IPCFS: Chapter 21

The crew temporarily had an accident with the actor so today’s shooting progress could only be delayed.

Yao Chuan might have a hot temper but his work was relatively neat. He simply gave everyone a holiday and arranged for someone to take Ji Li to shoot the makeup photos.

The casting of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth hadn’t been officially announced yet. Now it wasn’t too late to remake it.

“Brother Ji! I’m coming!” Baozi rushed to the makeup artist while carrying a pile of drinks. “Teachers, you’ve worked hard. I am Ji Li’s assistant. I bought these drinks because Ji Li asked me to. Feel free to take them.”

“Thank you.” The person in charge responded and asked the group to have a short rest.

Time wasn’t too urgent when taking makeup photos of Ji Li alone.

Baozi took the opportunity to bring a cup of coffee to Ji Li and asked with a smile, “Brother Ji, would you like some as well?”

“Why are you here?” Ji Li was surprised to see the drinks given to the staff. “How did you become my assistant and buy things for everyone in my name?”

“I called Group Leader Wang.” Baozi looked proud. “I told him that you temporarily replaced He Ling in the drama and you are now in the crew. Sun Yong, that man…”

“How can there be no one following you around? So I volunteered.” Baozi raised a hand excitedly. “Could you let me follow you, Brother Ji? If there is anything I don’t know then I can learn.”

Baozi’s optimism was very similar to his former assistant.

Ji Li was moved but he didn’t want to delay others. “I don’t have any money or fame now. Are you sure you want to be my assistant? You can only get the basic salary from the company every month.”

“Brother Ji, I have enough money.” Baozi approached him and whispered proudly, “I’ve always had a good eye for people. You will surely be popular. If I follow you now, won’t I be a senior-level figure in the future?”

Ji Li smiled and handed back the coffee in his hand. “I want milk tea. Coffee is too bitter to drink.”

Baozi understood that the other side was acquiescing to his position as an assistant. He immediately smiled. “Brother Ji, I’ll get it for you!”


Five minutes later, Ji Li was carrying a cup of milk tea and chewing on pearls while allowing several stylists to adjust his look.

Baozi sat on one side and reported to him, “Brother Ji, I’ve changed your room standard at the hotel. I’ve discussed it with the crew and the company and have temporarily settled Snow Cake in the pet store. I’ll pick him up after work tonight.”

Ji Li nodded, obviously satisfied with Baozi’s efficiency.

Xie Yan’s styling had been prepared early in the morning. They just needed to change the details according to Ji Li’s facial features. The styling director liked the mole on Ji Li’s nose very much and deliberately retained it without completely covering it up with makeup powder.

The young man’s gentle and soft facial features were aesthetically pleasing.

Since the appearance was accidentally revealed, the crew simply used this look for the makeup photo. Other images would be presented one by one during the filming.

Ji Li had read the original novel and familiarized himself with the script because of his role as a ‘stand-in’ office. He might’ve temporarily taken over the role but he already had a complete grasp of the character.

The makeup photos were taken smoothly and ended in less than an hour.

Ji Li had just finished removing his makeup when he found Baozi anxiously hovering at the door. “Baozi, what’s the matter?”

“Brother Ji, He Ling is on the hot search.” Baozi approached and showed him the mobile phone screen.

Ji Li took the phone and saw the hot search immediately—He Ling seriously injured on the set.

Baozi was frowning slightly. Just now, the other party was filming and he didn’t dare disturb them. “It suddenly burst to the number one spot. His fans are already scolding the crew under the hot search.”

He had a bad feeling in his heart. “Brother Ji, I always feel that things aren’t that simple.”

How could Ji Li not understand Baozi’s meaning? Based on He Ling’s temperament, this person would never give up after knowing this role had fallen into Ji Li’s hands.

Ji Li suppressed his doubts. “Let’s talk back at the hotel.’


The two of them returned to the hotel and Ji Li picked up his phone to browse Weibo.

