IPCFS: Chapter 20

Ji Li clicked into the hot search for the entries. The first was a video sent by a marketing account.

@Big Reward for Chasing Dramas: What do you think of He Ling’s superb appearance in white clothes in the TV drama Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth? PS: Adapted from the popular novel Shadow Hanging Over the Great Zong Dynasty. He Ling plays King Jin Xie Yan.

The video was less than 10 seconds and the scene was shaky and blurred. However, Ji Li easily identified that it was himself, not He Ling.

This Weibo was posted half an hour ago and the comments had already exceeded 10,000.

-Fans don’t officially know it but you are all welcome to see He Ling, the world’s most handsome man.

-Help, my favorite novel is going to be made into a TV drama! By the way, isn’t the posture for the actor playing King Jin okay? Asking for information.

-I am a super super super big fan of the book! This is Xie Yan’s first appearance where he saved the heroine! Ahhh, the crew, hurry up!

-His face isn’t even shown through the gauze hat yet the fans are already bragging. It is a large, embarrassing scene.

-Black fans, get lost. We can recognize He Ling baby just from that half-second side profile. Super handsome!

-It is He Ling. He indirectly admitted it with his Weibo. Passersby and book fans are welcome to see the handsome guy @He LingH0

“Brother Ji, click on his Weibo to see.” Baozi gave a reminder.

Ji Li clocked into He Ling’s own Weibo. 10 minutes ago, the other person had sent an update. “New crew, new start! It was very interesting after I overcame the fear of heights to hang from the wire [tongue out].”

In addition, He Ling had attached a selfie. In the photo, he covered his clothes with a long veiled hat, revealing only the upper half of his face and the hat.

The gauze hat was consistent with the video and his deliberate reference of the words ‘hang from the wire’ was enough to remind everyone of it.

In recent years, many novels had been turned into TV dramas and there were countless castings that ruined the original image. There weren’t many actors who could make everyone feel appropriate like in the video.

The novel Shadows Hanging Over the Great Zong Dynasty was a classic. Since the crew announced the start-up, countless people paid attention to it and the Weibo followers had already exceeded 10,000.

The number of comments about He Ling refreshed every minute. In addition to the praise of his fans, there were also passersby and book fans who rushed in.

“Too shameless!” Baozi had long seen through He Ling’s false persona so he couldn’t help complaining to Ji Li. “Obviously, he was the one who threw a tantrum in the crew and went on strike. Now he deliberately misled people and spent money to go on the hot search.”

“Brother Ji, it would be good if you were acting in it.” Baozi felt regret and depression. “These netizens are closing their eyes and bragging blindly without recognizing the person. If they want to give compliments then they should compliment you.”

After a hard day of filming, he ended up making a wedding dress for others.

Baozi found it hard to calm down when he thought about this.

Ji Li browsed through the real-time comments under the hot search. They were all high praises. There were occasional objections from sunspots and book fans but they were quickly suppressed.

He smiled and handed back the phone. “Let it go. He Ling has now started marketing and has raised the expectations of netizens. He will have to withstand greater pressure after the show is broadcasted.”

In any case, He Ling’s attitude toward filming meant that his role was likely to be overturned despite the double guarantee of Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing.

Baozi nodded and teased Snow Cake. “Brother Ji, go rest early. You must be tired from today.”

“Yes, good night.”


The next afternoon, Ji Li packed his simple luggage and carried his cat carrier out of the hotel.

Baozi had been tortured by He Ling for a long time. This time, he resigned resolutely and decided to go back with Ji Li.

The two of them had booked a ride and were waiting at the entrance of the hotel.

“It hung up on the hot search all night and was only withdrawn in the morning. He Ling can really spend money on himself.” Baozi stared at the phone and muttered. “However, He Ling’s fan conversion rate after this hot search is pretty good.”

Ji Li glanced at him. “You seem to know a lot about these things?”

“Brother Ji, don’t laugh at me. I’ve never been interested in games since I was young. Rather, I visited all types of entertainment forums and gossip groups when I was free. Therefore, I know about celebrities and their actions in the circle.

Baozi was very fond of Ji Li so he didn’t hide it. He showed Ji Li his social media account that was like his baby. “Look.”

Ji Li took a rough look and found that Baozi had more than one million fans on the major social media sites. He was a professional entertainment blogger.

“There was a marketing company who wanted to buy my account before but I was reluctant to sell it.”

Baozi’s eyes were very energetic as he shared what he liked. “I also have a very professional gossip group that is full of insiders. They regularly share inside information.”

Ji Li was amused by him. “This isn’t just ‘knowing a little bit.’ It is more like an entertainment encyclopedia. Don’t you think it is a waste to be an assistant?”

“What is a waste?” Baozi laughed before continuing to speak. “I can live on the flow of news and my parents don’t bother to care about me.”

“In fact, during He Ling’s competition show, I used my account to canvass votes for him and I eventually entered Dream Media because of him.” However, he hid many of his personal accounts and didn’t dare reveal them all to the company.

