IPCFS: Chapter 51 Part 1

Ji Li was temporarily assigned the drama team’s publicity task. They asked him to live broadcast the sixth episode simultaneously with the episode premiere and interact with the online netizens when watching the drama together.

The broadcast was a TV drama that he starred in. The publicity announcement came in a hurry, but Ji Li still agreed.

“Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth” used the satellite TV station, and the full episode wouldn’t appear on the video website until the nightly live broadcast was aired.

However, due to the actor’s live broadcast, the website deliberately uploaded the latest episode in advance.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, Ji Li entered the live broadcast website on time. His fans and drama fans who had been waiting for him immediately greeted him with great enthusiasm.

“Good evening, everyone. I am Ji Li.”

Ji Li didn’t wear any special makeup for the livestream. He appeared completely without makeup, and his plush pajamas accentuated his fair skin. He spoke in a very gentle manner.

Many fans wore headphones and softened on the spot.

-Ahhhh, Brother, you look so good!

-Thank you, handsome guy Ji Li, for understanding what we want! Just take a screenshot and we can pretend he is a cohabiting boyfriend! I am going to faint from happiness!

-What type of boyfriend do you want? Is it bad to be a mother and raise a baby? Baby Ji Li, come over and let your mother kiss you.

Ji Li was teased by the fans, and his face became a bit hot. Fortunately, the drama was aired on time and was simultaneously opened online.

He took a sip of hot milk and quickly changed the topic. “The live broadcast has started. Everyone, concentrate on watching the drama.”

There was a response of agreement in the barrage.

The moment the sixth episode started, the group of protagonists grasped the key clue for the local murder case. Then, on the way, the female protagonist and male protagonist had a dispute. She showed the temper of being the eldest young lady of the group and broke away from the team in a fit of anger. She intended to go alone to find clues.

As a result, she wandered into the trap of the mountain bandits.

The bandits tied her to a tree and started talking nonsense in broad daylight.

It had to be said that the crew was very attentive in every aspect. The group of actors they recruited to play the bandits had a sense of vulgarity and roughness. The ‘hooligan words’ and their vile and indecent demeanor when they spoke made the audience feel hate with itchy teeth.

Just as the online barrage was full of foul language, Xie Yan finally appeared.

Xie Yan leaned against a tree trunk and used a sword and crossbow to resolve the situation of the mountain bandits who wanted to bully the female protagonist.

“…Sorry, it seems that I’ve made a surprise move and scared you?”

Most costume dramas used the voice of dubbing actors. The audience was used to listening to these voices that were almost the same. When Ji Li’s beautiful, original voice came out, it caused netizens to sink into it.

The extremely gentle voice was filled with an indescribable temptation. It seemed like the listeners’ ears enjoyed a tingling and numb touch.

Just as everyone was feeling addicted to his voice, Xie Yan jumped down from the tree.

His white clothing seemed to carry a divine light, and the drapery hat covering his face was blown by the mountain breeze. The immortal face hidden under the white gauze flashed by.

In an instant, the live broadcast barrage howled.

-Ahhh why is he so handsome?

-F*k! This is how I entered the pit in the beginning! The behind the scenes video was terribly handsome, and the lethality of the trailer skyrocketed by a hundred times!

-I’m dead! I’m alive again! From now on, Ji Li will definitely have a place in the list of beautiful men in ancient costume!

-It’s over! I am a passerby who was attracted to enter the pit! Xie Yan’s appearance is much better than that of the little beggar! The editors of Station B can have more materials for a beautiful man in white!

-Ji Li’s style of costume is really good. I am moved by a man.

Ji Li looked at the exaggerated praise on the screen and covered his eyes in a helpless and shy manner. He hadn’t even shown his face yet. How could they give such praise?

There was a slight smile on the young man’s lips which was particularly cute.

Ji Li in reality and Xie Yan in the drama. It was a double crit of handsome and cuteness!

It wasn’t just the fans who were ‘crazy.’ The netizens were also ‘crazy.’

Fans: One moment, I feel that I am a mother fan. The next moment, I feel like I can be a girlfriend fan. It is killing me thousands of times.

