INH: Chapter 67

The Zerg were notorious throughout the universe. The coldness and ferocity of the race had been deeply imprinted in the memories of the majority of people. Since the Zerg had close to no interaction with other races, the vast majority of interstellar people didn’t know what they looked like when young. Even if they broke their brains, it was impossible to imagine that the Zerg would be a fluffy little animal in childhood.

First of all, the contrast was too strong. Secondly, the black cub’s golden eyes and small horns on the head could be seen instantly. People who clicked on the link to this holographic image couldn’t help widening their eyes.

Once the black fluffy cub made a chirping sound, they were all stunned. In particular, some of the Pache fans watched this holographic image that lasted for 10 seconds and had a reaction similar to the Zerg.

They had sudden breathing difficulties. Their brains seemed to be lacking oxygen and they felt like they were going to faint. Why did they feel that the king of the Zerg was a bit cuter than the Pache…??

This uncontrollable idea rose in the hearts of some Pache lovers, making them shake their heads. No, they couldn’t waver. They were unwavering Pache lovers. Even if they thought so, once this holographic image was over, some Pache fans stared at the image link on the webpage and couldn’t help clicking it again.

The image played and the round black cub appeared again, still with the golden eyes that were like a glass ball. Then a sound followed shortly after. “Chirp.”

There was a pause in the middle. “Chirp.”

They couldn’t stop once they opened it again. They clicked on the image link several times without knowing it. These Pache fans had already become addicted to watching this holographic image.

The two weeks ‘11th Interstellar Cutest Creature Competition’ had just begun. The leader who was responsible for organizing the scattered Pache fans was sending voting tasks to various groups but the leader didn’t know a very serious problem was emerging within the hobby organization.

Meanwhile, the Zerg were facing this competition for the second time. The first time they depended on numbers and there was no experience in voting, but the voting process in the four armies was still well organized. When it came to military disciple, the Zerg army was unparalleled in the universe. The Zerg of the four armies were currently voting with this level of discipline.

The interstellar Pache lovers were scattered across races and were unorganized in previous events, relying only on spontaneous voting. They made an organized action in this competition, leaving the Zerg with no numerical advantage in the polls.

The four armies of the Zerg did add up to a terrifying number but they were only one race after all. Compared to the number of Pache fans scattered across the many races in the stars, they would still be at a disadvantage.

However, the Zerg weren’t voting on their own this year. They notified all their allies before the competition officially began. According to the last special condition of the signed alliance treaty, the allies of the Zerg must vote for their king in the selection. So many allied forces meant the gap was suddenly pulled back.

On the first day of the competition, the first two places quickly widened the gap with the other contestants. While the average votes of other contestants were only  few million, Gu Huai and the Pach had already exceeded 100 million votes.

The current ranking was like this:

First place: Gu Huai

Second place: Pache



On the Pache lovers side, the organization was mature and well prepared. That’s why the leader wasn’t very convinced of this result. It was impossible. It was impossible for the four Zerg armies to add up to such votes. Even if the votes of casual passersby were added, it was very difficult to obtain the current result.

Moreover, it wasn’t only the voting number of the Zerg people that wasn’t quite right, it was their side’s voting data that wasn’t quite right. The leader had a clear record of the number of Pache enthusiasts mobilized this time. Based on the number of people he organized, their current voting data was much lower than expected.

Where did the missing numbers go? The leader didn’t understand it so he had to open the organization’s internal group chat to ask the heads of each group.

[Please confirm whether all the members of the group have voted or not. If they haven’t started voting then tell them to do so.]

However, this message was like a stone sinking into the sea. Less than half of the group responded to him, making the leader feel question marks. The leader finally realized that there was a problem within their organization.

The Pache enthusiasts who had previously been obsessed with replaying the Zerg king’s hologram were deeply hesitant to vote. They were Pache lovers. Even so, there was another voice in their hearts.

‘The Zerg king is so cute.’

No, they were unwavering Pache lovers.

‘But the Zerg king is really cute.’

The desperately struggling Pache enthusiasts couldn’t help taking another look at the hologram.



They couldn’t.

After struggling to look away from this holographic image, these Pache fans opened the voting page with a thief-like gesture and then sneakily ticked the option of Gu Huai. Then they turned away and confirmed the voting button with lightning-fast speed. Having done this, these Pache enthusiasts watched the group chat within their organization.

