catching at all, but was considered a label for his work.

He finished the first carving and yawned lazily. He stretched out his paws and moved to relax his body that hadn’t moved for a long time. He jumped to the floor and turned around in two laps. Then Rong Mingshi climbed onto the sofa again and started to ponder his store.

The empire’s Star Network was very developed. It was convenient to register and establish an online store, with a certain percentage of the cost withdrawn after the goods were sold. Rong Mingshi made it in a few minutes. He took the name ‘Craftsman Time’s House’ and took a 3d video of his carved cat-shaped energy stone, placing it on the shelf of the store. Opening this 3D video in the real world allowed people to get a good understanding of the goods. They could zoom in and out, observing the specific details of the goods.

These times were simple. Rong Mingshi only had a bit of trouble over the pricing. He hadn’t sold any of his works in his previous life, let alone this world. He didn’t know the market at all. He didn’t always want to ask Aojia over small matters like this.

Thus, the little leopard searched the Star Network. In the store of the carver apprentices, he saw many mixed coloured, low-grade energy stones. Some carvings were unsatisfactory but Rong Mingshi thought it was a different style. Since the materials were similar, the price should be similar.

Therefore, Rong Mingshi gave his work a very ordinary price of 100 star coins. This price wasn’t high or low for low-grade energy stones on the Star Network. The little leopard’s thoughts were very simple. The empire’s auditing system could only provide him with 10 free energy stones. He needed to stockpile his own materials for later carvings. 100 star coins could buy 10 low-grade energy stones. This carving was equivalent to increasing the value of the energy stone by 10 times, which made sense.

The first item of Craftsman Time’s House on the Star Network was priced at the low value of 100 star coins. The only one watching from the sidelines was the robot housekeeper…

The housekeeper was completely immersed. His child was so talented! What had this child experienced on the desolate star? Most importantly, this matter must not be discovered by Duke Oran! He immediately hid the registration information of the little leopard on the Star Network.

At the same time, the housekeeper left a backup in the marshal’s house to continue implementing the housekeeper program. Then he ran out to investigate. Did Duke Oran’s research have something to do with his child’s talent? Duke Oran hadn’t asked after the child for so many years, only to want to study the beast nucleus after the child had grown up. This was intolerable for the housekeeper.

The housekeeper had no concept of money and was too busy to pay attention to the leopard’s work that had the low price of 100 star coins. Once it appeared among the many energy stone works of the Star Network, it was bought almost instantaneously. It was a stone that created a thousand waves, instantly maddening the group of beastmen who happened to buy energy stones on the Star Network.

The carving was bought and the shelf of Craftsman Time’s House showed ‘sold out’. However, the 3D image of the item was still so vivid and lively, as if the cat shaped was reproduced using 3D technology. The empire’s beastmen could feel the power of this energy stone through the Star Network.

The beastmen knew that although the beginner energy stones contained less power, the work of this Craftsman Time’s House contained a very large amount of energy that could be compared to the finest mid-grade energy stone. If this work was completely in line with the beastman’s animal shape then it was possible to compete with high-level energy stones. After all, there were few carvers who could work with high-grade energy stones at present and the rate of activation wasn’t high.

The only difference was probably the number of uses. If the power in the energy stone was exhausted, it would collapse… Who the hell created this store and actually sold such a high quality carving at this extremely low price? If a low-grade energy stone could be activated to this extent then what about mid and high-grade energy stones?

The imperial beastmen marvelled at the ability to turn on the power of the low-grade energy stones to such a degree before going on to inquire about the other goods in the store. They didn’t think that only one item would be sold in the store so people tried to find the information of the owner in order to place an order!

The unexpected thing was that this store had just been registered and had simple decorations. It only used the standard interface of the system but the owner’s information was actually unknown.

On the Star Network, the information of the online store owner was semi-public. At the very least, there was the real name of the owner. If the owner’s information was unknown, it would be reported.

Yet no one raised any doubts on the platform. The reason was simple and all imperial beastmen saw it clearly. Once someone raised doubts, the platform would not only forcefully display the information of the owner but also cancel the sales qualification of the online store. The owner wouldn’t be able to open a store on the Star Network for one year. If this happened, how could they have the opportunity to buy such high quality carvings? Since they couldn’t get the store owner’s information, the beastmen wouldn’t be able to do anything if the store was removed.

Therefore, all beastmen who were amazed by the carving went to this store and set up a special reminder for goods while actively leaving messages.

“Great storekeeper, when will the goods be sold and what is the next item?”

“Owner, quickly add more goods. I want to buy! Seeking a groundhog beast shape!”

“Seeking a chipmunk beast form!”

“Seeking a hamster beast form!”

“You rodents are too arrogant. Asking for a leopard beast form!”

“What store owner will sell what you as asking for? No quality! Owner, do you see how my golden python is powerful and someone? Would you like to make a python next?”

“Storekeeper, the cat beast shape is invisible all over the world. Look!”


“Storekeeper, change the method of selling. If you change it to an auction then good products will naturally get a high price!”

“Upstairs person, get lost!”

“I agree to the auction. The owner’s goods are worth the price. I am willing to spend tens of thousands of star coins to buy them!”

“Auction 1.”

“Auction 2…”

The hustle and bustle in the store didn’t affect the little leopard at all. He didn’t pay attention to the messages under the goods. Once he saw the item was sold, he sent it out according to the program. Since this was Marshal Black Dragon’s manor, he wisely left the sender’s address empty.

The empire’s express delivery business was very skillful without many things involved. The item was signed and Rong Mingshi got 90 stars, which had the courier fee and platform fee deducted.

The proud little leopard made his first amount of money and wandered around the shopping platform, selecting various low-grade energy stones that he saw. Then he found a low-grade energy stone mixed with gold, red and black. This bulging stone was very suitable for the concept of the cute black dragon that he thought of previously!

Rong Mingshi’s eyes brightened and he bought it.

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cluelessly adorable and talented rong rong _(:3 」∠)_