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INH: Chapter 40

It wasn’t a joke to smash a big hole in the floor. The entire cubicle shook and the alarm in the prison rang.

Gu Huai was caught off guard by this unexpected incident but he was still faster than the others. By the time the prison guards rushed over, he had recovered. He coughed and explained to the staff.

“I’m sorry, nothing happened. We weren’t careful and accidentally smashed the floor. We will be responsible for the maintenance costs and compensation.” Gu Huai was polite while reflexivity turning sideways to block Alves’ silver-grey tail.

However, before Gu Huai blocked it, the staff members noticed the tail. They looked at the place where the floor was significantly dented and couldn’t help being silent for a few seconds.

This was a floor made of special building materials and a general drilling machine couldn’t touch it. How could they make such a pit out of carelessness? If it wasn’t carelessness then why did they smash the floor?

Gu Huai probably read the inner thoughts of the staff members from their silence. He maintained a normal smile and waited for them to leave while glancing at the expression of Alves beside him. There was no doubt that the big cat was unhappy but why…

Gu Huai tried to think about it and a vague idea soon shook his heart. This…

Was he angry because Gu Huai called the two Grey Tower soldiers cute? Alves’ unhappy performance at this time could be called extremely obvious. Gu Huai glanced at the cold side profile and silver-grey tail and felt a bit guilty.

He didn’t know specifically what he was guilty about. Gu Huai thought about how he called this big cat ‘cute’ more than once but now he said it to other people in front of the big cat. It seemed he was somewhat…

Um… he was…

A scum?

The word suddenly popped into his head and Gu Huai couldn’t help being stunned. He felt this word wasn’t quite right but before Gu Huai could think of a suitable alternative, Alves’ tail circled him.

Gu Huai passively leaned back against Alves who had already wrapped a tail around the young man’s body. At this time, Alves raised his left hand that was wearing standard gloves and placed it against Gu Huai’s waist, only leaving his right hand free.

Alves left a hand free because his combat consciousness meant he was ready to fight at any time. There was also one more factor. He needed to protect a person. No matter how you looked at it, this hugging posture showed a type of possession. Alves’ eyes had become even more indifferent to the two Grey Tower soldiers as he glanced at them.

After enclosing Gu Huai in his arms, Alves bowed his eyes and his eyes were fixed on Gu Huai for a long time. Obviously, Alves didn’t say anything at this time. Gu Huai was stared at by the other person’s vertical pupils and the guilty feeling in his heart grew a bit.

“Are you angry…?” It was too late to manage the posture in front of the two men so Gu Huai asked this question.

Alves remained silent and didn’t admit it  but it was clear when the other side didn’t respond to his question. Gu Huai sensed the tail around him tightening a bit. This situation—

Due to a certain feeling of guilt, Gu Huai didn’t struggle against the current position. He stroked the cold tail and lowered his voice. “Don’t be angry.”

However, the big silver cat wasn’t coaxed this time. Gu Huai opened his mouth to say something else but then he saw the two Grey Tower soldiers opposite him and the words didn’t emerge.

“Wait a minute.” Gu Huai nodded apologetically to the two Grey Tower soldiers. It wasn’t easy to let the silver-grey tail around him let go and he led Alves to a corner.

There was a sense of the two of them running to a corner and whispering. Gu Huai blinked and asked seriously, “You aren’t happy because I said the word ‘cute’ to others.”

Alves pursed his mouth and didn’t admit it. The reaction from the other person confirmed Gu Huai’s thoughts. It was really the same as what he thought. Not being happy when hearing him use the same words to praise someone else, this personality was really… exactly like a big cat. Since he knew the reason, it was easier to handle.

“Hmm… then I will never call someone else cute again. I will only say it to you?” Gu Huai took the initiative to stare into Alves’ eyes without avoiding the golden vertical pupils.

The moment his words ended, Gu Huai saw the other side’s eyes slightly shake. Alves might be expressionless at this time but Gu Huai knew the other person wasn’t unresponsive. This method of coaxing was right. After determining the route, Gu Huai continued to say, “You are the cutest.”

