VCRMM: Chapter 51 Part 1

On the morning when the closed beta started, Xu Sili got up early. He changed into a new outfit tailored for him by Janice and stood in front of the mirror for a long time to tidy up.

A tall, silver-haired youth was reflected in the mirror.

He wore a gorgeous and exquisite outfit. He had wide shoulders, a narrow waist and long legs. He gave off a noble and elegant temperament.

In particular, his slim waist outlined by his clothing gave him a sense of strength rather than weakness.

After his physique attribute broke through 90, Xu Sili stopped growing.

His height stayed at 183 centimeters but he was born with a naturally small skeleton. Even if his body proportions were perfect and he had an eight pack, his body still looked slim.

Janice unfolded the cloak and solemnly draped it over his shoulders. She could see the beautiful totem embroidered in gold thread on the finest deep purple silk.

It was the symbol of the Roland Empire, a violet entangled by vines.

A maid crouched behind him and carefully arranged the hem of his cloak.

Then Janice placed a crown with numerous jewels on top of the young man’s head and arranged his hair in front.

Xu Sili was motionless and stood at the mercy of the maids.

He seldom dressed so formally, especially the crown. He didn’t like to wear superfluous accessories on his body, especially heavy headgear.

However, today was a special day.

The time wasn’t that long in his feelings but he had experienced life and death. This let him cherish and value his family.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Xu Sili couldn’t help wondering if his second brother would be surprised when they met later?

His lips slightly curved up and he was in a very good mood.

“Let’s go.”

Xu Sili threw his cloak back and walked out of the bedroom. In the corridor, Li Zhecheng led a team of guards and was waiting for him.

The moment they saw him, everyone bowed in a respectful manner.

Xu Sili wanted to talk when—

[Ding! Imperial City-Mercenary Town has transformed a two-story wooden house into a three-story wooden house, experience value +400.]

[Ding! Imperial City-Mercenary Town has a new canned food factory +1, experience value +1,000.]

There was the arrival of 1,400 experience and Xu Sili’s experience bar once again filled up.

[Ding! Your experience value is full. Your personal level has risen from Lv 17 to Lv 18. Intelligence and spirit +4, physique +2, strength, agility and defense +1 and free points +10.]

Xu Sili’s eyes lit up.

He had been stuck for two days and finally gained a level!

Once he reached level 10, each level no longer gave a simple and rough one point for every attribute. It focused more on the two major attributes of intelligence and spirit.

This was actually very easy to understand. After all, the development direction of the spiritual department and warrior department was different.

Xu Sili still added the 10 free points between physique and spirit. Then he looked at his attributes panel.

[Snow Roland]

[Personal level: Lv 18

Distance to level up: 115/10,000

Health: 107,000/107,000

Magic: 3,250/3,250

Physique (107), Intelligence (65), Strength (18), Spirit (108), Agility (17), Defense (17)]

His health officially exceeded 100,000 and his spirit attribute finally broke through 100!

Xu Sili closed his eyes and spread out his spiritual power.

Previously at level 16, his spiritual power detection range extended to around 25 meters. Now…

He felt that he could see more than 30, nearly 40 meters away!

He glanced at Li Zhecheng. Currently in Imperial City, Li Zhecheng had the highest force apart from Si Sheng and his health was only at 95,800. It was less than 100,000!

Li Zhecheng was a strong person of the warrior system and his physique should grow much faster than the spiritual department.

Xu Sili once again realized the benefits of the free points.

He glanced at Li Zhecheng and his lips curled up slightly, making the guard captain feel a bit strange. Then his eyes widened.

Oh my god!

The emperor had an epiphany again!

Li Zhecheng originally thought he should be numb to this but after seeing the emperor’s strength increase to close to two stars in just two months, he couldn’t hide the shock in his heart.

At first, he hadn’t been too worried when he saw the emperor’s epiphanies. Now he could only be glad that he didn’t say what was in his heart back then.

It was terrible! He even felt that the emperor’s aura was a bit stronger than his own.

Then Xu Sili withdrew his gaze.

He looked at his attributes panel and decided he would no longer add free points to his physique later on. He would divide it between intelligence or agility.

His spiritual attributes must continue receiving points.

He was a sound elementalist and the skills he understood were related to music. They could spread out far but it was only within the range of his spiritual strength that he could distinguish between allies and enemies.

For example, it would be bad if he used the Sprouting skill and added health to the enemy. Xu Sili didn’t want such a stupid thing to happen.

As for agility, it was related to his speed of action and casting speed. Defense and strength were temporarily put on hold by him.

After all, he was a spiritual elementalist. Why bother to turn himself into a warrior? Strength was useless without the cooperation of martial arts.

