FLBCP: Chapter 4

Zhao Yao had a double story apartment in the city center. He opened the door to enter and couldn’t help feeling nostalgic when he saw the familiar decorations.

He moved out of his old house when he was young and lived here until he was 30 years old. The person who took care of him was Uncle Wang and there was also an aunt who came regularly to clean. Uncle Wang was his mother’s housekeeper in the early years. Later, his mother passed away and Uncle Wang followed him out of the old house to live in the city center. Zhao Yao’s relationship with his father wasn’t close and the head female in the Zhao family was Zhao Qizhen’s mother. Generally, only Uncle Wang was at home and occasionally friends came over to play.

“Brother Yao, would you like Coke or orange juice?” Yao Bai’s voice came from the other side of the kitchen. He was standing in front of the refrigerator to get some drinks.

Zhao Yao said, “Uncle Wang, can you help pour me a glass of warm water?”

In his previous life, he was in poor health and many of his eating habits had changed. He only drank warm water when drinking something. It couldn’t be too hot or cold.

Uncle Wang was a bit surprised but he soon went.

Yao Bai came over with a few bottles of drinks.

He sat down next to Zhao Yao. “Brother, I was nervous to death when your phone rang in the meeting. I saw Zhao Qizhen’s smug appearance and was furious. Then when we finally left, that kid Zhao Qizhen’s face was completely red. I don’t know where he got the confidence to attend this meeting. Isn’t it obvious that you were the only one competing with the eldest young master?”

Zhao Yao was looking through the mobile apps to see the news during this period of time in order to understand the current situation. Some things could be remembered with one glance while others were very strange. Uncle Wang brought over the warm water and handed Zhao Yao some tablets as well. “Master, we were in a rush at noon and you haven’t taken your medicine yet.”

Zhao Yao took the medicine and swallowed them with water, occasionally responding to Yao Bai’s words.

Yao Bai noticed Zhao Yao paying attention to his mobile phone. “Brother, I still don’t understand. Why didn’t you fight? You didn’t like the Zhao family before but withdrawing from the competition is another story. In addition, you stood on the side of the eldest young master before you left. I’m afraid that President Zhao will have some opinion on this.”

“I suddenly figured it out. It is meaningless to compete.” Zhao Yao eyed the other person and slightly paused before ordering, “Don’t trust Zhao Zhikai too much.”

The Zhao industry was actually divided into two groups. One supported Zhao Changshuo and the other listened to Zhao Zhikai’s instructions. Zhao Yao’s capital wasn’t as good as Zhao Changshuo. The reason he could beat Zhao Changshuo in his last life was because Zhao Zhikai’s camp was on his side.

Yao Bai heard this and finally understood why his brother suddenly changed. Not only did he plan to fall out with Zhao Zhikai but he also helped Zhao Changshuo. The meeting was a great opportunity and it was simply ruining the path forward. It seemed that Zhao Yao really didn’t want to fight. Yao Bai wondered, “What will we do in the future? You asked me to organize so many things and we still have to go work at the company.”

“Resign.” Zhao Yao frowned slightly. “I’ll talk about it later.”

“The departure project might be important but Young Master’s body is more important.” Uncle Wang had learned about what happened at the meeting on the way back. Zhao Yao had been running around for the Qichen Project for a long time and even cooperated with his second uncle Zhao Zhikai to compete with Zhao Changshuo at this meeting. Now that he suddenly changed his mind, Uncle Wang was like Yao Bai and couldn’t quite understand the young master’s thoughts.

Last weeks’ car accident was very dangerous. Fortunately, it was just a minor injury. Uncle Wang thought that perhaps the young master had other ideas after the car accident.

Zhao Yao heard these words and was reminded of Uncle Wang’s serious illness in his previous life. Uncle Wang had been telling him to take care of his body. Now that he heard such instructions, he had another thought in his heart. He said, “In a few days, I will go to the hospital for a re-examination. Uncle Wang, you will also have your body checked as well. Do you do regular physical examinations every year?”

Uncle Wang answered, “Yes. You don’t need to bother.”

“It isn’t a bother. Health is important.” Zhao Yao didn’t believe this person’s words. In his previous life, it was because there was no regular medical examination that they found out about the problem too late. Uncle Wang had this type of personality and sometimes he didn’t bother thinking about his body.