However, after doing it once, these Pache enthusiasts couldn’t stop at all. They had the name of ‘Pache enthusiasts’ but they secretly voted for Gu Huai every day when the votes refreshed. At first, they felt guilty but they later completely joined the Zerg camp.

The leader saw that the difference in votes wasn’t large and thought there was still a chance to come back. Although this situation was a bit different from what he expected, it was good to wait for the passersby to act.

However, once the passersby really started voting, the number of votes on Gu Huai’s side suddenly skyrocketed. This made the Pache enthusiasts who hadn’t taken the initiative to look at the holographic image of Gu Huai to feel confused.

What was going on? How could the passersby see the Zerg king as better than the Pache? Just this morning, the hologram was circulating the Star Network.

[d7112 (Esso Galaxy): Ahhh, I want to know all the information of this little cutie!!]

[—(Vakan Galaxy): I’m dead. Is this a new species? What is the name? It’s so cute!]

[—(Norz Galaxy): I’m dead too. It’s so cute. My heart melted at the chirp.]

[—(Gaia Galaxy): I want to raise one.]

The above were the words of the innocent passersby who didn’t know the truth. People who knew the truth posted the below comment on the Star Network:

[Ven (Finan Galaxy): I think… you probably can’t afford it? Check out the 11st Interstellar Cutest Creature Competition.]

These words led the passersby to the competition and they saw a familiar name in the first place spot of the competition. This was the name of the Zerg king. Combined with the video link, the people of all races were stunned and speechless.

This seemingly round black cub with soft chirping was the cub form of the Zerg king? It was a bit difficult to digest this fact but the Zerg cub in the holographic image looked at them with golden eyes and then chirped. It was really cuter than the Pache…

The little horns, the little tail, the golden eyes and the chirping, they were all so cute.

The passersby suddenly found it cute and decided to cast their votes. The gap between first and second place widened in a few days. It wasn’t only due to the passersby voting. It was because more and more people within the Pache organization were secretly defecting.

Gu Huai didn’t know what was happening until the day when the competition was about to end. He opened the Star Network and was browsing when he inadvertently sew the news related to the competition.

Gu Huai’s eyelids twitched and there was a bad feeling. He opened the official website of the competition and really did see his name on the voting page. It was also high in first place.

Gu Huai closed his eyes. After seeing the video link and clicking in, he watched it for 10 seconds before no longer looking at the competition activities. If this wasn’t a public execution then what was a public execution?

Gu Huai felt helpless at the thought of images of him in a cub form had circulated around the Star Network. The result of this competition was soon settled. Gu Huai was undoubtedly in first place and became the two time champion of the Interstellar Cutest Creature Competition.

Gu Huai’s first place position couldn’t be disputed. He beat the second place Pache by a ten-fold gap and won first place with an overwhelming number of votes.

Gu Huai: Why am I not happy at all?

Compared with Gu Huai’s extremely helpless mood, the Zerg were obviously very happy. Their king was the cutest creature in the entire interstellar world and the Zerg were very persistent about this.

Gu Huai was very helpless but he didn’t show it to his happy Zerg. At this time, he saw Alves standing beside him with a cold expression. Suddenly, Gu Huai wanted to seek comfort from this big cat.

“Alves.” Gu Huai glanced at the other person.

Hearing Gu Huai’s call, Alves was quick to show he was listening. “En.”

Alves’ response was very low. Gu Huai thought of a way to escape from reality and ordered, “Give me a hug.”

Alves didn’t say a word. He moved closer to Gu Huai and reached out to hug Gu Huai. Whether it was height or physique, Gu Huai’s body was slim and slender compared to Alves. Thus, once he was embraced by Alves, it was like his entire body was occupied by the other person.

“Wrap your silver wings… around me…” Gu Huai’s voice became a bit dull when he mentioned the silver wings and he blushed like he was suddenly remembering something.

Alves was obedient. He stretched out silver wings and wrapped them around the young man in his arms. The huge, silver-grey wings formed a dark and opaque space. He didn’t know why Gu Huai requested this but Alves could sense Gu Huai’s mood becoming peaceful.

In his dark space created by himself, Alves instinctively bowed his head and kissed Gu Huai on the cheek. Anyone who wasn’t too dull could feel the gentleness and feeling of being cherished in this kiss. It didn’t match Alves cold expression and Alves didn’t understand these emotions himself but he still expressed them to Gu Huai.

Gu Huai might be slow but he wasn’t slow to this extent. His heartbeat became faster than before and he buried his head in Alves’ shoulder. This big cat was comforting him.

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