CAMP: Chapter 18

The two people came back and found the others discussing the menu for tonight.

As the winner, Jian Ye ordered several dishes one after another, all of which were unceremoniously rejected by Bi Yaohua. “I don’t know what you are saying. If I could make these things, would I be a professional player? The position of chef of a five-star hotel would be beckoning to me.”

It was the first time since Jian Ye was born that he had seen such a shameless existence. The scar on his face trembled with shock. “Have you ever been to a fast food restaurant? Do you dare to say that you haven’t seen these dishes in a fast food restaurant?”

Bi Yaohua had no ideological burden. “I haven’t been there. I’ve only ordered takeaway.”

Jian Ye, “……”

Gu Luo was standing anxiously next to them, afraid that the two men would fight. He looked up and saw the two people walking in. Then he hurriedly greeted them. “Coach, Captain, you’re back!”

Jing Yuanzhou asked about the result of the current discussion and nodded. “List the ingredients. I couldn’t hold on at the end and lost, so I’ll make it for you tonight.”

Lin Yan couldn’t help glancing at him.

Gu Luo asked, “Captain, can you cook?”

Jing Yuanzhou replied, “I’ve learned a bit.”

Once Luo Mo got the list, he quickly put all the ingredients in place and sent them to the kitchen. Originally, Bi Yaohua and Gu Luo were going to help but within five minutes, they were ‘sent out’ by the expressionless Jing Yuanzhou.

Bi Yaohua recalled the process of being rejected today and couldn’t help sighing. “You dislike me so much. You will never know what you have lost because of this.”

Jing Yuanzhou gave him an extremely indifferent look. “No matter what I lost, at least I have gained quiet.”

Bi Yaohua, “……”

F*k, even the reason for the dislike was exactly the same! Before he could speak again, Gu Luo told him, “Brother, let’s go. We shouldn’t mess up the captain.”

Bi Yaohua glanced at the messy battlefield caused by his struggle just now and eventually said nothing.

Lin Yan leaned against the wall and couldn’t help laughing as he watched the two men being pushed away. There was still the faint, dry taste of cigarettes in his mouth. He pursed his lips and looked back into the kitchen.

Before this, it was hard to imagine what Jing Yuanzhou looked like wearing an apron. Now after seeing it, he felt like there was an indescribable harmony. The smoke and fire at this time revealed an indescribable warmth.

After Bi Yaohua and Gu Luo left, the kitchen was instantly empty. However, this made the busy scene instantly become orderly.

Lin Yan glanced at it casually. Looking at Jing Yuanzhou’s cooking posture, it didn’t seem like he had just learned a bit. Rather, it was more like that of a chef’s.

There were still things being cooked in the pots on both sides. Seeing Jing Yuanzhou turn around to wash the vegetables in the sink, Lin Yan walked over quickly and took them. “I’ll do it.”

Jing Yuanzhou was curious. “Can you cook?”

“No.” Lin Yan replied calmly. “However, I can wash vegetables.”

Jing Yuanzhou saw him carefully washing the vegetable leaves and smiled. “It’s very professional.”

There was a table full of hot dishes and everyone ate until they were satisfied. Gu Luo couldn’t help pulling out his phone to take a few photos of the table. This was Titans’ cooking! He had no regrets in this life!

Lin Yan didn’t have as many thoughts as the little fan. He took a bowl of soup and drank it slowly. There was a warm feeling in his stomach that completely suppressed the uncomfortable chill from the afternoon. His entire stomach felt warm.

The large table of dishes quickly emptied out. Everyone arranged the dishes and chopsticks together and placed them in the sink to be cleaned.

Luo Mo saw the group of people preparing to go back to the dormitory to rest and suddenly remembered something. “By the way, the Burning Hot Assembly show contacted us today and said they are going to make an official announcement. Our team uniforms haven’t arrived yet so the promotional photos can be released first. However, we have to confirm the ID to be used in the future. Come here to register it and then I will formally submit it.”

The moment he spoke, Jing Yuanzhou had already picked up the pen and wrote down his ID: GH.Titans.

Bi Yaohua took the pen from him and wrote: GH.BB.

Jian Ye temporarily put aside the fruit he was eating after they came and came over to write: GH.Gun.

Gu Luo wrote very seriously: GH.Gloy.

Finally, there was only Chen Yushen left. His gaze stayed on the registration form for a long time and as if he had finally made a decision, he picked up the pen and wrote down the ID that hadn’t been mentioned for a long time: GH.Abyss.


Burning Hot Assembly officially published the list of participants in the program.

The strength of the teams in the secondary league weren’t comparable to the professional league but in the process of trying to get to the professional league, they had accumulated many inseparable old fans.