This sentence couldn’t be said in front of other people. The moment he said these words, Gu Huai felt his cheeks becoming a bit hot. It was clearly him praising but why was he the one blushing instead of the person being praised? Maybe because it was a bit shameful to say…

Gu Huai found the reason and the temperature of his cheeks slightly lowered.

‘Cute ‘ meant to be loved. Since he understood it in this manner, Gu Huai’s ‘you are the cutest’ was a very powerful sentence for Alves.

Thinking that he needed to respond to this remark but now knowing how to declare it with his mouth, Alves responded by kissing. He lowered his head and gently kissed the young man on the cheek.

Gu Huai felt a gentle touch on his cheek and was surprised. He had previously told Alves that he couldn’t do this but at this time, Gu Huai couldn’t speak because he saw the happy tail showing its happy mood.

Originally, Gu Huai wanted to step back. However, he knew that this was a moment to coax the big cat and didn’t do so. As a result, Alves didn’t just kiss once. Before Gu Huai could react, he was gently kissed several times on the cheek and the last kiss was on his ear.

This happened so suddenly that Gu Huai’s ears and face were red. The situation was so unexpected that Gu Huai couldn’t speak for a long time. Then he thought of the two soldiers waiting for him and took a deep breath, managing to reduce the heat in his face.

This matter had to be ignored for the time being. In fact, it was because Gu Huai didn’t know how to deal with it. He didn’t say anything to Alves and had to go back like nothing happened.

Although Gu Huai tried to behave naturally, the change in their expressions before and after they came back could be seen. In particular, the redness of Gu Huai’s ears hadn’t completely disappeared. Back in the original position, Alves was still half-blocking Gu Huai to protect him. Alves expression was cold but his real mood could be seen from the slightly raised mouth and tail.

“You waited a long time. Let’s get back to business.” Gu Huai’s voice was smooth. He spoke to the two Grey Tower soldiers in front of him with a gentle voice. “I don’t think you’re strange. Since you have the Zerg genes, I feel very kindly toward you.”

Gu Huai then spoke honestly. “I can feel your emotions so I know you have no malice to me. Um… this is also because you have the Zerg genes. If you don’t want me to spy on your mood, I can temporarily block this ability.”

Gu Huai would subconsciously turn on this ability most of the time because the Zerg didn’t mind it. However, these Grey Tower soldiers weren’t Zerg…

“I don’t mind,” Cullen replied first.

Royce didn’t rush to answer because he was a bit unwilling. Then he responded, “I don’t mind, I don’t mind more than he does.”

The answer made Gu Huai smile and his eyes shifted a bit to the left. Once Gu Huai saw the doll placed at the head of the bed, his mood was slightly complicated.

“I hope you can tell me all the known information in regards to the Grey Tower.”

“Okay.” Royce nodded first this time.

In the ace of the Grey Tower soldiers who didn’t take their lives seriously and only wanted to fill the stars with chaos and turmoil, only Gu Huai could make them tell everything they know.

For Cullen and Royce, they wanted to destroy the Star Alliance because they felt there was no room for them among the stars. They wouldn’t be accepted by anyone and didn’t care about anything except destroying the existing order and transforming into monsters.

Now they felt like they still had a meaning for living.The young person in front of them showed a willingness to accept them so they wanted to obey the instincts of the Zerg genes, just like the other Zerg. Still, they only had a part of the Zerg genes and weren’t real Zerg…

Cullen and Royce felt a bit inferior and were desperate to prove their worth to Gu Huai. They soon revealed everything they knew about the Grey Tower. As the leaders of a branch of the Grey Tower organization, Cullen and Royce knew a lot. However, only the core top members at the top of the organization knew the location of the Meteorite.

Gu Huai carefully listened to their words and sorted out the information with a frown. Seeing Gu Huai frown, the two soldiers of the Grey Tower started to feel uneasy. They thought that Gu Huai wasn’t satisfied with the information they provided.

