CAMP: Chapter 158

Win might’ve lost to Three but they were going to have a showdown with GH in the quarter-finals. Thus, they soon attracted the attention of netizens.

The moment it entered the knockout stage, every match was crucial. The main reason was because among the other quarter-final matches, the strength of the two teams was relatively different. In addition, during this period of time, the external media had bundled the two teams GH and Win together. Unknowingly, it raised a greater sense of expectations.

It was also at this point that Win, who just lost the match, suddenly tweeted. The content was very simple. It was a ‘Looking forward to the quarter-finals’ followed by a handshake cheering emoji, full of ridicule.

It could be seen that Win’s operation team was really willing to interact with GH. The completely unexpected thing was that GH, which was very active in the past, suddenly fell extremely quiet at this time.

Netizens found that the latest news on GH’s official Weibo was still before the start of the group stage where they cheered for their own team. This type of behavior undoubtedly formed a sharp contrast with Win’s eager public relations attitude. They remained calm and collected and the other person’s face cracked.

The online comments once again turned over.

[In fact, I appreciate that the Go Home team can always change the way they hit people in the face.]

[I’m laughing to death. Isn’t Win’s attitude of using their hype too obvious? Does the GH team have to care about them?]

[Although, why do I feel like GH’s management has just forgotten to use Weibo.?]

[How is that possible? GH is a team that is uncomfortable if they don’t do anything for a day! How can they forget to operate it?]

[Other than that, this Win team’s anxious attitude to go home is really quite self-aware.]

[The upstairs person is full of yin yang. I admire it.]

[I remember that the cannon fodder teams from South Korea came to the rankings to do things. I have wanted to fix them a long time ago. It is finally here.]

[Right! I’m not a Go Home fan but this time, I want to stand on GH’s side.]

[Hasn’t Win always been arrogant? The Korean Internet is saying that they have a dark horse team in their competition area this year, just like our country. I really want to ha ha ha in their face.]

[Perhaps it is because the Internet is bragging about them so much that I really feel they can do it.]

[I want to weakly say, based on an objective evaluation, Win’s overall strength is very high.]

[It doesn’t matter if they are strong or not. In short, GH will charge and send Win home directly!]

On a moving business car.

Jian Ye looked at the comments on the Internet in a somewhat complicated manner. “Manager Luo… we seem to have simply forgotten to update the official Weibo, right?”

Luo Mo cleared his throat. “Well, I did tell the operating department to stop making noise. They seem to have really listened. But… well, don’t care about the details. It’s fine as long as the effect is good, right Boss?”

Lin Yan obviously had little interest in this. He stared out the window and asked, “Is it coming soon?”

Jing Yuanzhou told him, “Yes.”

It was basically decided that LDF was eliminated from the following rounds. Due to their good relationship with GH, they decided to treat GH for a last gathering before returning home. On the one hand, it was a good farewell. On the other hand, it was also to cheer for GH’s next match. The members of GH arrived at the arranged box and the LDF team was already waiting inside. They saw the group of people coming in and greeted each other before taking their seats.

Jing Yuanzhou walked over to say hello to Luni and look at the other person’s state. “How do you feel?”

“What else can I do?” Luni laughed. “If we lose then we aren’t as good as others. It’s over when it is over. In any case, a decision has already been made, right?”

His attitude was as free and easy as always.

Jing Yuanzhou nodded and gave him a thumbs up. “As expected of someone who will go home and inherit the family business. Your confidence is different.”

Luni cursed with a laugh and pushed a wine glass over. “How about a drink.”

Jing Yuanzhou looked over.

Lin Yan noticed the inquiring gaze and whispered, “Don’t drink too much.”

“I know.” Jing Yuanzhou responded before picking up the wine glass.

Luni noticed the interaction between the two men and inexplicably felt hit. He forced himself to settle down and turned to Lin Yan. “Coach Lin, will you drink as well?”

Before Lin Yan could speak, Jing Yuanzhou replied first, “He can’t drink.”

Then he took a can of juice from the side and passed it over.

Luni, “……”

He shouldn’t have asked so many questions!

Lin Yan didn’t seem to feel how abusive their interaction was. He received the juice and told them to chat. Then he sat alone on the sofa and took out his phone.

This scene fell into the eyes of others and they would probably think he was reading online news. Only Jing Yuanzhou knew that this person must be taking the opportunity to consider tactics to deal with Win later. Therefore, he didn’t bother Lin Yan. He sat next to Luni and sipped on the red wine.

Luni might appear indifferent on the surface but the other LDF players obviously didn’t have such a good mentality. They had lost the game and combined with their captain’s imminent retirement, they all seemed bitter. Such emotions were obviously very contagious.

Unknowingly, Luni’s smile became somewhat strained after a few cups of wine. He pulled Jing Yuanzhou and continued talking. “I didn’t say this but in fact, the matter of retirement is really difficult to face.”

Jing Yuanzhou responded in a non-committal manner. “Hmm?”

Luni was silent for a moment before sighing quietly. “Sometimes  I think about how it will be completely empty soon and I do feel a bit lonely occasionally.”

Jing Yuanzhou took another sip of wine and remained silent.

Next to him, the person who had ordered a song had already started to sing in a ghostly manner. The sound lingered in the small box for a long time, causing headaches.

