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INH: Chapter 25

The king was found and the next step was to dispose of the prisoners. What to do about them?

The body shape that made people feel like it was a giant mountain belonged to the leader of the Fourth Army, Simodo. His vertical pupils stared at the two humans in front of him. He could either twist off their heads or tear off the limbs of the humans before twisting off their head…

Simodo examined the bodies of the two humans like looking at two fish on the chopping board. He used his already fierce face to show a ferocious expression to these two humans. He couldn’t help baring his teeth to them.

Thinking about this, Simodo was ready to pull off the heads of the two humans as a gift to the king. Then at this time, his clothes were suddenly pulled. This pull made Simodo pause. He reflexively got rid of the fierce expression on his face and turned back to the young man pulling at his clothes. “Do you have an order for this subordinate?”

Since his appearance was inherently vicious, Simodo couldn’t make a gentle expression. He deliberately converged his expression but his entire body became a bit dull. This made Gu Huai think about how to care for his Tak Zerg.

“They didn’t do anything to me…” Gu Huai pondered on the appropriate words that wouldn’t make his Zerg so depressed. “They thought I was a human and that I was also a captive on Tuser. Thus, they brought me here and didn’t do anything bad to me.”

This could be considered a mishap. Since he understood that this was caused by the two humans wanted to protect him, Gu Huai hoped these two people could live.

This protective mentality might just be because they misunderstood his identity but in terms of the behaviour of the two men alone, the action of wanting to protect someone else in a moment of crisis was truly worthy of admiration.

However, from the standpoint of the Zerg, Gu Huai knew how anxious the unintentional behaviour of these two humans had caused to the Zerg who loved him. Gu Huai couldn’t imagine how anxious the Zerg had been to find him.

“I’m sorry I worried you,” Gu Huai spoke in a low voice. If he hadn’t slept due to the advancement in his spiritual strength, this wouldn’t have happened.

The moment they heard Gu Huai say this, the Zerg basically changed their expressions.

“You don’t need to apologize.” The kneeling Aiyi bowed, the two black horns covered by grey hair exposed in front of Gu Huai. He spoke with a quiet expression, “Protecting you is our wish but we failed to do so. The error was also due to us. You did nothing wrong.”

Aiyi spoke and the rest of the Zerg present acquiesced.

Simodo inquired, “Do you want to protect these two men?”

Gu Huai looked at the two people set in place and nodded lightly.

“Then leave it.” As if commenting on something unimportant, Simodo nodded at Gu Huai’s words and soon followed.

The ferocious-looking Fourth Army leader listened obediently to what Gu Huai said. It was because he felt that the Camus ethnic group he originated from was more mediocre than the other ethnic groups. He didn’t have a prominent ability among the four army leaders so the way in which Simodo expressed his loyalty to Gu Huai was more direct. In other ways, he would at least offer unreserved loyalty.

These two human lives were saved. Gu Huai looked at the two people and had a thought. Since he intended to let the Zerg extend diplomacy, they would one day come into contact with humans. The relationship between the Zerg and the human race wasn’t good. This was a legacy of the old era and wasn’t easy to resolve.

Gu Huai wanted to get to know the interstellar humans through these two people. He thought about it before ordering, “Invite them to Tuser.”

The moment Gu Huai spoke, Alves kept encircling him with the tail and glanced at the two humans in front of him with no expression. Then he issued an order to his deputy. “Take them back to Tuser.”

Then Alves walked in the direction of the warship with the young man in his arms. It was a steady pace that maintained his usual coldness and calm, as if his mood hadn’t been impacting by this incident.

Alves’ expression might be blank but Gu Huai could detect that the other side was still angry. That’s why Gu Huai was motionless and let Alves hold him. In a normal state, he would certainly ask to walk himself.

Gu Huai observed Alves’ expression for a while and decided that he would keep quiet and not move before returning to Tuser. Alves was probably aware of his sight and suddenly stopped, lowering his head.

Gu Huai stared at the beautiful gold vertical pupils. His mood was cold, making the coldness in the light gold eyes even more obvious. Alves looked at him like this and Gu Huai couldn’t help wanting to coax the other person.

Gu Huai actively touched the ring on the tail and tentatively called out Alves’ nickname. “Chirp?”

Gu Huai’s voice was so low that he felt the nickname couldn’t be heard by anyone else. Alves hung his head and didn’t say a word when he heard the name but his tail moved involuntarily.

“Let’s go back to Tuser, I’m hungry.” Due to advancing in his mental strength, he had slept for a day and hadn’t eaten anything during this period. Now he was really hungry.

“Okay.” Alves quickly replied when he heard Gu Huai’s voice.

