HTI: Chapter 90

The ability floated to Wen Yao and slowly entered Wen Yao’s brain. The feeling of swallowing something foreign emerged. Wen Yao really had the golden finger remaining in her brain. Wen Yao suddenly frowned, lowered her head and pressed a hand against her forehead.

Director Zhou noticed Wen Yao’s movements and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Wen Yao quickly relaxed her expression, covered her mouth and yawned slightly. Then she replied with a bit of embarrassment. “It’s okay, my ears were just ringing slightly.”

Director Zhou instructed her, “Pay more attention. Don’t have health problems while shooting.”

Wen Yao and Gao Xuanhang nodded in unison.

Wen Yao’s provocation of Xie Yang stopped. Later, Xie Yang went to say hello to the assistant directors and screenwriter in turn. On the way, he met the second female lead Wen Han and the third male lead Man Feidi sitting next to the screenwriter.

Wen Han was 30 years old and looked glamorous. In the plot, she played a singer with a bad background and her experiences weren’t good. She lived a sober life but died tragically. Her personality was different from her beautiful appearance. She was very quiet and spoke kindly, which made her appear as a good person.

Man Feidi was younger. He was around 24 or 25 years old and was a little fresh meat who became popular last year by starring in a youth-themed movie. He looked like a handsome, young man. He was Liu Le, the cousin of young master Su Jingmo in the movie. He was the brother of the heroine Liu Xue, played by Wen Yao. There would be a lot of rival scenes.

Man Feidi was very friendly. He actively greeted Xie Yang and joked, “Now that you’re here, I’m not the youngest in the crew anymore! Don’t panic. Your cousin will protect you!”

The screenwriter laughed. “You are still the youngest in the crew in terms of appearance. Don’t try to be the older brother.”

“Alas, I was discovered by Sister Yue. Baby faces are really unpopular. Not only are the casting roles limited, it is also easy to suffer in life.” Man Feidi sighed deliberately and amused the screenwriter, Chen Yuezhi. Wen Han also pursed her lips and smiled.

The few people enjoyed themselves but ignored Xie Yang who came to say hello. Xie Yang’s eyes swept over Man Feidi, who had a funny expression. Then he tactfully left to talk to Gao Xuanhang and Wen Yao.

Director Zhou didn’t mean to let the actors recite the lines according to the script. He wanted to let the actors blend into the role and adjust the plot and lines according to the changes in the surrounding environment while walking around the shooting site. They would talk to each other as characters in the play. This was a method to help the actors familiarize themselves with the script and understand their opponents as soon as possible.

The Su house had many scenes between Xie Yang, Gao Xuanhang and Wen Yao. The three of them bid farewell to Director Zhou and walked deep into the house together. Once out of sight of the large group, Wen Yao glanced at Xie Yang and asked in a young girl’s tone, “Cousin, you came back this time. Are you going to leave again?”

This was the plot of Young Master Su. Not long after Su Jingmo returned to the Su house, his cousin Liu Xue had asked him these words when she was a guest at the Su house.

Xie Yang quickly entered the right state and replied, “Whether I go or not depends on God’s help. Still, I think God is so good and should help me.”

The line wasn’t bad. The young girl’s look on Wen Yao’s face disappeared and she smiled. “Boss Xie received the scene well. You deserve to be from an acting class.”

“Senior, you are overpraising me.”

Gao Xuanhang’s gaze shifted between the two of them. He felt that something was wrong but wisely didn’t say anything.

The garden was large and the three of them talked to each other casually as they walked. Wen Yao took the initiative to start the plot related to Su Jingmo several times and Xie Yang took it all steadily. It didn’t matter how well he acted. At the very least, his lines were correct.

After walking around, Gao Xuanhang’s attitude toward Xie Yang had become much closer and he praised, “You are familiar with all your lines. That’s good.”

Xie Yang smiled. “I’m acting for the first time and have no experience. I have to show my attitude.”

Wen Yao glanced at Xie Yang after hearing these words.

At noon, everyone had a meal together. Man Feidi sat down next to Xie Yang and asked, “Do you want to work on lines in the afternoon? I have a bad memory. I can always recite the first paragraph but forget the last paragraph. Brother Gao said you know all your lines. I really envy you.”

Xie Yang responded politely but his attitude wasn’t very warm.

Man Feidi seemed unaware of Xie Yang’s politeness. He spoke to Xie Yang more energetically and kept talking non-stop. He also took the initiative to pour water and hand over tableware to Xie Yang. He was very kind and enthusiastic.

Over the next few days, Xie Yang gradually got acquainted with the people in the crew. Wen Yao no longer tried to test Xie Yang but was still indifferent to him. Gao Xuanhang’s attitude toward Xie Yang was becoming kinder. From time to time, he would actively seek him out and teach him some small acting and positioning skills. Meanwhile, Man Feidi started directly sticking to Xie Yang.

Man Feidi’s sticking method wasn’t too annoying. It was kind of cute, like a little brother. The specific manifestation was that he had to sit with Xie Yang for meals. If he bought drinks then he would buy Xie Yang’s favourite drink. He often found Xie Yang to talk about the script. If he received delicious food from home or bought something fun, he would share it with Xie Yang.

From an external point of view, Man Feidi should be the most friendly and enthusiastic person to Xie Yang in the entire crew. There were more and more comments that Xie Yang and Man Feidi had a good relationship. It was truly easier for young people to play together.

