HTI: Chapter 89

Xie Yang didn’t know how long he slept like this. Once he woke up, his ability core had stabilized and his body was unprecedentedly relaxed. The room was dark and the smell of disinfectant wafted in the air.

It wasn’t the hotel. He immediately became sober and sat up. The person on the accompanying bed next to him also sat up. The person got out of bed and turned on the lamp on the bedside table. Then he skillfully reached out and touched Xie Yang’s forehead.

Xie Yang raised his eyes to look at this person. It was Qiu Xing, who was giving off a low air pressure and had a dark face.

Wu Shui, that traitor.

Xie Yang explained, “I… this time, I must’ve been too tired and became sick.”

Qiu Xing didn’t speak immediately. He first rang the call bell before sitting on the bed. He watched Xie Yang and spoke in a voice that was hoarse from just waking up. “There is no next time.”

The ability upgrade was uncontrollable and there would definitely be another time. Xie Yang nodded without pressure. “No next time.”

Qiu Xing’s expression turned cloudy. He reached out to touch Xie Yang’s face before leaning over to hug Xie Yang, his breathing slow.

Xie Yang questioned, “How long have I been sleeping?”

“Two days.” Qiu Xing’s arms tightened and he scolded. “You actually wanted to hide this from me and told Wu Shui to lie to me. Who gave you the courage?”

“You gave it.”

“……” Qiu Xing released Xie Yang and stared at him coldly.

Xie Yang smiled and asked, “How did you find out that something was wrong?”

Qiu Xing sneered. “I never thought that in this life, you would use honorifics when replying to me.”

“……” It was really hard for Wu Shui.

Xie Yang was in a good mood and took the initiative to hold Qiu Xing’s hand. He asked, “When did you come back? What was the result of the examination? What did Dr Kirkman say? Are you going to change the treatment plan?”

Qiu Xing sneered and held Xie Yang’s hand back. His expression softened and he replied to the questions one after another. “I arrived at noon today. The results of the inspection are similar to the last time. Dr Kirkman organized a team of experts for a meeting. Once the new treatment plan is determined, he will bring a team to see me. Xie Yang.”


“Don’t get sick again.”


The doctor came over and briefly checked Xie Yang’s body. The result of the examination was very good. Xie Yang’s fever had subsided and he didn’t have the side effects that other high fever patients would have after the fever subsided. He was healthy.

“Tomorrow, you can leave the hospital.”

Qiu Xing was still worried. “This is the second time he suddenly got such a high fever. Every time he goes on a business trip, he gets a bad fever. During the fever, he keeps sleeping but recovers immediately after it subsides. Is his body really okay?”

The doctor wasn’t certain when he heard his words and checked Xie Yang again. Nothing was wrong. The doctor thought about it and said, “If you aren’t at ease, I can give Mr Xie Yang a detailed medical check-up.”

Xie Yang interrupted. “No, my symptoms are just a bit different from other people when I get a fever. There are no problems. Thank you for your hard work, Doctor. Go and rest.”

“Xie Yang, you—”

“I’m sleepy.”

Qiu Xing shut up. He watched Xie Yang for a while with a frown before arranging for Xie Yang to sleep. He got up and sent the doctor away. Xie Yang lay down and heard Qiu Xing talk to the doctor after he sent the doctor out of the ward. Around 5 minutes later, the door of the ward opened and Qiu Xing came back.

Xie Yang closed his eyes. Footsteps approached and the mattress sank down. Then a light breath approached his face. Xie Yang took this opportunity to open his eyes.

Qiu Xing froze in place less than 10 centimetres away from Xie Yang. Then he sat up straight, looked away and moved back. He pulled the quilt up to Xie Yang’s chin, partially covering Xie Yang’s face as he declared fiercely, “You really were pretending to sleep. Go to sleep!”

Xie Yang couldn’t help laughing. Qiu Xing became angry and reached out to turn off the lamp. After laughing for a while, Xie Yang told him, “I want to go to the bathroom.”


Qiu Xing turned on the lamp again.

After solving his physiological problem and drinking a glass of warm milk that Qiu Xing got from an unknown place, Xie Yang finally stopped making trouble and lay down on the hospital bed to go to sleep. He watched Qiu Xing putting away the cup, eyes sweeping over the blue shadows under Qiu Xing’s eyes. “Good night.”

Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang. Perhaps it was because the light of the desk lamp was so warm that Qiu Xing’s face looked a bit gentle. Qiu Xing bent down to turn off the lamp and spoke in the darkness. “Good night.”

Two hours later, Xie Yang opened his eyes, got up and walked to Qiu Xing’s beside. He tried to put his fingers on the bed sheets first. The upgraded ability core was full of power. He released a strand and let his ability wrap around Qiu Xing’s body in the quilt. It penetrated deep into Qiu Xing’s body and crawled toward the brain.

A clear sense of swallowing and cleaning was felt. Qiu Xing on the bed frowned and moved unsteadily.

Xie Yang hurriedly recovered his ability. He looked at his hand. There was good news and bad news.

The good news was that his upgraded ability could be used on people through the air without touch. In addition, the purification effect was doubled. The bad news was that Qiu Xing’s illness was too special to withstand swallowing and cleaning that was too fast. It would cause physical discomfort. Xie Yang had to do it slowly.

Then he would take his time. Once the tumour became smaller or moved out of the sensitive position, it should be able to be treated normally.

Xie Yang reached out a hand again and directly touched Qiu Xing’s forehead this time. He first released all the ability in his core and condensed it into a solid, small ball. He sent the small ball into Qiu Xing’s brain, fixed it next to the tumour and allowed his ability to release its power little by little.

