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AM: Chapter 58

They left the shooting training room and Instructor Lin told Cheng Xia about the daily life of the police academy students. Cheng Xia listened and took notes. It was almost noon so Pei Shaoze took Cheng Xia to the student cafeteria for a simple lunch.

Cheng Xia sat in the crowd, surrounded by police academy students, and felt out of place. Pei Shaoze sensed the young man’s nervousness and told him in a low voice, “Don’t worry, if you really get the role of Xu Ziyang then the crew will have a professional consultant to guide you in the details of your actions.”

Cheng Xia nodded before asking softly, “President Pei, do you think my height is a big problem? Ye Mingqian told me that he wore a pair of height-increasing shoes when auditioning for Qin Nian last time. Should I wear them?”

Pei Shaoze saw his serious eyes and couldn’t help smiling. “There is no need. In this drama, Xu Ziyang has the most scenes with Lin Qi. An omega will definitely be found for the role of Professor Lin and you just don’t have to be too much shorter than him.”

It seemed this little guy wasn’t confident about his height.

In fact, Cheng Xia was 178 cm tall when barefoot. If he wore a pair of flat shoes then he was 180 cm tall. This was already quite tall for an omega and could be compared with some alphas. However, Pei Shaoze’s height was 190 cm and the height difference when the two people stood together was a bit obvious. When Cheng Xia and Shen Kai stood together for Folding Paper, the height difference wasn’t too obvious.

Pei Shaoze continued, “Your height isn’t an advantage but it also isn’t a disadvantage. Most roles can be played.”

Cheng Xia was finally relieved after hearing President Pei’s words.

After lunch, the two of them returned to the company together. On the way, Cheng Xia unlocked his phone and read the script carefully. Pei Shaoze leaned back against his seat and took a rest. Suddenly, a message from Qin Yu popped up on his laptop. [I heard from my classmate that you took Cheng Xia to the police academy today. Is it just to let Cheng Xia find the inspiration to act as a police officer?]

The Instructor Lin that Pei Shaoze found was Qin Yu’s high school classmate. He had a strong relationship with Qin Yu and was willing to help him. Pei Shaoze typed back, [Yes, Cheng Xia is going to take part in the audition of a suspense drama. I want him to be more prepared. The competition is quite fierce this time.]

Qin Yu sent a row of smiling emojis. [I really don’t understand you. How can a rich second generation raise a lover like you? The Pei family is so rich. If you really want him to play a role then just throw money at the drama. Why go to so much trouble?]

Pei Shaoze typed, [I’m not taking care of a lover.]

Qin Yu didn’t understand the importance that Pei Shaoze attached to Cheng Xia. It was really easy to spend money but he wanted Cheng Xia to enjoy the process of trying to get the role. He hoped that Cheng Xia could tell people that he won the role himself, not because a wealthy backer threw money to get him into the crew. For a person who loved acting, there was nothing more enjoyable than ‘my efforts being recognized.’

Pei Shaoze believed that Cheng Xia’s personality meant he wouldn’t be too depressed if he wasn’t selected. On the contrary, he would be excited about the knowledge he learned and would work hard for the next audition. Pei Shaoze liked such a vibrant, positive and optimistic young man.

Qin Yu received this message and couldn’t help replying, [It seems you want to bring this little guy up with you? F*k me, I’m almost moved by you!]

Pei Shaoze responded with [Hmm.]

Qin Yu had always misunderstood that he and Cheng Xia were lovers. Now there was no need to explain because he wanted to make the misunderstanding true. It was just that Cheng Xia was less than 20 years old. Pei Shaoze didn’t want to show his strong exclusive desire to scare the other person away. In any case, for the next period of time, Cheng Xia would only have him around. He would let Cheng Xia slowly adapt to his existence.

Pei Shaoze changed the topic. [What is a good shooting range in Rong City? Give me a recommendation?]

Qin Yu’s private life was very rich and all the friends in the circle called him ‘Knows everything about Rong City.’ it was always right to find him when there was a question. Sure enough, Qin Yu sent an address the next moment. [I used to go to this shooting range. You need to be a member but you can give my name and say that I introduced you. Why do you want to go shooting all of a sudden?]

Pei Shaoze replied, [Nothing, I just want to relax.]

In the original novel, Pei Shaoze didn’t like playing with guns but Pei Shaoze liked it in reality. He didn’t want to explain any longer. Today, it could be seen that Cheng Xia really liked guns but he was too embarrassed to practice more with Instructor Lin present. Pei Shaoze wanted to take Cheng Xia to the shooting range this afternoon.

