INH: Chapter 28

Gu Huai’s understanding of the Star Alliance came from the inheritance information he received when he was on the abandoned planet. Later, once he arrived at Tuser, Gu Huai asked the chief of staff to tell him the specific status of the Star Alliance.

Gu Huai had thought twice about whether to maintain the Zerg’s status quo of zero diplomacy or to join the Star Alliance. He couldn’t make the decision on his own. Before he really expressed his intentions, he questioned the top executives of Tuser, including the chief of staff and Alves.

The feedback was that if the Zerg developed in this direction, they could indeed get many conveniences and benefits. They might also need to take on some corresponding responsibilities but generally speaking, it was more convenient.

As for why Gu Huai came up with this idea when the entire Zerg race had no tendency to contact the Star Alliance, it started from the Zerg race itself. Due to their strength, the development of the Zerg race was going well despite being absolutely independent.

The Zerg had a cold predatory nature. In the old era where various ethnic wars were frequent, the Zerg were said to be the most ferocious race. In the new era, some powerful races joined together to form the Star Alliance and subsequently, other races joined. The Star Alliance started to work to maintain the overall peace of the stars.

In general, this could be regarded as a new era of peace. Even the Zerg couldn’t wage war at random. In addition, the Zerg had occupied many planets in the old era. It took time to develop these planets so they were relatively quiet. They were able to develop on their own and the Zerg had no desire to take the initiative to deal with other races, let alone join the Star Alliance.

Since the Zerg had the cold and cruel label from the old era, other races in the stars didn’t try to establish diplomacy with the Zerg. They were afraid of the Zerg so maintained an attitude of not provoking the Zerg. The absolute independence of the Zerg likely would’ve continued if it wasn’t for Gu Huai’s idea to expose them to other races. Gu Huai felt that even a strong race sometimes couldn’t avoid disasters or dilemmas. There were also dangerous enemies in the universe that might not exist yet. Thus, the Zerg needed allies.

After confirming that establishing diplomatic relations with other races and joining the Star Alliance was beneficial to the Zerg, Gu Huai made a decision. At present, most of the interstellar races thought the Zerg were very dangerous. Gu Huai didn’t want his Zerg to be like those in the sci-fi works of his original world, who were always the villains that everyone fought.

Gu Huai sent the invitation to visit Tuser. The invitation might be semi-coercive but the two human officers accepted the situation. Since the humans wore the metal rings, their allowable range of activity wasn’t much different from average residents on Tuser. They even had access to a terminal that could browse the Star Network. Of course, it was limited to browsing and any other permissions were blocked.

Still, this was good. Shen and Hammer were content and eager to know what was going on outside of Tuser, especially the recent state of the Earth Federation. The moment they entered the Star Network and saw the discussions on it, the two of them became petrified.

[D47 (Nortz Galaxy): Based on what was heard from the Earth Alliance, is it true that the Zerg king was born?]

[z571 (Sopa Galaxy): The combined force of the four Zerg armies isn’t fake. They passed by our planet and scared us.]

[—(Koto Galaxy):  Isn’t it because humans stole their king that the entire army was stationed outside Earth’s defense circle?]

[Yuzi (Solar System): Wow, we are really innocent. This wasn’t done by us humans! It definitely wasn’t humans who did this but the Zerg thought it was us.]

No, they were really humans…

The two human officers covered their faces with pain, worried that the might be expelled from the human race. This was something that both of them did. Not only were many planets frightened, Earth also received pressure from the full Zerg army and they almost fought.

If the inhabitants of these planets and other people on Earth knew that it was caused by the two men, Shen Mu and Hammer felt it was likely they would be written into the history textbooks of the Earth Federation. Specifically, criticisms would be written.

The birth of the king of the Zerg was a cause of concern for many races. They were worried that after the unification of the Zerg under the king, the Zerg would be even more dangerous for them. What did the king of the Zerg look like? This was probably the most talked about topic on the Star Network. Meanwhile, Gu Huai was meeting with the other two army leaders.

Due to the previous incident, his first meeting with the other two leaders of the army was too hasty. He didn’t have time to say more than a few words. Now Gu Huai needed to make good contact with them.

“Will you live on Tuser later?” Gu Huai asked softly, using the same words as when he spoke to Capalia.

Since his body was too large, Simodo couldn’t sit on ordinary seats. The vicious-looking leader of the Fourth Army bowed his head to Gu Huai and spoke without hesitation. “Where you are is where I will be.”

Simodo didn’t like to think in a complicated manner. He was an alpha-class Zerg with great power so he was used to rough problem-solving. For example, now he thought that the must protect Gu Huai and the corresponding question was how to protect him. Simodo chose a very simple and crude way.

Protection meant to always follow and guard the king. This was the most foolproof protection. For this reason, Simodo could give up other things. It was enough for him to focus on protecting Gu Huai. He didn’t need to care about other things.

Simodo also possessed the golden vertical pupils of an alpha-class Zerg. At this time, he looked at Gu Huai without moving. These eyes somehow reminded Gu Huai of the Tak Zerg around him. The other side’s large body also made Gu Huai feel the similarity even more. Yet it was clear that the other side was a Camus Zerg.

“Then settle in Tuser.” Gu Huai nodded.

The eyes of the huge Zerg in front of Gu slightly moved but his body didn’t move. Then he answered in a dull voice, “Simodo will obey your orders.”

