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FLBCP: Chapter 3


The moment Zhao Yao spoke these words, everyone present glanced at him with surprise, especially Zhao Zhikai and Zhao Qizhen. Zhao Qizhen was overjoyed when he heard this. Did Zhao Yao knock his head in the car accident? This person used to run around for the Qichen Project but now he didn’t want the position of the person in charge?

Zhao Qizhen mocked him. “It is indeed better for you to rest your body.”

Yao Bai was even more confused. What was going on? Didn’t Brother Yao come here to become the person in charge?

Many of the people present were those Zhao Zhikai had arranged in advance. They knew that at the end of the meeting, a vote was needed to decide on the project leader. Now Zhao Yao suddenly said such a thing and they felt confused. Therefore, they all looked at Zhao Zhikai.

Zhao Zhikai frowned and asked again, “Xiao Yao, what do you mean by this?”

Zhao Yao’s words were sincere. In his last life, he had been busy looking after the so-called family property of the Zhao family and ended up in pain. In this life, he finally got a healthy body and started again. How could he still fight for the Zhao family’s property as he did in his previous life? Did he want to make trouble for himself?

Not to mention, the Zhao family’s business was riddled with flaws. Look at this so-called assessment. In the final analysis, it was a meeting where all the people present had their own agenda. Only foul winds and bloody rain would follow. He really wasn’t interested and didn’t want to get involved in disputes. These people could fight as they liked.

“It doesn’t mean anything.” Zhao Yao calmly answered. “If the leader of this Qichen Project is really going to be selected from the Zhao family then the best person should be selected based on various conditions. I think I’m not as good as my older brother Zhao Changshuo. Meanwhile, Qizhen has insufficient experience. Based on the various conditions, isn’t the candidate very clear?”

The others in the room glanced at each other and someone raised an objection. “The eldest young master has other projects. I’m afraid it will be difficult for him to bear this heavy responsibility as well.”

Not far away, the silent Zhao Changshuo seriously observed Zhao Yao with a bit of caution and doubt in his eyes.

Zhao Yao habitually touched his index finger but there wasn’t the jade thumb ring that he was used to in his previous life. He met the eyes of the other people and spoke frankly, “Then tell me, what other projects is he leading? In addition, how are those projects operating these days?”

“This…” The man standing up was puzzled and looked at the others.

The secretary standing behind Zhao Changshuo didn’t miss this opportunity. He circulated the pre-organized project materials and said, “ These are Mr Zhao Changshuo’s current projects. You can look at it.”

Zhao Yao saw Zhao Changshuo’s secretary acting and knew that the next situation would start to tilt toward Zhao Changshuo. He had no interest in wasting time here. He had directly expressed his position. This meeting would either decide on Zhao Changshuo or there would be no result.

“Yao Bai.” Zhao Yao glanced at Yao Bai. Yao Bai hurried up to push the wheelchair.

Zhao Yao looked at the group with a smile. “I will leave the rest to you to discuss. I have made an appointment with the doctor so I won’t stay any longer.”

That was it?! The people in the meeting room stared at Zhao Yao. Wasn’t this arriving and going straight to the main feature? He said he was here to vote, expressed his opinion and supported Zhao Changshuo. Now he was just going to leave? Did Zhao Yao hurt his brain in the car accident?

“Wait, Third Young Master.” Someone stopped him.

Zhao Yao wondered, “Are there any other questions?”

This person didn’t know what to ask. It was difficult to inquire why Zhao Yao didn’t grab the position in front of all these people. Obviously, Zhao Yao had been very excited about this position before and contacted many of them privately. Why did he suddenly change his mind at this time?

Zhao Yao saw that no one was speaking and signaled that Yao Bai could go.

Yao Bai stiffly pushed the wheelchair out of the meeting room. Zhao Yao hadn’t hidden anything from him and he knew that Brother Yao had come here today to grab the position of the person in charge. So how could Brother Yao directly vote for Zhao Changshuo in the meeting? You know, his Brother Zhao had been very busy with this matter some time ago. Now all his previous actions had been wasted!

He held back most of the words and didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until they got into the elevator that he asked, “No, Brother Yao, when did you make an appointment with the doctor? Why don’t I know about it?”

Zhao Yao’s eyes were calm. “I’ll make an appointment soon.”

Yao Bai was confused. “Didn’t you come here to be the person in charge? How can you support the eldest young master?”

Zhao Yao replied, “Isn’t it hard? I don’t want to fight anymore.”

“Still, won’t you leave a bad impression on others if you leave the meeting like this? In addition, the vote isn’t over yet. Don’t you want to wait for the result to come out?” Yao Bai couldn’t understand Zhao Yao’s actions. “There is Zhao Qizhen. If he becomes the person in charge…”

The elevator descended at a constant speed.

“The meeting is over.” Zhao Yao explained. “The result was decided the moment I expressed my position. Zhao Qizhen can’t overturn things. The people who originally supported Zhao Changshuo will continue to support him. Meanwhile, those who were originally in my camp and wanted to push me to compete for power with Zhao Changshuo will have no choice. Zhao Qizhen is useless and I quit the competition. This meeting will either decide on Zhao Changshuo or it will end with no result.”

The elevator door opened and Yao Bai pushed Zhao Yao out.

Yao Bai wondered, “Eh? But Brother, aren’t you…?”

