INH: Chapter 44

The entire room was quiet for a few seconds. After Colin spoke, his expression seemed to twist for a moment but his face eventually froze.

Gu Huai hadn’t expected to hear such an answer but his reaction was relatively quick. He blinked and replied, “Oh, it is a charity.”

“Yes.” Colin nodded blankly.

“That’s good.” Gu Huai smiled. “I think that people who join a charity are very kind. Such people will be easy to get along with.”

Seeing that the young man didn’t doubt his words, Colin’s expression was stiff as he vaguely responded, “Um… well.”

Gu Huai had a smile on his face but he couldn’t help wanting to laugh. He moved to the bookcase against the room and randomly grabbed a book. He looked down at the cover of the book and asked, “Why go outside to capture people? I thought I heard something about a torture team yesterday…?”

To send a proposition—

Colin’s eyelids twitched and he continued to rack his brains. “The torture team isn’t really related to our organization. It is the government department on the other side of the planet.”

“Our organization is friendly with the government of the planet and we arrested people because they said important fugitives had escaped. Our side offered to help…” Colin’s lies paused here. “Of course, I believe that you aren’t a fugitive. It is a misunderstanding but I can’t let you leave the room yet because I need time to go through the procedures.”

If he let the other side go out now then he would die on the spot. Colin tried to buy himself some time by lying.

Gu Huai nodded to express his understanding and that he wasn’t angry about being locked up.

“What activities do you usually organize? Can you tell me? I’m quite interested in charity organizations.” Gu Huai continued to follow the topic raised by the other side, the angle of his lips curving up a bit more.

I was like a class teacher checking the summer homework of students. Colin thought quickly and replied, “We… send warmth to the community. We protect the neighbourhood.”

—Collect protection fees.

“Take in the homeless.”

—Collect the Grey Tower soldiers.

“We also assist in the work of the current planet’s government.”

The last sentence was really nonsense because there was no government on Nira Star. In this grey area that wasn’t governed by the Star Alliance, all forces in the galaxy were very chaotic and every planet here was very messy. This chaos referred to the turmoil on the planet. However, to be honest, since the Grey Tower took root on Nira Star, the security of Nira Star had visibly become better. Thus, Colin wasn’t lying when he said that they were protecting the neighbourhood.

“It feels like all these things are very meaningful.” Gu Huai was cooperative as he expressed praise.

Colin felt guilty at Gu Huai’s praise. He became more and more determined that he couldn’t let this person know the real situation of the Grey Tower.

If the young person knew what their organization was actually doing, even if he wasn’t angry about the deception, he definitely wouldn’t treat them with a gentle attitude anymore, let alone praise them with a smile.

“In recent times, the interstellar routes haven’t been secure. It seems there is something wrong with the Star Alliance. It is said that the headquarters of the Star Alliance has been targeted by a weapon called the Meteorite. The situation is very critical.” Gu Huai mentioned the topic and showed some concern.

Colin heard this and his body stiffened reflexively. Then he tentatively asked, “…Are you worried about the Star Alliance?”

Gu Huai replied in a normal voice. “Yes, the Star Alliance maintains the stability of the universe so it is very important. I’m worried that the symbol of peace will disappear, so it is right to say that I’m worried about the Star Alliance.”

“I don’t want the current safe environment to become chaotic. Um… in fact, it’s mainly because I don’t want my family to be in danger. In any case, the risk in a peaceful environment must be much lower than a chaotic environment, right?” Gu Huai spoke in a warm voice as he opened the first page of the book.

“…” Colin closed his eyes, thinking of the Meteorite he had set up with a small group of people. He was afraid to speak.

Colin was afraid to continue staying here and facing the other person. “Then you read first. I am busy with work. I will try to let you leave the room as soon as possible.”

“Okay.” Gu Huai nodded easily.

The moment he left the room, Colin immediately mobilized soldiers from several areas of the base.

He had to start the process. This was a lie that he couldn’t perform alone. He had to let the others on the base act with him. The soldiers from Area A to Area C arrived first and Colin questioned, “What type of organization is the Grey Tower?”

The soldiers exchanged strange looks, unable to speak for a moment.

“…An armed group?” One of the Grey Tower soldiers tried to answer.

He was glared at silently by Colin. “Remember, I’ll only say it once. We are a kind group, a charity. If someone asks you then answer in this way.”

The soldiers present, “?”

Although they wanted to laugh when they heard the word ‘charity’, the soldiers couldn’t laugh because of their second in command’s emphatic tone and completely serious expression. However, a charity organization… it was too much to apply to the Grey Tower. It was like telling a joke. The people who listened couldn’t laugh.

