INH: Chapter 30

During the time when their planet was attacked by star pirates, the Zerg had driven the Yula warships to come and save them. Once the Zerg wiped out the star pirates, they drove the Yula warships to say hello.

No matter what, both these things were very magical. The Popolts living on the planet thought that the Zerg army was going to destroy them along with the star pirates. They didn’t expect the most incredible thing to happen in the next second.

If the Zerg greeted you, wouldn’t you be afraid? The Popolts of Noam Star were currently very flustered. The excitement of surviving had turned into fright but this fright was different from before. Any race in the stars would be frightened to face such a large group of Yula warships. The residents of Noam were frightened but the fear component wasn’t as high as before.

In any case, the Zerg did save them from the star pirates. They just had to think about how desperate they were when facing the orbital guns of the star pirates and the glorious image of the Zerg army suddenly appearing above their planet, blocking the orbital gun and destroying the star pirates. Like heroes coming down from the sky, they almost sparkled in the eyes of the Popolts. Once the hundred layers of brilliant filters were added, the terrible image of the Zerg suddenly blurred.

In the face of the Zerg’s friendly greeting, Noam’s top decision makers were trembling but had to tentatively respond to the same friendly signal.

「 H-Hello…? 」

The Popolts on the planet were very nervous about such a large group of Yula warships stopping in front of their planet and afraid that the YUla warships would suddenly fire on them. Then after the friendly signal was sent and the images from the surveillance satellites transmitted back, the top leaders of Noam saw that the Yula warships had suddenly lit up with blue lights.

At first, it was only the central Yula warship. Then once its lights came on, the other Yula warships next to it followed by turning on beautiful sky-blue lights. Like a bright star, there was suddenly a sea of stars in front of their planet.


The Yula warship carrying Gu Huai was happy that the Popolts of Noam Star had responded to them with a friendly signal so it turned on the sky blue lights. The people of this planet had done something that would make Gu Huai happy so the Yula warship was friendly to them. The other Yula warships did the same thing after knowing about it.

Sky blue was no doubt a sign of good faith. Although these Yula warships with the blue lights still looked extremely cold and oppressive, the people of Noam Star were left bewildered by the beautiful sea of stars.

The people of Noam suddenly had a very magical feeling. There was the feeling of being visited by a neighbour. Their neighbour might be terrible but this terrible neighbour had helped them take down the pirates bullying them without a word. Thus, they couldn’t help welcoming the visit of their neighbours. They didn’t only welcome it but took the initiative to invite them.

After an urgent discussion on the conference room, Noam’s top leaders made a decision that might be considered crazy by other races. They lit up the lights of their airport tower. The three crystal beams rose vertically around each other, penetrating the atmosphere all the way to the outside of the planet.

This was the form of etiquette that the Popolts used to welcome visitors to other planets. Inviting the Zerg to their home as guests, especially the Zerg who came with countless Yula warships, was something that no other race dared to do. As a very weak race in the stars, the Popolts now did something that no other races dared to do.

“Is this meant to welcome us?” Gu Huai pointed to the crystal beam that broke through the atmosphere and asked Alves, who was standing next to him.

The crystal beam was very bright and Gu Huai saw it instantly.

Alves glanced at Gu Huai and replied, “En.”

Between being feared and avoided or normally welcomed, Gu Huai naturally hoped that his Zerg could become the latter. Now they received their first welcome. It might be only temporary but Gu Huai thought this was a good development. Visiting the neighbours would help to improve relations. Gu Huai quickly accepted the invitation of the Popolts.

The huge black warships gradually appeared in the sky, one after another. Then they soon occupied the entire sky. More than half of these Yula warships were destroyer-grade. They were frightening even if they stood still.

What was the concept of a destroyer-grade warship? The specification level of warships was divided into five categories: lightweight, long-range, obsidian, fearless and destroyer class. This was widely recognized among the stars. The destroyer-class warships represented the highest level of military advanced but the Yula warships were a secret technology.

At this time, many people came from their homes or looked out the window toward the sky. They couldn’t help gulping because this scene was too great. This was the first time that Noam Star had received so many starships. Due to being a weak race and their proximity to the Zerg territory, they didn’t have many visitors.

The airport of Noam was too small to accommodate so many Yula warships. The Yula warships might’ve reduced their size to a lightweight exploration ship but the airport was too crowded. Once Gu Huai descended from the warship and the other warships also landed on the planet, they used their transformation ability to minimize their size.

It was unknown how long it had been since they used the form of an exploration ship. Originally, they should’ve been destroyer-class or at least obsidian-class but this time, they became smaller. This caused Gu Huai’s mouth to subconsciously twitch.

“I’ve wronged you.” Gu Huai gently patted the hull of the Yula warship in front of him. The Zerg usually had no reason to converge their power. Originally, these Yula warships should’ve appeared in their most powerful form. Being reduced to this size was indeed wronging them.


“Kada, kada—!”

The warm blue ship lights were like the eyes of these Yula warships. They watched Gu Huai with warm eyes, showing a very simple love.