“It doesn’t matter if I leave a good impression or not. I won’t be dealing with them in the future.” Zhao Yao knew that apart from his mother’s old friend, the rest of those standing behind him basically chose to push him to fight Zhao Changshuo for their own benefits. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter. The accounts from his last life were basically settled. In this life, he didn’t want to stir up the muddy waters. It was best to keep a distance from these people.

Yao Bai didn’t understand. He was about to ask a few more words when suddenly,  a person rushed in front of the wheelchair and rudely stopped in front of them.


“Third Young Master!” The secretary urgently stopped them. “President Zhao hopes that you will stay in the office and wait for him. He said there is something to discuss with you.”

Zhao Yao wasn’t surprised at all. “No, I am rushing to see the doctor.”

The secretary looked embarrassed. “Third Young Master, you will make it difficult for President Zhao if you do this.”

Yao Bai came forward. “Hey hey, let us go. The third young master’s legs are uncomfortable. Do you still want to stop people from seeing a doctor? If something goes wrong with his legs, will you bear the responsibility?”

The secretary hesitated for a moment before finally giving way.

Yao Bai swaggered as he pushed Zhao Yao past the secretary.

Zhao Yao clicked his tongue and commented on it. “This set of rhetoric is very good.”

“Right? I usually read a lot of public account’s small compositions that are really sensational. The fans of the leading male actor are usually so frightening.” Yao Bai suddenly thought of something as he walked halfway. “It’s bad. I forgot to tell Uncle Wang that we’re going first.”

The air-conditioning in the lobby on the first floor was flowing quietly. Zhao Yao didn’t speak and instead looked at the rain outside the glass revolving door.

Uncle Wang was still waiting in the lounge. Yao Bai hurriedly called Uncle Wang and told him to come downstairs to pick them up.

Yao Bai finished the call and said, “Brother, let’s wait here. Uncle Wang will come soon.”

He was planning to push Zhao Yao to the rest area on the first floor when he heard Zhao Yao say, “Go out first.”

“Eh? But it is raining outside.”

Zhao Yao told him, “We will wait for him outside.”

“Okay.” Yao Bai had to push him out. He stood at the edge of the building’s entrance and said, “We will shelter from the rain here.”

He stood by Zhao Yao’s wheelchair and muttered, “The rain outside is really heavy. The weather forecast said it would be sunny.”

Zhao Yao felt the incoming rain and wind and his fatigue seemed blown away. He looked at the scene in the distance and finally confirmed in his heart that this world was real. He hadn’t died but was reborn to his youth.

He said, “Move forward.”

Yao Bai didn’t hear his words because he was a bit anxious. He had come here and headed to the meeting straight away. He didn’t have time to go to the bathroom. He had been nervous for a long time due to the serious occasion and felt uncomfortable. Then his mind returned and he noticed that Zhao Yao was looking at him. “Brother?”

Yao Bai’s feet moved a few times and Zhao Yao looked away. “You should solve it in advance.”

Yao Bai was a bit hesitant. “Brother Yao, it isn’t very convenient for you. I’d better wait here for Uncle Wang to arrive.”

“Go. Uncle Wang will almost be here by the time you come back.”

Yao Bai didn’t decline anymore and left with a few warnings.

There were a few people coming and going from the entrance of the building. Pei Mingzhan followed his agent in plain clothes. The moment he got out of the car, he noticed the person in the wheelchair at the entrance of the building. This man looked very young and he was pushing his wheelchair alone into the rain. In front of him were three small steps.

The agent explained the situation as he walked, “They still want to continue with us. Perhaps some conditions will be put forward later. Just ignore it. Hey, where are you going?”

Pei Mingzhan quickly walked over and succeeded in holding the wheelchair when it was near the stairs. He looked at the silent young man in the wheelchair and reminded in a warm voice, “There are steps in front of you. Be careful.”

The young man’s hand was slightly open and there were a few scattered dots of rain on it.

Pei Mingzhan frowned slightly and pushed the wheelchair back to safety.

Just then, a person hurried out of the building and rushed over.

Yao Bai had finished going to the toilet and saw that Brother  Yao’s wheelchair wasn’t in its original position. He ran up anxiously and saw a man in casual clothes pulling the wheelchair back.

“Brother Yao, didn’t I tell you to wait for me in place?” Then he thanked Pei Mingzhan. “Thank you, Brother.”

Zhao Yao didn’t speak. He just opened and closed his hands like he was thinking about something.

The agent came over from the other side. Pei Mingzhan looked at the young man in the wheelchair with concern. “Pay attention to your safety.”

“Yes. Thank you.” The moment Yao Bai finished speaking, he suddenly felt that Pei Mingzhan looked a bit familiar. “Brother, have we met somewhere before?”

Zhao Yao returned to his senses and tilted his head to observe the young man beside him. Then he opened his mouth. “Thank you.”

Pei Mingzhan smiled politely.

“We have to go soon or we will miss the agreed upon time.” The agent came over and urged.

Pei Mingzhan nodded to Yao Bai and turned to leave with his agent.

Uncle Wang’s car drove over at this time. Yao Bai was still wondering where he had seen this person when Uncle Wang came over with an umbrella to help them.

Pei Mingzhan walked into the building and the agent asked, “Do you know the third young master?”

“Third young master?” Pei Mingzhan frowned upon hearing this.

“I met him the last time I came to sign a contract. He is Zhao Yao, the third young master of the Zhao family. I heard that he was in the hospital after a car accident last week.” The agent wondered, “Don’t you know him?”

Pei Mingzhan smiled and looked back thoughtfully.

Zhao Yao—so he grew up to look like this.


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