VCRMM: Chapter 43 Part 2

Wen Jishan thought of this and smiled slightly.

“Don’t look down on them for only having half a star of strength. Every elementalist isn’t to be underestimated. The one who presided over the research and development of rice has achieved good results in just a few days. He has successfully planted the Black Valley seeds that were previously given as aid by the Interstellar Alliance. Now is the time to test the results.”

“Black Valley? Are you talking about the type of rice that is said to have high nutritional value? It matures twice a year and the yield per acre is very good but Escher Star has been unable to plant it.”

Pei Lin’s knowledge reserves were good. She even knew about Black Valley.

Someone else answered it so Wen Jishan nodded very comfortably.

Pei Lin saw him admitting it and became interested. “Chief Administrator, I wonder if we can follow along? I believe there are many people in the empire who must be interested in this matter.”

Wen Jishan shook his head and refused.

“It is still in the confidential phase. The rice fields can’t be shown to you but the results… if you are interested, you can wait for me to return to show you what the legendary Black Valley looks like.”

Pei Lin could only express her regret. She saw that Wen Jishan was about to leave and didn’t dare stop him. She could only quickly end the interview.

It was a nation ruled by imperial power. There might be a media presence like reporters but it was obviously impossible for them to be as unscrupulous as those in the federations.

Pei Lin watched Wen Jishan leave before asking the cameraman to point the camera at Niya’s tent.

Coincidentally, the wounded man who had been carried in just came out at this moment. He was alive and well. His vitality might still be insufficient but at least he wasn’t seriously injured and dying. Pei Lin couldn’t help staring with wide eyes.

She ran over with the microphone to quickly interview the wounded man.

At this moment, regardless of whether it was the inner city or outer city, people were watching the live broadcast in every place a signal could be received.

A tavern in the slums of the outer city.

“Wow, she deserves to be a royal water healer! He had such a serious injury but he can walk and jump after a few minutes!”

“Yes. It is a pity they couldn’t go inside to shoot. Niya must be pretty awesome!

“That is the royal water healer. Is it your business to call her awesome or not? Believe it or not, she can press you to death with one finger!”

Some people chatted and laughed while others watched the TV deep in thought.

“It looks like Mercenary Town will develop very well in the future,” a bearded man said.

“Why? Eddie, do you want to go and try it?” The person next to him smiled.

The bearded man drank the wine and raised an eyebrow. “Are you interested in going together? Mercenary Town… is only half a month away.”

“Are you being real?”

“Of course. If I go there, I don’t have to worry about food and clothing. Is there any need to worry about food as long as there is work to do? Perhaps I can also get a house.”

“Haha, you dare to think!”

“How about it? You won’t do it?”

“Okay! Then pack up and set off tomorrow!”

Similar conversations took place in different locations. At this moment, countless people yearned for Mercenary Town.

For many people like them who were at the bottom, the inner city was unattainable. Even if they wanted to work hard, no one would want them.

However, Mercenary Town was different. They had learned a lot from the live broadcast. There was work and food to eat.

Moreover, the emperor was paying attention and big names like the chief administrator were engaged in construction there. There were long-term plans for the future!

This gave them hope.

No one didn’t want a better life, no one wanted to live in the mud all the time. Now the emperor had given them the chance!

There was no need to call or advertise. There were already people who wanted to work hard and had a unique vision. They set off for Mercenary Town.

In the inner city, a woman was sitting on the sofa and looking at the live broadcast while knitting a sweater.

“Ohh, Administrator Wen is so handsome.”

She smiled and pulled the woolen thread. The discussion between Wen Jishan and Pei Lin didn’t enter her ears.

At this time, there was movement on the stairs. She turned around and saw her son walking downstairs with a backpack.

She wanted to tell him there was soup cooking in the pot when she saw something and the smile on her face was replaced by doubt. “Little Yu, where are you going?”

Chi Yu looked at his mother and spoke somewhat hesitantly. “Mom, I resigned.”

“What?” The woman’s eyes widened. “Why? Is it a bad job? Were you bullied?”

Chi Yu shook his head.

“My colleagues were very good to me but… I want to go to Mercenary Town to develop.”


The woman was stunned and glanced at the TV. It was still playing the broadcast from the town.

