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CR: Chapter 110

At 1 o’clock, just as people were falling asleep, countless pairs of green eyes appeared and stared at them without blinking. Xiao Lou’s back stiffened and he asked softly, “Are they wolves?”

Ye Qi immediately jumped up and swore as he held the guitar, his entire body in a state of readiness.

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “Don’t move. There’s a fire here and they won’t dare come closer.”

The wolves might be afraid of fire but what if the fire went out? Once so many wolves pounced, they might be torn to pieces, just like the two challengers who were driven out of the village on the first day. The meat was eaten, leaving only white bones.

The group was white-faced when thinking of the bones of the two challengers they had met on the road. Just then, it started to rain. Xiao Lou hurriedly exclaimed, “Protect the charcoal fire!”

However, the storm poured down and there was no time to protect it. All the charcoal and torches were extinguished by the rain in an instant. Once the wolves saw that the fire went out, the wolves slowly came forward and surrounded them.

Yu Hanjiang shouted, “Get back! Get back to the tree!”

The tree was very thick and contained lush leaves. Liu Qiao immediately flew to the tree and the long-legged woman climbed up it cleanly. Then the two of them helped pull up the other challengers.

Yu Hanjiang escorted  Xiao Lou back to the tree and whispered, “Let’s cooperate and kill these wolves.”

The reaction of the group, especially the couple who first fled to the mountain, was to flee. They didn’t expect this person to actually fight the wolves head-on?

Old Qi took the lead in nodding. “Isn’t there the Balance from 4 of Diamonds? The balance can control the target for five minutes. We can use it separately and control the wolves to death.”

Yu Hanjiang quickly assigned tasks. “Old Qi, you come first.”

Old Qi reacted quickly. He saw the wolf herd surrounding the tree and immediately threw out the Balance. A large number of wolves was set in place under the tree and Yu Hanjiang shouted, “Little Ye!”

It meant for Ye Qi to play the guitar and make all the wolves fall asleep. Yu Hanjiang rushed out like an arrow. He held a fruit knife and quickly killed the wolves! For a while, blood kept splashing!

Yu Hanjiang moved between the sleeping wolves, his eyebrows revealed a trace of ruthlessness, like he was cutting vegetables. He killed eight wolves in a row while they were sleeping. It was quick, ruthless and accurate!

The people against the tree looked at the scene with horror. The physically fit man single-handedly killed the wolves and his face showed no traces of fear!

Ye Qi’s sleeping effect soon ended. The wolves woke up and found that their companions around them were dead or seriously wounded. The rest of the wolves were enraged and howled at Yu Hanjiang. They wanted to rush over and bite him to pieces!

Two of them happened to be in the gap between the scales and wasn’t fixed in place. After waking up, the two wolves rushed at Yu Hanjiang. Xiao Lou’s heart was about to stop beating and he subconsciously said, “Be careful!”

He threw out the Balance without hesitation and accurately fixed the two wolves in place. They were only one metre away from Yu Hanjiang. Their green eyes stared coldly at Yu Hanjiang. They opened their mouths to reveal sharp teeth and if Xiao Lou hadn’t reacted quickly enough, Yu Hanjiang might’ve been bitten by the two wolves.

Yu Hanjiang turned to look at Xiao Lou and gave him a reassuring look. “What are you waiting for? Use your attack and control cards quickly!”

The dazed people finally came to their senses and used their own cards to help Yu Hanjiang. A few bold young men also climbed down from the tree and joined the fight. The wolves might be ferocious but the enemies were challengers who could use all types of cards.

In the blink of an eye, more than half the wolves were killed or injured. There was a mess under the ground and wolves’ corpses scattered everywhere. Under the rain, the blood of the wolves stained the grass red and it was startling.

The long-legged woman sat in the tree and stared blankly at the bodies on the ground. “Actually… killed the wolves?”

She and her boyfriend had escaped to the mountains and hid from the wolves all day. As a result, this man killed the wolves in one breath. She watched Yu Hanjiang standing in the rain with blood covering his bod and she suddenly trembled. The man’s eyes were cold and full of hostility but there was a type of firmness in his eyes that said ‘a god kills a god, Buddha kills Buddha.’ She had no doubt that if anyone dared to do anything to him and his friends, he would definitely take care of them.

Fortunately, they formed a temporary alliance with this man and weren’t hostile to him. The woman patted her chest and let out a breath.

Under the tree, the masked man looked at Yu admiringly. “Big brother, your skills are good. Have you practiced?”

Yu Hanjiang lightly hummed.