In particular, the supporters of QU and IBB have always felt distressed about their teams’ multiple defeats in the finals. Now there was an extra chance to compete for the qualification of the Autumn Competition and this was almost universally celebrated.

[Although I feel that this type of variety show is completely for business, I can’t refuse such temptation as a five year old fan of IBB.]

[Don’t you know how IBB has played for the past two years? The final winner must be QU. 2B team, don’t even think about it.]

[Hehe, don’t be too beautiful. There are more than two teams in this variety show.]

[Passersby should shut their mouths. The only ones worthy to be seen in the secondary league are QU and IBB. The other teams will only burn your eyes.]

[Aren’t you forgetting something? The GH that Titans transferred to also seems to be participating in this show? What do you think of God Jing’s one against five?]

[Forget about it! What about GH’s list? Why hasn’t GH’s list been shown yet?]

Perhaps they heard the expectations of many netizens. Burning Hot Assembly soon released another Weibo post showing the list of players participating in the show.

@Burning Hot Assembly V: #Burning Hot Assembly# @GH Club V.

Brand new, setting sail. The first show in the industry.

The list of all participating members is announced:

Side lane: @GH.Titans

Jungle: @GH.Abyss

Mid-lane: @GH.Gloy

Shooter: @GH.BB

Support: @GH.Gun……]

The difference with other clubs involved in the show was that GH’s promotional photos were missing from the message. In a way, it made the brand new team even more mysterious. All fans had been severely abused by the news that Jing Yuanzhou moved to a third-rate club like GH. Now they saw the list and inevitably felt a crit once again.

However, Titans had been fighting in the league for so long and had always spoken with strength. Compared to many players with unstable foundations, his fans were relatively mature. Apart from the BK fans who stopped being fans or turned black, most of the diehard fans saw that everything was a foregone conclusion and expressed their expectations and blessings for the future under this Weibo post.

Then everyone’s attention gradually moved down the list and found BB.

Lin Yan had been too blatant about recruiting people in the live broadcast that day. Some of the sunspots squatting at the scene had already heard the news and spread it to each other in private. They had been waiting for the program’s official publicity to make a wave.

So in a series of comments with Titans’ name, some of the discussion inevitably ran away in a different direction.

[BB and  Titans in the same frame? It is a lifetime series!]

[GH’s management really doesn’t understand. I admire it.]

[I’m laughing. He is on the same team as Titans. How can he shift the blame after losing the game? It is too embarrassing as the Trash Talk King!]

[What can’t BB do? There is no one to blame so he will blame himself? Is it hard to blacken himself?]

[The others are all new faces never seen before. There is this toxic BB in the team. Won’t they really roll over?]

[Let me tell everyone a joke. BB is still suspended.]

[The suspension period doesn’t affect participation in the show. Maybe GH looked for him for this reason. Signing him is a discount!]

[6666, the discount is okay.]

GH Club’s base.

People were sitting in the lounge and holding their phones in their hands. They all looked different. The team uniforms were delivered this morning. According to the plan, they were supposed to take publicity photos today. However, it suddenly rained and the pick-up car was stuck in the middle of the road.

Everyone was idle. They knew the program would make the announcement today and were naturally curious. They just hadn’t known until they saw it. This sight… their mood was really complicated.

Chen Yushen repeatedly refreshed the comments several times. It was only after confirming that no one had mentioned his name on Weibo that he was a bit relieved. He had still been in the youth training camp when things broke out. No one paid much attention to it apart from those in the circle. He wasn’t well-known compared to Bi Yaohua.

Chen Yushen knew that once his own affairs were dug up, it would have a negative impact on the club’s reputation. Still, he couldn’t help feeling a bit relieved right now. Then he looked at Bi Yaohua who was scrolling through the comments.

BB truly deserved to be BB.

Not only was a displeased expression missing, Bi Yaohua actually chose a comfortable position on the sofa, his legs lifted leisurely and his expression very satisfied. “Look, this is the arena of a king. Have you counted the comments? Look at this battle! My fans are no less than Titans’ fans?”

Gu Luo was silent for a moment before reminding him. “They are all your black fans…”

Bi Yaohua glanced at him strangely. “I say, what is wrong with you young people? Are black fans not fans? The black fans are also true to me. If they have no feelings for me, how can they chase after me every day and blacken me? There is one thing to say. This is all deep love!”

Then he read a few comments about himself and smiled with satisfaction.”Forget it, you won’t understand even if I tell you. Do you know what Brother is called? Ostentatious!”

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2 years ago

Bi Yaohua is like a puppy, happy with any attention 😂

4 months ago

Chen Yushen saying that his matters will affect the club’s reputation when they are eug up 😂 Little brother, if the club cared about reputation would they sign BB? 😂😂