HTI: Chapter 142

The activity was about to begin and there was no time to explain too much. In the end, Xie Yang used the explanation of ‘some sunspots are jealous of our relationship and spoke sour words on the Internet’ to temporarily appease Qiu Xing. Then he got out of the car and took Tong Jian to join Ji Zehui.

Tong Jian finally realized he said the wrong thing and frequently turned around to look at Qiu Xing who was left in the car. He asked Xie Yang, “Yang Yang, did I say something that shouldn’t be said? Was your boyfriend really hacked? Is he unhappy because of the hacking? I’m sorry, I didn’t know your boyfriend was also in the car.”


After so long, Tong Jian’s ability to make discerning judgments was still very poor.

“Yang Yang, why aren’t you talking? Do you really want to deduct my resources?”

Xie Yang glanced sideways at Tong Jian and patted his shoulder. “If you keep talking then I really will deduct it.”

Tong Jian shut up immediately.

The two of them met with Ji Zehui in the parking lot on the other side and entered the venue together under the arrangement of the staff. Then they went to the lounge to wait for the red carpet walk to begin.

Ji Zehui was smarter than Tong Jian. He saw Xie Yang but never said a word about the hot search. He just bragged about how good the resources were, the harmonious atmosphere of the company and Xie Yang’s awesome new album.

Xie Yang looked at the two people who were very different in terms of discerning things and wanted to join them together to form a middle ground.

They were in a small, separate lounge. The environment was quite good but there was something wrong with the door lock. The lock couldn’t be closed. After sitting for a long time, two vague voices were heard outside the door.

“…He is here.”

“He actually came? Isn’t he looking after his seriously ill boyfriend?”

“Who knows? He is probably too tired to wait and ran out…”

Their voices soon faded away.

Xie Yang looked at the door.

Ji Zehui stopped the exaggerated praises and looked back at the door of the lounge. He thought carefully and said, “One of the voices is Yuan Pang. He left Huangtian and signed with Da Ke Records. The other voice should be Yuan Pang’s new agent, Galen, a mixed-blood with a terrible mouth.”

Yuan Pang was Ji Zehui’s old enemy in Huangtian and was very close to Mu Zhouyi.

Xie Yang retracted his gaze. “It seems that it isn’t just sunspots who are guessing about my life with Qiu Xing. People in the circle are also talking about it.”

Ji Zehui was a bit embarrassed and struck his thigh. “Oh, there are always those who talk nonsense. In fact, they are jealous of you and only dare to feel sour behind your back. Once they really appear in front of you then they can’t say anything.”

Xie Yang didn’t think so but didn’t say anything. He just took out a phone to send a WeChat message to Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang: The event will take a long time. You don’t have to wait outside.

Qiu Xing replied in seconds: En.


Qiu Xing waited outside the venue. Seeing that Xie Yang didn’t reply to his message, he switched back to Weibo and looked through what he had just found.

Sheep Paste: Hahaha, I’m laughing to death. The fans wrote a bunch of disgusting fan works and shouted cute. Some people said they want to @ the people involved. I want to vomit with disgust. I don’t know what is so cute about someone who sold himself and a dying old man.

Meng Meng Wolf Cub: Some fans are really brain-dead. A sick man liked a novel like that and obviously disrespects your male god by requesting some fun play. People who really care aren’t willing to expose their bed interests to the public. Your male god is obviously just a plaything for the sick man~

Mu Tangtang: Did Yang wear a tail for the sick man today? Did Yang wear a tail for the sick man today? Fans, don’t cry. Your Yang really needs this for family improvement. [Se*y tail purchase link]


Qiu Xing locked his mobile phone and leaned back with a calm face, his chest moving up and down.

Zhou Miao in the driver’s seat looked back at Qiu Xing and asked carefully, “Boss, do you want to go home? The little boss asked me to take you back.”

Qiu Xing didn’t speak. Half a minute passed before he looked up and asked Zhou Miao, “Can you write a novel?”


An hour later, He Jun brought the laptop to the parking lot outside the venue. He opened the car door, got in the front driver’s seat and looked back at Qiu Xing. “Boss, what do you want me to write? Did the report of a project go wrong?”

Qiu Xing retracted his gaze from the building and handed his phone to He Jun. “Write this. I’ll tell you about the character design and the plot. You can write in a manner to attract people.”

Character design? Plot? Attract people? He Jun took Qiu Xing’s phone in a confused manner and looked down at the screen.

Yang Xing CP Fan Works Website – Fanfiction Writing Guidance Division.

He Jun was sluggish as he looked up at Qiu Xing. “Boss, you—”

Qiu Xing frowned and interrupted He Jun’s words. “Can you write? If you can’t write then find someone who can as soon as possible.”

He Jun used his years of training his self-control to stabilize his expression and suppress the stormy waves in his heart. He quickly calculated that if he handed this matter over to others, they would publicize it and this could affect Qiu Xing’s prestige. He decisively replied, “Yes, it is simple. I’ll write it.”

Qiu Xing’s expression looked a bit better. “Then start now. I’ll talk about the character design.”

He Jun glanced at Zhou Miao’s expression which was basically blank and silently turned on his laptop. “You say it.”


The music festival lasted until past 8 o’clock in the evening. Xie Yang sang two songs and won four awards. As he was leaving the venue, Xie Yang coincidentally took the same exit as Yuan Pang. Yuan Pang didn’t get the prize today and was unhappy. After seeing Xie Yang, he looked up and suddenly asked, “How is Chairman Xie doing these days?” He glanced at Xie Yang’s waist as he spoke.