Pei Shaoze turned off the screen and told the driver, “Uncle Zhong, go to the shooting range at the Pingjiang intersection on the southern outskirts of Rong City.”

The driver responded and changed the direction at the next intersection. Cheng Xia was reading the script and his heart jumped when he heard this. “President Pei, are we going this afternoon?”

Pei Shaoze calmly answered him, “Yes. It’s because, from tomorrow, you have to go to a training course and might not have time.”

Cheng Xia was curious. “Training course? What is that?”

Pei Shaoze explained, “Tianxuan organized a training course to improve the acting skills of all newcomers. We invited some famous veteran actors in the circle to come and give you on-site teachings. I have asked Zhang Fan to arrange this a long time ago and only recently contacted several teachers.”

Cheng Xia’s eyes lit up. “Acting training classes? Great!” He thought to himself that he really should accept some professional guidance for his acting skills. Folding Paper was a school drama after all and the role of Qin Nian wasn’t particularly difficult to portray. Cheng Xia wasn’t so sure about Xu Ziyang, the young police officer. If he could learn some professional knowledge to enrich himself then he could be more confident when he auditioned?

Cheng Xia was excited. “This training class is simply a timely rain that came when I just needed it!”

Pei Shaoze thought in his heart, ‘On the surface, it’s focused training for all newcomers but the fundamental purpose is for you. I hope you can gain something from it.’ Faint joy flashed in Pei Shaoze’s eyes when he saw that this young man was so happy and he said, “Starting tomorrow, learn well in class. Today, I will take you to the shooting range to relax.”

Cheng Xia nodded vigorously. “Yes, I actually wanted to take a few more shots just now. As a result, my first shot hit the target next to it and Coach Lin laughed at me. I was too embarrassed to fire the gun again…”

Cheng Xia’s ears turned red as he mentioned this. He clearly aimed at the bullseye but he hit the target beside it? Fortunately, it wasn’t a real gun. Otherwise, if a criminal captured his colleague then he would probably kill his colleague with a single shot.

Pei Shaoze saw this person’s red ears and his heart softened. He reached out to gently rub Cheng Xia’s head, telling him softly, “Don’t be afraid. I won’t laugh at you. Take your time later and I’ll teach you.”

Cheng Xia was stunned. There might be a soundproof screen so the driver couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but the man’s intimate touch on his head made Cheng Xia’s heart throb. He hurriedly looked away and sat upright.

Just then, the car stopped and Uncle Zhong shouted, “President Pei, we’re here. I will find a parking space so you go first with Cheng Xia!”

The shooting club recommended by Qin Yu was relatively high-end. It was located in the suburbs next to a golf course and the scenery was particularly good.

The club had a total of three floors and a membership system. Pei Shaoze brought Cheng Xia to the door and the receptionist saw he was a new member. The receptionist smiled and asked, “Do you have a member who recommended you?”

Pei Shaoze reported Qin Yu’s name and opened a VIP membership card.

The third floor contained private rooms for VIPs so there was no need to worry about being disturbed. Pei Shaoze took Cheng Xia to the shooting training room on the third floor. A female instructor with her hair in a ponytail came forward and took the initiative to ask, “Sir, is this your first time coming to the club? Do you need the guidance of a coach?”

Pei Shaoze answered calmly, “No, I’ve practiced at other clubs for a few years and I’m familiar with it.”

The female instructor smiled. “Okay. Our club has several types of guns. To avoid injury to the guests, the magazine is full of practice bullets. There is no need to worry about safety. There is no limit to the number of bullets and no time limit. You can do whatever you want.”

Pei Shaoze nodded and the instructor smartly retreated.

Cheng Xia looked around curiously. There were electronic targets on the other side of the glass window, two shooting windows on either side and a row of firearms, including several exquisite handguns and long rifles. Next to it was a cabinet filled with magazines. They were marked with the bullet caliber and corresponding gun type. Around two meters away from the shooting window were soft sofas and a glass coffee table. There was also a coffee machine, juice machine, and some fruits and snacks for free.

Cheng Xia liked it very much. It was warm, quiet and no one would bother them. He thought that if the leafy path was the first date then today should be the second date?

Pei Shaoze walked to the gun rack and introduced it to Cheng Xia. “These guns are of different models and have different recoils. You’re a beginner and should try the smallest gun first.” He picked up a gun, skillfully loaded the magazine, and handed it to Cheng Xia.

Cheng Xia was eager to try and immediately took the gun from Pei Shaoze.

