INH: Chapter 46

Gu Huai stretched out his hand. The Grey Tower members opposite him failed to immediately react. Everyone had a stunned expression.

Go home…? This sentence was spoken to them? They couldn’t believe what they had just heard. The Grey Tower soldiers stopped in place to watch Gu Huai. Due to their self-doubt, they didn’t dare move forward.

“W-What…” Colin stammered, trying to verify it.

Gu Huai kept stretching out his hand and repeated his words carefully and gently, “Won’t you come home with me?”

They time they definitely didn’t mishear it. Since they confirmed that they hadn’t heard wrong, the Grey Tower soldiers became even more speechless.

Colin’s voice was stuck in his throat and he found it more difficult to express himself. “Going home together means…?”

Was it what they thought? Gu Huai hadn’t purposely made it unclear. He didn’t want to let these Grey Tower soldiers be uneasy so he clearly told them, “Come back with me to the Zerg territory and stay there. Do you want to?”

This sentence couldn’t be misinterpreted and the meaning couldn’t be clearer. The Grey Tower soldiers blinked hard to make their eyes dry and avoid any humiliation. Of course they would!

Colin nodded and was so joyful that he was ready to step forward and grab Gu Huai’s hand. He had just walked forward and didn’t have time to raise his hand when he was cut off by the person next to him.

Siva hadn’t spoken a single word but he grabbed Gu Huai’s first. Colin reacted a bit later and stared at the other person with a fierce gaze filled with killing intent. However, he couldn’t say anything. Objectively speaking, Siva was the leader of the Grey Tower. It was more appropriate for him to complete this move since he could express the attitude of the entire Grey Tower.

In any case, no matter who agreed first, it was clear they were very willing. Colin hesitated before carefully asking. “Why… why would you have such an idea to let us go home with you…”

Once his heart had thoroughly accepted the Zerg genes, Colin could no longer use the casual ‘you’ toward Gu Huai. The soldiers of the Grey Tower had been very resistant to the genes of other races they were forced to integrate with because it was these genes that made them strange. However, at this moment, the Grey Tower soldiers accepted by Gu Huai started to learn to accept their present.

Gu Huai heard the other side’s question and his eyebrows curved, his eyes clear. “I didn’t say this before but your eyes give me a very familiar feeling. Why do most of you have such eyes? I know the reason?”

“I met other people from your organization on Lorda Star, who happened to be soldiers with the same eyes. They gave me almost the same feeling as normal Zerg so I couldn’t let them go.” Gu Huai stared directly at the people opposite him. “It’s the same for you.”

“There was no way to leave it unattended. I ran over here to try and control you. If things went smoothly, I would take you back with me.” Gu Huai honestly admitted that he intended to come to the base of the Grey Tower.

Gu Huai spoke to such an extent that it was impossible for Colin to not understand the situation. However, he wasn’t thinking about the deception. He was thinking—

Then all the lies he previously told were known to the other side? The other person knew about everything but was still willing to accept them. Colin opened his mouth but couldn’t make a sound. A moment later, he cleared his throat and said, “Um, we… let’s go now.”

All of them couldn’t wait. The Grey Tower soldiers present responded the same way. They immediately wanted to follow Gu Huai alone.

“Yes.” Gu Huai confirmed it.

Seeing Gu Huai nod, all members of the Grey Tower started to pack their bags. In fact, they didn’t want to take any of their own luggage. They just took away all the materials available in the base…

These were things they wanted to give to the young man, including the Meteorite that hadn’t launched.

Their bags were packed. The Grey Tower soldiers boarded their warships and followed the Zerg fleet. They had never been to the territory of the Zerg. When they were normal people, they had heard about the cruelty of the Zerg.

Going to a strange and unknown place was full of uncertainty but the Grey Tower soldiers still chose to follow without speaking. Gu Huai told them to ‘go home together’ and they were full of trust and anticipation.

The Grey Tower’s fleet followed the Zerg fleet all the way to Nordra Galaxy. Gu Huai placed the Grey Tower soldiers temporarily on Tuser and then started to deal with an important matter. He had the chief of staff contact the Star Alliances headquarters, asking for the favour that was owed.

Why didn’t the Meteorite launch at the scheduled time and instead turned into fireworks? The information obtained from Lorda Star allowed them to understand that it was due to the Zerg. In addition, Lorda Star hadn’t fallen due to the help of the Zerg. In the future era of extremely advanced information, any news could easily spread. People of all races heard about this.

The communication was turned on and Gu Huai faced the Star Alliance Council. He didn’t say any polite greetings and quickly got straight to the point.

