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INH: Chapter 12

The white milky liquid that was the special Zerg brand of baby milk was placed in front of Gu Huai. The moment Gu Huai reached out to touch this milk-filled glass, he obviously felt that the eyes of the Zerg around him were a bit brighter. Even the Tak Zerg who saw Gu Huai eating the eggshell now had narrowed scarlet vertical pupils as their eyes directly focused on Gu Huai’s body.

The only exception was probably Alves, who was sitting next to Gu Huai. Both physically and psychologically, Gu Huai’s performance was undoubtedly in line with an adult state. Therefore, only Alves had met the young man as a newly born baby who just broke out of the shell.

Alves briefly observed and saw the other side as a Zerg like him. In fact, the other Zerg also understood this but they were different from Alves. They had a type of crazy parents’ mentality towards Gu Huai and always considered the other person as a baby.

Their king had just been born a few days ago. He was naturally still a baby! They might rationally understand the facts but a parents’ mentality was hard to remove from their hearts, causing the current situation.

Gu Huai held the cup of Zerg brand special baby milk. Under the eyes of the Zerg, he felt a sense of shame overcoming him. It was obviously just a cup of milk. It was nothing to drink ordinary milk. He also wasn’t drinking from a milk bottle so there was nothing to be ashamed of.

In this way, Gu Huai psychologically prepared himself. Gu Huai was just about to drink from the cup of milk and the cup had already touched his lips when he suddenly heard the chief of staff tentatively ask, “Can this subordinate record a video of you eating?”

The chief of staff was holding a micro-device that could be used as a recording tool. He barely maintained his cool as he pushed up his glasses and waited for Gu Huai’s answer.

Gu Huai wanted to cover his eyes. He suddenly thought of his original world when a senior screenwriter he knew cheerfully recorded a video of his two year old child eating a chicken leg and sent it to Gu Huai.

Gu Huai’s psychologically prepared mind collapsed a bit at this comparison but he used his strong mentality to glue it back together again. It was mainly that seeing this group of Zerg obviously looking forward to it, Gu Huai really found it difficult to refuse.

“Yes,” Gu Huai compromised and nodded.

Gu Huai nodded and the chief of staff started to operate the micro-recording device. Gu Huai reluctantly didn’t look at this recorder as he raised the cup of milky liquid to his mouth and drank.

After being mixed with the Pubano tree sap, this Zerg brand baby milk was sweet but it wouldn’t make people feel it was too sweet. It was similar to light sweet milk. Since he was being watched, Gu Huai quickly drank the cup of milk before putting it down.

After finishing this task, Gu Huai found that the group of Zerg around him seemed to be staring at his face. Gu raised a hand to touch his face doubtfully and finally touched some milk stains on his mouth. He was drinking so fast that he accidentally got some on his mouth.

Gu Huai didn’t know if it was his illusion. He saw a trace of regret on the faces of the Zerg when he wiped off the milk stain around his mouth.

The king with his mouth stained with milk was particularly cute but they only saw it for a few seconds. Still, there was a thought that this video had been recorded and the group of high-grade Zerg were secretly happy again. The video recorded by this device was able to present as a hologram during playback. It looked exactly the same as reality, except there were no bodies.

After the staple food, Gu Huai glanced at the other dishes on the table. To tell the truth, he didn’t know these ingredients or how to even eat them. For example, near his left hand was something that looked like a white conch but it was completely closed and had no openings. Gu Huai poked it with his chopsticks and only found a layer of hard shell.

Gu Huai put the food in his mouth and bit it hard, but nothing happened except for the ‘clink’ of his teeth against the hard shell.

“How to eat this?” Gu Huai asked the nearest Zerg, Alves sitting next to him.

Hearing Gu Huai’s question, the Zerg around him realized that the king couldn’t bite such food. The Nomick fish that was cooked would have a calcified surface layer. Even newborn Zergs could bite it but the youth in front of them clearly couldn’t bite it.

Alves didn’t speak and just took the Nomick fish that had been bitten by Gu Huai. Then he easily cracked the hard calcium surface, removed the fish bones one by one and finally placed the delicious meat on Gu Huai’s plate.

Then the expressionless silver-haired Zerg spoke in a low and slow voice. “This is a Nomick fish. Once the body is exposed to high temperatures, the surface layer will calcify and it can easily be eaten after knocking on the shell.”

This type of food turned out to be fish. Gu Huai felt very strange and picked up a piece of fish from the plate to tr it. The long-lost taste of normal food immediately made Gu Huai take two more mouthfuls.

Next, the silver-haired Zerg next to him helped him deal with all the food that caught his fancy.

This was the first time the other high-grade Zerg present had seen their own leader so submissive and talkative.

Gu Huai was eating contentedly when Leo suddenly spoke from the group of onlookers. “Chief of staff, didn’t you say that you wanted to resign? If you resign then I am willing to take your place.”

Gu Huai raised his head and looked at the chief of staff standing near him, asking in a wondering tone, “Ellis, why are you resigning?”