Old QI jumped out from the tree and asked, “What about the bodies of these wolves?”

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over the crowd and finally stopped on Xiao Lou’s face.

The fierce man looked at Xiao Lou and his eyes couldn’t help becoming gentle. He whispered, “Are you interested in eating wolf meat? These wolves can be used as food for the next two days.”

Everyone, “………”

The chameleon man, who had climbed the tree out of fright, suddenly exposed his head from where he blended in with the tree and spat out, “F*k! I was afraid the wolves would eat me and now you want to eat the wolves?”

The group stared at Yu Hanjiang with complicated eyes. A master’s thinking truly wasn’t the same.

Yu Hanjiang stated, “In reality, we aren’t allowed to eat wolves because they are endangered protected animals. Hunting wolves is illegal. We don’t need to think about this in the secret room. The wolves on the mountain can definitely be eaten. These wolves came to us themselves. We won’t have to go hunting in the next two days.”

As he spoke, he lifted the body of a wolf and came to the bottom of the tree.

Xiao Lou jumped down from the tree and spoke with worry. “Are you okay? You have a lot of blood on you.”

Yu Hanjiang shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. It is all wolf’s blood.”

Xiao Lou let go of his worries and looked at the wolf on the ground. “Do you really intend to eat roast wolf meat for the next two days?”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “Do you want to try it?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Yes, I haven’t eaten wolf meat yet.”

The people at the scene, “…”

Who the hell had eaten wolf meat? It was exciting to follow these two people.

The challengers who had nearly peed their pants just now climbed down the tree. Ye Qi spoke excitedly, “Roast wolf meat, so cool! I never dreamt that one day when I met a wolf, it would be me eating the wolf, not the wolf eating me, hahaha.”

Everyone was amused by him and their nervous looks were swept away.

The couple who could only escape after encountering the wolves looked at each other. At this moment, they finally understood what it meant to ‘lie down and win.’ It was so easy to follow the gods, the wolves were all killed…

For the next two days, Xiao Lou obviously sensed that the eyes of the challengers were full of admiration for Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang single-handedly killed the wolves and proved his fighting ability. No one dared to provoke him and followed him to eat roast wolf meat. The taste might be strange but they couldn’t be too demanding in the wild. Yu Hanjiang was afraid that Xiao Lou couldn’t get used to it. During the day, he went to the mountains to hunt a few pheasants and hares. He could also eat wild fruits when thirsty.

On the fourth day, there were only five challengers left in Liuxi Village. Apparently, people had been eliminated by the infighting.

In contrast, the 12 challengers outside the village got along well.

After the group of wolves was destroyed, no wild animals would disturb them again. It was like everyone was going on a field trip. They slept by the tree at night and hunted wild game and picked wild fruits during the day. It was a simple and comfortable life.

In a flash, the fifth day arrived and a prompt appeared on everyone’s floating boxes.

[Liuxi Village, day 5, 24:00]

[Number of stones remaining in the village: 0.]

[Number of challengers remaining in the village: 3]

There were only three people left in the original eight. It could be seen how fierce the challengers’ struggle in the village was after the past two days. Some of them might’ve started to suspect each other and fight frantically. Xiao Lou was right. Compared to the wild beasts, the irrational challengers under tension were more terrible.

At 24:00, all the card skills were refreshed.

Yu Hanjiang called everyone together to arrange the tasks. He took out the map of Liuxi Village and quickly drew three lines of action. “Old Qi, the four of you will form a team and go to Grandma Sun’s house in the southeast. The four of us will form two teams and go to Grandma Qin’s house in the northeast.”

He swept over the group and looked at the chameleon. “You have the ability to change colour. It won’t be easy to find you if you are against the wall. Go with our Little Liu and form an investigation team. We will take action after confirming the safety of the village.”

He followed by looking at the long-legged woman. “You can stand high and look far. Jump quickly and stand in the middle of the village to observe the whole situation. If there is any incidents, jump to report immediately. Masked man, please go to Liu Hui’s house. Her due date is approaching.I’m afraid that something might happen to her. Please keep an eye on her house.”

The long-legged woman heard him arrange the division of labour and admired it.  “Big brother, what do you do in the real world? Your sense of command is very good.”

Yu Hanjiang calmly replied, “A police officer.”

Everyone, “……”

No wonder why he could arrange such a professional operation. Action team one, action team two, investigation team and liaison person. It was all in the same way that the police arrested criminals. The woman couldn’t help giving a thumbs up. “Officer Han, thanks to you, it really seems like we will lie down and win!”