Simodo would listen as long as it was Gu Huai’s words. It was because his loyalty was too strong. The ferocious-looking Simodo seemed a bit dull in front of Gu Huai and was in a question and answer mode. No matter what Gu Huai asked, he would respond.

Meanwhile, Aiyi next to him was like a calm lake. His appearance was cold and beautiful as he looked at Gu Huai with eyes that contained no waves.

“This subordinate will also settle down on Tuser.” Aiyi spoke calmly.

The Zerg generally wore combat-friendly outfits such as military uniforms but Aiyi was the exception. The other side was wearing a complicated-looking robe. The cuffs and collars of the robe were embroidered with dark gold patterns and he looked solemn.

Aiyi never fought in close combat. He was born in the Isadore ethnic group and he took full advantage of this identity. No matter what type of battle, he chose to solve it with his own ability.

“Yes.” Gu Huai’s eyes curved. He was very happy with this result.

After completing his contact with the two army leaders, Gu Huai wasn’t in a hurry to start diplomatic matters. He would make sure to incorporate the four armies together in the next few days. Then he led the chief of staff to study all the forces in the interstellar world in order to find targets that were easy to establish a diplomatic relationship with.

First, they should proceed with their neighbours. Gu Huai looked at the star map and drew a circle around a planet next to Tuser’s galaxy. Just as Gu Huai was doing this, he heard footsteps coming from behind him.

The footsteps were very light. Gu Huai turned to look and saw Alves walking quietly toward him. Alves had deliberately let Gu Huai hear these footsteps or else there would be no sound at all. He just didn’t want to appear silently to scare the other person. Alves walked slowly to Gu Huai and extended a hand to Gu Huai. He spread open his palm and presented a flower to Gu Huai.

“The flower you wanted,” Alves stated, his beautiful face very cold.

This was a flower that he had specifically picked from the next galaxy’s planet. The fact that he was willing to accept Gu Huai’s request meant his attitude toward Gu Huai wasn’t indifferent. Gu Huai said that exact same flower as last time so Alves brought back the same pure white flower as before. Even the petal shapes were almost identical.

Gu Huai also found this and took the flower from Alves’ open hand. “In fact, it is enough as long as it is the same species.”

“You told me it should be exactly the same.”

Gu Huai couldn’t refute this. He raised his eyes to meet Alves’ golden pupils and felt helpless against some of the serious aspects of this big silver cat. However, it was this seriousness that made people feel like he was cute, although this adjective might not be suitable for the tall, handsome and indifferent silver-haired Zerg dressed in a military uniform.

“If there is a next time, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same. It just needs to look similar.” Gu Huai started to correct his words.

“Yes,” Alves responded in a low voice.

After these days, Gu Huai had discovered something about the four army leaders. The findings could be simply summed up as the other three army leaders felt varying degrees of wariness towards Alves.

This was due to Alves’ instability. Capalia and the others thought Alves had a lack of obedience towards Gu Huai and it was easy for him to lose control. Therefore, they were on guard when Alves approached him.

“Will you get out of control and hurt me?” Gu Huai suddenly asked the silver-haired Zerg standing in front of him.

The arc of Alves’ lips flattened. “No.”

Gu Huai nodded, easily expressing his trust.

“I’ll protect you until you ask me to leave,” Alves declared in a cold voice.

Gu Huai looked at this obedient silver cat and didn’t want Alves to go out of control. Thus, Gu Huai said, “Always protect me.”

Hearing these words, Alves’ light gold pupils shrunk. He was still expressionless but his side profile seemed slightly tense.

Alves gazed at the black-haired youth in front of him and responded after a while. “En.”

Gu Huai thought that the first diplomatic target should start with their neighbours. Before he could transmit a friendly signal, the planet he had circled on the star map encountered trouble. They were the star pirates that planets were familiar with. This time, the star pirates weren’t content to rob trade ships and thought about attacking a planet. Since the race that lived on this planet wasn’t strong and they lived close to Zerg territory,  they weren’t close to any other races.

This was very convenient for the star pirates. Sometimes, star pirates would come to rob trade ships. Previously, they would withdraw after robbing the ships. However, they robbed the ships so many times that their appetite gradually increased.

The planet besieged by the star pirates happened to be Noam and the race that lived on the planet were the Popolts. The Popolts had sent a signal to the Star Alliance as they were surrounded by the star pirates but the Star Alliance’s peacekeepers weren’t stationed near Zerg territory. It would take them some time to rush here and the planet’s fragile defenses would soon be unable to resist the attack of the star pirates.

There were no powerful races in the area that would come to help them. They couldn’t even think about the Zerg. Thus, the Popolts automatically gave up hope. It was already good that the Zerg didn’t come to invade them. It was impossible to dream that the Zerg would come and rescue them.

However, at this time, black Yula warships filled the sky of Tuser’s airport. There was a large number and formed an oppressive atmosphere. They knew the Zerg were going on a rescue operation but looking at this extremely exaggerated scene, the two human officers couldn’t help their mouths twitching.

According to this fleet, don’t talk about scaring the star pirates to death. It was estimated that the planet’s inhabitants would also be scared to death. They would think that the Zerg had also come to attack and were surrounded on both sides.

Didn’t they know that coming out like this was scaring people to death??

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