The hot search about He Ling’s accident on the set remained high. The official response of the crew was very fast and the official Weibo issued a letter of apology, but it still couldn’t calm down the anger of He Ling’s fans.

-What type of dog thing is the crew? Actors can’t even be safe when filming? Do you think an apology notice is enough?

-Do you have to wait for the fans to know before sending an apology? If the fans didn’t find out about it, were you going to pretend it didn’t happen?

-A good baby was handed over to you. How did you treat him? [Smile]

-Please dismiss the staff of the props group and the wire group immediately!

He Ling’s popularity might not be as good as before but the fans who could stay until now had strong fighting power. Apart from a few controlled comments at the top, the comments being updated in real time were extremely ugly.

Ji Li shook his head. “Baozi, how did He Ling get hurt?”

Baozi had already inquired about the actual situation so he immediately replied, “There was a fight scene in the morning and the actors had to jump down from the roof. This scene is difficult so apart from the necessary close-up on the face, the crew was going to use a stand-in.”

Ji Li nodded. He had seen this scene in the schedule notice before.

“He Ling said he could do it by himself.” Baozi poured a glass of warm water for him and continued. “The wire teacher suggested that He Ling try it out with him a few times but he thought it was a waste of time. Once the filming officially started, He Ling jumped down from the roof. There was a deviation in his position and his entire body fell onto the small stall next to it.”

“I heard that two wire staff members were injured along with him.’

Both sides had certain responsibilities for this matter but He Ling made it clear he was going to smash this blame onto the crew. Buying the highly ranked hot search was probably to take the opportunity to abuse fans and solidify his fan base.

Ji Li’s expression wasn’t relaxed. He always felt that He Ling would do something else.

The two settled down for dinner casually.

Baozi was involved in the front line of the entertainment industry and habitually scanned his phone after meals. As a result, he sat upright in just a few seconds. “Brother Ji, there is a post on the Internet. It involves you, He Ling and Teacher Qin Yue!”

“Brother Qin?” Ji Li’s heart became cold.

“I’ll send it to you,” Baozi said.

Ji Li clicked on the link and quickly checked the post.

-Inside information! He Ling’s role has been replaced by a newcomer! This newcomer also has a close relationship with Qin Yue!

“Speaking accurately, He Ling’s leg injury will take at least three months to recover. The actor for the role was changed in the afternoon. The new actor replacing him is called Ji Li, who is also in Dream Media. The company is very optimistic about this new actor and wanted to use He Ling’s popularity to push him up from the beginning. Ji Li’s current resources are taken from the latter.”

“There is also gossip that Ji Li and Movie Emperor Qin are very close. There is likely to be that type of relationship. Previously, Ji Li played a small role in Qin Yue’s latest movie. The movie finished filming yesterday and Qin Yue went to the set of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth straight away. As a result, He Ling’s role changed in less than a day. Do you think it is a coincidence?”

In addition to the main post, the person who broke the news also attached two photos. One was Qin Yue’s visit to the crew yesterday and the other was Ji Li taking the makeup photos in the studio in the afternoon.

Both of them were taken secretly but the photos and text combined to make it look like it was ‘planned for a long time.’

“It is this uncle again! Old, stinky thing.” Baozi gritted his teeth when he saw the ID of the poster.

This person was essentially a marketing account. As long as he collected money, he could produce black material. It was just that the ‘materials’ he released were half true and false, so many fans followed him.

The breaking news post was released 10 minutes ago. He Ling was on the hot search and Qin Yue was an actor with his own traffic. Therefore, it rose at an unprecedentedly fast speed.

-Hurry to eat melons!

-He Ling was only injured this morning and the replacement is already taking makeup photos in the afternoon? This crew is too ruthless!

-F**k, I feel sorry for my Ling Bao. Who does this Ji Li think he is? Dream Media, this dog company, why haven’t they gone bankrupt yet?!

-Although I don’t believe that Qin Yue will have a relationship with this newcomer but judging from the timeline of the news, it is too much to be a coincidence.

