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CNC: Chapter 13

“Why?” Chi Nan asked bluntly in his usual plain tone.

“Huh?” The young girl had never been treated like this before and she was stunned on the spot.

“Well, that… because I’m scared… you don’t seem to be afraid of anything…” Nan Lu bit her lip and spoke cautiously. She looked at Hei Cha who had a better relationship with Chi Nan as if asking for help.

It was a pity that Hei Cha didn’t fall for such spoiled actions. He scratched his head in an embarrassed manner. “Chi Nan’s body is uncomfortable. Forget it, let him rest in the living room for a while.”

Nan Lu, “……” She seemed surprised that Hei Cha didn’t help speak for her.

Song Yue looked at Nan Lu, whose eyes were red and swollen, and suggested, “Or should you also take a break for a while? If your mood fluctuates a lot then it will affect your awakening value.”

Nan Lu rubbed her eyes. “But Sister Ran’s whereabouts are unknown now…”

Song Yue comforted her. “This house isn’t too big. We can find her when searching.”

Nan Lu nodded hesitantly.

Hei Cha said, “Then I and Old Yu will be in a group. Song Yue and…”

The young man nodded. “My name is Xu Jing.”

After the grouping, the two groups allocated the search range and dispersed separately. Nan LU helplessly sat on the sofa in a self-reproaching manner, facing Chi Nan. Unfortunately, Chi Nan was blind and couldn’t see her pitiful expression.

“I’m going to the kitchen to pour some hot tea. Do you need it?” Nan Lu asked hurriedly when she saw that the other person didn’t speak or move like he was asleep.

“No, thank you.”


Nan Lu left the sofa angrily and returned in less than three minutes. “T-That, there is something wrong in the kitchen. Can you follow me to take a look?”

“What’s wrong?”

Nan Lu’s voice was already crying. “That… there seems to be a noise in the freezer. I don’t dare…”

At this time, Chi Nan had regained a bit of his energy so he agreed to Nan Lu’s request.

“In fact, it is quite presumptuous. I suddenly invited you to form a team and interrupted your rest. Now I asked you to come to the kitchen to confirm it… but I’m really scared.” Nan Lu spoke while walking as if to break the embarrassment.

Chi Nan didn’t respond immediately. He sensed her embarrassment spread exponentially and finally opened his mouth. “Are you hurt?”

Nan Lu’s expression visibly stiffened but Chi Nan couldn’t see her right eyebrows.

“No? What’s the matter?” Her voice was confused but her gaze toward Chi Nan was full of inquiry.

Chi Nan was silent for a moment before slightly shaking his head. “It’s nothing. I smell blood.”

Nan Lu bit her lip. “Perhaps I was accidentally stained in the corridor last night.”

In less than two minutes, the two of them walked through the corridor to the kitchen. Chi Nan listened to the freezer as Nan Lu previously said but he didn’t hear any weird noises.

“That’s weird, there was clearly a noise just now…”

“I’ll open it and take a look.”

After opening the freezer, there was nothing except the slight sound of the generator and the cold air blasting into his face.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Perhaps I was too nervous just now and heard it wrong.” As Nan Lu was apologizing, Chi Nan heard a slight, slow ‘squeaking’ noise. It was as if a door had been carefully opened. Then a cool and humid wind that was different from the artificial cooling blew into Chi Nan’s face. He turned his head and sniffed from the cold.

“What did you find in Bai Yingzhi’s room? Is she really planning to sacrifice the 10 of us?” Nan Lu saw that he was aware and quickly changed the subject.

“Yes, but the altar has been destroyed by us,” Chi Nan replied.

“The system didn’t remind us that we have successfully cleared the game. Did we miss something?” Nan Lu seemed to calm down as she started to discuss clues with Chi Nan. “In addition, it is the Ghost Festival after midnight tonight…”

Nan Lu suddenly lowered her voice., “Aren’t you afraid? Perhaps only one of the seven remaining people can live.”

“Seven people?” Chi Nan’s heart thumped as he asked.

Nan Lu hurriedly changed her words, her tone becoming a bit false. “Ah, no… bah… eight people. I suddenly became confused.”

