INH: Chapter 24

Look up a bit.

The military uniform, the silver hair, the cold face and the swaying silver-grey tail, this was truly the leader of the First Zerg Army.

Then look down a bit.

Soft black hair, round black pupils, skin a normal white and a warm body temperature. This was indeed a human.

A human!

Looking at the other person being guarded by Alves, Shen Mu and Hammer had question marks. They at least realized that the young human in front of them wasn’t the captive they thought he was, but—

It was the silver-haired Zerg’s…


Hammer really admired himself. Why was it that in this life and death moment, he couldn’t help filling his brain with the deep live between a Zerg and a human? Thinking of the relationship between humans and Zerg, Hammer even thought of Romeo and Juliet. No, it didn’t seem to be a sadomasochism relationship.

As a top student who attended the Federation’s Military Academy and had outstanding results, Hammer knew a lot about the Zerg, including the taboo of Alves’ eye mask. It was something that could never be touched.

Alves was very militant and fighting seemed to be a very pleasant thing for him. The usually expressionless silver-haired Zerg would occasionally flash a mocking smile in battle. His lips were tightly closed, his tall and straight figure seemed cold and oppressive and the silver-grey tail would swing impatiently from time to time. He was like a dangerous wild animal in a hunting state.

In addition, Alves usually wouldn’t use all his strength in order to make the fighting continue a bit longer. Then once he was touched on the blindfold, he would no longer look so casual. Once the blindfold was removed, the other side seemed to have some loss of control and this was something his enemies couldn’t afford.

Now in front of their eyes, the silver-haired Zerg took the initiative to take off the blindfold and lowered his head to the young man encircled by this tail. He seemed to be looking at the other person to confirm his presence.

In addition, Alves was still sane. He might look sane but there were no signs of getting out of control. Why did they think… he liked the encircled young man very much? Otherwise, how could he give the black fabric that was untied?

This move was tantamount to indicating that only the other side was an exception to his taboo.

The faces of the two men kept changing. They didn’t know if they should feel shocked by the incredible reality or if they should find a decent pit to bury themselves in. What could be more terrible than forcibly abducting the companion of the planet’s owner from Tuser, one of the Zerg’s strongholds? They wouldn’t be wronged even if they died. Their reason for entering the coffin was clearly written on the coffin board.

Meanwhile, on the side of the awake Gu Huai. In fact, he was a bit unaccustomed to this position but then he thought about how he made the Zerg worry and quietly allowed Gu Huai to hold him. Alves wasn’t in a hurry to deal with the two humans who escaped. He first swept his eyes over Gu Huai from head to toe. Then his eyes stopped on the bruise on Gu Huai’s arm.

Hammer followed Alves’ line of sight, saw the bruise and his heart suddenly stopped. It might be from when he previously pushed the young man to the ground. They accidentally bumped into him and…

The bruise wasn’t obvious but it was enough to make Alves slightly narrow his eyes. Then he looked at the two humans in front of him and the pale gold pupils were emotionless.

He had no interest in fighting the two humans. Alves stretched out his hand and was ready to crush their heads directly. Alves’ speed when reaching out was slow. It was because he wanted to make the two men feel a sense of fear rather than quickly end their lives.

The powerful suppression ability directly pinned the two people in place. They saw the Zerg’s hand stretch out towards them and from an aesthetic point of view, the other side’s fingers clearly looked good and beautiful.

However, in the eyes of the two men whose lives were being threatened, the hand that reached out to them was terrible. It was near. It was getting closer—

The two human officers couldn’t move or close their eyes. Their pupils enlarged as the hand came closer. Just as the hand was about to touch them, Shen Mu and Hammer saw the young man grab the silver-haired Zerg’s hand.

It couldn’t be considered as holding down the hand because the young man obviously didn’t use any force. He just put his hand on the back of the Zerg’s hand to show the meaning of stopping. Alves’ hand didn’t move. The Zerg in front of them was expressionless. The side profile of his face was particularly cold but he complied with the young man’s request.

‘How powerful,’ Hammer sighed. He was still caught in the cross-racial love script when the sky was torn apart and three Yula warships appeared. This made the two human officers completely freeze and their minds were numb.