The chief of staff was responsible for the planet’s government affairs, allowing Tuser to be so well managed. Gu Huai naturally didn’t want the other person to resign and leave.

“No, I don’t want to resign.” The chief of staff calmly replied but his hasty actions when pushing up his glasses revealed his heart. “This subordinate will stay on Tuser and build your favourite home for you.”

The position of chief of staff allowed him regular contact with the king. Ellis had no intention of resigning at all and wanted to stay on Tuser forever.

Earlier, the position of chief of staff required dealing with a lot of government affairs. Ellis had told his six colleagues that he was resigning and asked if anyone wanted to take his place. They all refused. Now that the king was on Tuser, his colleagues wanted to take his place. How could there be such a thing? The chief of staff firmly secured his spot and won’t leave it.

“Yes, don’t quit.” Gu Huai’s eyes curved a bit.

Gu Huai was full and wiped his mouth clean. His sleepiness hadn’t caught up to him so he sat up and requested of the chief of staff, “Ellis, tell me the specific situation of our race.”

Gu Huai might’ve leaned some information about the interstellar era and the Zerg through his inheritance but he only knew the basic outline of most things.

“Okay. “The chief of staff nodded as he quickly thought about where to start.

“Before Your Majesty was born, the alpha class Zerg were the apex of our race. There are four Zerg of this class, of which Lord Alves is one of them. The current situation of our race is that the four alpha Zerg, including Lord Alves, are in charge of their respective armies. The armies don’t interfere with each other and will occupy their respective territories, maintaining an independent state. A handful of times, there will be some friction.”

Gu Huai listened carefully and quickly turned the words he heard into a simpler message. In other words, the alpha class Zerg didn’t agree with each other so the four alphas at the top had command of their own followers. Internally, the Zerg were in a current split state.

“That is to say, our race is now divided?” Gu Huai asked after analyzing it.

“Yes, split into four…” the chief of staff responded positively while feeling guilty. They couldn’t give the king a unified race. Currently, they were only one quarter of the race. In addition, he had no idea about the attitude of the other three Zerg armies to the king. They might be the same race but the chief of staff couldn’t let go of his vigilance. It would be best if they loved the king but if that wasn’t so…

After all, they chose different people to follow when they first had the choice. This fully showed the differences within the same race. The Zerg of the First Army were willing to surrender to the king but the Zergs of the other three armies might not necessarily be willing to do so, especially the captains.

Gu Huai had a headache after knowing about the split. He had been thinking about changing the Zerg’s isolation from the other races. Now it seemed he must first resolve the internal division. If he didn’t bring together the four Zerg armies then nothing else would work.

The silver-haired Zerg whispered at this time, as if feeling the youth’s anxiety. “Forced reunification isn’t impossible.”

Due to his militant personality, Alves always thought of fighting first rather than solving problems in a gentle way. Forced unification was easier and more direct in his eyes than an uncertain moderate method.

The chief of staff stood silently and acknowledged it. From his view, Alves was undoubtedly the most powerful of the four alpha Zerg. If it wasn’t for their leader being disinterested in government affairs and throwing all his work to the chief of staff, perhaps their race wouldn’t be currently divided and they would all be under Alves’ command.

However, Gu Huai’s thoughts were different. “Maybe… I can try to communicate with one of them first.”

Gu Huai felt that the Zerg of the other three armies should show the same attitude to him. Even if the attitude was different, they shouldn’t hurt him. Since this was Gu Huai’s will, Alves didn’t object. He was just ready to fight. If the Zerg of the other armies weren’t good, he would support this young man to secure the throne.

Communication required spiritual links. Gu Huai couldn’t select targets accurately but the person he wanted to establish a link with was an alpha Zerg. Gu Huai had a skill to distinguish them.

In building the spiritual links, Gu Huai could see countless points of light in his own spiritual field. Each point of light represented a Zerg and the brighter the point, the stronger the Zerg.

Gu Huai could see that the brightest spot of light was right next to him, which was Alves. The other three distant spots that were slightly weaker than Alves should be the commanders of the other three armies.

Gu Huai chose one of them to build a link with. Then after the link was established, he didn’t know what to say to the distant Zerg. This led to the current situation.

“……” The spiritual link continued but the owner of the link said nothing. Only breathing was conveyed.

Due to this, on Tamir Star which was very far away from Tuser, a person listening to their subordinates’ report had shaking hands and cut the black conference table into two halves.

“Lord Capalia?” The conference table was suddenly cut in half. The high-grade Zerg reporting to their leader showed some surprise.

The high-grade Zerg who stood up from the main seat of the conference table was a female. Her left hand was in the shape of a cold knife. This was the ethnic feature preserved by the other side after taking on the advanced humanoid form. Only her right hand looked like a normal human hand.

The leader of the Second Army, Capalia was the only woman among the four army leaders and she was a Tak Zerg. Knowing that the voice would be directly conveyed to her conscious mind, Capalia instinctively increased her auditory ability to the sharpest level.

It was a gesture that would appear in battle but she wasn’t doing it for the sake of fighting. It was just because she was afraid she would miss the message.


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