INH: Chapter 50

Gu Huai made this move and then his senses returned. The kiss was completed and he only now reacted. His entire body wasn’t good. Even if he felt that the big cat was particularly aggrieved and that he had done something wrong, how could he coax the big cat in this way?

Gu Huai wanted to cover his face but couldn’t do so under Alves’ gaze. It turned out that this kiss was really effective. Once Gu Huai finished this move, the big silver cat in front of him looked better than ever.

The contracted vertical pupils started for a long time before Alves lowered his eyes toward Gu Huai. The corners of his lips were raised a bit but the meaning of the expression revealed was different from just now.

Alves’ expression now stood for restraint and obedience. Since he was kissed, he let go of the fact that Gu Huai hadn’t given an answer to the question.

Meanwhile, Gu Huai felt that he might not be very good. He was currently in a messy psychological state yet facing Alves, the first feeling in his heart was that the big cat in front of him was so cute…

He was so cute that Gu Huai felt he could kiss again. The moment this idea came out, Gu Huai felt like he had been hit. Gu Huai subconsciously pushed his bottom line back a bit and his instinctive possession brought Alves closer immediately.

“When can I kiss here?” Alves asked in a low voice.

This was a foul. His mind was blank for a second. At this time, Gu Huai felt that his mouth wasn’t his own. He opened it to answer the question, “That… later.”

This answer was a big step back from the initial ‘no.’ It was just that due to the Zerg’s predatory instincts, Alves wouldn’t be satisfied until he took full control of the love he wanted.

“Why not now?” Alves slightly shook his tail as he looked at Gu Huai. He was instinctively trying to make Gu Huai concede.

The heat of his ears was about to spread to his face. Gu Huai was once again in a daze as he felt the burning of his cheeks. He could barely speak. “Because…”

…Because of shyness?

Gu Huai only finished the words in his heart. He closed his mouth. However, it was at this time that Gu Huai finally realized what type of feeling he was facing Alves with.

It seemed that from the time the two people met to the present, Alves had been chasing him. It was a chase that in many cases, was characterized by silent following and staring, then exceptional obedience in front of him.

Gu Huai hadn’t been aware of Alves’ pursuit but his heart wasn’t completely untouched. Once this was discovered, the feeling of being touched suddenly became clear.

The reason that appeared in his heart really made him speechless. At this time, Gu Huai was in for a penny, in for a pound. He discarded any moral principles and kissed the side of Alves’ face. Then he put on a calm expression and said, “Don’t ask.”

“…” Alves blinked very quickly, like a butterfly flapping its wings. Then he was silent with no expression. Alves didn’t speak. If Gu Huai asked him with a kiss then Alves couldn’t resist. If there was something that couldn’t be resolved with kissing then kiss twice.

After this move, Gu Huai looked at the response of the big at in front of him and even had a terrible idea in his heart.

The heat in his ears and his cheeks hadn’t completely subsided. In order to avoid the big cat doing something that was hard for him to parry, Gu Huai casually pulled out a document placed on the table and started to check it. His heart was beating faster than usual, so that Gu Huai couldn’t read the words of the document at all. He was just pretending right now.

Gu Huai pretended to be looking at the document while next to him, Alves silently put his tail around Gu Huai’s body. After circling Gu Huai with his tail, Alves’ pupils narrowed slightly and he looked like a big cat being scratched on the chin.

Gu Huai didn’t look down but he could feel the silver-grey tail circling his waist. He blinked subconsciously but didn’t struggle to free himself from Alves. Since Alves was very smooth, the unnatural heat in Gu Huai’s face gradually reduced. The tip of his ears was still red but the words on the document could finally be read.

After reading a few friendly agreements with different races, Gu Huai signed each of the documents and entered them onto the Star Network. Tuser Star’s construction bill was also approved by Gu Huai. The last document was a bit different. It was a tentative exchange between the Zerg and the Fields people.

The Fields was one of the most powerful races in the stars and one of the original 12 races that founded the Star Alliance. Most of the people of this race had grey-blue skin and slightly long and curved horns on their heads. The spiritual strength of the Fields race was superior in nature. In terms of spiritual strength, they were superior to most races in the stars.

Gu Huai received this document because the Fields race hoped to invite a Zerg with excellent fighting ability to the best military academy of their empire for a lecture. Then the leader of the Fields invited him to Levin Star, the capital of the FIelds race for half a month.

This document was actually more of an invitation letter. Inviting the Zerg to teach at the military academy for a day was the secondary matter. The first thing was the invitation to Gu Huai. This was an expression of the Fields race’s willingness to establish diplomatic relations with the Zerg. Gu Huai being invited as a guest was paving the way.

“The Fields… they are like Colin, a race with grey-blue skin, right?” Gu Huai held the invitation in his hand and asked Alves next to him.

Alves nodded. “Most of the Fields race are grey-blue but there are some whose skin is a dark red.”

Speaking of the second half, Alves seemed to think of something and added, “The dark-skinned Fields are subject to a certain degree of racial discrimination. Although they are a minority, if the overall population is large then the number of the minority isn’t low.”

