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VCRMM: Chapter 51 Part 2

Xu Sili’s eyes swept over everyone with a hint of oppression.

“I don’t know whether you admire or fear the brave but this emperor has my own ideas.”

“We can’t tell what the brave will specifically bring to the Roland Empire. After all, they didn’t show up during our toughest times!”

Everyone couldn’t help nodding. These words were indeed reasonable.

“Of course, the courtesies should be there but I don’t want you to treat the brave in too special a manner.”

“In fact, the Interstellar Alliance has helped us more but we still managed to be neither humble nor arrogant in front of the ambassador.”

“This emperor doesn’t want you to be soft when facing the brave lest the prestige of the empire fall!”

Xu Sili’s words awed everyone.

Finally, following the leadership of Wen Jishan, everyone agreed.

Xu Sili looked at them and sighed.

In the future, to be honest, Xu Sili couldn’t predict what type of relationship the NPCs and players would form.

In his view, this world was close to reality. Everyone he came into contact with had their own unique thinking and life. He couldn’t treat them as ordinary NPCs.

However, players were like a group of bugs. How could he not know their virtues?

Xu Sili was quite worried about this group of NPCs. Still, he should act according to the circumstances. Maybe things weren’t as bad as he thought. In addition, the number should be small for the first internal test and it shouldn’t be too difficult to control.

He coughed slightly and issued an order. “Li Zhecheng.”


“Immediately take people to wait at the summoning circle. As soon as the brave show up, bring them all to the palace while saying that the emperor has summoned them.”

Some of the others heard this and inevitably hesitated. They didn’t know these brave people. Was it really good to call them in rashly?

Li Zhecheng didn’t hesitate to accept the task. He turned and walked out of the palace, leading the guards to the square where the summoning circle was located.

Xu Sili spread out his spiritual power until he reached the limits of its range. Then he stopped and watched in that direction.

He felt a bit nervous.

He had set a countdown above his communicator. There were still 30 minutes until the start of the closed beta. Could he see his second brother soon?

Time passed minute by minute.

Li Zhecheng led the group of royal guards to the square with the summoning circle. Their arrival caused many people to pay attention.

Under the blockage of the ordinary city guards, they soon entered the hall with the summoning circle.

The structure built by temporary workers was a bit crude but it was well-isolated from the outside world.

Li Zhecheng scattered the guards around the periphery while he personally stood in front of the gate, eyes fixed on the circle as he waited for a miracle to come.

Now he had no doubt about the emperor’s words.

The emperor said the brave would come today so they must come. He just needed to stay here and wait.

As for the guards, even if there were doubts in their hearts, they saw their boss’ serious expression and didn’t dare be careless.


The bell tower struck 10 o’clock and the sound kept echoing.

Xu Sili heard the bell from afar.

His control of the sound elements meant he could vaguely hear even distant sounds. His heart tensed the moment he heard the bell.

Suddenly, a light screen popped up in front of him.

[Ding~ The first closed beta of Starry Sky Age has officially opened. There are 1,000 players this time and the duration is 30 days.]

[Ding~ The conditions are met and the Star Forum is successfully activated. You can go to the forum to register and use it.]

Xu Sili saw the text on the light screen in front of him and blinked.

At the same time.

Outside the square where the summoning circle was located, people could only see a fierce golden light emerging from the hall. It was very dazzling even in the daytime.

If it had been the past, they might have cried out that it was a miracle.

However, they had now seen the live broadcasts of the elementalists building houses. They were all a bit surprised by the incredible power but they felt fine.

Of course, people were curious. Many people looked over but they all maintained a certain distance due to the city guards. The order was good and there were no disturbances.

The development of the Starry Sky Age holographic game was no secret in the gaming circle.

The game had been in development for nearly ten years. From the initial skepticism upon learning the news to anticipation and disappointment, not many gamers stuck around.

This time, half of the 1,000 closed beta places were distributed to the professional players of major clubs. The other half were given to veteran gamers who had been quietly supporting them for 10 years.

The game streamer, Ah Caizi was one of them.

She was a relatively rare female streamer. Her skills weren’t top-notch but her personal style was very prominent. It was referred to as ‘full output while roaring.’

She was a horrible woman who often screamed with fear ‘don’t come here’ before letting out a wave of magic to take out her opponent.