Noam Star’s top decision makers rushed to the airport in a hurry and saw Alves instantly. The four army leaders were present. The reason why they saw Alves first was because the aura around him really couldn’t be ignored. This innate trait was so prominent that no one could ignore his presence, even if Alves was simply standing still.

The Noam leaders were a bit anxious and embarrassed about the lack of a large airport in their planet’s central city. Their chief diplomat walked to Alves and asked in a tentative tone, “This airport doesn’t have enough space and some warships need to be moved to the adjacent airport. Do you think this is possible?”

Alves glanced at the other person coldly. Then he stepped to the side and revealed the young figure blocked by him. Alves went to Gu Huai’s left side, his position fully demonstrating his attitude. The moment Alves moved out of the way, the Noam leaders saw a young man with soft black hair and a good appearance.

However, the Noam leaders’ first reaction was to be stunned.

Human…? The anxious leaders were shocked to see a human standing among the Zerg. The relationship between humans and Zerg made this scene too incredible. Before they could be dazed for long, the next scene caused the eyes of the Popolts to widen.

They saw Tuser’s chief of staff kneel in front of the black-haired youth they thought was human and ask, “Your Majesty, when do you want to eat? If you’re feeling hungry then be sure to tell this subordinate.”

Since experiencing the situation where Gu Huai was hungry, the chief of staff was more attentive to Gu Huai’s food needs. He even learned his lesson and carried Gu Huai’s eggshell powder in a small jar. Of course, the Pubano tree sap was also prepared, ready for Gu Huai to eat.

“Later is fine. I’m not hungry yet.” Gu Huai thought about it and replied.

Based on the previous observation of the combined four armies, the Noam leaders weren’t unprepared for the appearance of the four army leaders. However, they were completely unprepared for Gu Huai’s appearance.

The Popolts had been plagued by attacks from star pirates and didn’t have time to pay attention to what happened with the Zerg. They didn’t know a Zerg king was born so the impact on them was much greater.

The black-haired youth who looked human was actually the king of the Zerg…?

Their minds turned as the Popolts at the scene were dumbfounded for a few seconds. It wasn’t easy for them to understand the reality. Then the chief diplomat straightened his back, bit the bullet and repeated his question to Gu Huai.

The Popolts were worried that Gu Huai would be angry because of their negligence but Gu Huai wasn’t unhappy. He just nodded after hearing the question and agreed easily. For the Yula warships, moving to the adjacent airport area meant being further away from Gu Huai. Thus, they showed an unwillingness to leave. The visual performance was of their bodies vibrating and the battleship’s blue lights flashing.


“It isn’t too far away.” Gu Huai touched one of the Yula warships. “Once I get back to Tuser, I’ll come looking for you.”

Gu Huai’s pacification easily made these Yula warships moved. The warship touched by Gu Huai slightly shook like it was rubbing against his hand. Then the flashing ship lights became stable. The Zerg were the benefactors who saved their planet. They might be nervous but the Popolts welcomed the Zerg and were now trying to express their gratitude. However, their planet wasn’t prosperous or developed. The Popolts felt anxious about how they could entertain a race much stronger than them.

“I really appreciate your rescue of our planet. We don’t know how to repay the kindness. As you can see, our race isn’t strong. However, if the Zerg need anything in the future then we will do our best to help.” The head of Noam’s Supreme Council could only use these words to express their sincere gratitude.

Gu Huai hadn’t thought about asking for anything in return when he chose to rescue Noam Star. This didn’t mean he would abandon any help. The more allies, the better. Thus, Gu Huai nodded.

The head of Noam said, “If you don’t mind that our planet is a bit backwards, we would like to entertain you for a few days.”

The Popolts might be a weak race and this was a relatively backwards planet, but they didn’t feel inferior. They tried to give the best hospitality so that they wouldn’t be shamed.

“I don’t mind, I think your planet looks very good.” Gu Huai saw familiar flowers at the centre of the planet. It was the kind that Alves gave him.

“What type of flower is this?” Gu Huai reached out to the white flower not far away and asked the Popolt who had a plump body.

The chief diplomat replied immediately, “It is the Eleanor flower. It is the trademark of our city and can be seen on the streets. The most beautiful Eleanor flowers are planted in the city’s central courtyard. I can take you there later if you want to see it.”

Then the chief diplomat suddenly remembered something and hurriedly added, “However, the courtyard has an area of flowers that have been picked bald by an unknown person. Passing that place might affect your interest.”

Picked bald? Gu Huai heard these words and couldn’t help looking at Alves next to him. Alves perceived Gu Huai’s gaze and lowered his eyes. The side profile of his face seemed slightly tense.

The case was solved. The big cat of his house did it. After discovering the truth of the matter, Gu Huai didn’t speak.

“Perhaps it is due to the meaning of the Eleanor Flower and the Tashan Festival coming soon. Many people come to pick flowers.” The diplomat continued.

“What is the meaning?” Gu Huai just asked casually but he soon heard the other side’s answer.

“Pure lovers.”

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