Netizens: I just clicked in casually, but now I don’t want to leave the live broadcast room at all! Ji Li is so handsome!

The TV drama continued.

Under Xie Yan’s gentle inquiry, the female protagonist couldn’t help blushing. The height of the two actors formed a cute contrast, and it made the girlish hearts of the audience burst.

-Xu Miaomiao’s acting skills are so good. Her blushing is real! Ahh, a beautiful man like Xie Yan, which girl can’t resist!

Xu Miaomiao was idle at home, so she was also watching the latest episode. She saw this real-time barrage and was so ashamed that she rolled around on the bed.

“Ahhh, my god! I actually blushed like this?”

Why didn’t Director Yao tell her and have her do it again? Wuwuwu, she was so embarrassed in front of Ji Li. The establishment of her royal sister personality was unstable.

The agent who lived with Xu Miaomiao walked in. “Miaomiao, what are you doing?”

Xu Miaomiao shook her head and replied solemnly, “It is nothing. I’m just a woman who licks beautiful faces. I made a mistake that every woman under the sky would make…”

In other words, she was tricked by Ji Li!

The agent rolled his eyes and left the room without looking back.


There was still a third of the sixth episode left.

Xie Yan took Xiao Ke’er down the mountain, but was ambushed by assassins on the way. The young man’s eyes hidden under the drapery hat showed a cold and painful killing intent.

This was a post-recorded shot, but it hit the hearts of netizens in an instant.

Some fans couldn’t help saying: Ji Li’s acting skills are too strong. There is no need for lines, and I can experience Xie Yan’s current emotions with one look. Awesome!

They had just sighed when Xie Yan started killing.

The young man flexibly flicked his sleeves. Suddenly, there was a small folding fan with special characters in his hand. His flexible figure moved among the assassins, and his hands moved up and down. His killing intent was fully displayed.

The three minute fight stunned everyone.

However, the plot didn’t give them room to breathe and continued to play out.

The moment Xie Yan landed, the ‘obstructing’ drapery hat finally fell off. There was a ponytail tied high with a white ribbon and three thousand hair strands danced in the wind, revealing that shocking immortal face.

The young man calmly narrowed his eyes. The cold killing intent around him hadn’t completely faded.

The female protagonist Xiao Ke’er ran up and noticed the blood on the back of his hand immediately. “This gentleman, are you injured? I’ll help you…”

“It’s okay. It isn’t my blood.” Xie Yan smiled gently at her. He turned to look at the assassins all over the ground and his face was cold.

Xie Yan walked over to a struggling assassin he had deliberately left alive.

Xie Yan stared at him for a long time before leaving him with a painful sentence, “Tell your master that if he wants my life, let him kill me himself.”

The broadcast of episode 6 ended here, but netizens were still stuck in the plot. They hadn’t come back to their senses at all.

Where should they start? What should they start boasting about?

The second half of episode 6 was completely Xie Yan’s personal highlight, and Ji Li’s interpretation made the character outstanding.

Ji Li’s posture when fighting was too amazing. They knew that the young man was acting and that the help of the wires were indispensable, but a sense of admiration still filled their hearts.

In particular, the light and skillful movement of his fingertips when moving the fan was sassy and steady. It looked like he had worked hard.

In costume dramas in recent years, the characters’ fights either seemed perfunctory or were done by a stand-in, and the entire process didn’t have the character’s face.

Martial arts was dangerous, so it was feasible for actors to cut the scene or find someone to replace them for their own safety. Yet truthfully, the audience always found it a bit worse when watching such fighting scenes.

Ji Li’s martial arts made them believe in Xie Yan’s role. They seemed to have experienced a ‘debt of gratitude coupled with duty to avenge’ with the latter.

All in all, it was cool!

In addition, there was no need to talk about Ji Li’s appearance in the drama. All the words that were used to describe beauty could simply be placed on him alone.

Around half a minute later, a new round of comments filled the barrage.

-I’ll put my words here. Ji Li must become hugely popular!

-A Xie Yan fan is kneeling to Ji Li. You really let out Yan’er emerge from the book!