Ah Caizi was stunned when someone from the game company called her to deliver a holographic game cabin from Starry Sky Age to her house.

She even felt like she had received a scam call.

15 minutes later, she finally had a sense of reality when the staff members carried the big machine into her house, helped her install it and left.

It was a big matter! She actually got the closed beta qualification for Starry Sky Age! In addition, it was free!

No, Starry Sky Age was actually starting the closed beta! There was no news before!

Ah Caizi was 26 years old. Since she knew about the project at the age of 18, she had been checking in with the internal forums every day without interruption for eight years.

This had become part of her daily routine. She had never thought the project would bear fruit one day.

The reason she knew about this game was because of a card-type mobile game, Game of the Gods.

The game was still popular and had a large audience.

Ah Caizi started to play this game because of her favorite singer. Unfortunately, he died young and she cried for a long time.

Getting back to the topic, it was said that Starry Sky Age was linked with Game of the Gods.

In the holographic world, she might meet her own virtual husband. Was there anything more attractive than this?

Then Ah Caizi successfully entered the pit. As a result, she had waited for eight years. Today… no more waiting!

Ah Caizi was very happy. She first picked up her phone and took a photo of the game cabin. After consulting with the people of the game company, she sent it to her social media platforms.

@Ah Caicaicaicaizi: The holographic game Starry Sky Age! Remember it. I have been waiting! For the first closed beta, Ah Caizi is coming! [Photo][Photo][Photo][Photo]…

Ah Caizi didn’t hesitate to send out a nine-grid photo set. She looked at the likes and rising comments and finally at the request of her fans, she agreed to open the live streaming.

“This is a holographic game and it is different from other games. I don’t know if I can open the livestream.”

Ah Caizi responded.

“I will consult the game company first and see you all tomorrow when the service opens!”

As a result, the game company said:

It could be streamed! However, she needed to use the internal live streaming software to connect to the Star Forum. She didn’t know if it was due to limited technology or a means to divert her to it.

Ah Caizi readily accepted. In any case, she was a small streamer with 10,000 fans. If Starry Sky Age did well then it wasn’t impossible to let her change streaming platforms.

After inquiring about the livestreaming operation with someone from the game company, Ah Caizi went to bed early. She was ready to have a beauty sleep and enter the game tomorrow, full of energy.

It was a pity that she couldn’t fall asleep at all. The scenes of her encounters with her virtual husbands kept flashing through her mind. The more she tried to sleep, the more excited she became.

By the time she went to sleep, the alarm rang.

She had to accept her fate. She got up, washed, put on makeup and got ready for the livestream

10:00, August 8th, X025.

Ah Caizi waved to all her envious and jealous fans and lay in the game cabin, entering the world of the holographic game Starry Sky Age.

At the same time, Xu Yuheng lay in the game cabin and slowly opened his eyes.

A dark void dotted with bright stars appeared in front of his eyes.

“Welcome to the holographic game, Starry Sky Age. You are at the login interface. I am your guide assistant, Xiao Mei. I will now give you the novice guide.”

A sweet and slightly mechanical voice sounded in his ears.

Xu Yuheng habitually pushed up his glasses only to find that he wasn’t wearing glasses. But…

He looked into the distance and found that he could see far away. The world in his eyes was no longer a blur. This discovery made him slightly startled.

Meanwhile, the guide assistant Xiao Mei continued. “Please register your nickname.”

Xu Yuheng’s mind returned and he followed the instructions to complete the nickname registration, the character appearance, his race, career direction and elemental affinity selection.

The setting of the game clearly wasn’t perfect. There was currently only the human race and the elementalist profession.

Still, there were a lot of elemental affinities to choose from.

Xu Yuheng finally chose the spiritual elementalist.

He chose the wind system since it happened to match his nickname of ‘Yushu Linfeng.’ He didn’t really care if this profession was strong or not. (Yushu Linfeng = an idiom that describes a man who is dashing and handsome. The feng character used means wind.)

“You have made your selections. Do you want to enter the game?” Xiao Mei asked.


Xu Yuheng responded. Suddenly, he felt that something was wrong. Before he could ask, the surrounding starry sky shook and he started to fall rapidly from a high altitude.

During this process, he saw meteors in the sky that were falling like him, turning into a meteor shower.

Then after his vision turned dark, a golden light suddenly appeared. By the time he opened his eyes again, he was standing on a magic circle.

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