Someone ran over and said, “Officer Han, I’m so glad to know you! Let’s be friends when we later go to the main city!”

Yu Hanjiang stated, “It is a win-win cooperation. I hope you don’t drop the ball in tonight’s operation.”

The group nodded.

Xiao Lou saw Group Leader Yu being surrounded by everyone and couldn’t help smiling. His heart was inexplicably a bit proud. Group Leader Yu was strong but he had been contracted by them. No one could take him away.

Liuxi Village, 24:10.

The flying Liu Qiao and chameleon man took the lead in investigating the village. They took 10 minutes to circle Liuxi Village and reported the result quickly. The village was quiet and everything was as usual. The remaining three challengers were seriously injured and hiding on the west mountain.

At 24:20, Yu Hanjiang waved. “Action!”

Old Qi and his three colleagues quickly moved to Grandma Sun’s house while Yu Hanjiang’s group of four went to Grandma Qin’s house. The masked man went to Liu Hui’s door and the long-legged woman was in charge of information exchange in the middle of the village. Liu Qiao and the chameleon man continued to investigate the village.

Grandma Qin’s home.

The human bones in the rice wine jar were still there, the white bones exuded a strange lustre in the moonlight.

Yu Hanjiang lifted the rice wine jar and poured out all the human bones and liquid. Then he put the wolf bones into them, changed it with water and sprinkled some dust so that the water became as turbid as before.

On the surface, there were still bones soaking in the jar. As long as Grandma Qin didn’t take the bones out and look carefully, she wouldn’t find that the human bones had been removed.

The four of them quickly changed the rice wine. Just before they were about to leave, they saw the long-legged woman quickly jump to the door. “It’s bad! Liu Hui suddenly got a stomach pains in the middle of the night. It is likely that she will have the baby!”

Grandma Sun’s home.

The old lady usually didn’t sleep in the middle of the night. She still made medicine at 2 or 3 in the morning. However, she went to bed early this evening and her yard was very quiet. Old QI’s group of four sneaked into the kitchen and were about to pour out all the medicine in her medicine jars. As a result, Liu Qiao flew from the tree. “Liu Hui is going to have a baby! Little Qing is coming here. Hurry up!”

The four people’s expressions changed and they quickly moved away from the medicine. Before they could withdraw, they heard Little Qing banging on Grandma Sun’s door and cried out, “Grandma, Aunt Hui suddenly has stomach pain. She might be having a baby. Please go and take a look!”

Grandma Sun woke up. She put on clothes while saying, “Little Qing, go to the kitchen to bring my toolbox.”

The four people still in the kitchen suddenly changed their expressions. The curly haired woman said, “Do you want to knock her unconscious and run?”

Old Qi frowned. “Don’t disturb the grass in the snake. She can see.”

The four people quickly hid behind the wood in a corner of the kitchen. Little Qing entered the kitchen and picked up a wooden medicine box from the stove. She had just taken two steps when she suddenly stopped and looked coldly in the direction of the firewood.

The hearts of the four people were about to pop out. However, the girl did nothing and turned away.

Old Qi sighed with relief. Once Little Qing and Grandma Sun left, the four of them came out of the house.

At the same time, Xiao Lou’s group of four were about to control the Tibetan mastiff when Lin Er knocked crazily on the door. “Aunt Qin, Aunt Qin! My wife is having her baby!”

The sleeping Tibetan mastiff immediately awakened and barked in the direction of the kitchen!

Grandma Qin headed in the direction of the kitchen and Yu Hanjiang ordered decisively, “Evacuate.”

Xiao Lou had long opened the Peach Blossom Spring in the east of the village. He heard Group Leader Yu’s instructions and the four people quickly returned to the Peach Blossom Spring. Grandma Qin went to the kitchen and didn’t see anyone. She was confused and checked the rice wine, but found no abnormalities. Then she turned around and followed Lin Er.

In the Peach Blossom Spring, Yu Hanjiang praised, “Fortunately, Professor Xiao was careful. He came up with the idea of replacing human bones with the bones of wild wolves. The rice wine is the same on the surface and can’t be easily seen at night.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “We stopped Grandma Qin for the moment but on Liu Hui’s side, the two old ladies might do something to the newly born child. We need to go and see as soon as possible.”

Yu Hanjiang ordered, “Let’s go.”

The four people left the Peach Blossom Spring and headed to Liu Hui’s home.

