INH: Chapter 13

At the very beginning, when she received that short-lived spiritual link, Capalia’s first act was to send out troops to look for it.

Indeed, solely based on that distant and fleeting spiritual link, Capalia hadn’t been aware of how important the owner of the link was to her. However, women also had intuition. This intuition told Capalia that she should start searching and she reacted accordingly.

It was just that the troops she sent out never found the target. Capalia also didn’t receive a second spiritual link so the instinct to search weakened. At least, until this moment.

On another planet, Gu Huai was feeling slightly stuck. It was because he didn’t know which one of the three army leaders he had connected to and didn’t know what to call the other person.

“Um, you… how are you doing?” The moment he said this, Gu Huai couldn’t help being silent for a moment. He felt that the opening statement was too awkward.

The voice conveyed to her consciousness was clean and soft. The syllables didn’t disappear quickly and instead formed complete words. Hearing this sound, the perfectly controlled knife form of the female Zerg’s left hand once again shook. The meeting room’s table, which had already been split apart, once again suffered another hit and lay severely damaged on the ground.

The other high-grade Zerg in the meeting room didn’t know the situation and could only stand to the side in amazement. They didn’t dare come forward to inquire.

Based on their understanding, the leader of the Second Army might be a Tak Zerg but she rarely showed the fierce side of the Tak Zerg. She was very calm and once angry, she showed the opposite of anger with coldness. It was like magma hidden under the ice. Her cold anger made the enemy feel even more terrible.

Now, the other Zerg in the room found that Capalia’s calm was shaken and it was in an obvious manner. This link was one-way and the two sides were so far away that Gu Huai couldn’t tell the reaction of the Zerg who received the link. After a somewhat awkward opening, Gu Huai decided to directly speak his mind.

「 Would you like to come to Tuser? I am on this planet and if I can, I want to meet you. 」

Gu Huai said this and waited a bit before cutting off the link. Then he couldn’t help yawning. Some physiological tears emerged from the corner of Gu Huai’s eyes, turning them slightly red. He raised a hand to rub his eyes.

At this point, a never before seen request for foreign communication was sent to the terminal of the chief of staff. This communication request showed that the sender’s coordinates was Tamir in the Rhine Galaxy. The chief of staff looked cautious. Then he saw the silver-haired Zerg nodding at him and he accepted the communication request.

The moment the communication was connected, a frosty-faced female Zerg appeared on the communication screen. Those who could advance to human form generally didn’t have bad looks. The female Zerg who appeared on the communication screen at this time could be said to have grown very well.

However, this beauty was so cold that the first reaction when seeing her was fear, not appreciation. After all, the other side was a Tak Zerg and an alpha-grade one. This alone had its own deterrent.

Through the communication screen, the distant Capalia captured a strange figure with her eyes. The young man sitting next to the silver-haired Zerg had soft and fluffy black hair. A few strands of hair were swaying disobediently and the messiness gave off a bit of cuteness.


The other high-grade Zerg present in the Tamir meeting room watched the communication screen and wondered why their leader had suddenly sent a message to Tuser. The four armies of their race stayed independent of each other and usually completely refused contact. No one cared about the friction but they wouldn’t question their superiors’ orders.

It was only when they saw the dark-haired youth sitting down on the communication screen that the high-grade Zerg felt doubts. He had no Zerg features and his pupils were round. The young man sitting down was human. Then why was a human on Tuser and why was he being treated so well? Their relationship with humans wasn’t that great.

However, the high-grade Zerg in the Tamir meeting room somehow couldn’t take their eyes off the youth on the communication screen. It was as if there was a huge magnetic force attracting them. Their hearts thumped inside their chest cavity more powerful than ever, until the pounding filled their eardrums.

It was a very strange feeling. Even if they couldn’t recognize this person immediately thanks to the virtual image, their strong racial instincts continued to tell them who was present before their eyes.