Would there be interracial contradictions? This was Gu Huai’s first reaction but this wasn’t something he needed to manage. Gu Huai quickly put away his thoughts and connected to the military council.

“I’m going to accept the Fields’ invitation. Do you have any different ideas?” Gu Huai asked the council for their opinions.

After receiving the communication from Gu Huai, the senior officials originally sitting in the meeting room of the military department suddenly stood up. They looked at Gu Huai’s image with bright eyes.

Although they could see Gu Huai almost every day, the Zerg still hoped to see Gu Huai more. It might just be an image on the screen but they were very happy.

The chief of staff walked up to the communication screen. “If you want to do this then I have no opinion.”

The invitation letter had first passed through the chief of staff. He had first reviewed the invitation before submitting it to Gu Huai. In the memory of the chief of staff, the Fields people were respectful enough in their invitation to Gu Huai and all the Zerg of the council thought this was to be commended.

Since the council had no opinion, Gu Huai agreed with relief. As for letting a Zerg go to the military academy to teach for a day, Gu Huai discussed the candidates with his four army leaders after dinner.

“The Fields are a race that specialized in spiritual abilities. It is better for an Isadore Zerg to teach.” Aiyi was the first to open his mouth. The Zerg of the Isadore ethnic group were naturally mentally capable and talented. Aiyi’s ability was the peak of the Isadore ethnic group.

Gu Huai quickly nodded. He actually had the same idea. After his nod, Aiyi continued, “You can leave this matter to this subordinate.”

Regardless of whether the contents of the lecture could accommodate the students, Aiyi thought this was about his king’s reputation and felt he had to do it.

“Yes.” Gu Huai didn’t think too much and agreed.

There was half a cup of milk on the table. After the discussion, Gu Huai felt the constant gaze of the Zerg around him. He had to pick up the cup of milk and drink it slowly. The eggshell milk had actually been finished for some time but there was still a cup of fresh milk in Gu Huai’s daily diet. It was said that he had to drink it for nutritional balance.

Gu Huai once doubted the truth of this statement. It was because when he drank the milk, his Zerg always watched with bright eyes. This made Gu Huai think that his Zerg just wanted to see him drinking milk. It wasn’t only because of their bright eyes. Gu Huai could clearly perceive the happy mood of the surrounding Zerg. He tacitly accepted this and had to drink a cup of milk every day.

It was decided that Aiyi would teach for a day at the Fields’ Imperial Military Academy and Gu Huai would go with Aiyi on that day to explore the academy.

A certain period of time had passed after crossing to this world but Gu Huai hadn’t seen what a school looked like in this star age. He didn’t know the curriculum of the schools and to tell the truth, Gu Huai was very curious. Gu Huai even wanted to attend a school in the future, if conditions permitted, but he felt he had no chance of becoming a student.

Just think, if he attended school as a student then his parents would probably drive the Yula warship every day to pick him up. Then at lunch time, they would send him a luxurious lunchbox. They would ask every day if he was bullied by his classmates. If he replied yes then they would be ready to blow up the school with the Yula warships.

This scene was too beautiful that Gu Huai wanted to cover his eyes despite his brain making it up.

He remembered that when he previously talked to the two human officers,  they said they graduated from the best military school of the Earth Federation. He could find them now to talk about it.

“What? The Fields invited a Zerg to teach at their best military academy for a day? This is too shameless.” Hammer blurted out as soon as he heard the words.

Who in the stars didn’t know that the Zerg were good at fighting? The Fields saw that the Zerg were easy to talk to recently and made this type of request. Too shameless! Gu Huai made a puzzled expression. He didn’t understand why Hammer’s reaction was so big.

“The Fields’ Imperial Military Academy and the Earth Federal’s First Military Academy are rivals. Hammer and I were exchange students there for a year.” Shem Mu explained.

Hammer’s reaction was bigger. “In that year’s exchange, we were just fighting with the Fields people. I dreamed that I practiced using the mech armor at night because I couldn’t lose.”

Gu Huai understood there were old grievances. He looked a the reactions of the two people and asked, “Then do you want to go with me to see?”

“To be honest, you have been a guest of the Zerg for a long time. It is almost time to let you go home.” Gu Huai smiled gently. “I hope you’ve gained enough feelings during this period of time.”

Shen Mu and Hammer didn’t speak for a moment. There really were many feelings. The things they saw and experience were a hundred more times profound than what other people told them. The Zerg and human race used to be mortal enemies but this was a new era. Perhaps it should change and they hoped to have a chance to make this change.

The two humans agreed to Gu Huai’s proposal. Thus, after half a month, the two of them set off with the Zerg fleet.

“Isn’t the size of the convoy a bit…” Shen Mu and Hammer looked at each other in a speechless manner. They were both dumbfounded by the scale of the Zerg fleet every time they travelled.

Why was it that every time the Zerg went out, they clearly didn’t want to do anything, but they always made people mistakenly think they would attack a planet. It was an evil visual. This fleet was too exaggerated. Weren’t they all elite fleets? Why was it necessary to go out like this?