Baozi paused and sighed, wishing to open up his own brain that had been a waste during that time. “Heh, He Ling didn’t take me seriously. It is his loss! ”

Ji Li smiled and comforted him. “Okay, don’t be angry. What are you going to do next?”

Baozi heard this and a trace of expectations flashed through his eyes as he looked at Ji Li. Before he could speak, the latter’s phone rang.

Ji Li saw the unfamiliar number on his phone screen and paused slightly. “Wait for me.”

“Okay, Brother Ji. You feel free.”

Ji Li answered the phone. “Hello, who is this?”

A voice came from the other end of the phone. “Is this Ji Li? I am the casting director of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth, Brother Hui.”

Ji Li took a second look at the phone number and took the initiative to explain. “Brother Hui, I had a dispute with He Ling last night and he has already fired me. I can’t shoot the stand-in parts for today’s schedule.”

“I know. However, are you still in Hengcheng? Is it convenient for you to come to the crew?” Brother Hui asked.

“I’m still at the hotel but I’m planning to go back.” Ji Li glanced at Baozi beside him. “Brother Hui, what’s the matter?”

“He Ling accidentally injured his leg during filming this morning. We received news from the hospital that he has to rest for at least three months. The director and producer have discussed it and want you to replace He Ling as the actor of Xie Yan.”

Brother Hui paused before asking seriously, “Do you want to come and sign a formal contract as an actor?”

Ji Li was stunned for half a second and involuntarily gripped the phone tighter.


30 minutes later, during the crew’s break.

It was only after arriving and seeing the actor’s contract in front of him that Ji Li dared to confirm the authenticity of the news.

“In the two scenes yesterday, you completely acted out the Xie Yan in our minds. Therefore, Director Yao and I thought of you first.” Fang Zhixing poured a glass of warm water for him and spoke warmly. “Let’s sit down and talk?”

“Okay. Thank you, Teacher Fang.” Ji Li responded.

Yao Chuan smoked a cigarette as he pointed to the actor’s contract on the table. “Aren’t you going to take a look?”

“Are you sure you want me to take over for He Ling?” Ji Li’s eyes were fixed on the contract.

If possible, he was very willing to take over the role. It took only two months to shoot. Once the role was completed, he would be able to join the next crew.

They were all roles he liked and the timing was right.

“The crew signed a contract with He Ling and it naturally isn’t possible to force a change of actors. However, his leg injury will take at least three months to recover. The entire crew can’t wait for his injury to heal before continuing.”

This was already a force majeure event and the crew had the right to legally terminate the contract.

“Even if He Ling doesn’t agree, he still has to follow the contract. This is a problem that will be dealt with between the crew and him. You don’t have to worry.”

Ji Li nodded calmly and looked through the actor’s contract seriously. All the cooperation requirements were carried out in accordance with the conventional process. In addition, the salary share was very generous.

“Director Yao, I have no objection. It is just that I am a signed actor of Dream Media and I don’t have the right to freely sign contracts. This actor’s contract…”

Ji Li’s tone faded a bit as he remembered Sun Yong’s annoying face. “Has my agent seen it?”

“Why do I want to look for him?” Yao Chuan breathed out a mouthful of smoke that was like a mirror of his heart. “The hot search last night was the work of his stupid agent.”

Fang Zhixing chuckled. “Ji Li, don’t worry. We have already crossed Sun Yong and contacted your company’s artist director before we found you.”

“Song Lan?”

Fang Zhixing nodded. “She confirmed that there is no problem with the contract. Once you sign it, the company will send someone over.”

Song Lan was the artist director and put the company’s interests first. She was afraid that this big pie would fall into the hands of other companies so she agreed very easily.

He Ling and Ji Li were both artists of Dream Media. If something went wrong with the former then the latter could naturally replace him.

“That’s good.” Ji Li’s lips curved and he signed the contract under the witness of the crew’s legal affairs department. “Thank you, Director Yao and Teacher Fang for giving me this opportunity.”

“There is no need for thanks. Opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared.” Fang Zhixing was also very satisfied with this result.

Ji Li waited for the legal affairs person to leave before tentatively asking, “I heard that He Ling brought money into the crew. Will the crew’s funds now…”

“To tell you the truth, Qin Yue has the intention to invest.” Yao Chuan put out the cigarette butt in the ashtray and replied easily. “The producer Old Mo is already rushing over to discuss cooperation.”

“Brother Qin?” A trace of joy flashed in Ji Li’s eyes when he heard the man’s name.

Yao Chuan nodded and stood up with a serious expression. “A new actor who can be valued by Zheng Anxing and Qin Yue at the same time? Ji Li, I am looking forward to your next performance. I hope you don’t let me down.”

“Director Yao.” Ji Li got up calmly and smiled back. “I won’t let myself down.”

It was only by being strict with himself that he could give better feedback to outsiders.


Hengcheng, the Central Hospital.

He Ling heard the news and overturned the bedside table with one hand. The fruits baskets and glass cups on it were all smashed down and the floor was messed up. “Why is it Ji Li? Why Ji Li?!”

