CAMP: Chapter 159

Back at the clubhouse, everyone almost turned the box upside down but there were still no signs of the wallet. Lin Yan asked, “BB, where else have you been this evening beside the box?”

Bi Yaohua was completely sober now. However, he really couldn’t remember what happened when he was dizzy from drinking. He tried to think against the pain from his head and was still a bit dazed. “I don’t remember…”

The group was silent.

Jing Yuanzhou suggested, “Ask the management of the club to adjust the surveillance to take a look.”

The staff members of the clubhouse were very enthusiastic. After knowing what happened and asking the management, they led the group to the surveillance room. The GH members nervously gathered around the screen, exhausting their ability to observe the overall situation on the field in order to not miss a trace.

Judging from the surveillance, Bi Yaohua rarely left the box. The most was when he came out to find the waiter and ask for a fruit platter. Then he went to the small supermarket to replenish the stock of snacks. There was only one route back and forth and they didn’t see anything falling out of his pocket on the way.

Jian Ye stared at the screen for too long and rubbed his somewhat sore eyes. “It is strange. It can’t fly away on its own wings.”

Lin Yan frowned. He was just about to ask something when he heard Gu Luo next to him call out, “Brother Trash Talk, weren’t you hit by someone when we came back from the bathroom?”

This made Bi Yaohua finally remember. He hit his thigh heavily. “Yes yes yes! I didn’t pay much attention to it because there were too many people. Perhaps it was at that time!”

The staff member asked them about the approximate time and place. Then he quickly helped them switch the surveillance to the area of the first floor gate. Soon, Bi Yaohua appeared in the picture. He was seen staggering out with Gu Luo and just happened to face the crowd of people who were pouring it. Then he bumped into one of them.

After a moment, the crowd dispersed. Their eyes swept across the ground that was empty after everyone left. Their vision dimmed but there were still no traces of the wallet.

Gu Luo was at a loss. “…So it wasn’t at this time.”

Bi Yaohua didn’t speak and just frowned. It wasn’t known what he thought of but he suddenly said, “Manager Luo, can you ask this brother to replay that part just now?”

Luo Mo didn’t know the intention of doing this but he relayed the request in Korean. During the replay of the clip, Bi Yaohua called out to stop it. He stared at the still picture for a while before asking, “Can you zoom in? To the maximum degree possible please.”

The equipment was high-end. The moment Luo Mo conveyed it, the staff member quickly completed the operation. Moments later, the man in the cap appeared in the center of the camera.

Jian Ye stared at this masked face and was confused. “Is there something wrong with this man, Brother Trash Talk?”

Bi Yaohua frowned thoughtfully but didn’t speak. It could only be said that the mask was covering the face too tightly. The blurred pixels after zooming in made it even more difficult to see the appearance. Even so, the more he looked, the more he felt a sense of familiarity.

He was racking his brains and about to give up when something flashed through his mind. It gradually blended with the figure in his memories and Bi Yaohua almost jumped up on the spot. “F*k, what a dog!”

Gu Luo looked over suspiciously. “Brother Trash Talk, do you know someone in South Korea?”

“What South Korea? This is Roser!  It is Roser, that son of a bit*h!” Bi Yaohua gritted his teeth. “What a good guy. He did it deliberately. He wore a hat, a mask and changed his whole hair color and hair style! It was probably to prevent me from recognizing him. He deliberately waited for me!”

There was a subtle moment of silence. If Bi Yaohua wasn’t wrong and this man was really the former captain of QOG, Roser, then the truth of everything was revealed.

Since QOG’s decision to disband due to the previous questionable match-fixing behavior, the careers of all the players could be said to be over apart from the only unrelated shooter, who was introduced to a secondary league team under Lin Yan’s arrangement.

Now Roser, who had no future at all, suddenly appeared in South Korean during this sensitive period and happened to come to the same clubhouse as them. No one would believe it was a simple coincidence.

During the time when Bi Yaohua was in QOG, his habit of forgetting to bring his ID card meant he almost once missed an important event. Out of fear of this type of thing happening again, he developed the habit of never letting documents leave his body during key matches. Even his GH teammates didn’t know the cause and effect of this incident but as his former captain, Roser knew it very well.

Revenge. This was an apparent act of revenge. It could only be said that people who were rotten to the core would place the blame on others and never find the problem with themselves.