The challengers met in the middle of the village. Old Qi and the others also rushed over. Yu Hanjiang whispered, “Liu Hui isn’t in good health. It is likely that the birth of the child won’t go well. Those who have the invisibility cloak available should raise your hands.”

People in the group raised their hands and he roughly counted. “10 people. We will use the cloak in batches to watch Hui Hui’s home. The chameleon man, how long can you change colour?”

The man raised his hand and said, “If I only change colour, I can last two hours. However, I can’t move.”

“Then first stick to the wall and listen to the sounds from the yard. Once the child is born, immediately notify us. If it nears the end of the two hours, immediately withdrew and replacements will be sent in.” He looked at Liu Qiao and the long-legged woman. “The two of you go back and forth. We can’t go to Liu Hui’s house together at the moment because it is easy for our plans to be disturbed by villagers.”

Yu Hanjiang already had a high prestige among the challenges and combined with the fact that he was a policeman, everyone was obedient.

Liu Qiao, the long-legged woman and the chameleon man moved first. Yu Hanjiang told Ye Qi, “Throw the bug there.”

Ye Qi nodded and moved. He stopped at around 100 metres and threw the bug into Liu Hui’s home.

Liu Qiao suddenly gave birth in the middle of the night and this startled many people. In addition to Grandma Sun, Little Qing and Grandma Qin, the neighbours all came to see the situation. The home was full of people. Liu Qiao and the long-legged girl hid on the big tree outside the house while the chameleon man stuck to the wall to observe.

Inside the house, Liu Hui’s pained cries poured out continuously. She wasn’t in good health and the labour wasn’t smooth. The several women waiting in the yard spoke anxiously, “Is Hui Hui having a hard labour?” “Little Qing’s mother died in childbirth. Poor Little Qing has lost her mother since childhood and she was raised with Grandma Sun’s mother.” “Don’t have a crow’s mouth. Hui Hui will be fine. She has a weak body and she had been training for a long time.”

Listening to the argument on the bug, Yu Hanjiang suddenly frowned and whispered in Xiao Lou’s ear. “We have ignored a key point. Little Qing’s name is very similar to Yueqing, the daughter of Grandma Sun. She didn’t have a mother since childhood and was brought up by Grandmother Sun. The grandmother knows Little Qing. Is it in memory of her daughter?”

Xiao Lou’s eyes brightened. “In addition, Grandma Sun passed on his medical skills. Perhaps this Little Qing has been with Grandma Sun for so many years that Grandma Sun took Little Qing as her daughter? Thus, she has no heart to poison this girl?”

Village Chief Liu Si wasn’t blind and had disguised it well from a young age. He didn’t have much contact with Grandma Sun so he was ignored.

However, Little Qing was with Grandma Sun every day. Grandma Sun was so shrewd. How could she not notice that Little Qing wasn’t blind? In particular, her action of knocking over the medicine jars was too obvious. Grandma Sun couldn’t be unaware.

There was only one explanation. Grandma Sun had long known that Little Qing wasn’t blind. If Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang’s inference was correct, she might really take Little Qing as her daughter after raising her for so many years. Thus, she couldn’t bear to blind this girl. This showed that Grandma Sun wasn’t inhuman.

Xiao Lou wondered, “Is she really going to slaughter the villagers tomorrow?”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. Grandma Sun slaughtering the villagers was only their speculation. After all, she only said that she would rest on the day of her death anniversary. How she would do it wasn’t completely certain at present.

Just then, Liu Qiao suddenly flew over. “The chameleon’s time is up!”

Yu Hanjiang looked at Old Qi and signalled them to go.

The challengers took turns on shift and waited for Liu Hui to give birth. It wasn’t until 4 a.m. when the challengers had changed three rounds and the bug had failed that Liu Qiao flew over. “The baby was born!”

The cries broke the silence of the night. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang looked at each other and immediately entered Liu Hui’s home wearing invisibility cloaks.

Liu Hui was pale and had fainted. Lin Er was anxiously waiting at the door when Grandma Sun came out with the child. The child’s crying was very weak and thin. Grandma Sun handed the child to Lin Er. It is a girl. The mother and daughter are safe.”

Xiao Lou looked inside with the invisibility cloak.

The baby gradually stopped crying in her father’s arms. Lin Er excitedly extended his hand and gently grasped his daughter’s little hand. Once the baby’s palm felt the touch, she grasped Lin Er’s finger. It was very lovely.

Grandma Sun took out a candle and approached. The baby’s pupils received light and immediately shrank.

Xiao Lou was startled. The reflexes of the child’s pupils were normal. She could see.


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