The elite fleet wasn’t the problem. Shouldn’t they drop the rating of the ship by one level. If so many destroyer class warships came out, who wouldn’t be scared? Last time, they went out to rescue other races. It was understandable to send a large army. However, this time was clearly just an ordinary trip…

“His Majesty can’t be in any danger,” the chief of staff explained with a cold expression.

Shen Mu and Hammer, “……”

Wake up! No one would take the initiative to provoke the Zerg. Rather, most people turned and ran after seeing a Yula warship.

However, in this period of time, Shen Mu and Hammer understood how deep the Zerg’s protective mentality towards Gu Huai was. Thus, they quietly chose not to speak. In fact, this convoy was established after Gu Huai already asked them to reduce the scale. The Zerg who couldn’t follow Gu Huai to Levin Star after downsizing were now looking at him with great loss.

“It won’t be long before I return to Tuser.” Gu Huai soothed.

It was only a few days as a guest. Counting the round trip, the time he was leaving wasn’t more than a week. Being pacified by Gu Huai like this, the Zerg who couldn’t follow Gu Huai reluctantly recovered.

Although Levin’s airport had received advance warning from their superiors that the Zerg were coming to visit the planet, the sudden sight of so many Yula warships caused the people working at the monitoring station to be so shocked that they almost pressed the attack alarm button.

Fortunately, they remembered that the Zerg were coming to visit their planet. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to clean up the situation.

Gu Huai received VIP treatment from the leaders of the Fields people. Once he was able to move freely, Gu Huai thought about going to the Imperial Military Academy where Aiyi would teach the day after tomorrow.

After all, it was a school so Gu Huai couldn’t take so many Zerg, lest he cause a commotion.

“Karu, you stay here first. Too many people can’t go together.” Gu Huai pacified the Tak Zerg who wanted to look after him, touching the sharp forearm of the first Tak Zerg.

The Tak Zerg were appeased by Gu Huai and made a low, hoarse sound. It was as if they were reluctant but still obeying Gu Huai’s request.

Hammer told him, “We were here as exchange students and can be a guide for you.”

Even if the Zerg weren’t closely protecting Gu Huai, the lost-distance guards were definitely not a small number. There was also Alves who directly hid his body and followed. The interstellar era school, even the school gates were very luxurious…

Gu Huai came to the gate of the military academy. He faced the entrance that was more exaggerated than the gates of a castle and his eyes slightly widened with surprise.

“In fact, not every school is like this. It is just the best academy that is particularly pompous.” Hammer didn’t let go of any opportunity to criticize the rival school.

The moment he finished that sentence, a grey-blue Fields person came over. “Oh, isn’t this Hammer? Did you bring over an exchange student from the Earth Federation’s academy this year?”

Outsides didn’t know about Shen Mu and Hammer’s series of legendary encounters. This person, Derek just thought the two of them were living well in the Earth Federation and knew nothing about their experiences.

“Derek?” Hammer frowned.

If he needed to say who was the opponent Hammer fought the most during the year he was an exchange student, it must be Derek in front of him. The two people competed in everything. Culture class, the mech armor class and there was even a naive comparison of blowing balloon sizes.

Hammer didn’t pay attention to the other person’s second silence and Derek took it as default agreement. He glanced at the only strange face in the three people opposite him and smiled at Hammer. “Is the exchange student sent by your federal academy becoming worse every year? This year’s student doesn’t look as good as last year. Meanwhile, we have a genius among this year’s students. Isn’t it cruel for them to study together?”

Hammer only realized after a few seconds that Derek was talking about Gu Huai. He couldn’t help looking at the other person like he was a fool.

“It isn’t my fault that you have bad eyes, old friend.” Hammer could only shake his head and sigh.

Still, Derek really couldn’t be blamed for this. First of all, Gu Huai’s appearance was really the same as an ordinary human. Secondly, based on his appearance, no one would doubt that he was a student in school.

“After all these years, you still only succeed in showing off. If you compare him to the students I teach, you will know the difference straight away.” Derek snorted coldly.

Hammer couldn’t directly say that this person was the Zerg king, otherwise Gu Huai’s practice of not letting the Zerg follow him was meaningless. The entire school would be alarmed. Hammer wanted to open his mouth to explain that Gu Huai wasn’t an exchange student but at this time, he received Gu Huai’s wink.

Thus, Hammer immediately changed the words in his mouth. “What do you want?”

“It isn’t too hard. Just test their mental strength.” Derek suggested this without blushing.

The Fields’ natural excellence in mental strength was something that most races in the stars knew. He just said there was a genius student. It was obvious that Derek was determined to shame Hammer.

Hammer heard this and almost burst out laughing on the spot. Wanting to compete with the Zerg king in spiritual strength, was he serious?

The author has something to say:

Chirp Chirp: When can I kiss you here?

Huaibao: A-After.

Chirp Chirp: I want to kiss you now.

Huaibao: … (red-faced)

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