Xie Yang saw all these things but his attitude toward Man Feidi was still polite and not enthusiastic.

In the blink of an eye, a week passed. Everyone’s emotions gradually settled and they moved closer to the characters in the script.

At the beginning of April, the crew of ‘I See Xuanyuan’ officially started to operate. The supporting roles were in place and the stylists joined the team to take makeup photos for everyone. After taking the makeup photos, Zhou Huairen picked a good day to hold the opening ceremony of ‘I See Xuanyuan’.

Once Xie Yang walked to the front of the stage following the introduction of the host, all the media invited to report on the opening ceremony were stunned and started boiling over.

There was Xie Yang! Xie Yang was acting in Zhou Huairen’s new movie! The young singer and young boss with a high chance of starting a hot topic was actually acting! Zhou Huairen was so good at concealing things. Xie Yang was so popular yet he hadn’t leaked a word!

The media were excited and pointed their cameras at Xie Yang in unison. The camera flashes burst out and even the male and female protagonists were slightly ignored. Man Feidi, who was standing next to Xie Yang, suddenly cocked his head and leaned closer to Xie Yang. “Your popularity is very high.”

Xie Yang smiled and replied, “Senior isn’t bad.”

Man Feidi pretended to be dissatisfied and hit Xie Yang in the shoulder. “Why call me Senior? I already said that you should call me by my name or Brother.”

Xie Yang noticed that after Man Feidi leaned over, the flashes of the reporters increased. He smiled slightly at Man Feidi but didn’t answer.

In the interview after the ceremony, most of the media focused on Xie Yang. Xie Yang kept in mind the rules of newcomers that Qin Cheng had given him in advance and skimmed all the topics unrelated to the movie. He never grabbed the limelight from the male and female leads. He didn’t talk too much or give long answers. He handled everything with a smile.

The reporters couldn’t find any gap in Xie Yang’s demeanor and helplessly had to turn to the other actors to find a bursting point.

A reporter suddenly asked, “Wen Yao, as a senior who just won an award, what do you think of Xie Yang’s acting skills?”

Everyone looked at Wen Yao. Wen Yao paused before replying with a smile, “It is up to the director and public to evaluate acting skills. In my eyes, Xie Yang is a very dedicated and hardworking newcomer.”

The answer was fairly modest and no scandalous news could be dug out. The reporters were very disappointed and explored Gao Xuanhang and Wen Han one by one. However, these two were also tight-lipped and didn’t let the media dig out anything. In the end, the reporters only dug out that Man Feidi wasn’t picky and ate a large amount of food.

At the end of the interview when they were ready to leave, Man Feidi suddenly raised a hand and hooked it around Xie Yang’s neck. “Xie Yang, let’s check our lines again later. The shooting will start in the afternoon and I’m a bit nervous.”

Xie Yang paused. He looked into Man Feidi’s coquettish eyes and replied, “Yes.”

Man Feidi smiled. “Good brother, you are loyal enough.”

The opening ceremony ended and the crew cleared out the Su house to officially start filming. The first scene was a rival scene between the male and female leads. Xie Yang sat in his own rest area, received his mobile phone from Wu Shui and listened to Qin Cheng’s report.

“The media who came to the interview have been posting the photos taken at the opening ceremony on the Internet. Most of the media have focused their reports on your acting. The fans have responded well to you taking up acting and…”

Qin Cheng glanced in Man Feidi’s position and lowered his voice slightly. “You and Man Feidi leaned together on the stage to talk and after the interview, Man Feidi ran to hook an arm around your neck. This photo was picked up by a marketing account and is stirring up the heat of the topic of ‘little milk dog and little wolf dog.’ Man Feidi’s fans are flooding your Weibo to ask about the relationship between the two of you.”

Xie Yang stopped clicking on WeChat for a moment. Then he continued and asked, “I… am having someone take advantage of my popularity?”

Qin Cheng nodded somewhat helplessly. “This type of thing is unavoidable. You and Man Feidi are in the same crew now and there is no contradiction between you. If the other side is gently taking advantage of your hype like this then it won’t look good if we respond.”

“Then leave it alone and try to minimize the exposure.” Xie Yang clicked on WeChat. Then a series of WeChat messages sent by Qiu Xing were lined up.

Qiu Xing: You officially started filming today?

Qiu Xing: I saw the news.

Qiu Xing: Who gave you the pomade parted 2:8 hairstyle? What rotten technique!

Qiu Xing: Who is that person around you?

Qiu Xing: Little wolf dog? Laugh.

Qiu Xing: What is a little milk dog?

Qiu Xing: Are your fans crazy? They can brush up any topic. Who is taking care of you? Manage your fans!

Xie Yang laughed and typed.

Xie Yang: Did Master Liao’s hands shake today?

Qiu Xing replied in seconds: What?

Xie Yang: He didn’t add salt when cooking. He poured vinegar.

After a while, Qiu Xing sent a message full of sourness and anger.

Qiu Xing: I’m going to a meeting. No dogs allowed!

Xie Yang typed slowly: No, I’ll just raise fish with you.

It was quiet for a moment. Then Qiu Xing sent back a cartoon emoticon of a big hand stroking the head of a baby sheep that he got from an unknown place. This was followed by a sentence.

Qiu Xing: You know how to be tactful.

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