INH: Chapter 51

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Hammer’s expression was so varied that he didn’t know how he could hold back his laughter.

“It isn’t quite right. You know that mental strength is your race’s strength..” Hammer’s hard-working face looked a bit odd.

Losing at the area they were inherently superior in, wasn’t this more shameful? Hammer felt that he had kindly given enough hints for the sake of them being classmates for a year. If the other person couldn’t understand then it wasn’t his fault.

Due to Hammer’s performance, Derek wondered, “Does this mean you don’t dare to let your student compare to mine? You should know that the exchange students sent by your federation’s academy are very popular in our school. The test results will be compared after enrollment. If the gap is too big, the exchange student will be very stressed. I think it is better not to send the student over in case your student develops psychological problems.”

This was true. Hammer heard the words and turned to look at Gu Huai. Seeing Gu Huai nod to him, he said to Derek, “Well, since you said so.”

Hammer pretended to look like it was difficult but his actual heart was cheerful. Once Hammer promised, Derek led the three of them to the school’s testing hall that was used to test the students’ abilities.

The school gates were so exaggerated and the testing hall would definitely be more luxurious. The dome was elaborately decorated with paintings and the overall space was very artistic. The average person entering the academy might not feel like they were walking into a school but would mistake themselves for entering a palace.

There were many students gathered in the testing hall at this time. It was because today was the day when students did the routine physical test every year. Derek was now one of the tutors of the military academy and he was popular among the students. Once he led the three people into the testing hall, the students present all paid attention.

Seeing three human strangers, the students couldn’t help being a bit curious and they whispered to each other.

“Who are the three humans that Mr Derek brought in? Are they the exchange students sent by the Earth Federation this year?”

“The exchange student should be only one a year. I didn’t hear that it was changed this year.”

“I feel that the two people are a bit familiar. I always feel I have seen them in the school but I can’t remember…”

Then a tall and prominent Fields student suddenly exclaimed “I know! The two men on the left and right are the seniors who used to be exchange students at our school. There are pictures of them in the honour room of our school. Both of them have won the honour student award. They are very powerful but I don’t know the one in the middle.”

“Where is Finan?” Derek looked around at the students in the hall and couldn’t find the student he was proud of.

A young Fields man in glasses walked out of the crowd and stood in front of Derek. “I’m here, Teacher.”

Seeing the student he was most proud of, Derek’s attitude suddenly became more gentle. Finan was not only a talented student, he was a good student who obeyed discipline and respected teachers. It wasn’t hard being a teacher with such a student.

Derek glanced at Gu Huai in the middle and said, “This is the exchange student from the Earth Federation. Go with him to test your mental strength value.”

It was really an exchange student.

The students in the hall pricked their ears at Derek’s words. Their spirits were on edge when they heard the words ‘exchange student.’

Their military academy of the Fields Empire hadn’t been competition with the military academy of the Earth Federation for one or two days. They had been sending an exchange student every year. The exchange student might not be the best student in the school but they must definitely be one of the outstanding students.

The exchange student’s achievements in the other school were related to the reputation of their own school.

The students in the hall heard Derek say that Finan and the exchange student would do the mental test together and weren’t interested in their own physical test. One by one, they went to the place where mental strength was usually tested to see how the event would unfold.

It was the nature of a vast majority of the interstellar races to look at excitement and the Fields race were no different.

“Finan, you don’t need to be humble. Play to your true level.” Derek specifically ordered before the test began.

The students were also full of confidence in their own side and their mentality was lively. Finan was the best student in their class. In addition, their race had an advantage in mental strength. It was hard to say they were better than others but when it came to mental strength, they would win!

Gu Huai followed the Fields student to the testing area, curiously observing the inside of the testing hall. Gu Huai was just curious. He was interested in schools in the interstellar age and Derek regarded him as an exchange student. He just wanted to follow the other person’s whim for a while to experience being a student. He might not necessarily be able to compete with them but if it was only testing mental power then Gu Huai thought it was okay.

“Put this on.” Derek gave Gu Huai a metal ring, indicating that he should wear it on his hand.

Gu Huai took the ring and soon followed suit.

After watching Gu Huai put the ring on his index finger, Derek spoke with pride, “Our school’s mental strength testing equipment is the most advanced among all the stars. The three devices right here are the latest products that just completed development and manufacturing last month. They can use the most intuitive digital display to show the mental strength value of the students. The other schools still use the old equipment that can only test mental strength in a blurry manner and isn’t as objective.”