Lin Yan made a decision. “Call the police.”


It was nearly 2 o’clock in the morning when the Korean police department finished opening the case.

It wasn’t certain what Roser would do with the stolen documents so to be on the safe side, Lin Yan specifically urged Luo Mo and Bi Yaohua to rush to the relevant departments once it was morning to see if they could reissue a temporary passport in the shortest time possible.

In addition, they needed to contact the domestic league officials to ask them to come forward to communicate with headquarters in order to apply for some special treatment in the case of a loss of documents.

However, the process of checking the identity information before a match was specifically formulated due to a series of events in the past, so it didn’t seem optimistic that they could secure special treatment. Nevertheless, they could only try every method possible.

Once the arrangements were complete, they returned to the hotel. Everyone had been tormented and they dragged their tired bodies back to their rooms to rest. Lin Yan returned to his room but he didn’t feel sleepy. After thinking about it, he simply took out his laptop and sat at the computer desk. It was different from the past. He opened the Burning Hot client instead of documents.

Jing Yuanzhou came out of the shower and saw the game screen on the computer instantly. His eyes fell on Lin Yan’s figure. “Are you ready?”

“Is there any other way?’ Lin Yan hung the headphones around his neck and responded without much fluctuation in his mood. “The passport replacement needs to be done in accordance with the procedures. Even an expedited process will take at least five days. We didn’t bring Jian Ning and it’s too late to apply for a temporary visa. In two days, it will be the quarter-finals. If they still haven’t found Roser to take back BB’s documents then this is the only option.”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t say anything else.

Lin Yan knew what this person was worried about and coaxed with a smile. “There is nothing to worry about? Are you worried about my skills? In any case, there is still a day left. I’ll take the opportunity to get a feel for it and I’m sure I won’t hold you back on the field, God Jing.”

Jing Yuanzhou certainly wasn’t worried about Lin Yan’s skills.

After teaming up with this person for so long, no one knew better than him the amazing strength that this person had. Similarly, no one was more expectant than him about one day standing side by side on the highly anticipated professional arena.

However, this was only based on a normal situation. Now it was obviously different from usual. There wasn’t the alternative choice of going on and off the field at any time. If Bi Yaohua’s problem wasn’t solved, it meant Lin Yan needed to play at least three games under the BO5 format of the quarter-finals.

This was during the World Competition where there was no guarantee they could control the length of every game. This was the most worrying place.

Jing Yuanzhou took two steps forward to the back of the chair and brought his arms around Lin Yan. “Promise me one thing.”

Lin Yan kept moving his hands to play the game while responding with a nasal sound. “Hmm?”

Jing Yuanzhou told him, “You can do your best but never force it.”

Lin Yan released a second skill and easily took a wave of double kills. He entered the grass next to him and returned to the city safely. Then he reached out and gently squeezed Jing Yuanzhou’s fingers. “Don’t worry, I have a sense of measure.”

As he spoke, he turned his head to let Jing Yuanzhou see the light of war in his eyes. “In addition, I have already started to look forward to it.”

Although his PTSD problems had improved a lot by teaming up with Jing Yuanzhou, he never thought there would be a day to return to the competition field before today. This incident did happen suddenly but it was like an opportunity in the darkness. It was precisely due to this that Lin Yan realized he was still full of expectations for the stage full of lights and applause.

It didn’t matter when Bi Yaohua’s problem could be solved. At least before that, he needed to maintain the last line of defense for the team’s victory. Once a decision was made, he faced a completely unknown future and felt bursts of excitement.

Jing Yuanzhou saw such an expression on Lin Yan’s face and the worry finally dispersed a lot. “I am also really looking forward to it.”

Proofreader: Nao

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1 year ago

Omg :screams: the chance for the coach to show the world! Yes! He can! Play! Pro! Ahhhhh!!!

Roser that dog!

Thanks for the translation!

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They’re playing opposite sides of the map but I’m sure they’ll manage to find a way to yeet dog food.

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GH Team, where every member’s role is utilized to the fullest!

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roser is a dirty dog. im almost sure he was bribed by team win to do it. he’s just that kind of person. the only silver lining is we will get to see coach lin playing in the world stage!!! yayyyy

the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
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yaaaaayyy jiayou coach lin!~

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WAHHH!!!! So exciting!!! I wonder if he’s going to use his Game name from his past life? I really wanna see him use it!!!!