“I spent so much money to get the role. Why change it?”

He stared at Sun Yong to the side and shouted, “Are you a waste agent? He can sign the contract directly without your consent?”

Sun Yong’s expression was ugly. He obviously hadn’t expected the change of actors to happen so quickly. “The crew skipped over me and looked for Song Lan. They clearly don’t take me seriously.”

He looked at He Ling, who was in bed with a cast, and the accumulated anger in his heart rose up. “How dare you accuse me? If you don’t have any real ability then don’t take on things that you can’t do.”

“I ask you, so what if Ji Li did well as a stand-in? Yesterday’s hot search was marketing and you received all the benefits. No matter how powerful, can he surpass you when you are the official actor?”

“Did you have to be brave when shooting the drama? You hurt your leg. Now not only is the drama gone but it will also ruin all the endorsements and magazine shoots I have found for you!  A good hand of cards was ruined by you!”

The moment he finished speaking, He Ling raised the bottle rack to the side and smashed it over. “You are saying so much but don’t you just think I’m useless? Do you want to change to support Ji Li?”

Sun Yong looked at the metal shelf that had fallen at his feet and took a deep breath. “So what? I think that Ji Li’s qualifications are better than yours.”

He Ling took deep breaths before picking up his phone and playing a recording. The contents of the recording spread out.

“In the entertainment industry, who doesn’t have a few wealthy backers? You know, the young students and female artists in my hands were sent to the beds of those bosses one by one…”

He had spoken these words in the past to encourage He Ling to climb into the bed of a wealthy backer. He hadn’t expected the other person to record it and save it secretly.

“He Ling, are you threatening me?” Sun Yong’s expression became extremely ugly.

There were many hidden rules in the industry but they were never placed on the surface.

Once this recording was spread, he would be completely forced out of this industry.

“I just want to make it clear to you that we are on the same boat.” He Ling stared at him with a calm but crazy expression. “Help me do a few things. Once it is over, I will give you two million as compensation.”

“You want me to help you deal with Ji Li?” Sun Yong knew this person well and his anger didn’t disappear. “Don’t forget, he is now my artist.” 

“A newcomer who is disobedient or your own future and a reward of two million. Can’t you see which one is more important?” He Ling asked.

He looked at his injured right leg and continued to talk about the conditions. “Once I get better, we can continue to cooperate. You can also take any newcomers you like and I won’t stop you.”

“Ji Li doesn’t seem like an obedient person. You are a smart man. There is no need to give up your future wealth for him, right?”

Sun Yong was faintly moved by these words and frowned. “How on earth did Ji Li provoke you? Why do you have to target him?”

He Ling was silent and his hands on the quilt clenched.

How did Ji Li provoke him?

Ji Li completely crushed his self-esteem, stomped his pride to the ground and humiliated him for climbing into someone’s bed in exchange for resources. Why could Ji Li of the same company take over his job without needing to do anything?

“…Xie Yan can be replaced by any actor.”

He Ling’s eyes were terrible and he gritted his teeth. “However, it absolutely can’t be Ji Li! I want him to no longer be able to stay in this circle!”

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2 years ago

Ooph… this is what you call rotten. Both the manager and He Ling. Rotten roTTen ROTTEN

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Hahaha, those fans xDD “We can recognize his face from 5 km away, no problem mhm~!!” (I hope it’ll be revealed somehow, just for a nice faceslap >D)

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Honestly, I pity He Ling a bit. It seems like from his point of view he’s put in the work to build up a strong fanbase only to have two companies in a row fail at really helping his career take off, then he gave into his manager’s pressure to allow himself to be molested because “everyone does it to get ahead” only to still only be able to get decent roles by paying for them, and now this complete unknown swans in and also gets assigned to the top agent who’s supposed to be focused on him, outshines him, takes his assistant, takes his role, and made it very obvious that there’s no way he’ll let their agent pressure him into anything he doesn’t want to do by claiming it’s right for his career.

I can understand how he ended projecting his anger over his own circumstances onto Ji Li, and hope that he could pull his head out of his own ass someday and gain the self-awareness needed to realize that it’s his own attitude holding him back and nobody else is to blame. Buuuut he’s a villain in an entertainment circle Cnovel so he’s probably just destined for face-slapping instead of ever getting a chance for introspection and personal growth.

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Reply to  Cass

You pity someone who will go to any length just to survive in the entertainment industry?
Don’t tell me he doesn’t have any choice, because he has lots of choices, he’s have started from the bottom and work hard to the top. Had it been he tamed his temper when he was in the talent show and didn’t offend many people, as someone who has a lot of talent in the idol area he would have made it without climbing anybody’s bed and then gradually become an actor if wants to because he would’ve already be very popular by then.

Besides he’s bound to fail with that foul temper of his as long as the entertainment company is concerned.

I’m not judging his choices but I don’t pity him either. Even top artists can be assigned to same agent with a fellow artist so it’s not an excuse, besides he’s not a top artists yet and is already so full of his arrogant and egoistic self.

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