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CNC: Chapter 14

Cheng Xu finally stopped attacking after hearing these words. Nan Lu stiffened and she looked up in a teary-eyed manner. “Who knows if you have tampered with the surveillance?”

You Yu smiled softly. “Sister, are you afraid to see it?”

“H-How can that be… ‘Nan Lu whispered. Her grip on the carpet gradually tightened.

You Yu still smiled innocently and raised his volume slightly. “Aunt Mei, please let the guests see the surveillance footage of just now.”

The moment he spoke, the chandeliers in the kitchen and dining room went out. The projection wall on the south side of the dining room lit up and the screen gradually became clear.

All eyes were attracted to the video projected on the wall. Chi Nan couldn’t see but he could keenly feel the breathing of the people around him becoming short and urgent. The frequency of Hei Cha’s ‘fk fk fu*k’ was increasing while Nan Lu stopped crying. Her voice was dry and tight from panic. “No, this didn’t happen! It is fake!”

Her tone was getting higher and faster. She was obviously anxious. “Brother Cheng, you must believe me. I didn’t do anything to Sister Ran! H-How can I…”

Cheng Xu’s eyes were cold and hard. Nan Lu started to move back little by little, trembling like prey with nowhere to escape. It seemed that Cheng Xu would rush up and tear her apart in the next second if she didn’t escape from this place!

“The little blind man lied to you! it is all fake!” She retreated to the projection wall of the dining room. Suddenly, she nervously raised her chair and smashed it in the direction of the projector. She lost her mind and screamed. “Stop it! Stop! Stop!”

Unfortunately, the surveillance video continued undisturbed. Everyone saw the whole process of her cutting An Ran’s throat and dragging An Ran by her long hair to kick her into the fog…

The air was tense and silent. However, You Yu was in a great mood and adjusted the surveillance.

On the surveillance, Nan Lu placed a knife to Chi Nan’s neck and tried to force Chi Nan to kill himself by going outside the door.

Everyone was stunned. Only Cheng Xu quietly went to the table, picked up a knife and walked toward Nan Lu. Nan Lu’s eyes widened in horror and her voice trembled. “Brother Cheng, listen to me. It wasn’t like this… the surveillance is fake!”

She pointed to herself in the surveillance video. “She isn’t me. She isn’t… f*k you!”

After seeing that Cheng Xu no longer believed her, Nan Lu angrily tore off her disguise. She took off the knife hidden behind her and stabbed at Cheng Xu’s neck.

“Old Cheng! Be careful!”

Cheng Xu himself had some fighting skills. At this moment, he was ready and he dodged it.

Nan Lu rushed at the air. Her inertia made her feet unstable and she almost fell. Cheng Xu seized this opportunity and plunged the knife deep into the side of her neck!

“Ah…!” Nan Lu’s expression stiffened and she let out a short scream. Cheng Xu pulled out the knife and stabbed her a second time, a third time…

Blood gushed out like crazy and just happened to splash onto the wall of the surveillance video. The Nan Lu in the video was still smiling while she was covered with her own blood.

The seventh stab, the eighth stab… the dull sound of a sharp weapon piercing flesh echoed in the dining room. Faced with such a blood and absurd scene, almost everyone froze in place and held their breath.

After a while, Song Yue was the first to react. She covered her mouth and rushed to the trash can to vomit. Old Yu stepped forward and patted Cheng Xu heavily on the shoulder. “It is enough. She is dead already.”

Nan Lu wasn’t just dead. She was stabbed until she didn’t look human any longer.

Cheng Xu was stunned. Then he continued to raise his hand and kept stabbing like an unstoppable machine. His eyes were hollow and dim. They only reflected the bloody corpse as he stabbed one after another. It seemed that as long as he didn’t stop, the truth he saw from the surveillance video would never come.

Old Yu gave a deep sigh. He turned around and stopped trying to persuade this person. No one knew when Cheng Xu’s knife would stop…

Thump thump thump.