“We’re not hiding anything. We told you everything we know.” Royce spoke carefully and earnestly.

“I know, I don’t doubt you.” Gu Huai reassured them when he saw the two men’s cautious attitude toward him. He stopped frowning and his eyes slightly curved. “This information is very useful. Thank you.”

“Then are you leaving now?” The meeting time was almost over. Royce didn’t dare ask if there would be another chance to meet.

Gu Huai nodded. “Yes.”

“Um… then pay attention to your safety outside…” The moment he finished, Royce scratched his head and thought he was stupid.

There were so many Zerg outside protecting this person. How could he be in danger? They probably would never be able to leave this prison but despite being in prison, at least they had done something useful for this young man.

Gu Huai said he would leave. This time, the Grey Tower soldiers watched him leaving eagerly. They didn’t retract his gaze until they couldn’t see his back anymore. Gu Huai left the prison and went directly to the leader of the Star Alliance branch. The first sentence that emerged was, “Let those two Grey Tower soldiers go.”

To tell the truth, Gu Huai knew that this sentence wasn’t appropriate. He knew that he shouldn’t interfere with the Star Alliance’s treatment of prison inmates. However, now it wasn’t appropriate for him to ignore the situation. After this meeting, Gu Huai knew that if a Zerg gene fused soldier appeared in front of him, he wouldn’t be able to ignore it.

“This…” The leader hesitated. On the one hand, it was the Zerg king making the request. On the other hand, how could he let go of two important prisoners?

Gu Huai’s expression was calm as he stated, “I have a general grasp on the information which can be shared with you. It is meaningless to keep them locked up. I will be responsible for their release. If they are going to be tried then it can be discussed later.”

The Star Alliance now owed the Zerg a favour. The leader heard Gu Huai’s words and knew it wasn’t good to disagree.

“Okay, I can let them go.” The leader nodded in agreement.

The Star League’s branch was efficient. Cullen and Royce couldn’t respond for a moment when they were released from prison. They got out of prison…?

Once outside of prison, Cullen and Royce went to Gu Huai first. Initially, they were worried the Zerg wouldn’t let them near Gu Huai. Then they found that the Zerg didn’t reject them when they followed Gu Huai.

In fact, the Zerg were more tolerant of people who liked their king. Since Cullen and Royce showed a similar attitude to Gu Huai as the Zerg, the Zerg didn’t react.

It was half a day after the two people were released from prison that the planetary alarm for Lorda Star went off.

This time, the planet’s alert mode was turned on because a fleet of Grey Tower soldiers launched an attack on Lorda Star. This was a fleet assembled by several branches of the Grey Tower fleet. The reason for the attack on Lorda Star was because they learned the leaders of a branch had been captured alive by the Star Alliance on this planet.

They had to rescue the people. If the Grey Tower soldiers had come earlier then Cullen and Royce would’ve been a bit happy. Now they had only one thought.

‘Don’t save us! We don’t want to go!’

Lorda Star had just recently suffered an attack and now it was suffering a second attack before it could recover. The planet’s defensive strength simply wasn’t enough. The Grey Tower soldiers were clearly aware of this and picked this time to come. The moment the alarm rang, the atmosphere of the entire planet became extremely tense. Since the soldiers were genetically modified special forces, the ground forces of the Grey Tower had a very prominent advantage.

The warships entered the planet’s atmosphere and waves of Grey Tower soldiers landed. The Star Alliance forces didn’t seem to resist much and it was like victory had been decided from the beginning.

“Go straight to the prison to save people. The planet’s defensive strength is very weak and we can easily take it.” The leader of a Grey Tower branch ordered.

The ground troops of the Grey Tower were clearly aiming towards the prison. Just as they were preparing to fight, there was a broadcast from the sky.

“Everyone, stop and lay down your weapons.”

Gu Huai sat in the planet’s radio room and spoke this sentence into the microphone.

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Huai Bao: I only call you cute (I only like you).

Huai Bao: You are the cutest (I like you the most).


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