HTI: Chapter 88

In the end, Wu Shui didn’t sleep on the floor. Qiu Xing showed his rare domineering side and drove Wu Shui and Qin Cheng away with a sullen face. Then he pulled Xie Yang into the room he knew belonged to Xie Yang.

After entering the door, Xie Yang turned to look at Qiu Xing. His hands were in his coat pocket and he was expressionless and silent.

Qiu Xing watched Xie Yang. His dark face eased and he stepped forward to hug Xie Yang. Xie Yang’s body was like a stick and he was very uncooperative.

Qiu Xing sensed Xie Yang’s silent resistance and actually laughed. He raised a hand to rub Xie Yang’s head and told him, “I don’t know how many lawless things are in your head every day… Xie Yang, we didn’t actually do anything last night, right?”

The disguise in the small bedroom was very clumsy. Xie Yang knew that these illusions wouldn’t deceive Qiu Xing for too long. In the first place, his intention wasn’t to deceive Qiu Xing. It was to make Qiu Xing retract his fear. He raised his eyes and asked, “Guess?”

“……” Qiu Xing rubbed Xie Yang’s head again and suddenly said, “Xie Yang, I’m sorry.”

Xie Yang paused.

“I made you work so hard and pushed you to this point. I’m sorry.”


Xie Yang finally moved. He knocked away Qiu Xing’s embrace with his shoulders and stared straight at Qiu Xing. “Qiu Xing, what do you want to say?”

Qiu Xing’s expression became serious and he reached out to touch the corner of Xie Yang’s eyes. “I will go to M Country again. If possible, I will ask Dr Kirkman to adjust my treatment plan.”

Xie Yang realized something. His fingers in his pockets instinctively tightened and he stared at Qiu Xing more intently.

Qiu Xing met Xie Yang’s eyes. “Xie Yang, when I come back, let’s get a divorce.”

Xie Yang’s hands in his pockets tensed up and then relaxed. The anticipation in his heart was extinguished and quickly turned into anger. He nodded and said, “Okay, Qiu Xing. If this is your final decision—”

Qiu Xing suddenly held Xie Yang’s face and leaned over to touch Xie Yang’s lips.

Xie Yang’s words stopped and he looked up at Qiu Xing. “What do you mean?”

Qiu Xing reached out to cover Xie Yang’s eyes. Xie Yang couldn’t see anything in the darkness. Perhaps it was a hallucination from staying up late but he seemed to hear Qiu Xing’s heart beating extremely quickly.

Qiu Xing’s voice rang out. “After the divorce, our transaction is over. After that… Xie Yang, would you consider being in a real relationship with me?”

Xie Yang’s eyes slightly widened and he raised his hand in an attempt to pull down Qiu Xing’s hand. His outstretched hand was caught and Qiu Xing continued to speak. This time, the hesitation that was always in Qiu Xing’s voice had disappeared. The trace of unreasonableness that used to always be there was back.

“I will make the bet. If I win, you will only be mine in this life. Even if I die, you have to guard my tombstone for the rest of your life. You aren’t allowed to find anyone else. If I lose, Rongding will be given to you. Xie Yang, I don’t want to struggle anymore. You are the one who hooked me out and you have to be responsible for me.”

Xie Yang couldn’t bear it and forcefully pulled down Qiu Xing’s hand. The two of them watched each other.

Qiu Xing instinctively shifted his gaze but then moved it back. He stared straight at Xie Yang and held Xie Yang’s hand, using a domineering manner to cover up how uncomfortable and shy he felt at revealing his heart. “Xie Yang, I’m a man of my word this time. I will give you whatever you want. You… stay by my side.”

The sugar jar had finally completely opened its lid.

Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing for a long time before letting out a low laugh. He took out his hand from his pockets and actively hugged Qiu Xing.

“Okay, let’s get divorced.”


It was too late. The two people hugged for a while. Then Qiu Xing released Xie Yang, put on the face of a father and strongly demanded for Xie Yang to go wash up before going to sleep.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “Shy?”