The thee devices were still hot and the manufacturing cost was several times higher than the old ones. They weren’t sold on the market and only their school had it.

Could digital numbers be used to show mental strength?

Gu Huai blinked. He was very curious about what number he could gain in the mental strength test. It had been some time since he completed his first mental strength advancement and it was much higher than when he broke out of the eggshell.

However, Gu Huai was really self-aware. He knew that he couldn’t use all his power in this test. Gu Huai’s intention wasn’t to cause a disturbance at this school. Thus, in this mental strength test, he just wanted to measure it casually.

“Finan, you do the test first and give a demonstration of the equipment to your future classmate.” Derek beckoned.

The young Fields student was named by the teacher and obediently moved forward. He stood within three metres of the device and pressed the embedded stone on the ring. The ring made a click when it received the mental strength and automatically shrank close to the finger. This was followed by a light beam being emitted from the stone in the ring, connecting to the device.

Once the connection was confirmed, they could start to release their maximum mental strength directly into the device. In just one second, the number of the device’s display screen changed dramatically and eventually stopped on ‘15179.’

The number directly surprised all the Fields students present. For the students present, their mental strength value was only around 5000~7000. Finan was the genius and was fully capable of bearing this name.

The surrounding Fields students were convinced at this time. This was a mental strength value of 15,000 and the tutors in the school should be around 30,000~40,000. Finan still had a lot of room for growth.

“Very good, it is better than last month.” Derek was satisfied with the test results and his face was full of approval.

Since Finan entered the school, he had never let Derek down in any aspects. Derek believed that the other side would definitely make a big difference after graduation. He suppressed the joy on his face and turned to the black haired youth standing next to him. “Do you understand how to do it? You can start the testing.”

He added, “Don’t be under too much pressure It’s true that our race is superior when it comes to mental strength. It is normal if you can’t compare.”

Derek’s words weren’t ironic. He just wanted to shame Hammer but he was more tolerant to students, even a student of the Earth Federation.

“Yes.” Gu Huai nodded in response, acting politely.

Even before Finan’s test value came out, Derek and the students were already certain of the result. After the data came out, they didn’t think Gu Huai had any chance of winning.

In front of the crowd, Gu Huai learned from the previous demonstration. He first clicked on the stone set in the ring. The ring automatically tightened and connected to the device. Then he prepared to insert mental power.

Just entering a bit of mental strength was fine. Winning or losing wasn’t important anyway.

With this idea in mind, Gu Huai controlled his mental strength and output to what he thought was ‘a little bit.’ Gu Huai had been so careful to control himself and only inserted a bit of mental strength. The next second, the metal ring on his finger break into two and fell to the ground with a clear sound. It wasn’t finished. The broken ring had just landed on the ground when the device also made a loud noise.


The equipment died.

Gu Huai was stunned by this result while the others looked at the number on the device. Their expressions changed into disbelieving and gaping expressions.

104,794? Over 100,000? They carefully counted the number of digits displayed on the device screen several times to make sure they had really seen it correctly. Many students present had open mouths so large that an egg could be pushed inside.

Uh… his self-knowledge might not be enough. Gu Huai suddenly realized this. He had really only used a bit of mental power, not even a tenth of what he was capable of. The immediate result was completely out of his expectations.

“This device is out of order. Change to another one.” After awakening from his shock, Derek told Gu Huai.

This was just a step down. Gu Huai tried his best to respond naturally. He went to another device and changed his mental output from ‘a bit’ to ‘a little bit.’ It should be fine this time. However, less than a second after this thought, Gu Huai ushered in the same result.


The number was still over 100,000, making Gu Huai fall into a daze again. Gu Huai had a thought that perhaps his output value was more than 100,000 and the equipment could only show a maximum of 100,000…

Two devices were blown up and this was already unbelievable enough. The expressions of the students became even more exaggerated and their eyes popped out. This time, Derek couldn’t convince himself that it was a mechanical failure. The expressions of Derek and the surrounding students were wonderful, like a colourful palette.

The scene was so quiet that a needle falling to the ground could probably be heard. Gu Huai’s heart was beating faster. Was this going to cost him money…?

The author has something to say:

Huaibao (blinks): I only used a bit.

Testing equipment: Pong!

Huaibao (foolish expression): Then I’ll only use a little bit…

Testing equipment: Pong!

Thus, Huaibao cried and ran to find Chirp Chirp, who kissed him and coaxed him with the tail.

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