INH: Chapter 29

Rescuing couldn’t be done casually. From a selfish point of view, Gu Huai didn’t want his Zerg to suffer casualties. If helping others would hurt his face, Gu Huai would probably choose to stand idly by.

“It is very easy to suppress the turmoil in the next galaxy. You don’t need to worry.” The chief of staff spoke to Gu Huai who was looking very serious.

Knowing that the neighbouring galaxy had sent a signal for help due to the invasion of the star pirates, Gu Huai expressed his thoughts to Alves about helping the neighbours. The present result came out.

The chief of staff didn’t try to understand the enemies in advance. It was mainly because the top executives of Tuser knew that the races in the galaxy next to them were very weak. The fact that the star pirates couldn’t even attack such a weak race showed that their fleet capabilities weren’t worthy of paying attention to.

Even if the Tuser executives were contemptuous of the enemy, the number of warships mobilized at Tuser’s airport was huge. This wasn’t because they attached great importance to the enemies tactically. It was just because Gu Huai would follow the rescue forces to the next galaxy. The Zerg really didn’t put the star pirates in their eyes but it was different if Gu Huai was travelling with them.

First of all, they needed enough guards to ensure the absolute safety of their own king. Second, they couldn’t let their king worry about them so they had to take care of the enemies in the fastest way possible. The last point was… all the Zerg soldiers of the four armies had the same idea. It was to show off in front of their king.

Gu Huai’s worry over this matter made the Zerg soldiers very happy but on the other hand, they didn’t want Gu Huai to have any worries. They wanted to see Gu Huai’s always smiling expression. Whenever they saw it, they had the urge to make a similar expression.

Thus, the size of the rescue force was exaggerated.

Gu Huai still lacked any idea on the size of this force. He only felt that the size of the rescue force was much smaller than the joint army that came to find me. Thus, he was still somewhat worried about his Zerg.

“Do these star pirates have a more ferocious reputation than the Black Sands, which is why we need to mobilize more power?” The chief of staff might’ve told him that the enemies could be easily suppressed but Gu Huai was still cautious.

The Black Sands group had run to provoke Tuser’s Zerg once and were unlucky enough to be hit by Tuser’s Yula fleet. The Zerg side naturally won. At present, several of their captives were still in Tuser’s prison. Gu Huai had learned about this star pirates group from the two human officers. Now the star pirates group that appeared n the next galaxy were known to be a 6th ranked criminal group while the Black Sands was only ranked 10th.

“I can deploy one more fleet if you want.” The chief of staff pushed up his glasses.

The two human officers had already seen the exaggerated Zerg combat force. Hearing this conversation, their mouths twitched and they wanted to raise their hands to cover their eyes. They even felt a bit sorry for the group of star pirates in the next galaxy. When it came to ‘ferocity’, how could there be a fiercer existence than the Zerg in the entire universe?

The two human officers were silent for a few seconds. They opened their mouths and were unable to speak, so they silently held these words in their stomach. After the rescue force finished gathering, Gu Huai got on Alves’ Yula warship. He touched the cold bulkhead and said, “We are going to save our neighbours now.”

The Yula warship responded with a series of clicks and the ship’s body slightly shook. The Yula warship was very excited. it would be happy as long as it could carry Gu Huai, regardless of whatever place in the universe it took Gu Huai to.

The rescue force set off from Tuser. At the same time, in the next galaxy, the Popolts were struggling under the attack of the star pirates and became increasingly panicked and desperate. The Star Alliance had sent rescue troops but it was still several galaxies away. Even if they travelled at full speed, it would take more than one day. However, the Popolts couldn’t even defend themselves for half a day.

They were facing the Griffin star pirates, who would occasionally take weak planets as the goal. They would start burning, killing and looting after taking over the planet. Since the star pirates’ capture and evacuation speed was extremely rapid every time and their combat effectiveness was excellent, the Star Alliance’s troops hadn’t been able to capture the star pirates smoothly. This meant their reward money kept rising.

If their planet’s defenses were really broken then they would face the same fate as those invaded by the star pirates. As their warships sank and the planet’s defenses collapsed at a speed visible to the naked eye, the inhabitants of Noam shivered with fear while hearing the planet’s alarm.

