INH: Chapter 52

Listening to the other side saying that the three equipment had just been developed and manufactured not long ago, Gu Huai felt that the cost of these devices shouldn’t be cheap. All of a sudden, Gu Huai had broken two.

Gu Huai didn’t change expressions on the surface and just gently blinked. He thought about how he came out with no money but…

No, he didn’t have money. After belatedly realizing this, Gu Huai was stunned for another second. Since being picked up by Alves on the abandoned planet, Gu Huai’s life was basically missing nothing. The moment he showed he wanted something, the Zerg on Tuser would quickly send it to him.

From the moment he broke out of the shell to the present, Gu Huai had almost forgotten the concept of ‘money.’ Gu Huai was thinking about the loss of money. Meanwhile, the others who had been speechless from the excessive shock could finally speak.

“It’s impossible…even the tutors only have a 30,000~40,000 mental strength value. How can he have 100,000…?”

“However, the result of both tests is the same. The machine can’t break down twice.”

“A mental strength value of 100,000… that is the level of a monster. It’s scary.”

The students looked at each other and saw the same surprise on their faces. Standing next to Gu Huai, Hammer heard this last sentence and thought that hundreds of thousands of mental strength was just a corner of the king’s ability. No, it wasn’t even a corner. It was a small tip at most.

The Zerg king could link to all Zerg at the same time. Hammer’s scalp was numb just thinking about it. This was establishing a spiritual link throughout the entire race. He could cross galaxies and connect to any Zerg in a distant star field, conveying his will to the entire Zerg race.

Hammer thought up to here and was suddenly very happy that the king next to him had a good temper. Otherwise, he and Shen Mu would be lying on the coffin early. In the previous incident, if the other side had attacked them with mental power then Hammer and Shen Mu would’ve died on the spot.

The entire testing hall was soon buzzing with the sound of discussion. Some students even sent a description of the incident to the school’s group on the Star Network. The transmission of information between the students was very fast. Before long, the students of all grades in the military academy knew about it and the school was in a state of uproar.

The school’s group:

[The Earth Federation sent a very good exchange student this year!]

[How good is it?]

[The type where his mental strength value broke 100,000!]


This was followed by a series of identical ellipsis replies.

It seemed he accidentally made something big…

Looking at the scene around them, Gu Huai’s lips twitched. He felt that his original plan not to create a disturbance at the school was ruined. At this point, Derek had emerged from his state of shock. He looked at the two destroyed equipment and could no longer say it was a mechanical failure. If he told this person to take the test again, he was afraid that the last remaining device couldn’t be preserved.

“When did your Earth Federation… have such a great student?” Derek couldn’t find the right adjective and took a long time to finish his words.

As he spoke, Derek looked at Gu Huai with fear. In the face of such a result, Derek was convinced. It wasn’t shameful at all for the students to lose to this level of opponent. Derek thought of this student coming to their school as an exchange student and felt that he and the other mentors might not be qualified to teach.

Hammer coughed several times and tried to tell the truth. He had successfully seen Derek’s face change. In any case, they had attracted so much attention that it meant nothing to tell the truth.

Hammer said, “Actually…”

Hammer had just spoken when he was interrupted by Gu Huai’s question. “These two devices… um, that… do you want me to pay?”

It might not be intentional but Gu Huai still had a guilty heart. At Gu Huai’s words, Derek immediately suffered from pain. It wasn’t easy for two such expensive equipment in the school to be scrapped at once.

The Earth Federation could compensate them. Thinking fo this, Derek decisively said, “Of course—” yes.

Before he finished his words, a silver-grey tail circled the young man opposite Derek. Alves placed Gu Huai behind him and faced the Fields man in an expressionless manner. Derek was stunned by the silver-haired Zerg who appeared in front of him without a sound. The golden vertical pupils and silver-grey tail caused Derek’s pupils to widen and shrink in a short time.

Under his expressionless gaze, Derek couldn’t help changing his words. “Of course not.”

The intention was to bring a certain amount of pressure. The oppression caused by Alves made the people in front of him uncomfortable. His tail circled Gu Huai with a protective posture, his gaze making the people opposite him feel very cold. The distance between indifference and hostility was only one line away.

Seeing Gu Huai slightly bow his head with a distressed expression, Alves felt that he had been provoked. The Fields man opposite him had provoked him.

Gu Huai only reacted at this time. “Alves.”

The person opposite them seemed to under a lot of pressure. Gu Huai habitually touched the tail circling him. Alves felt his tail being caressed and his eyelids drooped. He was still expressionless but he restrained his pressure.

The moment Alves’ sense of oppression waned, Derek was better and didn’t feel like he was standing in the snow without clothes. Alves’ signature features were so well-recognized that the Fields students present couldn’t make any expression. They didn’t understand the magical development in front of them. Why did the leader of a Zerg army appear here and why did he seem to be protecting the human exchange student?

“The king of the Zerg… I remember that he has black hair and black eyes…” At this point, a Fields student spoke weakly.