-I’ve seen the set makeup photos before and I was worried that they were photoshopped. Then, after watching the trailer, I was worried that it was just that the scenes were chosen well. Now I can completely shout out: Brother Ji Li deserves everyone’s praise!

-I won’t say anything about complimenting Ji Li, but did Yan’er misunderstand something in that scene? He thought that this group of killers was sent by his royal uncle?

-Ahhh, sister upstairs, don’t stab me I’m going to cry wuwuwu!

-The double Xie uncle and nephew completely took the sadomasochism route! Xie Yan must’ve misunderstood. Why else would he say ‘let him kill me himself.’ I want to cry to death.

-Huh? I haven’t read the original novel. Who can give me a supplementary lesson? Did Xie Yan misunderstand something? Does he have a CP in the book? I thought he would pursue the female protagonist?

-My friend upstairs, please automatically supplement it with the original novel. It isn’t that we don’t want to give you spoilers. It just isn’t clear with a few words.

Yes, the feelings of this pair of uncle and nephew could be understood but not described.

In fact, these assassins were all sent by the current empress dowager. Every time the assassination failed, the assassins would push the ‘blame’ to Xie Chenyuan according to the empress dowager’s wishes.

Xie Yan was always stung by this ‘truth’ and launched a fierce attempt to leave no one alive. In the palace, Xie Chenyuan was always focused on working for their future freedom and had no way of knowing about the conspiracy elsewhere.

This was one of the reasons why the two of them drifted further apart.

Speaking of which, it was all the fault of the empress dowager, that poisonous woman! The person who deserved to die of a thousand cuts in the original novel was her!

Ji Li glanced at the time. He finally recovered from the plot and said, “Do you have anything you want to ask? There are five minutes left for me to answer questions.”

The fans’ messages and questions quickly filled the screen. Ji Li randomly selected a few and answered softly.

“I haven’t found a suitable script yet, so I’ve been resting at home recently.”

“The ending can’t be revealed. I hope that everyone will watch it patiently.”

“Thank you for your encouragement. I will do my best. I also wish you a happy holiday.”

Five minutes flew by and the live broadcast ended.

The moment the stream ended, the list of rewards popped up.

Baozi, hiding to the side, finally approached. He glanced at the list and immediately burst out, “Brother Ji, you have a rich fan!”

Ji Li picked up Snow Cake, who was rubbing against his feet and asking for hugs. He couldn’t understand what Baozi meant. “What?”

“Look at the reward amount of the first place donor!” Baozi pointed to the computer screen and spoke in an excited tone. “The amount is a whole 100,000 when converted to yuan!”

Before the live broadcast, they signed an agreement with the drama group and website. The drama group wouldn’t charge the live broadcast rewards, and the live broadcast website only wanted a share of the traffic.

Therefore, after deducting for taxes, all the reward amounts tonight would go to Ji Li and Chaoying.

Ji Li listened to Baozi’s explanation and surprise flashed in his eyes.

How much ice cream could he buy for himself with 100,000 yuan? How much cat food could he buy for Snow Cake?

After all, he suddenly entered a period of ‘hard days’ when transmigrating into the book. As a result, Ji Li was somewhat sensitive to money.

He asked, “Really? This isn’t a bug on the live broadcast website, right?”

Baozi replied, “How is that possible? This ID looks like your fan at first glance.”

At first glance, the user in first place on the rewards list had the ID of ‘I Think Ji Li is Cute Every Day’ and was indeed a fan with a thick filter.

A mere 100,000 yuan was nothing for a star, but it definitely represented a big spender fan in ordinary fan circles.

So not long after the live broadcast ended, Ji Li’s fan circle exploded with excitement.

Many small fans found the Weibo with the same name as the big shot and clicked to follow.

The big shot’s Weibo was newly created, and their first post was of the live broadcast website: I dominated first place in the fan list of Ji Li’s live broadcast. Let’s watch my love for him!

At the bottom of their post, there were already a lot of interesting comments.

-Kneel down to the rich boss!

-I watched the stream and have confirmed that the big shot really loves Baby Ji Li.

-The big shot spends money in a very domineering manner. Their ID is also very cute.

-Is the ID cute? It is Ji Li!

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