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AM: Chapter 59

Pei Shaoze noticed that he had kissed Cheng Xia and his back stiffened. He hadn’t expected such a thing to happen. He just wanted to help Cheng Xia adjust the angle of the gun. How could he know that Cheng Xia would suddenly turn around? He happened to kiss the young man’s lips?

From Cheng Xia’s perspective, it was more like he deliberately came over for a kiss. How could he explain his actions?

‘I didn’t mean to, I didn’t think you would suddenly turn around, I’m sorry, it’s just a coincidence?’

Would Cheng Xia believe it? No matter how he explained it, he seemed to be teasing Cheng Xia and treating him as a fool. Yet if they kissed, wouldn’t it be too abrupt and scare the little guy away?

The two of them were frozen in a ‘mouth to mouth’ posture like the pause button had been pressed on a movie. The atmosphere inside the room gradually became strange.

Cheng Xia’s face turned redder. Why wasn’t President Pei moving after the kiss? Do you want him to be more active?

Pei Shaoze suddenly had a thought. His possessiveness of Cheng Xia made him suffer a lot during this period of time. Why didn’t he take this opportunity to test Cheng Xia’s attitude? If Cheng Xia hated him or wanted to run away out of panic then he would use the excuse that he was influenced by pheromones and went out of control for a moment. Then slowly repair the relationship between the two of them.

Then what if Cheng Xia didn’t hate it? He could continue to act subtly and let Cheng Xia get completely used to his existence.


His nose was full of the alpha’s warm smell. Just as Cheng Xia was ready to take the initiative, Pei Shaoze moved his left hand that was originally holding Cheng Xia close and pulled Cheng Xia entirely into his arms.

The other hand gently held the back of Cheng Xia’s head. Before Cheng Xia could react, Pei Shaoze suddenly deepened the kiss.

Cheng Xia’s eyes slightly widened. The alpha’s smell was strong and his brain seemed like it was short-circuiting. He might’ve imagined many intimate scenes between the two people but Cheng Xia couldn’t help being nervous once it actually happened.

His eyelashes trembled. He closed his eyes and obediently accepted the alpha’s kiss.

After perceiving that the young man wasn’t resisting, Pei Shaoze’s kiss became gentler.


It wasn’t known how much time had passed before Pei Shaoze let go of Cheng Xia. The youthful, sunny taste of the young man was fascinating. If it hadn’t been for his fear of scaring Cheng Xia away, he would’ve wanted to kiss longer.

The young man’s eyes were covered with a layer of mist. Pei Shaoze lightly touched Cheng Xia’s hair and wondered in a soft voice, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t control myself for a moment… do you hate it?”

Cheng Xia’s head was still a bit unclear. Then he heard Pei Shaoze’s words and was stunned. President Pei was his favorite person in the world except for his parents. He had already thought of the names of their children. How could he hate the other person’s closeness?

Cheng Xia finally regained his sense of reason. He found that President Pei’s ears were a bit red. Perhaps the alpha was embarrassed by the kiss just now? He actually asked after kissing if an omega hated him. Such a President Pei was too cute!

Cheng Xia immediately showed a coy smile and he spoke softly, “I don’t hate it.”

Pei Shaoze’s heart softened at the young man’s expression. Cheng Xia didn’t hate him? Did this mean the young man’s heart didn’t exclude his closeness, even if it was a relatively intimate action?

Pei Shaoze asked tentatively, “Then can I kiss you again?”

Cheng Xia, “……”

His head almost exploded. He had never seen such a gentlemanly alpha? Even asking for the other person’s opinion before kissing? President Pei was too polite! Cheng Xia nodded in his heart. ‘I can, I can! You can even mark me now!’

However, he couldn’t be too unrestrained on the surface. Cheng Xia looked up at Pei Shaoze, closed his eyes, and hummed gently.

Pei Shaoze’s heart was beating like a drum. The little guy who closed his eyes looked up and waited for his kiss really made his heart flutter.

He gently lifted Cheng Xia’s chin with his right hand and kissed him again…

The temperature of the shooting training room seemed to become warmer.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, Cheng Xia didn’t have the heart to practice shooting the gun and Pei Shaoze didn’t have the heart to teach him. After they kissed, the relationship suddenly became subtle. Pei Shaoze wasn’t very good at confessing but he could tell Cheng Xia with his actions that he liked and cherished Cheng Xia. In his opinion, the young man accepted his kiss so… this meant Cheng Xia didn’t exclude his closeness and was willing to be in contact with him?