In addition, offense was the best defense. Perhaps once others had risen to a certain level, he would consider adding points to defense.

He closed his personal panel and moved forward toward the solemn hall while surrounded by Li Zhecheng and a group of guards.

In the great hall, there were only Wen Jishan and a few nobles loyal to him.

They were talking in low voices and quieted down after hearing footsteps. Then they turned and saluted Xu Sili who was walking in.

“I greet Your Majesty!”

Xu Sili waved his hand and walked to the steps. Then he ascended to the throne and took a seat.

Xu Sili had called all these people together in order to deal with the closed beta.

He sat on the throne and his purple eyes swept over the people in the hall one by one.

The number of people was very small.

Including Wen Jishan, there were only 11. They were basically all new and there were only two old nobles.

These people were truly loyal to Xu Sili.

He used the favorability system to eliminate the other nobles and officials, including the friendly ones.

Perhaps they would later be convinced by him like Wen Jishan but that was a matter for the future. Those who were the first to support him would naturally be different from those who came later.

After the reform of the local elementalist division, Xu Sili’s popular support rate had reached 60%. This was only 8% higher than the initial 52%,

However, this was over seven million people.

The number was quite impressive in just one month.

Xu Sili looked at the eleven loyal officials in the hall before his eyes fell on a young man wearing thin, round glasses.

He wasn’t tall. He was thin and small. He wore a pair of thin-rimmed round framed glasses and had black hair and dark eyes. His handsome, three-dimensional features gave people a sense of elegance.

He was really a gentleman. It wasn’t the same type as Wen Jishan’s cultured scum.

This was Qiu Zheng, Si Sheng’s adjutant.

The marshal was dealing with the traitors so he was left in the inner city to handle government affairs for the marshal and the emperor.

The moment the emperor looked at him, the young man in his 20s felt a lot of pressure and sweat dripped down his forehead.

Compared with the black-bellied Wen Jishan, this Adjutant Qiu was much younger.


Xu Sili was quite satisfied with him.

[Qiu Zheng]

[Identity: Special talent NPC.

Personal level: Lv 5

Health: 9,000/9,000

Elemental Affinity: None

Special talent: When doing clerical work, the efficiency is increased by 200% and the error rate is reduced by 80%.]

For Xu Sili, he was a rare talent.

Xu Sili might have many strange ideas and his own thoughts for infrastructure and state governance but if he was asked to handle these trivial government affairs…

Give him a break!

Xu Sili wanted to be the emperor, or his chuuni soul did, but he might give up if he was bound by trivial matters.

Even in reality, his father wanted to give him a company but he found it too troublesome and refused, let alone managing a country.

Wasn’t it good to eat, drink and play?

Therefore, it was necessary for talents like Adjutant Qiu to appear.

Xu Sili felt admiration for Si Sheng.

How did he find these special talents? It was better than Xu Sili’s Insight.

Thinking up to here, Xu Sili frowned and felt a bit strange.

Perhaps it was set at the beginning of the game?

He shook his head secretly and didn’t care too much about it for the time being.

“Adjutant Qiu, how is the marshal?” Xu Sili looked at Qiu Zheng and pretended to ask casually.

He had been intentionally or unintentionally hiding from Si Sheng due to that night’s events. Once he finally passed the hurdle in his heart, Si Sheng had gone out.

He might have Si Sheng’s contact information but Xu Sili couldn’t bear to ask when Si Sheng would be back.

“Your Majesty, Lord Marshal has almost finished everything and it is expected that he will be back tomorrow.” Adjutant Qiu replied respectfully.

Xu Sili nodded. He didn’t show it on his face but he was quite satisfied with Qiu Zheng’s knowledge.

Si Sheng would return tomorrow…

This was what Adjutant Qiu himself volunteered. Xu Sili didn’t ask for it.

“Yes.” Xu Sili nodded before facing the group. “According to the prophecy, today is the day the brave people from another world will arrive.”

His words suddenly caused an uproar.

Everyone might know about the legend of the braves and there were frequent changes in the nearby summoning circle but no one knew if the brave would arrive in the end.

However, the emperor was very certain at this moment.

“Your Majesty, is this prophecy reliable?” Grand Duke Felton stepped forward and asked respectfully.

He was one of the veteran nobles. In the nobility rankings that went from a duke, marquis and all the way down to a baron, the duke ranked first in the aristocracy and was second only to the emperor.

He was the most senior among those who supported Xu Sili. He was even somewhat comparable to Si Sheng in front of him.

Of course, this only referred to seniority, not strength.

“You will know later if it is reliable or not.” Xu Sili spoke with no expression.

They were loyal to him but these old officials had a common problem. They relied on their seniority to habitually question him every time he proposed something.

He knew that such a role was needed but this didn’t mean he liked it.

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