“You can rest assured that the Grey Tower will no longer pose a threat to the Star Alliance. Regarding the disposal of the Grey Tower, the Zerg side will take over it in full. I’m hoping that the Star Alliance won’t intervene.”

The damage done by the Grey Tower and the fact that they made the interstellar atmosphere so tense recently meant it was impossible for the Star Alliance to not hold the Grey Tower at fault. Normally, these Grey Tower soldiers would be bound, tried and convicted. Now that Gu Huai made this request to them, the Star Alliance couldn’t refuse.

The Star Alliance fully understood the influence of the Zerg genes on the Grey Tower soldiers. Considering it objectively, if they agreed to Gu Huai’s request then it was equivalent to allowing the Zerg to gain a strong army. It wasn’t only an army but also that Meteorite…

It was impossible not to feel fear but the Zerg had helped them so much. Their headquarters hadn’t been destroyed due to the Zerg. If they didn’t agree to Gu Huai’s request then they would be too shameless.

They owed Gu Huai so the Star Alliance agreed to Gu Huai’s request. In fact, it was useless if they agreed or disagreed. The Grey Tower soldiers were now in the territory of the Zerg. If Gu Huai didn’t want to hand them over then the Star Alliance side couldn’t force it.

Now Gu Huai actively sent a communication to them, hoping they wouldn’t intervene. The Star Alliance knew that this was actually giving them face.

“We will give a reasonable punishment.” Gu Huai spoke smoothly and soon cut off the communication.

He called it punishment to outsiders but Gu Huai had long thought about what to do.

The Zerg had many planets after all. In the old era where there were frequent wars between various ethnic groups, the Zerg race was the most ferocious ones. In addition, the number of occupied planets was the largest of all races. The Zerg didn’t develop and build every occupied planet. Many planets even retained their original state. That’s why Gu Huai made his plan.

He set up one of the planets that still needed to be developed and built as the residence of the Grey Tower. The Grey Tower soldiers who joined the Zerg could build their homes themselves while the Zerg will provide help for all aspects of the construction.

Externally, it was said that these Grey Tower soldiers were assigned to the star for labour. Gu Huai explained his intentions to the soldiers temporarily settled on Tuser and asked them for their opinion. The response was a bright expression.

“We’d love to do that.” Siva answered on behalf of the entire Grey Tower.

For the Grey Tower soldiers who hadn’t been accepted by anyone, the thing they wanted most was a home. They didn’t feel it was hard to build their own home at all. They only felt a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

The planet that needed to be developed and built wasn’t too far from Tuser. This made the Grey Tower soldiers who wanted to get close to Gu Huai feel good. This was labour transformation but watching the Zerg troops help build the planet together, the people of other interstellar races couldn’t figure out what was going on.

However, the Zerg had given outsiders a statement. It was up to other people if they wanted to believe it or not. The initial development and construction of a planet weren’t easy. It needed a lot of manpower and materials to reclaim wasteland, build houses, set up transportation, etc.

In addition to the technology of the Zerg, Gu Huai also took the technology of other races for the construction. Gu Huai went to collect more from the Star Alliance. This time, the Star Alliance really owed a lot to the Zerg. In fact, this favour wasn’t collected by Gu Huai of his own initiative. It was the Star Alliance willing to give it so Gu Huai wasn’t polite.

The various technologies of the Zerg clan were excellent, such as the Yula warship that made other races feel envious, but Gu Huai thought they couldn’t let go of the development of technology. It was worth learning from the technology of other races.

Gu Huai also played a big role in the construction of this planet. The specific situation was like this—

“If the soldiers can hear you, the completion rate of this project will improve by at least 10%. If you speak in an encouraging tone, the speed can be increased by another 10%.”

“If you go and inspect the progress, I believe the project time will b cut in half.” The chief of staff pushed up his glasses.

Gu Huai, “…”

Gu Huai’s mouth twitched but he listened to the chief of staff and properly went to the project site. He saw the Grey Tower soldiers and Zerg suddenly build with more enthusiasm. It wasn’t long before the initial development of the planet, Ivy Star, was completed. There were houses on the planet and all types of infrastructure that could make it a normal place to live.

“You’ll stay here in the future.” Gu Huai looked at the planet that had completed part of its development and then smiled at the Grey Tower soldiers in front of him. The initial infrastructure might only be completed but it would definitely become better. Whether they had the Zerg genes or not, the Grey Tower soldiers who heard Gu Huai’s voice was tense. They looked at the planet and their emotions were indescribable.

They had a home as well.

The author has something to say:

The half-Zerg of the Grey Tower: We have a home.

Chirp Chirp (blank stare): Why didn’t I show up?

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