There was a noise from the kitchen door without warning. Everyone stiffened and Cheng Xu’s movements froze.

The next second, he dropped the knife and rushed to open the door.

Yet after the door opened, he didn’t see An Ran as he had expected. There was only a pair of white sneakers in the thick fog, quietly placed on the steps. The upper part of the shoes were covered with blood while the soles were covered with moist soil and rotting leaves.

It seemed that the owner of these shoes had walked a long and muddy road before knocking on the door and appearing in front of Cheng Xu.

At this moment, the empty indifference in Cheng Xu’s eyes finally faded. He knelt down opposite the sneakers like a collapsed statue. He rubbed his hands against his clothes in a nervous manner, trying to wipe the blood stains from them… he wiped for a long time until the blood on his hands were gone. Then he held the white sneaker in his arms cautiously like he was worried about waking up a sleeping baby.

“Ranran, thank you for coming back…”

“I will take you away from here. I promise to take you home as soon as possible.”

Everyone saw this scene and was afraid to make any noise. It wasn’t until the door closed automatically that Hei Cha turned his head and found that the young master had disappeared somewhere. Only Chi Nan was standing there.

“I shouldn’t have left you alone with her in the living room. It is terrible to think about.” Hei Cha lowered his head and spoke in a regretful manner.

It was only then that Chi Nan revealed the small dagger he had been hiding behind him. “It’s fine. If the young master hadn’t shown up just now, I would’ve moved faster  than her.”

“Still, I’ll pay more attention in the future.” Hei Cha was worried. He looked at Chi Nan and thought, ‘You might have a strength advantage as a male but you don’t look like someone with high strength. It would be lucky if you can fight with the hidden Nan Lu…’

Old Yu walked over. “Okay, the remaining six of us will have to strive to get out of this nightmare alive.”

“Old Yu, why did Nan Lu suddenly do this?” Hei Cha asked.

Old Yu sneered. “She might think that this nightmare originally has only one survival quota so she first chose a girl who seemed weaker and Chi Nan to act against.”

In other words, Chi Nan was a sick and disabled person.

“Does she think she can kill the rest of us?”

Old Yu shrugged. “It is a gamble or she got some information that made her speculate that earning favorability includes helping the evil spirits kill. She will get a lot of favorability for killing more.”

Hei Cha shuddered. “So she isn’t a newcomer?”

“Of course not. Pretending to be a newcomer and letting your teammates relax their vigilance is also a strategy. After all, none of us doubted her before, right?”

At these words, Old Yu glanced vigilantly at Chi Nan. Then he quickly looked away with a frown.

After crying, Cheng Xu fell unconscious while holding the sneakers. Old Yu placed him on the sofa and the remaining five people started to exchange information to discuss clearing the instance.

Chi Nan also found that You Yu had placed a mobile phone charger on the living room coffee table at an unknown time.

Song Yue asked,  “Since the altar has been destroyed, we shouldn’t be sacrificed to the evil spirits?”

Old Yu frowned and shook his head. “It is hard to say. If finding the truth and smashing the altar was the key to breaking the instance, the system should’ve given a notification to indicate that it was complete. Now nothing has happened…”

“Is it because it isn’t time and we can’t leave early?”

Old Yu hesitated for a moment. “Then we can only wait until midnight of the 15th. During this time, we still have to look for clues that we have missed.”

“Bai Yingzhi and her husband might be a key point…” Old Yu added. “It might be necessary to solve them before we can get out.”

He said ‘solve’ and everyone understood in an instant.

“We also messed up the altar. Bai Yingzhi won’t easily let go of us.”

“However, this time the theme is You Yu’s Dream. The dream should be designed from You Yu’s perspective. Will it be okay if we really solve his parents?” Song Yue had some worries.

Old Yu sneered. “If I was the young master, I would dream of killing these types of parents.”

“I think that Bai Yingzhi and her husband aren’t really parents to You Yu.” The silent Chi Nan finally spoke quietly, his expression a bit cold. “After all, Bai Yingzhi and her husband only regard him as a sacrifice, not a son.”