The three Yula warships with an outstanding appearance belonged to the leaders of the Zerg army, plus Alves standing in front of them. The three warships appearing here at the same time meant that all four Zerg armies had come to the planet together.

The Yula warships of the Zerg leaders had a transmission device set up in advance. The energy crystal needed to start the transmission device was worthy one or two planets and it took a lot of time to set up the device against after use. Thus, this transmission device couldn’t be used easily.

The problem was that the three Yula warships were clearly using the transmission in this direction. What the hell was this? Why was the script wrong?

The two people who suffered too much mental shock in one day opened their mouths. They couldn’t make any noise as they looked at the sky in a dumbfounded manner. Then three different high-grade Zerg appeared in front of them. They were all alpha-class Zerg and the leaders of the Zerg armies.

The bony wings and knife-like left hand were the symbols of the Second Army’s leader, Capalia.

Next to her was a face covered with light grey-patterns. The cold face and higher-grade heavy robe weren’t difficult to recognize. This was the Third Army’s leader Aiyi.

Finally, there was a very large body that was almost as tall as two people. He was covered with heavy armour and this was the Fourth ARmy’s leader, Simodo.

Don’t mention their scalps being numb. Shen Mu and Hammer at the scene simply felt like their scalps were going to blow up.

After arriving at the scene, Capalia first confirmed Gu Huai’s safety. Then she glanced at Gu Huai’s empty neck. Since it was summer on this planet, Gu Huai wasn’t wearing the previous thick clothes and it was obvious that something was missing. Capalia discovered this and moved closer to the two humans who had been suppressed and couldn’t move. Then she pulled the blond man’s hand with a cold face.

Hammer thought his arm was going to be directly ripped off by the other side but the Tak Zerg only opened his fingers and took the mech button from his hand. Then she searched his pocket for an energy crystal.

Regarding these two things, Hammer had been waiting for Gu Huai to wake up to return them to him. He didn’t expect Gu Huai to wake up and the sudden emergency to begin, delaying this matter.

The next scene was even more incredible. The two human officers saw the female Zerg hold the mech button and energy crystal and approach the young man. Her expression was cold but her actions were careful as she gently put the mech button back on the young man’s neck.

After wearing the necklace, she put the energy crystal back into the young man’s hands.

“Are you missing anything else?” Capalia asked with a cold expression. She was staring at the two humans with icy eyes but her questioning voice was as soft as possible. She would never allow anyone to take anything from her own king, let along the toy ball that the baby liked. This was unforgivable in the eyes of any Zerg.

You…? Their ears caught these words and the two humans present squirmed.

“No.” Gu Huai shook his head. He didn’t have much on him.

Lisa was Capalia’s deputy and most certainly flew on the same ship as her. She quickly jumped off the ship and rushed over. Lisa smiled. “I haven’t seen you in a long time. It is nice to see you again.

If they didn’t look at the scene, Shen Mu and Hammer might really feel that the female Zerg in front of them was happily greeting them. The smile on the other person’s face was gentler than any smile they had seen before.

However, this gentleness didn’t make them feel relaxed. Rather, they became colder. They translated the other person’s words and felt the real meaning was: I haven’t seen you (caught you) in a long time. It is nice to see you again (die in peace).


“Your Majesty.”

It was the first meeting. Despite the terrible scene, Aiyi and Simodo still chose to offer their loyalty to the king at the moment of meeting. Thus, they got down on one knee in front of Gu Huai. Looking at this scene, the two human officers almost stopped beating. Then they felt a bit dizzy.

King… what king? What was ‘Your Majesty’?

The young human man was the king of the Zerg. The two of them had forcibly abducted the Zerg king to another planet? Was this reality?

The two people’s eyes became empty once they discovered the truth. This stimulation was too big and their expressions became erratic. What could be more terrible than forcibly abducting the companion of the planet’s owner from Tuser, one of the Zerg’s stronghold…

The two of them directly entering Zerg territory to abduct the most precious and important treasure of the Zerg. They just wanted to find a decent pit to bury themselves. Now Shen Mu and Hammer felt that they should stop looking for a pit. They should dig at one spot and casually bury themselves.

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