This morning, Instructor Lin had taught him the posture and basic movements of firing a gun. Cheng Xia learned from it and stood in front of the window. Pei Shaoze walked over and stood beside him, whispering, “Try aiming.”

Cheng Xia squinted to aim and pulled the trigger. There was a gunshot and as a result, the 5 ring appeared on the electronic scoreboard. At least he didn’t shoot the target beside it this time. He made a bit of progress.

Cheng Xia continued to fire several shots in a row but the results all hovered around the 5 and 6 rings. He couldn’t help wondering, “Why can’t I hit the 7 ring when I clearly aimed for the bullseye?”

Pei Shaoze smiled slightly. He walked behind the young man, leaned over to look at the electronic target, and his right hand gently raised Cheng Xia’s arm. “Your arm is too low. Raise it up.”

The alpha was so close to him and the man’s breath seemed to spray against his ears. Cheng Xia’s heart thumped. It wasn’t until his right hand suddenly warmed that Cheng Xia returned to his sense. Pei Shaoze’s right hand was covering his right hand, holding it to the correct height. Since he wasn’t standing upright, Pei Shaoze’s left hand was supporting his waist.

In other words, Pei Shaoze had circled Cheng Xia in his arms?

Cheng Xia was a head shorter than Pei Shaoze. In this posture, his head just touched the man’s chin and his body was held in this man’s arms. In front of him was a glass window while behind him was Pei Shaoze’s strong and powerful chest. He couldn’t hide anywhere or struggle. He was completely encircled by the other person…

Cheng Xia’s entire face was burning as the clear smell of the man completely enveloped him. He had never been so close to an alpha before and the low and warm voice in his ears made his heartbeat so fast that it almost jumped out of his chest. He didn’t know how much time passed before Pei Shaoze asked softly, “Have you learned it?”

Cheng Xia only heard Pei Shaoze’s last sentence and none of what he said beforehand. His entire body was soft and if it wasn’t for a trace of reason remaining, he would’ve fallen into the alpha’s arms.

Cheng Xia took a deep breath to calm himself down, his voice trembling slightly. “No, I haven’t learned it.”

Pei Shaoze didn’t think he was too stupid and continued to patiently guide him. “When looking at the bullseye, your line of sight should be at the same angle as the bullet so that the trajectory doesn’t deviate. Concentrate and don’t think about what ring you will hit…”

The man’s voice rang in his ears.

Cheng Xia nodded with red ears. “Yes.”

Pei Shaoze continued to cover the young man’s hand with his hand as he smiled. “I’ll show you once. Don’t hesitate when pulling the trigger. Be fast, ruthless, and accurate like me.”

His finger moved and Cheng Xia’s finger was also driven by him to squeeze the trigger. There was a bang in his ears as the bullet was fired. Then the electronic scoreboard showed the result: the 9 ring. There was Pei Shaoze’s help and his hit rate improved in an instant.

Cheng Xia’s heart might be beating fiercely but he really liked the opportunity to get along with the alpha like this. He couldn’t help whispering, “Can you teach me again?”

Pei Shaoze was naturally happy to do so. “Okay.”

This time, Pei Shaoze still held Cheng Xia and the result was the 9.2 ring. It was better than before.

Cheng Xia was shameless. “T-Try again?”

Pei Shaoze usually hated people who couldn’t learn when taught but Cheng Xia was different. In his heart, Cheng Xia was a special existence. He wouldn’t lose patience even if he needed to teach Cheng Xia eight times, 10 times, or all afternoon.

For the third time, Pei Shaoze gently held Cheng Xia and fired another bullet. It was still the 9 ring.

Cheng Xia noticed that Pei Shaoze didn’t seem to mind the distance between the two of them. He boldly leaned back a bit, his body naturally leaning into Pei Shaoze’s arm. Pei Shaoze thought Cheng Xia was looking for another angle and gently supported his waist.

Cheng Xia wasn’t an idiot after all. Pei Shaoze had taught him three times, personally showing the angle and posture. Once Pei Shaoze let go, Cheng Xia learned the method just now. He squinted and fired.

The 9 ring!

Cheng Xia turned his head excitedly. “It’s great! I also shot the 9…”

Pei Shaoze had just lowered his head to say some precautions when Cheng Xia suddenly turned back. Pei Shaoze’s lips ended up hitting Cheng Xia’s lips firmly.

Pei Shaoze, “……”

He didn’t mean to do this.

Cheng Xia, “……”

‘He actually kissed me?!’

The author has something to say:

President Pei has always been unknowingly teasing Cheng Xia.

Pei Shaoze: …I was clearly teaching him to shoot guns with integrity!

Proofreader: Cat


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