You Yu was born a sacrifice and isolated in the villa. The indestructible barbed wire on the windows and heavy fog outside the door was a symbol of his inability to be free.

The Bai Yingzhi couple who raised him were the original sin that brought him all this pain and suffering. They were the beginning of his misfortune. This villa was a prison and an island for You Yu. He was an exiled prisoner with fine clothes and food. In this regard, Chi Nan was similar to him. Chi Nan was trapped in the painting and never had any freedom.

“However, if we really want to do it…” Song Yue was a newcomer entering for the first time. She was a bit uneasy at the thought of killing her childhood goddess.

Old Yu pulled out a cigarette and lighter. He found that only the shell of the cigarette was left and had to bite a toothpick to satisfy his craving. “It depends on the situation. If we really want to do this, don’t be too immersed. They are just villain data NPCs made by the dreamers. It is just like fighting monsters in a game. Don’t be too burdened.”

Song Yue bit her lip and hesitated a moment before finally nodding.

They came to a consensus and everyone started looking for self-defense weapons in the villa. Hei Cha, Song Yue and Xu Jing held two knives each while Old Yu got an axe in an ingenious manner and held it in his hand.

Then they all saw Chi Nan had found a chainsaw from somewhere and were shocked. He held it as he walked into the living room.

Chi Nan patted the chainsaw in his arms. “I checked. It is full of oil and can start.”

Hei Cha, “……” Why are you so skilled?

Chi Nan handed the chainsaw to Hei Cha. “I can’t see so it is too dangerous for me to use the chainsaw.”

Hei Cha didn’t pretend to be polite. He took the chainsaw and said, “Don’t worry. If there is any danger, I will show how to cut evil spirits.”

Just as everyone prepared their self-defense equipment, the doorbell rang without warning. Everyone’s movements became stiff. They might’ve been mentally prepared but they couldn’t help their throats becoming dry and their forehead sweating.

“Is it Bai Yingzhi… is she back?” Xu Jing asked in a soft voice.

Hei Cha gulped nervously. “However, Bai Yingzhi has the key. Why ring the doorbell?”

The doorbell rang again and again, at very short intervals that caused people to feel numb.

“What should we do? Should we open the door?”

“Wait a minute…”

Thump thump thump.

Seeing that no one was opening the door, the ‘person’ outside the door ran out of patience. They changed from politely ringing the doorbell to impatiently kicking the door, or perhaps it was kicking the door with high heels… the strength and frequency were no longer like a human…

Everyone’s faces were blue as they exchanged looks.

Old Yu gritted his teeth and his voice sank slightly. “Chi Nan will go open the door and take the opportunity to hide behind the door. If there is any danger… Hei Cha will go up first with the chainsaw. Xu Jing and I will take the left and right with the knives and the axe. Song Yue should also wait behind the door with Chi Nan. If we can’t cope then it isn’t too late for you to act.”

Then he made an ‘OK’ gesture. The group held their weapons and stiffly nodded while their hands were covered with sweat.

Bang bang bang!

The banging on the door became more and more excessive. The heavy iron door was almost deformed by the kicks, as if Bai Yingzhi’s high heeled shoes would be imprinted in them in the next second.

Chi Nan went to the door. “Excuse me, who is it?”

“It’s me. I forgot to bring my keys.” The exaggerated noise outside the door stopped and Bai Yingzhi’s voice abruptly changed to be as gentle as usual.

The group was confused again.

“Okay, please wait a moment,” Chi Nan replied very calmly.

Old Yu exchanged looks with everyone. After confirming they were all ready, he took a deep breath and patted Chi Nan on the shoulder to signal it was okay.

There was a click as Chi Nan unlocked the door. Thick fog entered.

The moment Old Yu was about to raise his axe, Hei Cha let out a low cry. “How come… there is no one?”

Beyond the door, there was nothing but white fog.


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