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the figure in the corner from time to time. It could be seen that Lin Yan always maintained a lowered head and he didn’t show many expressions apart from an occasional frown. It wasn’t known how he could do it. Even in such an atmosphere, he could still maintain an excellent state of thinking while blocking everything else out.

Tonight was about LDF. In addition, the quarter-finals would officially start two days later so the GH players lifted their collective ban on alcohol.

This meant that when they came out of the box at the end of the night, everyone was walking in a somewhat shaky manner apart from Lin Yan who didn’t drink and Jing Yuanzhou, whose complexion was almost unchanged.

The two teams had their own cars. After reaching the gate downstairs, they parted ways. He hadn’t paid too much attention before but there was inevitably a demand when drinking too much. Bi Yaohua soon felt unable to hold it in and pulled Gu Luo to find the bathroom. The others stayed at the door and waited for them.

Bi Yaohua’s drinking capacity was decent. It was small but it was significantly better than a kid like Gu Luo who turned red the moment he drank. He finished in the bathroom first and waited outside for a while. Once Gu Luo came out, he helped the other person and walked toward the gate.

In the evening, the clubhouse was often the busiest. At this time, there was an endless stream of people on the street. They were just passing by a corner when a group of people suddenly poured in. Bi Yaohua didn’t have time to pay attention so he collided heavily with an incoming person. Both sides stumbled.

“Ah, you…” Under the influence of alcohol, Bi Yaohua was stunned for a moment after being hit. He just wanted to say something when he saw the man in front of him lower the hat on his head even more. Then the man turned around and left without saying a word. He was gone in a flash.

Gu Luo was also affected and it wasn’t easy for him to react. He turned back to see Bi Yaohua still standing in place. Therefore, he couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong, Brother Trash talk?”

Bi Yaohua’s mind returned at these words. He frowned in a somewhat puzzled manner, his gaze still on the direction the person had left in. “Nothing…”

He couldn’t say why but there was a strange feeling. The man just now was wearing a mask and a hat and his face couldn’t be seen clearly. They were also in an unfamiliar place like South Korea. Even so, he always felt like he had seen this figure somewhere before. However, it was dark and chaotic. The atmosphere didn’t allow him to think too much about it.

At Gu Luo’s urging, Bi Yaohua went out the door with him with a puzzled look. Then they got on the business car with everyone. After playing all night, everyone was somewhat tired. A short time after getting in the car, there was the faint sound of even breathing.

Bi Yaohua leaned against the window, his brow furrowed as he still thought about what happened downstairs at the clubhouse. Just then, he accidentally touched his trouser pocket and he became completely stunned. He ignored the fact that the car was driving and abruptly stood up. “My wallet is gone!”

This made the drowsy people immediately wake up.

Luo Mo looked back with concern. “What’s going on? Did it fall out in the box just now?”

Bi Yaohua wasn’t too sure. “…I don’t know.”

“Wait, I’ll look for the phone number of the clubhouse just now and ask. If it did fall there, the waiter should be able to see it when cleaning up the box.” Luo Mo pulled out his phone. As he looked for the contact number of the clubhouse, he couldn’t help asking, “Do you remember how much money is in your wallet? I said that all the expenses in South Korea will be reimbursed by the club. Usually, there aren’t many people who use banknotes in China. Why did you go around with your wallet when going abroad?”

“There isn’t much money.” Bi Yaohua tried hard to calm down. “The main thing is that my passport is kept there and it’s gone as well.”

Luo Mo choked and couldn’t help raising his tone. “Why is your passport with your wallet?”

“It’s my personal habit to take my important documents with me and it has been like this for many years.” Bi Yaohua couldn’t help grabbing his head in an annoyed manner. “Manager Luo, don’t ask. The focus isn’t there!”

Luo Mo certainly knew that he shouldn’t focus on this right now. He didn’t continue to struggle with this problem. He found the number of the clubhouse and called it, quickly speaking in fluent Korean.

The receptionist at the clubhouse had a good attitude and quickly arranged for someone to check on the situation. The final feedback was that they didn’t find any documents or wallet in the box.

This sudden event caused everyone to completely wake up. The car turned around again and headed back in the original direction. Under the uncertainty of the final destination of the passport, Lin Yan had to prepare for the worst. “BB, do you have your ID card?”

Bi Yaohua was choked up for a moment. “…It was in my wallet as well.”

In other words, all the documents to prove his identity in the pre-match inspection process were lost. This was undoubtedly very fatal when the quarter-finals were just about to officially start.

Lin Yan also hadn’t expected this type of thing to happen and he rubbed his temples. “In short, we have to go back and find it.”

If they really couldn’t find it, they could only ask the South Korean police to help to see if there was a solution.

The author has something to say:

Everything has a cause and effect. It will be revealed in the next chapter.

Proofreader: Nao

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11 months ago

My guess:
Nilay is the mysterious guy, or he was the one who paid someone to steal the wallet so BB can’t participate in the match. But idk how he knew about BB having his ID on him all the time. Maybe it’s just a random passerby. BUT, I think Coach Lin will have to play in the next game hehehehe

7 months ago
Reply to  chaïshé

nah it should be roser the captain of QOG

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
6 months ago
Reply to  maryngue

Interesting theory

18 hours ago
Reply to  chaïshé

That’s likely, but you forgot another who has a deep grievance against bb and knows him well enough to know about this fact, the I forgot his name guy who was the captain of bb’s previous team, perhaps he wants revenge