-Upstairs, the more impossible something is, the more it is possible. I remember that someone posted about Qin Yue’s sexual orientation before. As a result, it was quickly deleted by the administrator.

-The mountains are deep! It is a competition within the company for resources. Don’t bring our Brother Qin into it! He is very busy. Don’t cue him!

-Is there really a relationship between Qin Yue and Ji Li? Thinking about it carefully, I suspect that He Ling’s fall wasn’t an accident.

-I pity He Ling. He got stuck on his debut night last year and now he was replaced by someone again. His fans are so heartbroken.

-F*k, the most disgusting people are those who rely on relationships. What is Ji Li’s Weibo? I will scold him for free.

From the beginning of the ‘injury’ hot search, He Ling had absorbed the attention of fans and passersby. Now it was 8 p.m. and it was the peak of web traffic. This forum’s revelation that ‘struck when the iron is hot’ immediately doubled the effect of public opinion.

Ji Li opened his Weibo account and found that under his only Weibo post, He Ling’s fans had already rushed to scold him and left thousands of comments.

The hottest comment had over 10,000 likes: Shameless thief, you still want to act like this? I don’t think you should just get out of the entertainment circle. Just go to death! Your parents must be extremely terrible to raise a son like you who will climb into other people’s beds!”

Ji Li stared at this comment and his eyes became gloomy.

“Brother Ji, don’t look!” Baozi quickly grabbed Ji Li’s phone out of fear he would be uncomfortable.

The verbal abuse on Weibo multiplied and made him want to vomit. “Too much! These people are chasing stars so much that they don’t even remember morals!”

Ji Li rubbed his swollen temples and thought about countermeasures.

“Brother Ji, this revelation post has become popular on the forum and it has been reposted on Weibo by netizens. The topic is rising. What should we do?” Baozi looked at the real-time comments and was a bit uneasy. “Do you want the company to help with PR? At the very least, the false news can be suppressed.”

Ji Li was still a newcomer with no works and there were no fans to defend him at all. He Ling’s fans filled his Weibo with insults and slanderous materials, which caused the melon eating netizens to follow the trend.

If this continued, Ji Li’s popularity with passersby would be ruined.

He had just finished speaking when Ji Li received a WeChat message from Wang Qiuhui. The other person’s words were concise: Your Weibo account is under the control of the company. You shouldn’t give any response on the Internet without permission.

Ji Li’s expression finally sank completely as he asked: Does the company plan to control it?

Wang Qiuhui replied: It isn’t good for a company’s artists to fight. The above management has requested a cold treatment. You will have to suffer this loss. Stay obediently in the crew and film. As long as the crew can bear the pressure of public opinion and insist on using you then you will gain enough benefits.

Ji Li handed the contents of the messages to Baozi and sneered. “The company knows that He Ling is behind this and intends to favor him.”

The entertainment industry was so realistic. More popularity, more commercial value, more topic heat… One was useless so let the ‘winner’ suppress them.

If it was any other newcomer, perhaps they would obediently accept their fate.

However, Ji Li was unwilling to be splashed with dirty water and forcibly suppressed. He had his own bottom line in life. Since He Ling repeatedly jumped on his bottom line, He Ling should be prepared to be countered by him.

“Baozi, help me contact the crew to confirm two things.” Ji Li looked at the scattered lights downstairs and had an idea. “Who says that only the company’s PR can be used to fight back?”

Baozi suddenly became energetic, “Brother Ji, you say it!”

Three minutes later, Baozi rushed out of the room.

Ji Li tapped the screen of his phone with his fingers. After repeated consideration, he made a WeChat call.

“Hey.” The man’s charming, magnetic voice was heard.

Ji Li’s mood slightly shook and the accumulated depression dissipated slightly. “Brother Qin, it’s me.”

Before he could ask anything, Qin Yue on the other end of the phone tacitly answered, “I’ve seen the public opinion on the Internet. I was just going to look for you.”

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