“…Nonsense.” Qiu Xing frowned and helped Xie Yang get his pyjamas and underwear. He pushed Xie Yang into the bathroom and said, “Hurry up and go to bed. What time do you have to get up tomorrow?”

Xie Yang obediently walked to the bathroom and replied, “At half past six.”

He had to wake up at half past six and it was almost three o’clock.

The disguise of a father that Qiu Xing put on his face immediately became real. “What type of work arrangement is this? Is this how you act as a boss? You don’t squeeze your employees but squeeze yourself?”

“This time is a special case.” Xie Yang entered the bathroom and turned around. He held the bathroom door and deliberately asked, “Wash together?”

Qiu Xing’s expression stiffened at a speed visible to the naked eye. He stepped forward, took off Xie Yang’s hand holding the door and grabbed the door handle.


The door was slammed shut.

“Wash quickly!”

Xie Yang looked at the door, smiled and deliberately pulled the handle. “You really don’t want to wash toget—”

“Hurry up! I’m going to wash in Wu Shui’s room!”

It really was late and Qiu Xing was in poor health. Staying up late was a taboo. Xie Yang stopped making trouble and obediently let go of the handle to wash up.

Qiu Xing still hadn’t returned to the room when Xie Yang came out of the shower. He headed to the potted plants used for decoration in the room, touched them and mobilized his ability that hadn’t recovered much. He drilled into the plants as much as possible.

He had calculated it while taking the shower.

It had been almost four months since his ability awakened and he had been treating Qiu Xing for four months. At present, the progress of his ability hadn’t broken through the first level. Qiu Xing’s condition stopped worsening but it hadn’t improved.

It was too slow.

Fortunately, now Qiu Xing was coming out of his tortoise shell and decided to receive treatment. If Xie Yang’s ability was combined with modern medical methods, Qiu Xing’s condition should get better soon.

Three years had turned into four years. As long as he worked hard, four years would become 10 years, then 20 years, 30 years…

The ability returned to him. Xie Yang awakened from his thoughts and took back his fingers. Then he lay down on the bed and closed his eyes.

More than 10 minutes later, the door opened and familiar footsteps approached the bed.

Xie Yang didn’t move. The lid of the sugar jar might’ve been opened but it still wasn’t very courageous. For the time being, it was impossible to accept that others would put their hands in the jar to actively take sugar. The jar was only willing to give it secretly.

Sure enough, after a minute, Xie Yang felt a warm breath on his face. His lips were warmed and then gently, clumsily and carefully rubbed.

“Good night.”


Qiu Xing was still asleep when Xie Yang woke up the next day. He repeated the old trick and pointed his finger between Qiu Xing’s eyebrows, pouring all of his ability into Qiu Xing’s body.

Qiu Xing’s originally restless sleeping position immediately relaxed. Xie Yang got up and got out of bed. After a busy morning at the shooting location, Xie Yang took advantage of his free time to take out his phone and turn it on.

Qiu Xing had sent a WeChat message.

Qiu Xing: I’m getting on the plane.

Qiu Xing: Rest more.

Qiu Xing: I’ll be back soon.

He was gone.

Xie Yang started typing.

Xie Yang: Tell me as soon as the results come out.

Over the next few days, Xie Yang devoted himself to the MV shooting. He usually went to bed at two or three and got up again at five or six in the morning.

Presumably, in order to not disturb Xie Yang’s work and rest, Qiu Xing never called Xie Yang since leaving. He only sent a WeChat message to Xie Yang from time to time. The contents were like an old mother. He told Xie Yang to eat well or asked Xie Yang to use the scattered break time to sleep.

Xie Yang didn’t dislike it. Every time he was free, he would reply to Qiu Xing on WeChat, asking Qiu Xing to eat and sleep more.

A week later, Xie Yang ended the MV shooting and set off for J City. Before the plane took off, Xie Yang flipped through WeChat. He saw that Qiu Xing hadn’t sent him a new message and turned it off.