Qiu Xing didn’t show any discomfort. He relaxed and his sleep became more peaceful.


Qiu Xing slept until almost lunchtime before waking up. After waking up, he pressed a hand to his forehead suspiciously and repeatedly picked up the phone to confirm the time. Xie Yang pretended not to see Qiu Xing’s doubts. He zipped up his duffel bag and said, “The discharge procedures are complete. Let’s go.”

Qiu Xing immediately forgot his doubts and frowned at Xie Yang. “The discharge procedures have already been completed?”

Xie Yang told him, “I’m hungry and want to eat.”

“……” Qiu Xing got up and rubbed Xie Yang’s hair vigorously. “Acting of your own initiative! Put on your hat and mask and go eat.”

Rongding also had some industries in J City. Qiu Xing took Xie Yang to a high-end restaurant under Rongding for lunch. During the meal, Qiu Xing’s phone kept ringing. One was He Jun’s call and the other was the branch director’s call. It never stopped for a moment.

Qiu Xing’s expression was ugly as he answered the calls but his tone of voice was very sensible. He also remembered to pour water for Xie Yang while answering the calls. After answering another phone call, Xie Yang couldn’t help asking, “Are you very busy?”

Qiu Xing explained, “I went to M Country in a hurry this time. Qiu Jingbang thought I was seriously ill and made some minor actions. It isn’t a big problem. He Jun can handle it.”

“Still, it is obviously better for you to go back and sit down with them.”

Qiu Xing’s chopsticks paused and he glanced at Xie Yang in an unhappy manner. “Eat well.”

After dinner, Qiu Xing wanted to take Xie Yang to a new hotel like last time. Xie Yang refused. ”This is my first time filming and there will definitely be many places where I need to consult with the crew. It isn’t convenient to live outside alone.”

Qiu Xing was ready to speak when the phone rang out. He took out his phone and saw it was from He Jun. He picked up and asked, “What is it?”

“Qiu Jingbang suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and went to the hospital. I just announced the replacement of the head of the branch office according to your instructions. He lost his temper and suddenly fainted.”

Qiu Xing was taken aback. He frowned fiercely and asked. “What’s the situation?”

“I don’t know. He is still being rescued.”

Qiu Xing put down his mobile phone. His lips were pressed tightly together and his expression was ugly and heavy.

“It’s not your fault. He got a brain hemorrhage because his own emotional management is poor.”

Qiu Xing’s mind returned and he glanced sideways at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang smiled at Qiu Xing. “Go ahead. I will take good care of myself.”

A long time passed before Qiu Xing leaned in and took Xie Yang into his arms, gently touching the back of Xie Yang’s head.


Xie Yang was accompanied by Qin Cheng and Wu Shui and returned to the hotel where the crew were staying.

The hotel was very empty. All the main creative staff of the crew were absent. They had all gone to the shooting location to familiarize themselves with the venue and to get a feel for the characters. Xie Yang didn’t delay any longer. He took the script and went to the shooting location with Qin Cheng and Wu Shui.

Most of the early stages of I See Xuanyuan were confined to the environment of the Su house. In order to seek a realistic effect, Zhou Huairen spent a lot of money to book an ancient garden in J City and the first filming location of the crew was set.

By the time Xie Yang arrived, Director Zhou Huairen was discussing the plot and roles with Gao Xuanhang and Wen Yao, who were playing the male and female leads. Wen Han, who was playing the second female lead and Man Feidi, who was playing the third male lead, were gathered beside the screenwriter and talking to the screenwriter.

Zhou Huairen noticed Xie Yang first and stopped talking. He beckoned to Xie Yang and asked with concern, “How is your illness? Young people should pay more attention to their health and not just work. Didn’t I hear from Xu Heng that you got sick in his crew too? Too careless.”

Xie Yang noted that after Zhou Huairen’s words, the eyes of other people looking at him relaxed a lot. He knew that Zhou Huairen was helping him explain and replied in an embarrassed manner, “My illness is better. In fact, it is just because I haven’t adapted to the local conditions, just like when I was in Xu Heng’s crew. It is as Director Zhou said. I will pay attention to it in the future. I’m sorry that it delayed everyone’s time.” He took the initiative to apologize to the leading actors, assistant directors and screenwriters.

Qin Cheng also followed Xie Yang to greet everyone and exchanged some polite words.

The movie hadn’t started filming. It was just the preparation stage and Xie Yang’s illness hadn’t delayed anything. Everyone said it was fine and took care of Xie Yang with a few words.

Once the greetings were over, Zhou Huairen called Xie Yang to his side. “Are the lines memorized?”

Xie Yang nodded. “I’ve memorized them.”

“Then you should discuss it with Gao Xuanhang and Wen Yao. This is Xie Yang, a newcomer. It is his first time acting so take care of him more.”

Xie Yang heard this and looked at the male and female leads of the movie.

The lead actor Gao Xuanhang was 32 years old. He was born in a star family and had a strong body. His facial features were the handsome, tough-guy type. After Director Zhou spoke, he took the initiative to reach out to shake Xie Yang’s hands. His words were polite but there was no warmth in his tone.

Xie Yang and Gao Xuanhang shook hands. They exchanged polite words before Xie Yang looked at Wen Yao.

Wen Yao was watching Xie Yang. She was tall and had gentle, intellectual features. She saw Xie Yang looking over and smiled. “Boss Xie looks kinder than the rumours.”

There was an air of provocation.

Xie Yang flicked his fingers slightly and sent his ability that had just recovered to Wen Yao. He also smiled and said, “Senior Wen is exactly the same as rumours. You are beautiful and kind.”

Proofreader: Mnemo & Paranoid Kitten

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