Chi Yu saw her dull appearance and lowered his head guiltily. “Mom, I think there will be more opportunities there compared to the inner city. I can also better use my expertise. I know that Dad definitely won’t agree so… I will leave first while he isn’t here. Once I am settled over there, I’ll come back to see you.”

Chi Yu finished speaking and didn’t dare look at his mother’s expression. He turned around to leave. As a result…

“Little Yu, wait!” The woman called out to him.

“Mom, I have decided. Don’t try to persuade me…” Chi Yu turned back to her, only to find his mother rushing over with a fruit basket that she stuffed into his arms.

He was a bit helpless and a bit moved. “Mom…”

The woman eagerly told him, “You help me give this to Chief Administrator Wen Jishan and sign an autograph for me. Next time, remember to bring it back.”

Chi Yu, “……”

Xu Sili had just arrived in Mercenary Town when a notification window popped up in front of him.

[Ding~ Popular support rate +1%. Current popular support rate: 55%.]

[Note: There is the possibility of a civil commotion when the popular support rate is less than 50%.]

He blinked and looked down again. Then he saw the camera in front of Niya’s tent while Pei Lin interviewed people and he understood the reason.

This reporter was too awesome!

It seemed that the increase in public support was inseparable from the reporter’s reporting.

After all, his reforms weren’t carried out nationwide. He was doing a pilot experiment in Mercenary Town and the total number of people in this small town was only 50,000.

Now he had received the support of nearly three million people due to the Mercenary Town project.

It was also unintentional.

Xu Sili sighed and turned his gaze to the elementalist apprentices.

He saw they had all woken up and couldn’t help nodding. However, he looked at them again and saw that they were like headless flies who didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t keep watching.

He sent a message to Wen Jishan, asking him to take the students to register as mercenaries and assign them tasks.

As for himself, he didn’t show up. He was the ruler and it was better to keep a bit of distance, which would encourage them to work for him.

Of course, he still had to keep an eye on the progress of the overall situation.

Xu Sili looked at the busy Mercenary Town before shifting his gaze to the land further away.

The plan to build roads and radiate out into the surroundings could be put on the agenda once these elementalist apprentices were in place.

Xu Sili thought about the next thing before smiling at Si Sheng. “Let’s go and take a stroll around the town.”

Si Sheng’s thoughts moved. He nodded and manipulated the shadow leopard to the town.

Mercenary Town wasn’t big or small.

Xu Sili took Si Sheng and wandered along the streets and alleys. It seemed to be aimless but he was actually paying attention to the sounds in the area.

He wanted to see if he could hear a folk song again and gain another singing skill.

The experience with Sprouting told him that deliberate learning was useless. It was only by experiencing life and seeing all types of people singing different songs that it was possible to succeed.

It depended on fate but fate also required him to meet it.

For example, if he stayed at home then he wouldn’t meet fate even when it came to him.

Si Sheng followed the young man, watching as he slowly and leisurely walked around with a faint smile on his face.

Si Sheng was already satisfied as long as he could accompany the lord god like this.

Finally, Xu Sili stood on the corner of a street and sighed helplessly in his heart. Sure enough, it wasn’t something he could just ask for…

He turned around to tell Si Sheng to go back, only to meet the man’s smiling eyes. He was stunned. What was this person smiling at?

“Your Majesty, are you tired?” Si Sheng looked at him and asked in a gentle voice.

Xu Sili looked away. “A little bit.”

“Shall this servant take you back to the palace to rest? Or do you want to eat in town?” Si Sheng looked down at him, voice soft.

Xu Sili glanced over. The feeling that Si Sheng gave him was strange but…

This person was still quite useful.

“Go back. I don’t want to eat here.” Xu Sili’s lips curled up. This place was too unpalatable. It was better to eat in the palace.

Maybe he should study food?

Si Sheng nodded. He summoned the shadow leopard and returned to the palace with Xu Sili.

Once the young man returned to his bedroom, Si Sheng left reluctantly to deal with some of the accumulated government affairs.

Now that Wen Jishan wasn’t free, perhaps he should catch someone back to take over these matters…

Xu Sili didn’t know the marshal’s troubles and was happy to dump the work on someone else. He had a brief meal before going to the dark room and opening the game cabin.

The indicator light turned on and he lay down in a determined manner. He would give artificial intelligence a try!

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