Yao Bai didn’t stay long. Zhao Yao asked him to go to the company to get some documents so he soon left. It was approaching evening and Uncle Wang went to prepare dinner. Zhao Yao sat in the living room and watched the news on the Internet.

His phone was being bombarded with various messages. Some people were eager to ask about the result of the meeting while some people didn’t understand his behavior at the meeting. He only glanced at it briefly before blacklisting some insignificant people. Then the world became clear.

In his previous life, he just joined the Zhao Group. In order to develop his contacts, he was extremely busy. Yao Bai and Uncle Wang were right, he did pay a lot for the Qichen Project. However, it was far less than the next 10 years when he worked for the Zhao Group. The Zhao family had inside fighting, the business world nibbled away at him and there was the mess left by his father’s time as chairman. His current life had just begun and it was really boring to take such a road again.

The Zhao family loved to fight so let them fight, as long as they didn’t run to him to make small moves.

Zhao Yao turned to the people in his contacts and looked at the chat history saved on the phone. He determined that this person was the one he wanted to find.

He pondered on it carefully before directly sending a message.

[Zhao Qizhen’s things will be released a few days later. Wait for others to move.]

After receiving the message, the other side responded with an ‘okay’ emoji.


In the evening, Yao Bai sent over the documents. Zhao Yao picked out a few papers before putting the other documents directly into the safe in the study.

The night fell quiet and Uncle Wang didn’t bother him after 10 o’clock. There wasn’t the smell of the hospital disinfectant in the room. The windows were tightly closed and the air conditioner in the room was slowly dissipating the cold air.

The rainy day wasn’t so humid and the indoor temperature was just right. Zhao Yao was very tired but he lay in bed with his eyes open. He suffered from severe insomnia. This was a problem that came from working hard for the Zhao family for 10 years. At first, he could control it with medicine. Then later, all types of medicines didn’t work. He basically had no chance of a deep sleep.

Originally, he thought it was a problem of his last life. Yet when he was reborn into a young body, he still suffered from insomnia. The medicine cabinet at home was downstairs and he didn’t have this problem when he was young. There should be no suitable medicine in the house.

It was 1 a.m.

Zhao Yao looked at the wheelchair next to the bed and the crutches leaning against the wall. He reached for the crutches and left the room. The only light that was on was at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor. Zhao Yao turned on the light in the small living room, sat on the sofa and turned on the TV.

He used to think about things all the time. Even if he couldn’t sleep, he had many things to think about.

Then after his rebirth, his mind was blank. There was nothing for him to decide or to consider.

Zhao Yao leaned back on the sofa, picked up the remote control placed on the coffee table and turned on the network TV. The moment he opened it, he found a fancy page recommending a variety of TV series or films. Some of them he had watched before and some he had no impression of.

The cursor stopped on the documentary channel. Zhao Yao thought about it and didn’t open it. Instead, he chose the variety channel on the other side. When he was young, he would watch several variety shows. Later, he was busy with work and had very little free time. Even if he had spare time, he would choose to watch a few films or documentaries.

Looking back carefully, this time seemed to be the era of entertainment and variety shows.

He was thinking about choosing a variety show when his eyes stopped on a slightly pink cover.


Uncle Wang got up to get a glass of water in the middle of the night. He walked into the hall only to see a different light coming from the corner of the stairs. There should only be a small light at the top of the stairs to make it easier to walk around at night. Now the light above was brighter than at other times.

Why was the light still on upstairs in the middle of the night?

Did something happen to the young master?

Uncle Wang was puzzled so he put down the cup and went straight upstairs.

The excessively bright light from the stairs came from the small living room on the second floor. The moment he walked up the stairs, he saw a person sitting in the small living room. The young master wasn’t sleeping but was watching TV in the living room.

Uncle Wang opened his mouth and asked, “Young Master?”

The moment he spoke, there was a burst of enthusiastic cheers from the TV.

The cheers were especially frightening in the middle of the night. Uncle Wang’s heart jumped and his eyes fell on the variety show that was playing.

The widescreen TV was showing a popular variety show. The host announced the result excitedly while the male and female guests stood together, smiling at each other.

Wasn’t this a dating show?

Uncle Wang looked at the serious Zhao Yao on the sofa.


Why was his young master staying up late to watch a dating show instead of sleeping???

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2 years ago

Uncle Wang, it’s called priorities 🤣