Should they have a date in the evening? Pei Shaoze thought it over carefully and decided to take Cheng Xia to dinner tonight. It would be a formal date to confirm their relationship. He had no idea that this was the third date in Cheng Xia’s eyes.

At around 5:30 p.m., Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia walked out of the shooting training room. Cheng Xia’s entire face was red. Pei Shaoze’s ears were just a bit red so it was easy to ignore if one didn’t look carefully.

Uncle Zhong couldn’t help smiling. The boss was really pure when falling in love. So much time had passed and he hadn’t marked Cheng Xia at all. They were like small snails stretching out their antennas to test the other person carefully. Alas, he was anxious as the person watching! Yet judging from the performance of the two people, the progress this afternoon should be quite smooth? Sure enough, it was easy to develop a relationship when practicing shooting guns.

Pei Shaoze opened the door and let Cheng Xia get in the car first. Then he sat in the back row and told the driver, “Uncle Zhong, go to the East Lake Restaurant.”

Uncle Zhong had long noticed that the boss felt differently toward Cheng Xia. The last time when he picked up the boss at the airport, he had been startled by the boss’ ugly face and anxious eyes. He had stepped on the accelerator and sped all the way to the hospital. Only then did he know that Cheng Xia was injured and hospitalized. President Pei’s concern for Cheng Xia was written on his face and this could be seen by the people close to him.

East Lake Restaurant was a famous holy dating place in Rong City. It seemed that President Pei wanted to take Cheng Xia on a date.

Uncle Zhong smiled and quickly drove to the East Lake Restaurant. The place chosen for what Pei Shaoze considered the ‘first date’ and Cheng Xia considered the ‘third date’ was very romantic.

The East Lake Restaurant was built on a clear lake and the environment was excellent. The rooms were like leaves floating on a lake. Pei Shaoze and Cheng Xia chose a private room with the best view and ordered some delicate and delicious dishes.

Pei Shaoze remembered when Cheng Xia had peeled crabs for him when they ate seafood in Ya’an so he thoughtfully gave Cheng Xia some vegetables and removed the fish bones for him. He placed the fresh fish into the other person’s bowl with a gentle look. “Eat more. You didn’t seem to eat enough at the police academy’s cafeteria.”

Cheng Xia was kissed today and now the alpha was taking care of him so considerately. His heart became sweeter and the good impression started to rise again.

[Cheng Xia’s good impression of you +2.]

95 points became 97. It seemed that the system was correct. The higher the good impression, the more difficult it was to increase.

However, Pei Shaoze wasn’t in a hurry. It didn’t matter Cheng Xia’s good impression of him, he just wanted to accompany Cheng Xia and protect his youth. It was rare to meet such a person who suited his heart. If he didn’t cherish it then he was afraid that he would regret it all his life. The warm dinner lasted a long time, the East Lake Restaurant’s dishes were delicious and their hearts were full of sweetness.

After the meal, Pei Shaoze took Cheng Xia for a walk around the lake.

The East Lake Restaurant was located in the suburbs and was surrounded by a golf course and a hot springs villa. The air was much fresher than the city. The sky was darkening by the time the meal ended and the street lights were on. The warm lights shone on the passageway that surrounded the east lake.

A light wind was blowing and the lake was sparkling. The wind blew through the two people’s hair. Cheng Xia couldn’t help thinking that if he got married to President Pei, perhaps he could save some money to buy a house near the east lake. Then they would go to the lake for a walk after dinner every day. Once old, perhaps they could come to the lake for fishing?

The two of them walked around the lake and the surroundings were very quiet. Cheng Xia walked beside Pei Shaoze and was making up random things in his mind when his hand was suddenly held by Pei Shaoze. The man’s slender fingers passed through his fingers and did the intimate grip of ‘interlocking fingers.’

Cheng Xia’s heart almost jumped out of his chest.

Pei Shaoze naturally took Cheng Xia’s hand and walked forward. This young man had been practicing the piano since he was a child. It was white, slender, and beautiful enough to shoot a hand advertisement. Pei Shaoze held such a hand in his palm and his heart softened. He couldn’t wait to hold Cheng Xia and never let go.

Cheng Xia’s cheeks were hot. It was simple hand-holding but it seemed more heart-warming compared to the afternoon kiss. He obediently followed by Pei Shaoze’s side, letting the other person lead him.

