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INH: Chapter 45

The gorgeous fireworks completed their blooming. At the end, the image of a chibi doll was fixed in the universe for a second. The universe surrounding the Star Alliance soon returned to silent darkness. At this time, the headquarters of the Star Alliance and the people of all races were also ignorant.


For the Star Alliance and interstellar people, they were naturally very happy and glad that the Star Alliance headquarters wasn’t destroyed by the Meteorite. The interstellar symbol of peace was preserved.

However, what the hell was the Grey Tower doing? On the day with the Meteorite was supposed to destroy the Star Alliance headquarters, they launched a huge beam of light only to launch fireworks right in front of them?

The journalists of all races had already written their first draft with two versions of the news. They only needed to process the first draft according to the actual development and then they could send the news release. Whether or not the Star Alliance headquarters could withstand this attack, it was enough to be recorded in the new era of important historical events.

For the two draft versions of the news, one was lamenting the disappearance of the interstellar symbol of peace. The other was naturally commemorating the survival of the Star Alliance and praising its continued standing.

The result was that the Grey Tower launched fireworks. The interstellar journalists watched the fireworks in a dull manner. Then they looked down at their two saved manuscripts on their terminal and dragged them to the delete option with an expression of coughing blood. None of these two drafts would work!

Different from the reactions of the interstellar people, Gu Huai just blinked when he saw the huge beam of light burst into fireworks. Originally, Gu Huai’s eyes were going to curve into a small arc. Then he saw the shape of the firework after two seconds and looked blank.

That shape was like the chibi version of the doll…

Gu Huai played the video back again and paused at the point where the super-giant fireworks burst into a shape. He confirmed it when the video paused and Gu Huai couldn’t help his lips flattening, his eyes empty for several seconds.

The Star Alliance’s side was stimulated and they were still wondering what the Grey Tower was planning. Did they intend to set off fireworks first to let the Star Alliance lower their guard, disrupting their preparations? Then once the Star Alliance’s pace was disordered, they would suddenly launch the Meteorite?

No matter what the Star Alliance and interstellar people guessed, the soldiers of the Grey Tower watched the Meteorite switch to meteorites according to the order. Then the group of Grey Tower soldiers, headed by two people, stood outside Gu Huai’s room.

The Grey Tower soldiers looked at the closed door of the room. They were very curious to know Gu Huai’s reaction to the fireworks but no one dared to find an excuse to go in. Everyone had the same idea of going to the 17th floor but they stopped when they neared the door. As a result, the group of people were all crowded outside the door.

“No wonder why you refused when I asked you to postpone the launch time of the Meteorite. You have already thought of second-hand preparations and didn’t say anything when I came to you.” Colin didn’t dare to enter the room and had to check with the leader outside.

Siva was cold-faced and ignored the other side. The Meteorite into fireworks was also calculated and showed the chibi version of the doll. Colin couldn’t help wondering why he hadn’t come up with such a good idea.

The young person in the room was worried about the Star Alliance and would’ve paid attention to what happened today. He must’ve seen the fireworks. It was unknown how the other side felt about the fireworks…

The Grey Tower soldiers outside the room were staring at the door for a few minutes when the door suddenly opened from the inside. They heard a click and the door handle turning. Then the Grey Tower soldiers saw Gu Huai push the door open to a gap that was half the size of a human and leaned out to look at them. Then the door suddenly opened from the inside.

“What are you all doing standing outside?” Gu Huai pretended to inadvertently open the door and looked at them with surprise.

The actual Gu Huai was aware of the many emotions being transmitted through the door. He was only one door away and knew there were many Grey Tower soldiers standing outside the door. Originally, Gu Huai wanted to wait for them to come in. Then he found that the latter kept staying outside the door so he had to speak to them first.

“Um, we’re… we’re…” Colin gulped.

“Come in first.” Gu Huai opened the door a bit further.

Gu Huai left the door open. The Grey Tower soldiers stood in place and glanced at each other, hesitating for a moment. Finally, they couldn’t bear it and walked into the room one after another. At this time, Gu Huai was sitting on the sofa and looking down at a book he hadn’t read before.

Gu Huai’s reading face as very quiet. The soldiers looked at this scene and became even more nervous. Colin was pushed forward to ask the question and he tried to ask, “Those fireworks… did you see?”

Gu Huai wasn’t focused on reading. He closed the book he was holding and nodded. “Yes, I saw.”