Capalia noticed the truth faster than the high-grade Zerg around her. The moment she saw the wet and red eyes of the young person on the seat, Capalia’s immediate response was anger and her expression became cold in a flash.

It was hard for Zergs to understand tears and crying but there was a deputy around Capalia who was good at imitating human feelings. Therefore, Capalia understood that for people of other races, crying was usually a sign of sadness. They wept because they suffered something.

“What are you sad about?” Capalia asked in an almost freezing tone as she fixed her gaze on the person showing on the communication screen.

Her sharp, knife-shaped left hand drew a deep crack on the meeting room floor. If the damaged meeting room couldn’t be seen then people might think the other side was still very calm based on Capalia’s expression.

Sad? Gu Huai was stunned. For a moment, he failed to understand where the other person had got this idea.

Gu Huai didn’t immediately respond and the female Zerg on the other side was quietly waiting. After a few seconds, Gu Huai realized it was because he had rubbed his eyes and quickly explained, “No… I’m not sad. I’m just a bit sleepy.”

Building a spiritual link consumed mental strength and Gu Huai couldn’t afford to squander mental strength during his baby state.

This didn’t mean that Gu Huai’s mental strength was very weak. On the contrary, Gu Huai’s current mental strength was very high compared to ordinary Zerg.

Being able to establish a spiritual link between two planets so far apart was the best proof of his mental strength. It was just that the current consumption of such a long-distance spiritual link was too much for Gu Huai right now.

Capalia frowned for a few seconds after hearing the answer. Then the cold expression on her face eased.

The Zerg born into the Tak ethnic group were considered fierce even by the same race, not to mention the eyes of the other interstellar races. Nevertheless, Gu Huai liked the Tak Zerg because he was protected by them when he first came into the world. This would naturally produce dependence.

Gu Huai saw the knife-shaped left hand of the female Zerg and couldn’t help feeling a bit more closeness. He heard from Alger that most Tak Zerg chose to keep the knife-like forearms when they advanced to humanoid form. If Karu could advance to human form then it should be the same…

Gu Huai had this thought and turned to look at the Tak guarding him. The moment he looked at them, they made a low hissing sound.

What did the baby want? The Tak felt Gu Huai’s line of sight and naturally came up with this thought, so they made a sound of inquiry.

Gu Huai understood the meaning of these Tak Zerg and gently shook his head with a smile. If these Tak Zerg could advance to human form with a higher intelligence then it would be very good. However, low-grade Zerg didn’t have the ability to advance to human form and this made Gu Huai feel very sorry.

Gu Huai hid his regret and sadness as he looked up at the communication screen. “Would you like to come to Tuser Star?”

He had previously asked on the spiritual link but he hadn’t heard an answer, so Gu Huai asked again. Capalia shifted her gaze to the silver-haired Zerg next to Gu Huai before looking back at Gu Huai. “This subordinate is going now.”

“I’ll only bring the minimum-sized fleet, you can rest assured.” Capalia continued coldly, her words for the Zerg around the young man.

Once the communication ended, the group of subordinates looked at Capalia with expectant eyes. Capalia told her deputy, Lisa, you come with me to Tuser.”

“Yes.” The named female Zerg answered with a smile. Compared to the other Zerg, she had a really rich variety of emotions and expressions. She seemed a bit out of place in such a group of cold-faced Zerg.

“The rest of you will compete among yourselves. We set sail in 10 minutes.” Capalia dropped this sentence and left the meeting room.

In fact, she didn’t want to wait 10 minutes. Capalia wanted to immediately rush to Tuser Star. Delaying it for even one second longer made her heart burn.

On the other side, the top seven executives of Tuser felt a bit of worry because of this communication. The leader of the Second Army seemed to have a good attitude towards the king. This was good but…

The king was found by their First Army and brought back to Tuser Star. How could another Zerg army come and grab the king’s attention?

It would take at least two days to travel from Tamir to Tuser. During this time, they would let all the Zerg on Tuser know that the king was staying on their planet. They had to let the Zerg on their own planet be happy before the other armies came.

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