The real person’s appearance might not be circulated on the Star Network, but the cutest interstellar creature this year was the king of the Zerg. The small doll being sold on the Star Network had black hair and black eyes…

The student’s words made everyone in the testing hall wake up. If the black-haired youth in front of them was the Zerg king then everything made sense. It was a reasonable guess but this discovery didn’t stop the students from being confused again.

The Zerg king… was right in front of them??

This recognition made the students in the hall at a loss for a while. Derek was completely in a rush as he thought about his attitude toward Gu Huai. Now he had an impulse to commit suicide on the spot.

Hammer came out and told the truth. Of course, he didn’t mention why he and Shen Mu were following Gu Huai.

“That’s it.” Gu Huai nodded at Hammer’s words. “I gave you trouble.”

Derek heard these words and quickly shook his head. “No trouble.”

The discussion content of the school group updated immediately. Although Gu Huai didn’t know about the group, he knew that he must’ve caused a stir in the school at this time. Since it was like this, Gu Huai didn’t care too much. He directly left with Alves to explore the school. He only headed home when his curiosity was satisfied.

“I’m tired.” After walking out of the school gate, Gu Huai looked at Alves next to him and blinked. “I want to sit on your tail when going back.”

Alves kept quiet but lowered his tail so Gu Huai could sit on it. Agreeing to this request, this was a bit too… too spoiled. Shen Mu and Hammer came up with this thought.

This wasn’t the first time Shen Mu and Hammer had seen this scene. Before this, on the Popolts’ planet, they had seen Alves carrying Gu Huai with this tail. The last time was passive while this time was Gu Huai’s active request. The nature had changed a lot.

By the time they returned to the guest residence, Gu Huai had fallen asleep, leaning sideways onto Alves’ back. Alves held up Gu Huai. His actions weren’t skilled but he was undoubtedly very careful. The extreme tenderness was out of place compared to the cold expression. It was already night time when Gu Huai woke up. He got up from his bed and saw Alves.

“Al…” Gu Huai didn’t have time to speak the other person’s name. He stopped because Alves leaned over and kissed him. This time, Alves gently kissed his cheek. Gu Huai said nothing. The tip of his ear was still red but he acquiesced to Alves’ behaviour.

The big cat didn’t use any foul words this time or ask for anything, which made Gu Huai relieved. However, just as Gu Huai relaxed a bit, Alves leaned toward his neck and kissed him for a while. The big cat’s cognition was that apart from the mouth, other places could be kissed. Gu Huai found that he couldn’t correct this person and could only push him away with a red face.

However, he just pushed Alves away. Gu Huai didn’t say ‘no’ to Alves. His possessive instinct allowed Alves to discover this for the first time. Thus, even if he was pushed away, he moved close again to continue the kiss. Gu Huai stood completely still and his eyes turned from slightly red to completely red.

“I want to go down and tell everyone something.” Gu Huai didn’t think it was good for this to continue and quickly found a reason to go out.

This reason wasn’t completely an excuse. Once the heat on his face subsided, Gu Huai went down to the first floor hall. Sitting on the sofa, Gu Huai coughed and spoke to the Zerg around him. “I went to the FIelds school this afternoon and accidentally broke some of their school equipment…”

“Do you want a few more to play with?” The chief of staff pushed up his glasses.

Breaking a few meant their king was interested in the devices. This was the chief of staff’s first reaction.

“If it is broken then it is broken. It is fine as long as you have a good time.” Simodo said straight away.

The other Zerg’s reactions were all the same. Gu Huai was speechless for a long time. Why did his parents think this way?

“That’s not…I just thought they should be compensated for their loss but… I have no money.” At the end, Gu Huai couldn’t help coughing again.

Gu Huai had never experienced this before. He broke something and had to ask his family for money.

“Just leave it for us to handle,” Capalia told him.

The next day, the best military academy of the Fields Empire welcomed the four leaders of the Zerg armies.

This scared back the headmaster, who had gone to the next planet on business. Based on what happened at the school yesterday, the headmaster and mentors agreed that the Zerg were dissatisfied with their attitude toward the Zerg king yesterday. Today, they came to express their dissatisfaction.

The four alpha-class Zerg who came to the headmaster’s room seemed to have the words ‘evil force’ written on them. The headmaster was just thinking about how to apologize when the Zerg leaders in front of him said, “The Zerg race is willing to compensate you for the loss of the equipment.”

The moment this sentence came out, the headmaster was directly stuck and didn’t know how to respond.

“No, no.” The headmaster wiped the sweat on his forehead and declined. ”The quality of our school’s equipment wasn’t good enough.”

How dare they?

The author has something to say:

Huaibao who feels poor (anxious): I have no money…

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lol a king asking for money Is hilarious because his job is basically as a president to governor rule and don’t president make like a million a year and he has complete control over the treasury and I bet people who give him a pocket money if he walked down the street and even slightly hinted at it