Gu Huai’s answer caused the eyes of the Grey Tower soldiers present to bright. Colin then continued to ask, “Do you think it is good-looking?”

Gu Huai thought of the final appearance of the fireworks and couldn’t help his mouth twitching slightly. Then he clearly felt the expectations of the Grey Tower soldiers around him and chose to respond to their expectations.

“It’s pretty good.” Gu Huai smiled at them.

Ignoring the final shape of the fireworks that made him feel slightly ashamed, Gu Huai thought that the fireworks were really gorgeous. The moment Gu Huai said it was good-looking, Colin instantly spoke. “In fact, we can do more of these fireworks if you want to see…”

The cost wasn’t cheap but the Grey Tower could afford it. Gu Huai coughed when he heard the words and shook his head. “It is enough to see it once. You don’t have to specifically do it to let me see.”

The Star Alliance was likely to go crazy if it happened a few more times.

The fireworks were meant for the other person to see. Gu Huai’s polite refusal made the Grey Tower soldiers feel a bit of regret but they were very happy that Gu Huai liked the fireworks.

“Did you put on these fireworks?” Gu Huai intentionally showed a belated surprise.

Colin remembered that they still had to lie. “Um… yes, we organized it to congratulate the Star Alliance’s survival in advance.”

He wasn’t red-faced from the lie. Colin saw that the young man in front of him had no doubts, expressing full confidence in Colin’s words. The charity lie could be considered to be over and Colin was secretly relieved.

After experiencing the fireworks, the Star Alliance was on guard for the next few days in case the Grey Tower did something. However, it was really calm and nothing happened, making them in a state of mental fatigue where they wanted to relax but didn’t dare to relax.

The Star Alliance was quite nervous these days but Gu Huai’s days in the Grey Tower could be called quite comfortable. He lived in a sea view room and could order meals at will every day. He could get anything he wanted as long as he opened his mouth.

The soldiers were very happy these days. Since Gu Huai was here, the base suddenly gave them a sense of belonging. They were happy but… they soon had to face reality.

“Is my family here?” In fact, he knew from the light spots in his spiritual field that his Zerg had come. Gu Huai closed his book and looked up at Colin.

It would be nice if he could lie at this time but Colin looked into the young man’s eyes and his pupils narrowed. Finally, he nodded honestly. “Yes, they said they would pick you up.”

Gu Huai said it was great. Due to the happy expression on his face, the mood of the Grey Tower soldiers present was very complex. Although it was understood from the outside that this person didn’t really belong to them, the Grey Tower soldiers still felt like they were going to lose something.

However, Gu Huai was so happy at the time that it produced a similar mood in them. Thus, their mood was very contradictory. The Zerg were so powerful that they would protect their king and provide the young man a more comfortable living environment than their base. The Zerg were better than them…

In this way, the mood of the Grey Tower soldiers became even lower. The Zerg’s Yula warship landed on Nira, bringing the three other army leaders.

The Zerg forces entered the base of the Grey Tower and there was no longer any need to hide himself. Alves appeared in front of Gu Huai earlier than the other Zerg and once he appeared, he wrapped his tail around Gu Huai’s body.

The chief of staff, who was good at negotiation, had already talked to the Grey Tower. The Grey Tower agreed to let the Zerg take Gu Huai away, which was the first thing Colin agreed to. Unwittingly, the atmosphere of the entire Grey Tower base was low. They watched Gu Huai being picked up by his Zerg and most of the soldiers had shrunken vertical pupils.

Even the Grey Tower soldiers without the Zerg gens had been affected by the warmth and sense of belonging they had been treated with in recent days and were now equally emotional. Saying goodbye wasn’t something the Grey Tower soldiers were good at. They hadn’t experienced this since they were forced to undergo the genetic modification.

“That… the fireworks, yes, the fireworks. We’ll put them on around Tuser once a year. You can see it from nearby.” Colin squeezed out a smile.

The Grey Tower soldiers didn’t forget Gu Huai saying that the fireworks looked good and they agreed with Colin by default. The smile on their faces was ugly like they were crying and they looked very reluctant. Gu Huai quietly looked at this and made a decision.

Gu Huai stood on the side of the Zerg race but he held out his hand to the Grey Tower soldiers opposite him. He wondered, “Do you want to come home with me?”

The author has something to say:

Huaibao (Hands out): Come home with me.

The half-Zerg of the Grey Tower: …(Obediently follows)


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