They didn’t speak and just walked quietly around the lake. Then Pei Shaoze suddenly said, “Cheng Xia, your first drama hasn’t been broadcasted yet and your second drama isn’t certain. It isn’t good to let people know that you are with me so…”

He stopped and stared tenderly at Cheng Xia. “I have to wrong you for a while. Don’t announce it publicly for a while, okay?”

Cheng Xia nodded earnestly. “I understand. I don’t mind!”

‘Didn’t you tell me not to let love affect my future? I understand the truth! After all, it isn’t good to be kept by the boss. It is best not to announce it to the public.’

Pei Shaoze saw the young man’s bright eyes and gently touched his head. “It is good that you understand.”

The next moment, Cheng Xia suddenly pounced into Pei Shaoze’s eyes and tightly hugged him. Pei Shaoze was pounced on and saw the young man bury his face in Pei Shaoze’s chest. Cheng Xia’s arms hugged his waist and held on very tightly. The puzzled Pei Shaoze wondered, “What’s going on?”

Cheng Xia whispered, “You aren’t treating me as a plaything. You respect my thoughts and value my career. In fact, I know that you have always been secretly protecting me…”

Pei Shaoze, “??”

When did he know? Didn’t they just confirm the relationship today because of an accidental kiss?

Pei Shaoze was a bit confused. He suddenly found that Cheng Xia’s thoughts weren’t synchronized with his? Still, overall, this wasn’t a bad thing. It was good if the little guy could understand and comprehend what he said.

Pei Shaoze smiled and gently hugged the young man in his arms, softly telling him, “Protecting you is what I should do. I am here and you don’t have to worry about anyone bullying you in the future. I am your backer, you know?”

Cheng Xia nodded vigorously. “Yes, I know!”

The two people hugged beside the lake for a moment. Pei Shaoze saw that it was completely dark and let Cheng Xia go. “It’s time to go back.”

Pei Shaoze asked Uncle Zhong to send Cheng Xia back to the artist’s apartments.

The two of them sat in the car and held hands the whole time. Cheng Xia found that President Pei seemed to like his hand very much? President Pei kept holding his hands and playing with his fingers one by one. This type of intimate action made Cheng Xia blush. As a result, Pei Shaoze suddenly said, “You play the piano so well. Have you ever thought about developing in the music field? For example, do you want to participate in a music variety show in the future?”

Was he thinking too much and President Pei was actually studying his fingers with integrity? Cheng Xia answered, “I might not be very good at variety shows. I still prefer acting.”

Pei Shaoze nodded. “Yes, focus on one direction. First, improve your acting skills and stand firm first.”

The two of them talked about the audition for the new drama. Time passed quickly and the car soon drove into the underground garage of the artist’s apartments. Pei Shaoze said, “Go back and sleep early. Contact your agent tomorrow to attend the training class.”

Cheng Xia hummed, opened the door, and got off.

His legs had already got out of the car when his upper body suddenly leaned over and he quickly gave Pei Shaoze a kiss on the cheek… “Good night, Brother Pei!”

Pei Shaoze, “……”

By the time he recovered, the young man had already run away like the wind. Pei Shaoze touched his wet cheek and his heart felt sweet as if he was a child eating honey. Was this what it was like to be in love?

Over the years, he had focused on his career and turned into a workaholic. He had never met anyone like Cheng Xia. The sunny and cute little guy made Pei Shaoze’s heart soften and he wanted to protect and take care of Cheng Xia at all costs. Just…

It always felt like something was wrong? He thought that Cheng Xia would hate him, resist him and hide from him like he was a perverted uncle. He had actually been prepared the moment they kissed. If Cheng Xia hated it then he would apologize and slowly mend their relationship. After all, he used kissing Cheng Xia as an opportunity to test Cheng Xia’s attitude.

As a result, Cheng Xia accepted it without any obstacles?

He shyly closed his eyes during the second kiss, hugged Pei Shaoze while walking around the lake, and took the initiative to kiss Pei Shaoze’s face when separating. He even changed the name and said Brother Pei instead of President Pei?

Pei Shaoze felt like he had just started the car. As a result, Cheng Xia stepped on the accelerator and drove it close to the finish line. As expected of Cheng Xia. The protagonist’s brain circuit was different from that of ordinary people.

Pei Shaoze couldn’t help smiling. The young man’s kiss just now fell on his cheek but it was like a kiss to the tip of his heart.

The first time he came to this world, he felt like he had the bad luck to be selected by the novel transmigration system. Now it seemed he was very lucky. The gods knew he had been alone for many years and had too few emotions, so they sent the lovely Cheng Xia to his side.

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