Obedience was obedience but that didn’t prevent Alves from writing another note about the two humans. He held the young person safely in his arms. Once he came to the door of the warship, he turned around and squinted at the two humans brought to the warship. This was a hunter looking at his prey but due to Gu Huai’s request, Alves only looked at them.

Gu Huai still didn’t have a correct understanding of the Zerg’s auditory abilities. His conversation with Alves had completely entered the ears of the other Zerg. They were initially surprised that Alves didn’t mind being called by the nickname. Then they heard the latter words and their unanimous response was to give a worse look to the two humans they were staring at.

These two humans had abducted the king and didn’t even give him food to eat! According to the birth time, their king was a baby who had just broken out of the shell. He hadn’t even finished eating the eggshell yet. Now these two humans made the baby hungry.

At this thought, the Zerg grinded their teeth angrily. Some of them even let out squeaking sounds.

Shen Mu and Hammer didn’t know they were being stared at by the Zerg with these eyes because they were still muddled. They were still digesting the fact that they abducted the king of the Zerg and even more baffled by the subsequent development.

Low-grade Zerg couldn’t jump off the warship before it landed on the ground. It wasn’t easy to eat for the warship to land and then the more than 20 Tak Zerg on Alves’ warship almost immediately arrived in front of Gu Huai.

Seeing these Tak Zerg, Gu Huai was going to settle down and let Alves hold him but he had to move. Gu Huai approached these Tak Zerg and first touched their sharp forearms before carefully appeasing them. “I’m fine. There are no injuries and nothing.”

For these Tak, there was nothing worse than watching the young person in their care being taken away from them. These Tak Zerg had been in a frenzy and were still feeling extreme anger until they saw Gu Huai.

However, no matter how angry they were, the baby was the most important. These Tak Zerg immediately formed a guard ring around Gu Huai when they saw him. Then they used their scarlet eyes to stare at the two humans not far away.

Seeing that he couldn’t appease them, Gu Huai thought for a moment before hugging the Tak Zerg one by one. These Tak Zerg’s huge body and Gu Huai could only half their forearms. This scene was like a rabbit holding a giant carrot several times larger than their body. The moment Gu Huai did this, the violently angry Tak Zerg were finally pacified and let out low hissing sounds.

The appearance of these low-grade Tak Zerg was more frightening than that of the high-grade Zerg with humanoid forms. Nevertheless, this scene revealed a type of warmth and shocked the two humans personally observing it.

The Zerg could have such emotions? It was just like parents cherishing their baby. In this scene, the Tak Zerg’s love for the young man they were surrounding was obvious with one glance.

Finding this, Shen Mu and Hammer had wide-open mouths. They suddenly felt like they had done something very excessive. It wasn’t in terms of the seriousness of this situation but from the view of human nature.

If these low-grade Tak Zerg were parents then the action of the two of them was equivalent to taking a baby from their parents. It was no wonder that these Tak Zerg went crazy.

“…I’m sorry, it is our fault.” It wasn’t intentional but Shen Mu and Hammer chose to sincerely apologize.

The Zerg and humans were different but some things could be measured with the same ruler. As long as they thought about how parents in human society felt when their children were stolen by bad people, Hammer and Shen Mu could understand the current feelings of these Tak Zerg.

The sincere apology made the eyes of the surrounding Zerg warm up slightly but the difference wasn’t big and it was still a negative temperature.

Gu Huai and the Tak Zerg came to the Yula warship belonging to Alves and the Yula warship immediately shifted its warship lights to blue.

“Kada, kada—!”

This was the first time the two humans had seen the Zerg’s Yula warship at such a close range. They had heard that the Yula warship was a self-conscious living thing but they were really surprised to see it.

However, there was an even more surprising thing waiting for them. The moment they approached, the lights of the Yula warships immediately shifted.

“Kada—!” It was a red light.

The huge ship made a noise and then somehow moved, the huge Yula warship raising the dust on the ground to cover the two humans in front of it.

“…” The two humans received a pile of dust from thin air and fell into a deep silence. Now even the warships didn’t want to see them. In short, it was tragic.

Gu Huai looked at this scene and coughed twice. He touched the hatch of the Yula battleship and slowed down his voice. “Let them come in.”

After accepting Gu Huai’s touch, the Yula warship slightly shook its body. Then in the face of the two humans, it reluctantly gave them a green light.

Shen Mu and Hammer, who were guarded all the way to the Yula warship, looked at the black-haired man in front of them with the harmless appearance. They couldn’t believe that this person was the supreme ruler of the fierce and brutal Zerg.

Still, it was true. The moment they entered the Yula battleship, the reaction of the two human officers wasn’t to mourn their return to Tuser but to think—

They had been captured by the star pirates, captured by the Zerg, escaped and abducted the king of the Zerg to another planet, was hunting down by the entire Zerg army…

Yet the two of them miraculously survived.


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