VCRMM: Chapter 50 Part 2

To Xu Sili’s surprise, he slept soundly that night.

He opened his eyes and stared at the strange yet familiar ceiling until the sunlight came in through the gap between the curtains.

Say… this was a familiar scene.

Xu Sili remembered the scene when he fainted in the bath. He sat up, looked down at his chest and gently pressed his hand against it.

The bruise last time…

He pursed his lips, got up, changed his clothes and left the palace.

In the next few days, Xu Sili was very awkward every time he encountered Si Sheng due to what happened that night. He hid for a while before eventually calming down.

It was just that by this time, Si Sheng had already left the inner city.

The reform of the elementalists in the local army was starting and he needed to be in charge of handling it.

The vigorous reform caused a small-scale resistance.

It was because the reform offended the interests of many people.

The elementalists who used to enjoy generous subsidies in the local army without risking their lives now had to become mercenaries.

For those who had lost their killing intent, it was equivalent to smashing their jobs and sending them to die.

Not everyone wanted to go to the front lines!

However, the protests didn’t cause much waves. It even aroused strong ridicule and resistance from the people.

The video of Xu Sili’s previous speech had quietly spread throughout the Roland Empire. In addition, Wen Jishan had released some data.

The number of troops fighting on the front lines was over one million but there were only 7,808 active elementalists over one star. They were also scattered across the five major cities.

The total number of local troops in the five main cities was only 100,000 but there were 33,506 elementalists who hadn’t reached one star!

To tell the truth, Xu Sili also hadn’t expected this figure.

It was because as long as they successfully got started, the lifespan of elementalists would be longer than that of ordinary people by at least 50 years. Their length of service was also longer than ordinary people.

In order to ensure control of the elementalists, they would serve as civilians in the army even after retiring.

After so many decades, the proportion of elementalists in the local army had greatly increased.

It was true that 30,000 people wasn’t much compared to the population of 90 million but it was different when comparing it with the front lines!

Wen Jishan was even more ruthless and even distributed the huge subsidies the elementalists enjoyed every year.

This move was a stone that stirred up a thousand waves.

For a time, the concept of ‘local elementalists are parasites’ was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Calls for reform sounded from all corners of the Roland Empire.

Of course, there were still people who were thick-skinned.

What was their reputation compared to their own interests? The elementalists in the local army had been operating in the rear for many years, not to mention that many of them were nobles. They naturally weren’t afraid of the common people’s scolding.

They even started plotting to rebel because the imperial family no longer guaranteed the interests of the nobles.

Unfortunately, the moment that Si Sheng arrested the nobles who jumped the highest and beheaded them live on the entire network, no one dared to openly resist.

The blond-haired man in the live video was majestic and cold. He exuded the aura of a top powerhouse. When he released his coercion, there was no need for him to speak. All the rebels fell to the ground in a paralyzed manner.

“They are people who rebelled against the Roland imperial family, disrespected the emperor and shook the morale of the army. Kill!”

Following his command, every traitor was slain on the spot by the soldiers. Blood splashed everywhere.

He immediately took the soldiers to look for, subdue and kill the rest of the rebels. The reporters who followed to film it were somewhat unable to bear it.

It was also from this day that people once again remembered the patron saint’s firm loyalty to the imperial family of Roland.

Xu Sili also watched the video but he didn’t watch the livestream of the beheading.

It had to be said that this type of restricted scene could actually appear openly on television in this particular era.

Yet for Xu Sili, who came from a civilized society, it was still too bloody.

In short, the resistance in the Imperial City was suppressed.

As for the other four major cities, the roads were blocked and the major cities couldn’t communicate with each other. The reforms were only started in Imperial City.

In addition, the number of elementalists in the local armies of the other four major cities were very rare.

There seemed to be some type of restriction. The elementalists outside Imperial City could only train up to one star at most.

For this reason, the resistance of the other four main cities wasn’t great. There was even a mentality of watching the liveliness.

It was also at this time that Xu Sili learned there was no Elementalist Academy set up in the other major cities.

Every year, elementalist apprentices would gather in Imperial City. If they reached one star after graduation then they would be assigned back to their birthplace.

Then due to the beast wave three years ago, the roads between the main cities were blocked. Every year, the army had to escort the elementalist apprentices to the Imperial City and it cost a lot of money.

It was imperative that the roads between the main cities be opened up.

Still, Xu Sili was ready to hand the task over to the players.

Cleaning up the interstellar beasts would cause death.

If it wasn’t handed over to the players who couldn’t die then who could it be given to?

The reform of the elementalists in the local army started vigorously and continued vigorously.

There were over 30,000 elementalists. For Mercenary Town with a total population of only 50,000, it was a number that it couldn’t handle in a short period of time.

Therefore, Wen Jishan implemented batch processing and issued new regulations. This meant the elementalist mercenaries must complete certain novice tasks after successfully registering.

The novice tasks included expanding the town, planting, producing and of course, running errands around Imperial City to relieve the pressure on the town.

Dean Justin had already completed the construction task and returned to the academy to study new ways to test talents. He also proposed a plan for the previous matter of Xu Sili asking him to announce the basic training techniques.

However, it was quickly rejected by Xu Sili.

The dean wanted to promote it for free and also asked Xu Sili to invest money so it could be implemented for everyone.

Xu Sili thought he was talking nonsense.

He simply left this matter to Wen Jishan.

Xu Sili knew that not everyone could train in this.

Normally speaking, the Elementalist Academy tested children every year and it was really only the spiritual elementalists who slipped through the net.