A person’s first reaction was always their subconscious one. In Nan Lu’s cognition, there were only seven living people in the house. Chi Nan suddenly guessed something…

He pursed his lips calmly. “It is useless to be afraid. We can only try our best to live. Let’s go.”

Nan Lu was startled. “Eh? Where are we going? We haven’t found…”

“If we continue like this, we might never find An Ran. Let’s go gather in the living room first. The wall lamps will turn on later and then we will know if she is dead or alive.” Chi Nan turned back to the living room while secretly taking out his phone to start the recording function.

There was no network signal here but the basic functions of the phone could still be used.

“Wait a minute. Or let’s look for it again…” Nan Lu spoke in a wronged manner from behind Chi Nan but Chi Nan turned a deaf ear to it.

“Little blind man, you have really wasted such a good-looking face. You have such an unpleasant character.” Seeing that good words couldn’t stop Chi Nan, Nan Lu’s tone changed immediately. She placed her hand on the other person’s neck and smiled coldly.

Chi Nan didn’t move. A cold and sharp object was placed against his throat. If he moved then it was likely his throat would be cut. He guessed that this was probably the boning knife placed on the kitchen counter.

“Be obedient, follow me back and walk out that door by yourself.”

“Don’t even think about calling out for help. They can’t hear you from upstairs. An Ran has already tried it.”

“However, I might cut your throat before you can even make a sound.”

Nan Lu spoke to herself while pushing the knife against Chi Nan’s throat. She forced him to move toward the open back door of the kitchen. Before the instance was cleared, leaving the villa without authorization would undoubtedly kill him. The yellow-haired man who had his head cut off on the first day proved this rule very well. Obviously, Nan Lu wanted him to die.

“You’re not a newcomer, are you?” Chi Nan asked.

Nan Lu smiled. “You guessed correctly but it is too late.”

“If you don’t obey, I will stab you first and throw you out.” Nan Lu gave a low laugh in his ear. “Just like An Ran.”

Chi Nan was pulled over. He could clearly feel the humid mist in the air. The thick, white mist was being sucked into his lungs. He was standing by the open door. Just one step…

Chi Nan coughed slightly, his eyelashes wet.

“I will count to three. Go out on your own and suffer less. Perhaps there will still be a chance to live.” Nan Lu pressed the boning knife against his carotid artery. “3, 2, 1… ah!”

There was a pain from her wrist and the knife fell to the ground. Chi Nan took the opposite to quickly run away in the opposite direction. At the same time, the open back kitchen door slammed shut, isolating the wet and cold fog.

You Yu picked up the knife on the ground and played with it in his hand. “Sister, I think you dropped your knife.”

“You…!” Nan Lu covered her broken wrist and her facial features were terribly distorted due to pain. “How can NPCS interfere with sleepwalkers?”

There was a smile in You Yu’s voice. “Sister, you want to drive out my favorite guest. Naturally, I want him to stay.”

Then he tilted her head at Nan Lu and made an innocent gesture of ‘shh.’

Nan Lu was taken aback. Then the next second, You Yu threw the knife in his hand. The sharp blade cut through the air, grazing Nan Lu’s sideburns before finally piercing deeply into the dartboard behind the door, hitting the red center!

Nan Lu was scared stiff. It wasn’t until she felt the burning pain from her face and blood trickled down that she came back to her senses. She stared wide-eyed at You Yu in panic.

“Oh, I’m sorry. My eyes aren’t good and I always hurt innocent people when playing darts.” You Yu smiled politely and apologetically. “Sister, are you okay? Please stand still. I still have a knife in my hand.”

Nan Lu was about to cry. “D-Devil!”

Chi Nan had already stopped the moment he heard You Yu’s voice. “Why did you come here?”

His voice was soft and patient, unlike a man who had just escaped from the hands of death.

You Yu smiled. “Brother, this is a reward for you.”

A reward? Chi Nan had an idea in his heart and gently said, “Thank you.”

You Yu picked up a boning knife and leisurely threw it out. “It is what you deserve for helping me get rid of the medicine.”

Another knife passed by Nan Lu’s ears. She couldn’t move like she was stuck in place by a fixed body spell. She just shivered and started crying.