They completely couldn’t understand why the second in command suddenly made such a strange request but the soldiers didn’t dare to ask. They defaulted to obeying. Then the next day, most of the Grey Tower soldiers understood the reason.

On this day, Gu Huai was given the right to leave his room. Colin told him that the procedures were finished and there was no need to continue to stay in the room. Gu Huai could go out and walk around.

“You can leave this room but you can’t leave the base.” Colin added. “It is because outside the base isn’t safe. There are still security issues. You said that your family is coming for you. It is better for you to stay at the base of our organization before they come here.”

“Yes, I’ll do that.” Gu Huai replied.

Colin tentatively asked, “Do you need me to show you around?”

Gu Huai shook his head and smiled. “Don’t bother. I can walk around by myself. I shouldn’t get lost.”

Facts proved that Gu Huai didn’t get lost when walking around the base of the Grey Tower. However, he walked on his own and made all the soldiers with amber vertical pupils to freeze in place when they saw him.

How could there be a person they hadn’t seen before at the base? This person could only get their superior’s permission.

At first, those with the Zerg gene were attracted by instinct but they didn’t dare approach the other person or even get close.

The reason was mainly due to a subtle inferiority complex. It was because they were aware of how strange their genetically modified appearance was. The Grey Tower soldiers didn’t want Gu Huai to see them.

They had no feelings when seeing disgust in other people’s eyes. They had already become disheartened a long time ago. However, due to the Zerg genes, they couldn’t help paying more attention to Gu Huai. Thus, they didn’t want to see the same gaze from Gu Huai.

However, it wasn’t long before the Grey Tower soldiers found that Gu Huai’s gaze was maintaining a constant temperature without any negative emotions. The feelings of surprise weren’t present, like they were just ordinary people.

After discovering this matter, it was hard for the soldiers to resist being attracted. They started to follow Gu Huai around the base. During this time, everyone tried to pretend that they were charity workers and the scene was very comical.

The second in command caused such a big thing at the baes and the leader naturally couldn’t be uninformed. There were only two days left until the launch of Meteorite. Colin went to see their leader Siva. Usually, Colin dared to smirk at Siva and his attitude wasn’t like facing the leader. This time, he was obviously a lot more serious.

“I don’t think the day after tomorrow is very good. What do you think about delaying the launch time of the Meteorite?”

“Not so good.” Siva answered coldly.

If he could ignore the little doll that appeared earlier than anyone else, the other side’s words might be more convincing.

Colin was aware of this and honestly spoke. “Actually, I’m not so committed to the destruction of the Star Alliance.”

Gu Huai’s appearance changed his mind and it was expected that most of the Grey Tower soldiers were thinking the same as him. If the Star Alliance headquarters was destroyed as planned, they would see the young man frowning. This thought made it hard to breathe.

“…” Siva didn’t answer. He might be cold-faced but in the face of Colin’s recent actions, he actually adopted a tacit attitude.

It was the same this time as well. During the conversation between the two people, Gu Huai stayed in his room and passed the time by casually reading a book.

Gu Huai felt that he had done the best he could. In these days, he spared no effort in expressing that he didn’t want the Star Alliance destroyed. He also said that he hoped the Meteorite would stop. As for what would happen in two days, Gu Huai also didn’t know.

These two days were filled with ordinary waiting for Gu Huai while the Star Alliance side was suffering. The inhabitants of the planet had been evacuated as far as possible, leaving only the Star Alliance staff who volunteered to remain. The closer it got to the launch time of the Meteorite that the Grey Tower had given them, the more nervous the staff of the Star Alliance headquarters became.

X Month, X Day, 15:00.

The time arrived accurately.

Once the second hand made a full circle and the minute hand moved, a huge beam of light break through the silent darkness of the universe like the light of dawn. It headed past several planets straight to the headquarters of the Star Alliance.

Gu Huai was watching the Star Network and this scene was broadcasted almost in synch.

‘I couldn’t stop it,’ Gu Huai thought in his heart.

The Star Alliance’s headquarters opened the planet’s defense system early, wrapping the entire planet tightly in multiple layers of protection. Faced with the beam of light, all the Star Alliance members who voluntarily stayed behind had the mentality that they were going to die.

The extremely powerful beam of energy soon approached the planet and the remaining Star Alliance members refused to close their eyes. Even if they faced death, they would watch their planet to the end. Then the second before the beam’s arrival—


Colour, super-giant fireworks exploded in front of the planet where the Star Alliance’s headquarters was located. Everyone paying attention to this scene were unable to react and collectively froze.

After the fireworks, nothing happened to the planet.

The Star Alliance’s headquarters, “?”

Was there something wrong with the Grey Tower??

The author has something to say:

Grey Tower: Surprise~

Star Alliance’s Headquarters (dumbfounded face): mdzz!

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