Of course, there might be some warriors who could improve their elemental affinity after hard work.

After all, Xu Sili’s Sprouting was being played every day. The effect might be relatively small but there would always be a slow change over time.

In short, at this stage, it wasn’t suitable to promote it to ordinary people. It was just a waste of resources.

He would let Wen Jishan handle it. Dean Justin was suitable for staying at the academy and doing research.

Xu Sili’s album also slowly became popular due to the increase in exposure.

The traffic of StarTune was terribly amazing.

After all, it relied on the Star Network which connected trillions of people living in over 100 nations in the Interstellar Alliance.

Even if an album cost only one coin, the remaining five million coins meant he just needed five million people to subscribe.

Less than a week after being pushed onto the homepage by Shu Xiaolan, Xu Sili’s album and singles had earned over 10 million cosmic coins.

They were also selected for the daily recommendations.

This was the rankings list with the largest traffic on StarTune.

In just one day, Xu Sili gained a profit of 100 million star coins.

It was like a pie falling from the sky, the type that directly knocked people out. As his popularity grew, the sales of his album skyrocketed and the prices also increased.

In this way, the benefits generated were even more impressive.

Even a rich person like Xu Sili was shocked by the rise.

Then he soon regained his composure.

He owned a planet. Once the planet was fully developed, the wealth created would be much more, not less.

All in all, he no longer needed to worry about paying the alliance fee for 10 years.

He just never thought that one day before the deadline to pay the alliance fee, Su Lin and the group of wood elementalists he led—

They really bred Snow Valley!

Snow Valley, as the name suggested, was as transparent and white as snow. It was like pearly rice in reality.

However, Xu Sili was now rich and he no longer needed to sell Snow Valley to make money. He decided to put forward the idea of developing health medicine.

It was known that Snow Valley could make health potions but the formula had been lost.

Xu Sili planned to obtain information from the researchers but he was busy with other things recently and didn’t care about it. Therefore, he stopped paying attention to it after posting the mission of studying health medicine on the mercenary system.

He handed over 10 million cosmic coins and there were only five days left to go before the closed beta started.

All major cities, including Imperial City, heard reports that there was abnormal movement from the circle used to summon the brave.

The change wasn’t terrible but the people around it felt it. They even filmed it and sent it online.

People were saying that the legends were true. Brave people from another world would come and save them.

Xu Sili just wanted to laugh.

Save you? How much suffering is in your current life?

Expecting players to lead you to riches? It would be good if they don’t kill you to level up.

This incident also raised the alarm for Xu Sili.

Therefore, he ordered the residents around the summoning circle to be moved to avoid the large number of players that would appear in the future from disrupting order.

He immediately dispatched an elementalist construction team to build a hall there, enclosing the summoning circle and keeping others away. This got rid of the prying eyes.

By the time the summoning hall was completed, there was less than one day left before the closed beta.

Xu Sili waited anxiously but at the same time, his heart was full of excitement and anticipation.

He was going to see his second brother soon!

In addition, his oldest brother, his mom and his dad…

Would they come? It didn’t matter if they didn’t come. He just had to meet his second brother and they would all come later.

In this way, they could be reunited in the game!


August 8th, 2025, 9:34 a.m, the Xu home.

“Brother Heng, it will soon be 10 o’clock. Don’t forget to enter the game!”

“My game ID is Baifeng. It is the same as before. Once you enter the game, add me as a friend first and then we will find a place to meet.”

His friend’s instructions came from the phone. The man leaned back in the chair and finally opened his mouth.

“Yes, I will see you in the game. I’m hanging up.”

Then the man put down his phone.

He wore a pair of frameless glasses and the lenses were slightly reflective. A pair of slightly sharp eyebrows were revealed between the light and shade.

He folded his arms across his chest and narrowed his eyes slightly. It wasn’t known what he was thinking.

His gaze shifted and inadvertently swept over an object placed on the table. He couldn’t help pausing. All the emotions in his eyes disappeared and they were soon replaced by sadness and bitterness.

It was an old-fashioned mobile phone. It was a model from 10 years ago but it was well maintained. The body was still 90% new and the screen was polished.

At this time, the screen of the phone was slightly bright and showed the interface of the text messages.

[Don’t be sad Brother]

They were short words without even punctuation.

Still… they were too suffocating.

Xu Yuheng took a deep breath. He took off his glasses in a slightly trembling manner, wiping very hard at the lens with a handkerchief. His hands were shaking.

It had been almost 10 years. This dead child had tortured him for almost 10 years…

Death didn’t allow people to live in peace!

Don’t be sad? How could he not be sad?


Xu Yuheng raised his head. He suppressed the piercing pain to the bottom of his heart and put on his glasses again.

He took a look into the mirror on the table.

Very good. Apart from his slightly red eyes, he was still the gentle and elegant second master of the Xu family.

Xu Yuheng didn’t look at the phone again. Instead, he turned the screen off and placed it carefully in a drawer. Then he got up and left, entering another room.

The not-so-large room contained a brand new instrument.

It was a holographic game cabin.

This groundbreaking product finally came out successfully nine years after his brother’s death.

But the dead child… was no longer here.

Xu Yuheng gently stroked the shell of the game cabin. The body was smooth and perfect. It had a beautiful atmosphere and gave off a high-tech unique beauty.

“Stinky boy, your second brother will go and see you…” He spoke in a daze.

Finally, Xu Yuheng opened the door, lay down in the game cabin and opened the game system when prompted by the guide AI.

The first closed beta of Starry Sky Age officially opened.

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