At this moment, they didn’t know what else to do except to pray. However, praying was useless. The protective layer had been broken.

The top decision makers of Noam were in mourning as the protective layers around the planet disappeared. Next, these star pirates would fire at the planet again and the innocent people of their planet would be injured and killed.

“Are there any races in the area who are willing to respond to our call for help?” A man in the conference room wondered.

No one in the combat room responded to the question. It was obvious that against the Griffin star pirates, no race was kind enough to help out.

The moment they broke through the planet’s protective layer, these star pirates became even more arrogant. They didn’t care about the dead or injured people of the planet. They were happy as long as they could plunder the planet.

“Continue firing.” The leader of the star pirates ordered. “Fire a few more shots in the residential areas so that the Popolts will know they shouldn’t have resisted from the beginning.”

Thanks to the reconnaissance satellites, Noam’s decision makers knew the intentions of the pirates almost immediately. They watched the enemy warships aim at their planet before the beams flashed and the orbital guns started firing! There was no moment more desperate in the world.

At this moment that represented the light of destruction, the Popolts on Noam thought that if someone came to their rescue at this time, the other side must be the greatest benefactor of their lives. However, it was impossible. No one could save them.

The orbital guns were launched in outer space and would take a few seconds to reach the planet’s surface. Once images of the light were sent back by the reconnaissance satellites, the top decision makes in Noam’s combat room chose to close their eyes.

Then time passed. One second, two seconds, three seconds…

The scene of the planet being bombarded by the orbital guns didn’t happen. Both the decision makers of Noam and the star pirates firing the guns were stunned by the unexpected scene and couldn’t immediately respond.

Then they took a closer look and found that it was due to a huge defense matrix placed between the planet and the warships. Who created this defense matrix?

The area distorted due to a warp and the people on both sides found their answer. It was a cold, huge ship… a black Yula warship. No, it wasn’t just one.

In the blink of an eye, a large number of scary Yula warships suddenly filled the outer perimeter of Noam. This group of cold and terrible Yula warships was full of oppression and appeared between Noam and the star pirates, directly separating the two.

Compared to the dense group of Yula warships, this fleet of star pirates suddenly seemed weak and helpless.

The combat strength of both sides couldn’t be compared at all. To describe it, the star pirates’ fleet was like small ants surrounded by a flood. Don’t talk about fighting, they didn’t even have a chance to struggle.

At this time, they might be hostile to each other but the reaction of the Noam people and the star pirates was consistent.


The people on Noam Star were completely frightened. They didn’t want to be attacked by star pirates and they also didn’t want to be surrounded by so many Yula warships! Wasn’t it enough for their planet to be invaded by the star pirates? Now the Zerg came to invade them on the same day?

The star pirates facing these Yula warships were even more frightened than the people of Noam. The arrogance of a few seconds ago was almost completely extinguished. Facing the Yula warships at such a close distance, the first star thieves felt their scalps becoming numb.

Gu Huai was currently in the central Yula warship. He looked at the contract of his own side with the extremely small fleet and couldn’t help raising a hand to scratch his cheek. This… the enemy was only on this scale so weren’t the Zerg doing too much? Gu Huai finally realized this thanks to the visual comparison.

Then the water flooded over the ants. It didn’t take much time. The fleet of star pirates was surrounded by the Zerg warships and soon sunk. They didn’t even have a chance to struggle or escape. This couldn’t be called a battle at all. It was just a one-sided Zerg crushing.

The people of Noam watched the scene through the satellites. They saw the Yula warships wipe out the star pirates and then turned to head straight to the planet. The people of Noam Star were full of horror. Don’t come here!

The moment they got close, they received a signal from the Zerg. A friendly greeting?

「 Hello. 」

Thanks to this friendly greeting, the people of Noam were now frightened in another sense. Only then did the Popolts living on Noam realize that the Zerg had come to their rescue.

At a time when the Star Alliance’s troops were unable to come and other races in the neighbouring galaxies were reluctant to help them—

The Zerg had come to their rescue.


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