Xie Yang slept all the way to J City. After the plane landed, Qin Cheng woke him up. He faintly felt dizzy but didn’t care. He rubbed his face, got up and put on his hat and sunglasses. Then he followed Qin Cheng off the plane.

The crew had sent someone to pick him up. Xie Yang met the other person and after a few greetings, followed them to the car. After getting in the car, Xie Yang leaned back against the seat. He thought about turning on his phone to check if Qiu Xing had sent a message but ended up falling asleep the next second.

Xie Yang was awakened by Qin Cheng. The car had stopped and they were outside the crew’s hotel.

Qin Cheng frowned and asked worriedly. “How do you feel? Your complexion looks a bit bad.”

“I was sleeping?” Xie Yang wanted to sit up but found he didn’t have any strength at all. Then he discovered that his ability core was expanding.

He realized something and reached up to touch his forehead. It was a bit hot. Sure enough, his ability was upgrading.

Qin Cheng saw Xie Yang touch his forehead and became more worried. “What’s wrong? Where are you uncomfortable?”

Xie Yang was happy and shook his head. “I’m fine. Go to the hotel.”

They entered the hotel together. Zhou Huairen, the assistant directors and two screenwriters were in the studio overseeing the set, so only Huang Jian, the director in charge of living arrangements was present in the hotel.

Huang Jian arranged a hotel room for Xie Yang and personally sent Xie Yang up.

Xie Yang learned from Huang Jiang that the other actors who played the male lead, the third male lead and the female lead had already arrived. Director Zhou was going to meet everyone in the evening.

Xie Yang nodded to express his understanding. He exchanged a few more polite remarks with Huang Jian before watching the other person leave.

After entering his room, Xie Yang immediately relaxed his straight shoulders. He walked to the bed, sat down and pressed a hand against his forehead.

The more Qin Cheng saw of Xie Yang’s state, the more he felt that something was wrong. He searched the room and found a small medicine box. From inside, he took out a thermometer and helped Xie Yang check the temperature.

“39.6 degrees Celsius.” Qin Cheng was anxious and hurriedly reached out to help Xie Yang. “Don’t sit down. I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Xie Yang raised a hand to stop him. “No, I often suddenly burn up like this. I just need to eat something, take medicine and sleep for a night. Brother Qin, can you help me tell Director Zhou that I might not be able to go to the reception party tonight.”

“How can you sleep with such a high fever? Go to the hospital.”

Qin Cheng tried to persuade Xie Yang but Xie Yang insisted on just taking some medicine. Qin Cheng had no choice but to listen to Xie Yang. He flipped through the anti-fever medicine in the medicine box and carefully checked the efficacy and production date. There were no problems but he still felt uneasy. He hesitated and sent Wu Shui to buy medicine again. Then he told Xie Yang, “Take the medicine first. If it doesn’t work then we’ll go to the hospital immediately. Don’t try to endure it, understood?”

Xie Yang nodded. His consciousness was a bit fuzzy but he could still hold on.

More than 10 minutes later, Wu Shui came back with the medicine. Xie Yang took two pills. After that, he didn’t have the energy to take a bath. He took off his clothes and lay on the bed. Before falling asleep, he didn’t forget to tell Wu Shui, “If Qiu Xing sends a message, help me answer with a few sentences. Don’t let him know about my illness, do you understand?”

Wu Shui nodded.

Xie Yang looked at Qin Cheng again. “Brother Qin, I might sleep a bit longer this time. Don’t panic. I really just need to sleep for a while.”

Qin Cheng was still full of worry but he didn’t say anything. He went to Xie Yang and pulled up the quilt. “I know. You can sleep and leave everything to me. I will help you deal with Director Zhou.”

Xie Yang let go of his worries. He turned his back to the two people and quickly fell asleep.

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2 years ago

Sleep well, Xie Yang.
Thank you for the chapter!

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Araminthe Ispwitch
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F I N A L L Y 😩