“Shh. Sister, don’t cry. Someone is coming.” You Yu had just finished talking when there was the clatter of footsteps on the stairs. Hei Cha and the others were coming downstairs.

Nan Lu saw this and burst into loud cries. “Help! Help me!”

Chi Nan, “……”

He held out his hand to You Yu and You Yu shrugged at him.

Hei Cha, Old Yu and Cheng Xu rushed into the kitchen. The first thing they saw was Nan Lu on the ground, crying with blood and tears all over her face. The blind man and young master were standing to the side. Old Yu’s gaze lingered on the faces of the young master and Chi Nan for a moment.

“Chi Nan, are you okay?” Hei Cha was the first to come forward to care for Chi Nan. This caused the bloody Nan Lu to grit her teeth in anger.

“That blind man was going to kill me. Help me!” She raised her hand from the ground and pointed trembling fingers at Chi Nan.

Hei Cha looked confused. “What? That is impossible…”

Cheng Xu and Old Yu helped Nan Lu up. “What happened? Slowly explain it.”

Nan Lu took the opportunity to seize Cheng Xu’s shoulder and she cried until she was breathless, “Brother Cheng, it is Chi Nan, Chi Nan… I saw him push Sister Ran out of the house. Sister Ran, she…”

Cheng Xu’s red eyes almost popped out of the sockets. “What did you say?!”

Nan Lu shook her head, her voice trembling. “Sister Ran might not come back.”

You Yu looked like he had found something interesting. “Your acting is really good.”

Chi Nan explained, “She seems to have majored in acting.”

To one side, Hei Cha listened anxiously and speechlessly as the two of them discussed something irrelevant.

“It is Chi Nan! Once he finished pushing out Sister Ran, he wanted to do it to me.” Nan Lu trembled and hid in Cheng Xu’s arms. “Previously, he suggested that we get rid of the surveillance in order to kill all of us and get the last surviving place!”

Old Yu frowned with doubt but Cheng Xu, who was dazzled by sadness, obviously wasn’t so calm. His bloodshot eyes stared at Chi Nan. “What the hell is going on?”

Chi Nan took out his phone directly. “I recorded it just now.”

Panic flashed on Nan Lu’s face when she heard this but she soon controlled it well.

“Quickly. Chi Nan, prove your innocence.” Hei Cha was as anxious as an ant on a hot plate.

Chi Nan had just pressed the playback button when the phone flashed, indicating that the battery was dead.

Chi Nan, “……”

Hei Cha almost fainted and Chi Nan was embarrassed. “…Should I go and recharge it first?”

“Don’t think about going anywhere right now!” Cheng Xu’s eyes were extremely red and he had already rolled up his sleeves.

Chi Nan thought about it. “The young master can prove my words.”

“Who the hell would believe the testimony of an NPC?!”

Seeing that Cheng Xu wanted to tear apart Chi Nan, Hei Cha quietly blocked him. “Brother Cheng, calm down. What is the point of acting now? Why don’t you listen to the young master first?”

“My girlfriend was killed by him. I will f*king kill him!” Cheng Xu gritted his teeth. The veins on his forehead bulged as he stared at Chi Nan. If Old Yu hadn’t come forward to stop him then Chi Nan’s sickly appearance would be torn apart by him.

“Chi Nan, perhaps you should hide first… I can’t stop him anymore,” Hei Cha said while blocking Cheng Xu.

Nan Lu had been crying professionally beside him. Rather than stopping, she just cried more and more. The authenticity broke the hearts of those who heard it.

“Brother, you can go to my room to hide but—” You Yu smiled leisurely. “Since this sister mentioned the surveillance just now, I can call up the surveillance video.”

Everyone hesitated and Nan Lu also stopped crying. “Surveillance? Hasn’t the surveillance cameras been smashed by us?”

You Yu’s laugh became even sweeter. “Unfortunately, Aunt Mei just installed the kitchen surveillance again in the morning.”

Fu*k, was this the rhythm of having to smash it every day?

“Guests, are you interested in seeing the whole incident?” He smiled playfully at Chi Nan. “Brother, if you don’t have a phone charger in your room then you can come over and borrow mine.”


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