Xie Yang suspected that Yuan Pang was still poisoned by Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger. Otherwise, how could he be so mentally disabled? Xie Yang replied, “It isn’t bad. His health level is exactly the same as you, Senior.”

Yuan Pang choked up. They soon arrived at the exit. Xie Yang no longer cared about Yuan Pang and stepped out. Outside the exit, Qiu Xing was standing under the streetlight to the right with a coat on his arm. He saw Xie Yang coming up and immediately stepped forward, putting the coat on for Xie Yang. He asked, “Are you hungry?”

Xie Yang froze for a bit before laughing. “A little bit. What are you doing here? Or have you actually been waiting outside?” His tone was bad when he asked the last question.

“No, I promise that I had a nap and dinner on time.” Qiu Xing took Xie Yang’s hand. Then he noticed that someone was looking over here and frowned. Yuan Pang made eye contact with Qiu Xing and froze. Then he hurriedly looked away.

Qiu Xing frowned even more. He glanced at the other artists and related staff who came out of the exit and squeezed Xie Yang’s hand. “I brought you some snacks in the car. Eat them first and wait until we get home for a proper meal. I will give you warmed milk later.”

Xie Yang noticed that the surroundings seemed a bit quiet after Qiu Xing spoke these virtuous words. He raised his eyebrow, looked Qiu Xing up and down and held Qiu Xing’s hand as well. “Let’s go.”

Qiu Xing led Xie Yang away.

There were a lot of paparazzi and media guarding the exit. The sharp-eyed paparazzi discovered Xie Yang. They saw Qiu Xing and Xie Yang coming out together and wanted to get closer for an interview, but they were blocked by bodyguards. The group of artists and staff who came out with Xie Yang discovered that Qiu Xing had come with many bodyguards.

Xie Yang smoothly got in the car under Qiu Xing’s escort. The moment the door closed, he immediately looked sideways at Qiu Xing. “Honestly confess, did you secretly look at something ugly?”

Qiu Xing didn’t deny it. He took out a thermos and declared, “Xie Yang, I also want to protect you.”

Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing who was twisting the lid of the thermos and smiled. He leaned in and kissed Qiu Xing. “I know.”

Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang before handing over the open thermos to Xie Yang. “Drink.”


Xie Yang thought that Qiu Xing’s protection was just indirectly showing concern and care in front of outsiders. However, he underestimated Qiu Xing’s pettiness.

The next day was a rare day when Xie Yang didn’t have to go to work. He slept for a while before getting up. As he was washing, he routinely opened Weibo and found that a topic with Qiu Xing’s name was actually on the hot search.

#Qiu Xing’s like again#

What was this? He clicked on the topic and the page refreshed. The first one was a long Weibo post. The title of the past was… ‘Mouse’s Love’?

Xie Yang realized something. He glanced at the bathroom door, spat out the toothpaste foam, opened the long text and scanned it.

The story was a bit long at around 10,000 words and it was very touching. It was about a severely ill Qiu Xing who abandoned himself and turned into a mouse. He hid in a cold and dark mouse hole waiting for death. Then Xie Yang discovered Qiu Xing’s existence and led Qiu Xing out little by little. He encouraged and accompanied Qiu Xing during the treatment. Finally. Qiu Xing recovered and turned back into a human. The story ended with the two people being happy together.

The plot of the story was very simple but the writing was good. It was delicate and touching. Xie Yang didn’t cry easily but even he felt a bit touched after reading it.

The account that posted this fan work was a new one, not a senior CP. Even so, the response to this long post on Weibo was very good and there were thousands of comments. Xie Yang clicked into the comments area to take a look and saw the cries of the big CP fans inside. Everyone said they were cured by this story.

Xie Yang was a bit amused. Many details in this story could match his relationship with Qiu Xing. It obviously wasn’t a pure fan work.

He glanced at the bathroom door again, put down his phone and quickly finished washing up. Then he picked up his phone, switched to his main account. He went to Qiu Xing’s homepage and liked Qiu Xing’s like. He also liked the story ‘Mouse’s Love’. Then he put away his phone and walked out of the bathroom. He threw himself onto the still sleeping Qiu Xing and called out, “Ah Xing.”

Qiu Xing had adjusted his work and rest schedule during this period and would wake up a bit later than Xie Yang in the morning. He opened his eyes in a daze and instinctively hugged Xie Yang. “What is it?”

“Let’s do it.”

Qiu Xing opened his eyes.

Xie Yang pinched Qiu Xing’s ear. “In fact, I bought ears and a tail. I was going to surprise you… do you want to try it?”

Qiu Xing completely woke up as he watched Xie Yang with a frown. Then he abruptly lifted the quilt to cover Xie Yang and pressed firmly against his head. “Don’t buy messy things. The tail definitely isn’t good.”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow.

“…But the ears are possible.”

Xie Yang let out a low laugh and got closer to Qiu Xing.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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Was that the thing Qiu Xing made He Jun write while waiting at the parking area? 😂

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the mouse’s love story

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He Jun is secretly talented as a writer lol

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HELPPPP I feel so bad for hejun he’s doing the most work in this book JSUSDJDJEJEJD

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MOOD 😭😭😭

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Wow that’s a lot of words for being petty.

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Xie Yang is always horny hahahahaha

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I want to be like a He Jun. Talented in all aspect, capable and trust-worthy.

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